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Chapter 71

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“A young person you’ve never seen before?” In the House of Representatives, in the Prime Minister’s office, Melson had a chessboard in front of him. The holographic projection grid was sparkling. He reached forward and pushed a piece on the chessboard to a different position.

“Yes, he was wearing the Marshal’s uniform. It was very fitting on him, but he’s not the same size as Marshal.” The man was standing in front of him, wearing the uniform of the Stabilization Army, “Your Excellency, Prime Minister… Did the Marshall train this young man? Without him, we may not have been able to wake up that Uttar.”

“You think he had time?” Melson’s eyes fell on the chessboard. “He was in a coma two months ago. How long did it take me to train you? It’s not necessarily possible.”

The man looked down and paused for a moment. “But, my lord, the ability of that man can’t be underestimated. I think others will find a chance to get in touch with him. A man with such ability must not be used just by the army. Over the past few years, the military and the House of Representatives had been surging secretly. Since the Marshal woke up, the House of Representatives had retreated a lot, if we do not seize the opportunity…”

Melson touched the chess player’s hand and looked up at him coldly. “Oh? What do you do to seize the opportunity for? To be independent? To split?”

The man was stunned, his face flashed with a little confusion, “This…”

“Get out.” Melson ordered with his voice before the other had finished.

“… Yes.”

As soon as the door opened and closed, Melson sat back in his chair and looked at the chessboard in front of him, only to feel his head ache. Looking back at the unreturned messages on the top row of his terminal, he felt a worse headache brewing in an instant.

It was a question all parties in the House thought about the identity and abilities of the young man Dewitt brought to the office on that day. Some of them were bold enough to ask him directly how much chips Dewitt would get.

First a fox of unknown strength and now a young man who could pry open the brain of an Uttar.

The more he watched, the more he felt his head swelling and becoming sore. He took a breath and took out the video that his subordinates had just given him a moment ago.

Looking at the two people kissing in the corridor, Melson sighed silently, recalling what he had just seen between Dewitt and the youth in exchange for each other’s entry into the supervision room…

What was going on in these people’s minds? Dewitt’s indifference and inhumanity were known all over the world. What made him so enthusiastic and different was just a mere fox.

Looking down at the video for a while, Melson tapped his fingers on the table, cracked his lips with a bitter smile and finally pulled out the screen again, silently restored the messages he had deleted before and then answered them one by one.

Melson’s face changed as he looked at one of the messages from an unknown number.


When Wen Jin heard Dewitt’s words, he was still a little confused. After a pause, he asked, “What underwear?”

Didn’t he wear all the things his little tail left on the bed? Nothing was missing.

Dewitt looked at his confused face and felt love brew in his heart. He could not help but lean down and kiss his lips.

Wen Jin pushed him aside and frowned to remind him, “Today’s quota is filled.” He couldn’t always let him get away with it.

“Yes.” Dewitt responded, not continuing, but holding Wen Jin in his arms.

Although it was only a kiss, it was exciting for both of them. Dewitt, as an older aged marshal, responded quite well. However, when they were close together, Dewitt did not find the same reaction on Wen Jin.

Wen Jin’s tent, let alone bulging up, was completely silent.

“…You don’t like it?” Dewitt, who was stunned, seemed to have encountered a bolt from the blue. He had just sensed Wen Jin’s response, but now the other side’s body was not excited at all. Was the little fox different from him in this respect? Or did the other party dislike it? Or did he not like it with him?

After being clipped by the zipper of the pants, his lower half was throbbing with a heart beat of its own, causing Wen Jin to be focused on it. “What?”

In fact, at this moment, little Wen Jin quietly saluted in his uniform trousers, but unfortunately the size was not enough to support a tent, so Dewitt could not feel it. But Wen Jin felt it. He was scared to death. Once little Wen Jin touched the cloth, he could not help thinking of the fear he had had from when he had been caught earlier, so his body was somewhat unnaturally bent at the moment.

“Just like that.” Dewitt looked at Wen Jin and asked very seriously.

Wen Jin realized that Dewitt was talking about kissing. Of course he liked it. If he didn’t like it, he would not have been able to kiss while Dewitt was asleep that day, let alone be caught. At first, however, he did not want to admit it, because he thought that after he admitted it, the little tail might be more advantageous in the future, but when he looked at Dewitt, he could not help nodding, “Like it.”

These two words caused the big stone in Dewitt’s heart to drop instantly, he pulled up the corner of his lip and touched Wen Jin’s head.

“But only once a day.” When Wen Jin saw Dewitt with a little smile on his face, he couldn’t help softening his heart and warned up as if he were facing a great enemy.

Dewitt laughed quietly and a sound of footsteps came into his ear, reminding him that it was still in the corridor of the military department, so he slightly separated from Wen Jin. Then he reached out to help him straighten out the collar that had just been messed up and suddenly asked, “When can I get more?”

Wen Jin was just about to leave when he heard such a sentence and couldn’t help staring at him.

As soon as he said something, he knew that Dewitt would take a mile when given an inch.


Wen Jin’s eyes turned and he seemed to think of something. He laughed wickedly. “Only if I get a room I told you before.”


“If you can help me get one, I’ll add one more a day.” Wen Jin made a mysterious gesture at Dewitt.

Dewitt raised his eyebrows. “I’d need more.”

“What?” Wen Jin was stunned and then thought about it. He thought that it would be good to take it apart and play together. But at this time, Wen Jin was still smart enough to keep an eye on it. He asked, “Is it expensive?”  

Dewitt responded, “It’s expensive.”

He did not exaggerate. Although holograms were now popular, the military’s version was, of course, the best. A lot of their equipment and instruments had not even been released to the public of Assyria. It took a lot of money and effort to get such a complete holographic room.

“Oh,” Wen Jin nodded, “Okay, there’s no ceiling.”  

However… Where did Dewitt care about the price if he could be affectionate and warm countless times a day? As soon as he heard the answer from the little fox, he immediately responded. The color on his face showed that he would get the best holographic room in all of the Empire in minutes.

Wen Jin squinted his eyes and smiled. Then he reached out and pulled out a bracelet. “Here you are.”

The bracelet looked familiar and Dewitt was stunned. “This is… what Old Lin give you?”

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded. “I got it from him. It used to be ugly, but now it looks good. Take it with you.”

This bracelet was given to Wen Jin by Professor Lin that day and, as Wen Jin expected, it came from the same person as the hengshi he and Dewitt had. The aura inside the bracelet proved this.

And the bracelet was a space artifact.

To Wen Jin’s surprise, although the maker of this space artifact was the same as that of the Hengshi, it had been improved and seemed to be more suitable for Assyrians than the space artifact Wen Jin used.

It did not require Reiki to open it every time. After recognizing the Master, the Master could open it again at any time, avoiding the consumption of Reiki. But if it was not maintenanced with Reiki, it would not be able to store some living creatures for a long time. This was an equivalent exchange. It was possible for Wen Jin to move a giant beast into his space and feed it.

Wen Jin’s magic artifact was left to him by his master. It was one of the most precious treasures in Honghuang. He certainly did not look at such a measly space artifact. After looking through the contents, he felt there was nothing special and he wanted to give it to Dewitt. Anyway, the thing itself had been improved for Assyrians.

“Space artifact?” Dewitt was stunned, then looked at a small bracelet in his hand.

When Professor Lin first gave it to Wen Jin, it was still a silver foil ring bracelet with a little glitter, square, looking very masculine and Wen Jin improved it… He broke all those square lines, change them into curved lines and put a few stones in it.

In fact, from the aesthetic point of view of normal people…it was ugly.

But the thought that this was given to him by Wen Jin immediately brought out a thick filter in Dewitt’s eyes and he thought about how good the bracelet looked.

“Yes.” Wen Jin answered, “When we go back in the evening I’ll teach you how to use it.” Wen Jin briefly introduced Dewitt to the usefulness of the space artifact. After that, he laughed shrewdly. “When you encounter delicious and interesting things when you go out in the future, you can fill up the artifact and bring them back to me.”

“Good.” Dewitt looked gently at Wen Jin. “Let’s go try it.”

Wen Jin was stunned, “Hmm?” 

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November 15, 2019 5:24 pm

So Dewitt going be shopping with Wen Jin in human form getting a lot of takeout and desserts?

November 15, 2019 10:13 pm

WJ: “What underwear?”
WJ: “Quota is filled. One kiss a day”
I had a good laugh in this chapter, especially how Dewitt planned to increase “kiss quota”. 😂😂😂

November 16, 2019 12:09 am

Melson, you’d better not try to involve this young man in your political intrigues or pick a fight with him because he is older than you and much more powerful than your whole empire together and he has the Marshal on his side (hello! level 5 ability user!).

Dewitt’s filter was amazing!

Thank you for the chapter!

December 22, 2020 12:41 pm

Aww getting his own little dimension 🖤🖤🖤

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