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Chapter 65: Kiss.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Dewitt’s progress in the past could not be considered fast or slow. There were many forms of advancement, but there were invariables; the expansion of the dan, the speed of reiki operation and the effect of reiki operation.

Ranks in the Empire were congenital and at the moment of birth, they would be judged and rank would be acquired through efforts. But because of the energy storm, most ordinary Assyrians would choose to give up the acquired advanced learning. Only soldiers in the army and some gifted children in large families would choose the acquired practice.

Someone would not die during the process of ascension, but every time it was thorough baptism of reiki, incomparably painful and difficult. Even Dewitt’s body must choose to shut down every time for ascension.

Advanced ability users, in such a closed of state, were extremely sensitive. They needed a fairly closed, quiet and uninterrupted space and stay in it for at least a month before they could advance.

In this month, they would receive extreme physical exercise and reiki release inhalation exercises. The whole process was exhausting. One could not sleep well, let alone eat good things. To say it lightly, it was a month of hell.

So ability users had always been cautious during their advancements. The stronger their ability, the more cautious they needed to be. This was the first time that Dewitt had been forced to advance in such an environment.

According to data surveys in the Empire, only those of rank 3 or higher could materialize an ability, such as the flame produced by Dewitt as a fire energizer and Wen Jin as a water spiritual root, which could gather reiki into water. A Level 4 energizer was symbiotic with reiki. The most intuitive way to say it is that Dewitt could adjust the temperature of his body, but also turn part of his body into a pure flame.

Such abilities were limited within Assyria, so every level 3 or higher ability user would wear a restraining bracelet on their wrist.

A level 5 ability user was a myth in the empire. A myth with little accurate data to properly examine. In other words, when the previous users advanced, there was still data to refer to and plans to be made ahead of time. But a level 5 was a complete blank.

Unexpectedly, even Dewitt himself did not think anything after feeling that the energy core was approaching advancement. Normally he would arrange a lot of training to speed up the progress of the energy core and strengthen his body.

Although it felt as if they were only one step away, it could be easily suppressed. On this point, those who stalled too long and failed to advance until their life expectancy would be close to death.

This was true for any level.

From going from level 4 to level 5, was not like the gap between a level 1 and level 2, but a deep gully.

It was rumored that only the ancestors of Assyria could reach level 5 and all those who did were miracles in history and possessed mysterious abilities. Ancient records said that such users were born in fire, could transform into magma and even could even melt their entire body between heaven and earth and live forever.

Dewitt had little idea about anything related to a level 5. Under the theory of their life span, he had the same wish, but he never thought that he would break through to level 5 under such a state.

The reiki in the interrogation room was not strong and, in normal times, it could hardly cause any harm to Dewitt. It was small and weak, but like a ghost, it created dim little dreams and agitated his energy core.

At the moment, when he felt something was wrong, Dewitt subconsciously wanted to harness his energy, but it was too strong and quite different from Zerg poisoning.

It was not like the Zerg poison that huddled inside the energy core. On the contrary, as they advanced, the energy stored in the energy core seemed to have been subjected to some tremendous fright, rushing out of his energy core in an attempt to surge out of all the veins of his body.

Dewitt felt as if his whole body was about to burst open. Under such a blazing temperature, he could hardly feel the existence of his energy core. His whole body was a sea of fire.

Under such shock, people would normally lose themselves especially when driven by the reiki. The mood around Dewitt began to become a little manic. When faced with Zerg poisoning and detoxification, Dewitt had forced all his reiki to be blocked in his body, but it was no use now. The more he refused to let the reiki out, the more agitated it became and the higher the temperature rose. Just as Dewitt felt his whole skeleton was burning and his energy was getting more and more uncontrollable, he felt a cool touch coming from the direction of his lips.

It was soft, as if he could melt in the feeling. With a silky fragrance, it left Dewitt subconsciously stunned. Then, the cool feeling came into his body with the soft thing. The cool sense was distinct and light. It was not worth mentioning at all compared with the burning feeling in his body. But unexpectedly, the cool feeling came into his body all the way and formed a slight comfort to his energy. Forced into the extreme heat of hell, he was pulled out be that single trace of clarity.

Something in the body seemed to be triggered by this first feeling.

Not enough.

It wasn’t enough.

Dewitt’s reason returned and his instinct was able to help him surge out of the cage of fire. He held out his hand and held the other side, so that his body could be more closely tied to what was soft and icy.


In a blurred consciousness, Dewitt seemed to react and this single word flashed through his mind. With the golden contract in his body, he firmly held the other side, regardless of his struggle and hesitation and intruded into the other side’s lip.

The tip of his tongue stirred and sucked the fluid which made him feel good and made it harder to control. On the one hand, he wished to absorb the other side thoroughly. On the other hand, he looked forward to more and stronger responses from the other side.

In that instant, the vigorous desire made Dewitt’s energy tremble more intensely, like a fire from the devil, almost totally devouring him. Dewitt madly plundered and his agitation overturned him. It was at that moment that Dewitt felt that the other side’s struggle seemed to weaken a little, hesitating, as if with a little temptation.

Self-discipline and self-control were the main principles of Dewitt’s life, but at that moment, he added four words to his dictionary and immediately carried it forward. He ran his tongue hard over the soft lip and when his finger touched the exposed arm of the other side, he couldn’t help his soul shaking when he felt human skin.

It was still not enough.

The overwhelming desire to want to conquer began to bring Dewitt’s reason back from the cage. He wanted more, to plunder more and go deeper.

These thoughts calmed down Dewitt’s anxiety and his unprepared advance and the coolness and inner contract soothed his irritable reiki. It was in that instant that Dewitt’s energy core seemed to comprehend and break through something, slowly recovering the energy surging around his body in a new, more rapid way.

However, Dewitt’s body was still very hot, his whole abdomen was blistering, the impulse to burst out, regardless of the other person, caused him to hold the other more closely and squeeze his body into the other.

As Dewitt’s tongue continued to move over the other’s lip and his hand touched the delicate skin on the back of the neck of the other through the wide clothes. The man, who had been bullied by him for a long time, seemed to have endured to the limit, biting the intruders lips fiercely.

The next second, Dewitt tasted blood.

The advancement of the an ability user shone fiercely over his body. At that moment, Dewitt’s whole body seemed to have entered a new, vast universe.

At this moment, however, Marshal had only one feeling.



“Open the door.” Outside, in the surveillance room, the monitors were completely blocked by smoke. Melson, others and Admiral Shen, stood as if watching a play and Cassey, who stretched his arms wide, blocking them from entering the interrogation room. 

Cassey, who could not say how many times he heard this, shook his head resolutely. 

“Sir, Professor Lin and Professor Steve are on their way.” Behind Melson, a trusted man lay down the terminal in his hand and reported seriously.

“Major General.” Melson nodded and straightened up. “Do you know what you’re doing now? The monitoring system is out of order, leaving Dewitt alone who had just been stimulated. I am now the highest commanding officer in the room and you have made us miss the best time to get the Marshal. In the case that the Marshal encounters any issues, do you want to be held responsible?”

Cassey’s face was black and blue. He tightened his fists and clenched his teeth. “Report! Subordinate doesn’t dare! Marshal’s advanced energy is strong, even I couldn’t withstand being in the room. If you open the door, the energy will come gushing out and none of us will be able to control it at all! “

Cassey was a A class ability user and he could not withstand the energy let alone Melson, Shen En and other ordinary people.

Hearing this, a close believer behind Melson glanced sharply at Cassey and asked in a somewhat sharp voice, “You said you couldn’t stand it, so how did you manage to carry people out of it and still stand here?”

Everyone paused and focused on Cassey with a distrustful gaze.

Cassey opened his mouth, was completely blocked by this sentence, thinking of the command of the little fox, Cassey clenched his teeth and did not speak.

When the confidant looked at him like this, he knew he had caught on to something and was about to continue the attack when Melson suddenly reached out and interrupted him. Melson looked up and down at Cassey, seemingly looking for something, but failed to find it. He turned to Mark and asked, “What’s the energy monitoring index reading?”

“Reporting, the index has completely surged.” Mark said, pulling out a light screen and looking at the red lines that were off the charts. The group of people couldn’t help exclaiming.

This index instrument, unlike the one on the food street, exists to record all levels of data and it does not break down even when it has become so popular that it was unimaginable in the past.

“The index has now reached a level that was totally unattainable in the past. I’m sorry, Prime Minister, but I think Major General Cassey is right. Nobody can go in at this time.” Because no one could withstand it, even in protective clothing, it is difficult to guarantee their safety.

After all, such a powerful ability user unconsciously spreading their power, but if they didn’t mean to, people may collapse under the strong oppression. Mark said this, looked at Cassey, who was safe and sound.

When Cassey had come out, Mark had noticed that the fox was on the other side. It was the Marshal’s precious white fox. If something happened, Cassey would surely bring out the little fox and Cassey would never be the one who abandoned the Marshal at the critical moment because of any circumstances.

He didn’t have a fox with him and he could still stand here like this.

Mark scrunched his eyes at the thought of the Marshal’s house that had been stabbed by the ice lance and the amazing things that the fox had been doing one after another.

Level 5 was an area that had not been reached by Assyrian’s for nearly a hundred years. In the face of such an unknown, anyone’s abilities seemed too small to be able to resist.

A few months ago, when the little white fox slapped him in the face, the Marshal opened his eyes and this scene came to Mark’s mind. He dropped his eyes.

With Mark’s lips tightened, Melson seemed to think for a moment and his face remained still, but several guesses crossed his mind. Finally, he ordered, “Let Professor Lin get them ready as soon as possible. This instrument is placed directly in the corridor and let people check it over and over again. Once the index returns to safety, the door opens immediately.”

Melson gave Cassey a serious look.

The latter looked firm and straightened his neck. “Yes!”


It was a fairly long dream.

Eventually, Dewitt seemed to have fallen into a cool world. The feverish Dewitt just touched the world and did not want to go away. He stood firmly in the world and refused to move even if someone pushed him by force. For a long time, it seemed that someone sighed softly and after a while, a hand clapped slowly on his shoulder.

The force was very light, as if fearing to disturb him, with tenderness.

Then Dewitt woke up.

It was a snow-white ceiling and the instruments and smells that belonged to the hospital. Closing his eyes, Dewitt knew where he was without much thought. He was still very uncomfortable, with some dull swelling and pain in his brain, but he still carefully scanned his surroundings. When he did not find the figure he wanted to see, Dewitt closed his eyes and was disappointed.

“You awake?” Archie’s voice sounded.

Dewitt put his hand on his forehead and his body was terribly hot, but he could not feel it. After a long time, he answered, “Yes.”

As he spoke, the tip of Dewitt’s tongue moved slightly and a strong tingling sensation penetrated instantly. The bloodletting fragment of his dream came to mind. Dewitt’s injured tip of his tongue slightly moved and a tingle of blood melted into his mouth.

It was not very long ago.

The dream was real.

Archie looked at the data board next to his eyes. “Basic test, your name?”

“Dewitt.” Dewitt paused for a moment and his hoarse voice answered.

“Power properties?”


“Power Class?”

“S class… Level 5.” Dewitt paused for a moment and said the last two words.

Archie seemed relieved at Dewitt’s sober mind and looked at the data board again. “God, your body data is terrifying. Do you feel any change now?”

“I feel…” Dewitt said the words and then stopped.

There were too many changes in the body, such as the expansion of the energy core; what kind of circulation formed; the color of the energy in the body seems to be deeper than before after the operation and even the operation of his muscles could be clearly changed by the energy.

In a word, it had infinite possibilities and now was the time to figure it out.

The sense of emptiness he had felt after entering the first level was so obvious in his heart that it seemed as if his whole body had taken on a new look. Dewitt paused for a moment and did not finish his sentence, because he could not find any precise words to describe it. Suddenly, the topic changed, “What about Wen Jin?”

“Hmm?” Archie had not heard Wen Jin’s name yet and when it jumped out of Dewitt’s mouth, he was still a little stunned. But when he thought about the name Dewitt could call out when he didn’t know it, he knew in his heart who it was, “He’s outside. You’ve been in a coma for eight hours -“

Dewitt frowned. Just after that long dream, he felt as if he had been unconscious for centuries. He didn’t expect it to have only been eight hours.

“He’s been watching you for the first five hours. Eve just took him out to eat. Now it’s almost time to come back and let him in?”

Dewitt was struck with these words, his eyebrows stretched out and his tight body relaxed. “Uh-huh.”

“It’s incredible that this little fellow has been with you all the time when your energy is most chaotic and he’s still able to stand it. When the group of experts rushed to see the harmless little fox, their eyes were rolling.” Archie said with a sigh, “You don’t know how terrible your energy index was at that moment… But Melson invited Old Chen too. He had it checked and made sure it was all right.” As if afraid of Dewitt’s worries, Archie finally added another sentence.

“Bring him in.” Dewitt lowered his arms and revealed a pair of clear eyes, which seemed to be very flat, but deep in the heart, there was quite deep emotion.

“All right.” Archie shrugged. “First, Melson is waiting for you, so you may not have much time. Second, the expert group is waiting for you, too. You have very little time. Third – “ Archie’s eyes moved. “Little fox, he’s in a bad mood now. When we shipped you out, he was just like a little thing. When Eve took him out, she ran around too and in a twinkling of an eye she could not see the fox.” Archie said this, sweeping Dewitt a little, “In a word, you’re doing your best.”

Dewitt gave him a calm look.

Archie then reconfirmed the data and gestured to him, “It’s urgent. I’ll give you five minutes at most and then I’ll have someone come in to check it.”


Wen Jin was still quiet when he was carried to the bed by Archie.

However, when Archie left the room and looked up and down at Dewitt, he immediately began to get angry and drilled aside but was caught by Dewitt. The little fat paw immediately began to scratch with great courage.

Usually the little white fox liked Dewitt’s aura and temperature best, but at this moment, meeting Dewitt’s body was like meeting a flood beast. Even the soft little meat cushion was unwilling to lean on Dewitt.

Dewitt, the level 5 epic ability user, had been scratched and had several red prints on his hands, which should have been hardened to the extreme. Wen Jin was very fierce at the moment.

Just as Wen Jin scratched hard and refused to make a sound, Dewitt suddenly leaned his face toward the little fox’s ear and whispered, “Very painful.” 

Wen Jin’s claws shrank unconsciously and his eyes also looked at Dewitt’s hand unnaturally. It was all marked with red. There were some signs of bleeding.

Wen Jin’s ears shrank.

The next second, Dewitt spit out two words, “My tongue.” 

“Chee!” Wen Jin couldn’t hold back, roaring and bouncing back his retracted ears angrily. He stood stiff and began to scratch with his paws more vigorously. He used Dewitt’s hand as a gripper and his dark eyes were staring at the door. He looked anxious to disappear from the room in a minute.

But Dewitt didn’t feel as if he had been scratched. One hand touched Wen Jin’s abdominal hair. The other hand turned him around and looked at him forcefully. The corner of his lip was a little funny. “You bite, yet you still want to run?”


The author has something to say:

 Dewitt: Irresponsible. A tongue is so fragile. It will take a lifetime to recover.

Advanced Ability Users: QAQ. We are defeated by the Marshal’s strong desire to mate. The old virgin is a terrible whiny man, QAQ QAQ

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