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Chapter 70: Baby

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The moment the eyes opened, the sound from an intake of breath came from the room. It was a younger soldier, who could not help but take a step backward, frown and feel an invisible pressure when he saw the Uttar’s eyes open for a moment.

The pupils, which were completely red and had no whites, seemed to be penetrating, but, even after seeing so many things through the interrogating videos that they had never seen before… The man didn’t know if it was his illusion as he had always felt that the moment those eyes opened they seemed to be watching him.

But when he thought of this, he found that his consciousness seemed to be somewhat vague.

“If you can’t stand it, turn your back.” As the sensation gradually fermented in the young soldier’s mind, a cold voice hit his eardrums and immediately woke him up. “Don’t be controlled.”

It was Wen Jin.

The soldier’s eyes were drawn from those red eyes to the side of Wen Jin’s face.

When the young man came in with the Marshal, he thought the other side looked good. Although he looked good, the man thought that they younger one couldn’t be good at anything else. But now, just glancing at the side of the young man’s face, for some reason, it gave off a particularly reliable feeling. The soldier paused, straightened up, made a report and looked over.

Wen Jin leaned lazily on the chair and said to Cassey, “Ask what you need.”

Cassey was stunned. “He’s… awake?” How did you wake him up? How many days had he been surrounded by a group of people without any reaction and now, with this young man sitting here, the man opened his eyes?

“Not exactly.” Wen Jin said, glancing at the data meter beside him, then his eyes fell on the monitor. “That thing, I guess, it tests his head?”

“Brain activity.” Dewitt stood behind him, his eyes were also on the meter. When they walked in, the monitor waves had been falling, now they suddenly became so volatile.

Wen Jin thought, “He’s in a very sensitive period now. He can answer whatever you ask him, but as you can see, this beat frequency can’t last long.” Wen Jin paused and said, “That is to say, you don’t have much time.” 

Wen Jin stunned the people in the room. Seif subconsciously wanted to ask Wen Jin how he did it, but before he did, it was as if Wen Jin had seen through it. The latter frowned and said impatiently, “Think about it before you open your mouth. There’s not much time. You’re anxious to ask what I’m doing but you need to categorize your priorities.”

After that, Wen Jin felt that the group might not understand what kind of state Ondi was in, so he described it in very short words.

“You mean, it’s similar to mental dissociation, but they can choose to enter or not to enter?” After that, Cassey grabbed the point and asked.

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded, looked at Dewitt and pointed to the soldier behind him. “And, to some extent, if their enchantment develops strong enough, it can also induce you into…”

“Spiritual dissociation?”

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded when he saw Cassey’s astonished eyes and smiled warmly.

In theory, enchantment was a type of magic and reiki cultivation was also emphasized in monastics. So Wen Jin had always been curious about how Assyrians who were born with Nedans could be troubled by spiritual dissociation and why they seemed to not be good at spiritual cultivation.

In his realm, Assyrians were somewhat similar to the meaning of “going to the devil through the fire”. After all, monks longed for longevity. They never said that the more they used Reiki, the shorter their lives were. They could collapse at any time and not pass on the truth of the Nedan.

And Assyria, ability users who were born with Nedan, had developed for thousands of years without even having a single magic spell?

Wen Jin thought this and could not help joking with Dewitt, “Their charm ability is not strong, otherwise, this person can control your army, what are you fighting with?”

Dewitt paused and frowned. “Uttar… Magic.” After a pause, he followed Wen Jin’s vocabulary directly.

“It’s going backwards.”

The resentment between Assyrians and Uttars had been piling up since ancient times. Over the centuries, the ability core of Assyrians had been growing and the enchantment ability of Uttars has been retrogressing. This was the conclusion of the Academy of Sciences.

Although they didn’t know how Uttars created their enchantments, they could detect the strength and weaknesses of each other’s enchantment.

But if, according to Wen Jin, the Uttar could easily control the Assyrians with a little more strength, what did the Assyrians rely on to resist the invasion of the Uttars in ancient times?

After Dewitt finished thinking through that sentence, he did not go on, apparently lost in thought and Wen Jin was not interested in it. He did not ask any more questions. Instead, Cassey coughed and rushed to Seifer, who came forward.

Seifer paused for a moment, sat in his chair and took out the record board, “Name.” 

After a long time, a hoarse voice sounded in the room, “… Ondi.” 

Behind him, several people looked at each other. They were shocked. They had no idea what the young man did that was so useful.


“Nineteen years old.”

The number jumped out and Seif was stunned. He looked at it and said it was not very similar. But on second thought, the face of undercover agents sometimes had to be changed and the way these people invaded was not clear.

Seif asked several routine questions, some of them quite deep. After repeatedly verifying that Ondi’s answers were true and unlikely to be related to Wen Jin, Seif began his core questioning. “What is the purpose of your coming to Assyria?”

The question seemed to come to a point. Ondi’s throat slid up and down for a moment. After a long time, he reached out and grabbed his sharp ears. “Kill the contract beast.”

Seifer was stunned, Cassey was stunned, but Dewitt’s eyes were too deep to see the bottom.

No one expected this answer. Assyria and Uttar had been fighting for so long. Everyone thought that Uttar had set up such a deep situation in order to obtain the core secrets of Assyria. The worst result was that Uttar and the Zerg wanted to deal with Assyria.

But now they were told that the Uttar went deep into Assyria for the sake of… Killing a contract beast?

Seifer’s eyes were fixed, judging that the connection was not his job. His job was to dig out enough information from the other side’s mouth. So he went on, “When did you start sneaking into Assyria?”

Ondi pulled at the corner of his mouth and grabbed his ear. “From… when I was born.”

The room was stiff again.

Only Wen Jin watched him grab and grab. His eyes were deep. Suddenly he said, “You’d better ask quickly.” He had a bad feeling.

“How many people have sneaked into Assyria, to what level is the highest?” Seif also had this feeling, the speed of inquiry needed to accelerate a lot.

“A lot of people, our group, sneaked in.” Ondi’s voice was slower and slower and he did not answer the second question.

Our group? What group of people?

Seif’s eyes darkened and the other party did not answer his second question. Did that mean that Ondi was not clear?

“Why do you want to kill the beast?” Seif looked at Wen Jin’s expression and asked the fourth question, “What’s your purpose?”

Just then, Ondi burst out with a strange laugh and the action of scratching his ears began to get faster and faster. “They are enemies of the great Uttar nation. They should have died, my purpose, my purpose…” Ondi said this, suddenly paused, repeated the last four words twice and finally the voice suddenly dropped, jumped out of the word “home”.

As soon as his voice fell, Wen Jin suddenly reached out and stopped Seif. Meanwhile, the energy in the air slowly withdrew and Ondi, who had scratched his pointed ears until they bled became so stiff that he fainted.

“Ask him that again and he will die.” Wen Jin frowned.

This person was more stubborn than he imagined, using charm on himself was unlike using charm for others. If the ability of the other party or the ability to see exceeded that of the performer, the charm may be instantly penetrated, but using charm on himself… From the very beginning, it had been fully coordinated by the performer.

Wen Jin had pulled him out forcibly, otherwise he would have received a double lash back. Even if he could not fight back, the two forces would fight together by themselves. If he reluctantly did, the man might die.

At the same time, Wen Jin was somewhat alarmed that he was not very gifted at using enchantment. Otherwise, the former young soldier might not have accepted his reminder at all and would be controlled, but he had a strong self-use enchantment.

It was like… like that was the only training he’d ever had.

“Why kill the contract beasts?” Cassey could not help asking when he saw the man go to sleep and his breathing became smoother again. Although the index on the detector at the other end was still a little fluctuant, it was already flat.

“Find a doctor.”

Someone went out immediately behind him.

Several of the remaining people came out of the monitoring room. The question Cassey had just asked was not answered by one person. It was still incomprehensible, or even confusing. He had a belly of questions to ask, but he had to swallow them back several times after noticing Dewitt’s silence.

Outside the room, in the quiet corridor, when Seif left, Dewitt waved to Cassey, “Why do you think Melson wants him?”

Cassey paused. “I don’t know, can you tell me?”

Dewitt’s face was emotionless.

“To be honest, we are fighting on the front line. We don’t have a special understanding of the Inland situation. It’s normal, but I think it’s in the capacity of the Prime Minister… He won’t be totally unaware, so I think maybe, I said maybe,” After Cassey paused, he lowered his voice a little. “I think the prime minister may have reached some agreement with the Uttar to allow the other party to go into this state, so this time he wants to take people away, maybe because of this agreement.”

“What agreement has been reached?”

Cassey was stunned. “I don’t know that.” He said, scratching his head, thinking that he was a fighter. He knew nothing about these wrinkles at most and it was a good idea to think of them here.

“Go to the institute.” Dewitt pondered for a long time and ordered, “Not only to check their current situation, but also their history, all about the contract beasts, I want the most detailed report in three days, as well. If you encounter a group of contract beasts with Dr. Chen, give them assistance. What you need is directly allocated from my account, the suburban manor can also be used by them. In short, from today on, all your work projects, will be centered all around contract beasts.”

Contract beasts?

This noun, which he had not heard often in the past, had become more and more frequent recently. Cassey answered, thinking in his heart.

“And I promised Melson that you would be his close guard all day tomorrow.” Dewitt finally ordered.

“Guard?” Cassey raised his head, confusion shining brightly in both eyes.

Dewitt frowned. “No?”

“Yes, I’d love to!” When he finally stopped writing his report, Cassey nodded wildly. “You can rest assured, I’m sure I can do it well.”

“When you have finished this, go to check in on the Beasts.”

As Cassey took over the task and walked away, the corridor was empty again, Dewitt’s eyes were a little deep.

Previously, even he thought that Melson wanted this person, perhaps because of his own reasons and the interests of the Uttar, but now, Dewitt had a second idea in mind.

What if Melson wanted this man not for the Uttar, but for the information about the contract beasts in his mind? The man just said that he was nineteen years old.

Nineteen years ago, it was the Assyrian and Uttar who fought the most ferocious war and it was the Uttar who privately captured the people of the Assyrian border for experiments. Although they had not received all the data and details of the experiment before, they had always believed that it was all for Assyria.

But an Uttar born on Assyrian soil and just in line with the time line, it could be said that after the test, he was rooted in the undercover Uttar in Assyria, but the targets were the Qi beasts.

What did that mean?

“Have you finished thinking?” While Dewitt was thinking, Wen Jin suddenly raised his face from the side and looked at Dewitt curiously and expectantly.

Dewitt looked back and held Wen Jin with one hand quite naturally. “Did that affect you just now?” He was referring to the time when Ondi almost regained consciousness.

“No, it won’t have any effect on me.” Wen Jin shrugged his shoulders indifferently, then gave Dewitt a sly laugh. “If you please me a little more, I may wake him up completely.”

Dewitt moved his lips and approached Wen Jin. He asked kindly, “Then, what will make you happy?”

Wen Jin laughed, moved forward, his eyes bent. “That holographic room, can you get me one?”

Wen Jin’s smile was very beautiful in the sunshine. His skin was white, it appeared more transparent and made people feel soft.

Dewitt was almost obsessed. When he recovered, he squinted. “Baby, you said before, let me kiss once a day, right?”

“Um?” Wen Jin looked back and said, “But you just…”

“That’s you kissing me, others don’t count.” When Dewitt finished, he approached Wen Jin, pressed him directly on the wall, covered the back of Wen Jin’s head with one hand and then kissed him deeply on his lips.

Wen Jin’s eyes were slightly open. He subconsciously tried to push away Dewitt, but he did seem to have promised and he had taken the initiative before. So Wen Jin put out his hand and took it back silently, the temperature on his face began to rise.

The moment Dewitt’s tongue reached in, Wen Jin felt numb.

He found that he really didn’t seem to hate, or even dislike, Dewitt. When the idea crossed his mind, Wen Jin could not resist it. The soft tip of his tongue protruded forward and gently hooked Dewitt’s tongue.

With such a small gesture, Dewitt felt a sudden boom go off in his brain. The next second, his body pressed tightly against Wen Jin, the tip of his tongue could not help but go deeper and the hands on Wen Jin’s waist could not help falling down a little.

However, as his hand continued to move down, Dewitt suddenly noticed something wrong. The feeling made his movements stiff.

“… Baby?” Wen Jin’s face was red, his brain was mush and he was out of breath. Dewitt let go of him, with some incredulity and hidden emotion in his eyes. “You don’t wear underwear?”


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