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Chapter 72

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under Wen Jin’s teaching, Dewitt learned how to use the space artifact and stuffed it with the first thing he wanted to…it was Wen Jin’s underwear.

After they left the army, he took Wen Jin to the mall to buy clothes where he usually bought clothes for himself. There were usually very few people in the building.

Wen Jin was interested in underwear. Especially after Dewitt told him that wearing it could effectively prevent the accident of morning egg pain, Wen Jin’s interest in it suddenly exploded and he was eager to try them out.

So after buying them, Wen Jin wanted to wear a pair as soon as possible.

While Dewitt watched Wen Jin slowly walk to the bathroom inside the mall with his underwear, there was a little sadness in his back and he felt that something good had just escaped him.

And Wen Jin, who was halfway there, looked back at him blankly. “What are you doing?”

“Hmm?” Dewitt looked at him, his face seemed to hesitate for a moment and then he responded, his eyes lit up, “Want me to help you?”

“Yes, it looks strange.” Wen Jin nodded. “I think I can’t wear it outside.”

Wen Jin had just been in the shop and had curiously, repeatedly touched the underwear several times. He liked the biggest ones since the uniform he wore was form fitting. The larger ones would be easier to put on the outside, but Dewitt said he should buy the smallest size.

Wen Jin was unhappy. He felt that the smallest size would be too tight. He clinched the largest one persistently and stared at Dewitt. At this time, the little sisters who guided them all began to laugh secretly. Wen Jin’s face was not hanging. Eventually, the elder and younger sisters convinced Dewitt to buy Wen Jin both.

Wen Jin was satisfied with the final compromise from his little tail.

But he used to more exclusive toilets and other places when he was in Honghuang, because the equipment was too simple, so he felt like he needed to ask Dewitt to come in. He was afraid that it smelled bad inside and he needed to have Dewitt there from his aura. 

However, when he went into the toilet, he found that there was a large space in the single toilet. At least five people could get in there, even sitting down. So the gap between him and Dewitt was large and the smell was not bad. On the contrary, it was really clean.

Wen Jin liked clean places.

Wen Jin looked at it, took the biggest pair of underwear out of Dewitt’s bag and shook it out in the air. “Okay, let’s put the rest in the bracelet.”

Dewitt glanced at the apparently oversized underwear in Wen Jin’s hand who wanted to put it on like his jacket on his lower half. Suddenly, he was grateful that he had followed him in. He warned, “It’s not worn like that.”

“Huh?” Wen Jin, who had taken off his shoes and was ready to put them on, was stunned. “How do you wear them?”

Dewitt’s face was twitching. “You take off your pants first.”

Wen Jin: …?

“Take off your pants.” Dewitt repeated it again.

Just as he finished this sentence, there came a sound of footsteps outside the single room, which seemed to hesitate outside their small door.

“Why take them off?” Wen Jin did not pay attention to these details. He frowned somewhat incomprehensibly. “Do you want me to only show you everything?”

The sound of footsteps became more hesitant.

Wen Jin would not pay attention to it, but Dewitt would. It was his instinct. He did not like the way outsiders listened to them. Besides, he did not know whether they were stimulated by Wen Jin’s words. In a word, Dewitt’s answer at that time was, obviously, yes.


Later, from the toilet, Wen Jin came out in normal pants and at the risk of being killed, Dewitt managed to stop Wen Jin from wearing the underwear completely wrong. The whole process had been quite arduous. It took Wen Jin half an hour to put on that pair of underwear and then he and hesitated for a moment before he had walked out of the toilet.

After that, Dewitt accompanied Wen Jin to make purchased throughout the mall. And he put all the things he bought into the bracelet. At this time, Dewitt felt the convenience of the bracelet thoroughly.

As he left the mall, Wen Jin quietly leaned over to Dewitt’s ear and said, “Hey, they’re quite comfortable to wear.”

The cloth was very comfortable and soft and the little Wen Jin was slowly transformed back into its normal size. He stayed in them comfortably and did not feel pain when he rubbed against the zipper. It was much more comfortable than what he had traveled in Honghuang before.

Dewitt smiled and gave Wen Jin a meaningful look. “There’s more comfortable ones.”

“Really?” Wen Jin’s eyes lit up.

“Yes.” Dewitt nodded earnestly and promised when they got home to let Wen Jin have a good feel.

Wen Jin was so excited that he almost turned let out his fox’s tail to wag it behind him. He continued to eat and drink with Dewitt for an afternoon and strolled through the busy places of the capital. Suddenly, in a deep alley, he saw a strangely dressed man.

Wen Jin was stunned at first, then pulled on Dewitt.’s sleeve

“That’s a contestant in the underground arena.” Dewitt recognized them at a glance. “His clothes are athletic clothes.”

“Aren’t they too ugly?” Wen Jin couldn’t help saying this as the clothes were thin and connected. The upper body was covered by underwear and the lower body was a single triangular piece of underwear; a noun that Wen Jin had just learned. And when he looked down, the man’s chest to the other person’s lower body, his eyesight suddenly darkened.

Wen Jin was stunned and it turned out it was Dewitt’s hand.

“What are you doing?” When Wen Jin pulled away Dewitt’s hand, he saw that the man in the alley had disappeared. He couldn’t help staring at Dewitt for an instant, thinking that it was the man who had harmed him while he wasn’t able to see.

Dewitt looked down at the street stall, saying in a light voice, “Don’t look at that mess.” 

“What mess?” After Wen Jin responded to what the other party said, somewhat amused. “They’re all men. Who hasn’t seen everything? Am I a mess in your eyes?”

Little Wen Jin was so cute that he burst with his emotions.

“Of course not.” Dewitt glanced at him. Even though Wen Jin was wearing underwear, he was not very skilled in this kind of clothes. When he was wearing it, he showed a little bit carelessly. Dewitt could apply for a Star Empire Award because of the speed of blood rushing up his head.

Wen Jin snorted coldly, disdaining Dewitt’s cautious attitude, which he refused to admit, “Oh, is that they have something different?”

Dewitt looked at him and squinted. “Are you interested in this?”

Wen Jin was straightforward and vigorous. “Yes, I haven’t seen much.” In the past, men and women were packed tightly in Honghuang but they all wore robes. For the first time, he saw exposed skin. Couldn’t he be curious? Moreover, the clothes he wore were really few and the outline of his chest was clear through the fabric.

Dewitt stared at him for a moment and with a certain depth in his tone, he whispered, “You will see more in the future.”

But he wanted to see it now. He had never seen a man dressed like that before and he didn’t know what hid small tail would look like in those types of clothes.

Wen Jin reluctantly glanced at the entrance of the street. He wasn’t really interested in the lower part of the body, but in the underground arena. The name sounded interesting. Wen Jin liked this kind of fighting competition best and it was usually harsher in places that used the term ‘underground.’ It felt like a lot of new things were appearing.

So he gave Dewitt a push. “Let’s go in and have a look.”

Wen Jin said that he wanted to go in that direction, but after two steps he found Dewitt motionless and had to turn his head to look at him. “You’re not coming?”

Dewitt’s face twitched and he endured and endured, but eventually he couldn’t help asking, “Are you so interested in that?”

Wen Jin looked at him inexplicably. “I don’t want to see that and I have it myself. How can I be interested in other people?” He felt that the little tail seemed a little unhappy, but he also felt that the little tail was somewhat happy.

He really just looked at the other man casually and according to his vague judgment, it seemed that there was no grandeur under the other sides clothes.

It was no wonder Wen Jin remembered it clearly. After all, Dewitt had ‘performed’ for him in the bathroom a few days ago.

In this way, Dewitt seemed to calm down a little and then thought of something. He took Wen Jin into the room, but the pace was a little slow, it was not so sincere at first sight.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt’s back and sighed silently in his heart. He thought that his little tail should be angry, but fortunately he had spent such a long time in the world and suddenly thought of how to comfort him at such a time.

So he approached him with special care and whispered in Dewitt’s ear, “I saw nothing. It wasn’t as big as yours.” After Wen Jin finished, he paused and added in a low voice, “It was not as big as mine.”

When Dewitt heard the first sentence, he felt a little strange. He didn’t know whether he should be depressed or happy. Then when he heard the second sentence, he turned his head and smiled at Wen Jin in an unintelligible way. “Really?”

“Yes.” Wen Jin nodded solemnly, “Really.”


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November 16, 2019 10:51 pm

I was wondering what that “really?” would refer to, and it was the size of the “little brothers”, wow. Now Dewitt will try to compare, I bet he will try.

Thank you for the chapter!

November 17, 2019 4:56 am

I love WJ, he is so innocent 😂😂

April 2, 2020 12:30 pm

ahaha omg this chapter is so funnt~
now I’m wondering, who have the biggest “little brother”? 🤗

July 1, 2021 8:07 am

Hahaha its getting weirder and weirder. Lmao

March 14, 2023 8:40 pm

Wen Jin secretly being a size queen.

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