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Chapter 73

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After hearing that the so-called underground arena was used to watch illegal fights, Wen Jin took Dewitt to buy delicious food at the stalls around him. Almost all of them he thought were good enough to buy and then went to the underground arena that was full of people.

In the process of buying, many enthusiastic businessmen saw Dewitt’s hands full of food and were curious to ask where they were going next. When the answer was the underground arena, the faces of several businessmen were not quite right.

“Why do they all have this expression?” After walking away, Wen Jin turned to Dewitt next to him and asked, “Do you think I eat too much?”

He looked at the bag in Dewitt’s hand, he thought it was all right. There were dozens of pieces of meat, dozens of pieces of toast and some ice cream. Dewitt said that he could not eat too much outside and he was able to restrain himself. “I only bought a little.”

“Maybe it’s not the right occasion to buy food,” Dewitt responded casually.

“Wrong occasion?” Wen Jin bit off a bunch of tender roasted beef kebab. “Why is the occasion wrong?”

There was no need for Dewitt to answer this question. Wen Jin stepped through the door of the underground arena at the next moment and understood the reason.

It was a long black corridor, which was very different from the research institute or military department Wen Jin had previously been to. It was not clean, clear, or bright and there was a dirty feeling around it, like something was sticking to the walls and there was a bloody smell in the air.

It was very light, but it couldn’t escape Wen Jin’s nose.

The tip of his nose twitched slightly and his eyes could not help but squint. He did not hate the smell of blood. During special times, the appropriate smell of blood would also excite Wen Jin. It was the instinct of demons. No monster would hate the smell of blood. However, the bloody smell in the air here was different, new and old was different, but it was also intertwined with the mixed smell of a bunch of fish and dragons. It smelled fishy, muddy, heavy and somewhat nauseating.

The people who ran this underground arena seemed to be deliberately creating this atmosphere, so the smell did not receive much meticulous treatment and Wen Jin’s nose was more sensitive than ordinary people so immediately stopped before taking a bite of his second kebab.

“Not comfortable?” Dewitt noticed Wen Jin’s action and frowned.

Wen Jin scrunched his eyebrows before he answered. When he had just eaten the beef, he still thought it was delicious. But now with the smell, he felt nauseated instantly, even the meat in Dewitt’s hands was no longer delicious.

“It smells terrible.” After wiping his mouth on a napkin, Wen Jin sucked some reiki from the hengshi, made a small whirlwind under his nose, carrying out a simple air freshening magic. The smell dissipated a lot in an instant, but Wen Jin still felt a little uncomfortable. He frowned and looked at Dewitt. Suddenly he leaned forward and buried the tip of his nose into Dewitt’s shoulder.

Dewitt’s body stiffened for a moment, as it was unexpected that Wen Jin would jump so close so suddenly. The height difference between the two was just right. As long as Wen Jin’s head was slightly lowered, he could touch Dewitt’s shoulder.

After a pause, Dewitt reached out and patted Wen Jin on the waist.

They came in only halfway. Not many people entered or exited, but everyone who did, noticed the two of them. Several of them turned around curiously. In underground places like this, everybody had a mask on their faces, so the scenes gathered by the eyes of these people were still somewhat penetrating.

Nevertheless, Dewitt did not see it. “It may smell stronger inside, otherwise people would not watch it. We can go back.”

Dewitt’s unique smell filled his nose and invaded Wen Jin’s mind. The feeling of nausea went down a lot in mere moments, Wen Jin shook his head, “No, let’s go in and have a look.”

At the end of the corridor, there was a flash of light. Although it was still some distance away, Wen Jin could already hear some people’s cheers and shouts.

“Gentlemen.” After walking through the long corridor and circuitously for a long time, they were stopped by a woman wearing a fox mask when they finally arrived at the entrance of the hall. “Please show me your two invitations.”

Wen Jin looked at the other side’s fox mask for a while. He always thought that the white fox’s face was a little strange on the other side. After a pause, he turned to Dewitt and did not understand what an invitation was.

Dewitt, as expected, was ready for everything.

After receiving the invitation, Miss Mask bent her eyes at them and reminded them, “This show has already entered the fifth stage, but the excitement has just begun. I wish you two gentlemen a pleasant view.”

After that, they stepped into the arena.

“What is an invitation letter?” After entering, Wen Jin asked curiously.

“Authentication.” In fact, the black market was semi-open. In other words, it was half-open to the public. Although it was bullshit, they did have legal business licenses and all the players had signed voluntary contracts.

In such a black market, one usually only needed to buy tickets to enter and not do too much to avoid the inspection of the Wei brigade. However, when Dewitt came in today, he did not see the place where the tickets were sold. He had them checked immediately and then he got two invitations.

“For whoever comes in?” Wen Jin asked.

“Yes. An invitation letter means that today there will be very special activities. Only the old customers who have left their names will have the opportunity to accept the invitation and go to watch them.”

Wen Jin nodded. He followed Dewitt and walked down the path behind him. At this moment, the referee had already moved one of his hands down on the stage.

Wen Jin watched the ceremony with some curiosity as he continued to follow Dewitt.

The food the two of them bought had been crammed into Wen Jin’s space so he could eat them later. Dewitt’s space did not have the effect of keeping things heated, but his could. Although Wen Jin looked a little nauseous at that time, he later gained his color back, but still wanted to put things away and eat them after he went back.

However, as they had stopped in the corridor before, there were many audience members who were late like them, or who waited for the time just like them and had seen the two. Just after Wen Jin sat down, someone approached him with a face mask and a polite smile in his exposed eyes, “Hey, sir, is there anyone next to you?”

Wen Jin raised his head, glanced at the other, shook his head and then turned away his eyes, looking at the surroundings bit by bit.

What he didn’t notice was that when he turned his head away, the man who had just chatted with him was frozen in place, staring at him. Although Wen Jin’s mask was a full-face chosen by Dewitt, his eyes still needed to be exposed and his delicate eyes were probably known to those who had seen his face. So the man remained stunned for several seconds until his companion came up and patted him and when he did, he couldn’t help looking back at the seat next to Wen Jin unconsciously.

The man sitting next to Wen Jin was a tall man with a dark mask. His eyes stared at him oppressively.

“Hey, Fei… I’ve found a better place to look down. Let’s go over there?” The man’s companion cried out from afar not waiting to start anything by approaching the man.

The man subconsciously wanted to refuse, but the rejection was forced back by Dewitt’s eyes.

“Okay, come on.” The man eventually turned and before leaving, he looked at Wen Jin reluctantly for a long time and finally chose a seat two rows down.

“Didn’t he ask if anyone was here?” Wen Jin looked at the man’s back and his eyes showed some curiosity. “Didn’t he want to sit here?” he asked.

Dewitt’s face remained unchanged. “No, he was just asking.”

Wen Jin picked up his eyebrows. “This greeting is really strange.”

“Yes.” Dewitt responded lightly and in the next ten minutes or so of waiting time, he used the same method to drive out countless people who tried to sit next to Wen Jin.

Up to the end of the fifth session, a young boy, not too old, jumped in and asked Wen Jin the same sentence. At this time, Wen Jin did not want to deal with these “just asking” people and the child was not very interested in his response. The child saw that Wen Jin ignored him. Looking around, it seemed that he could not find a better place, so he simply sat down.  

It should be said that Wen Jin did not notice when the child stood, but when he sat down, he could clearly see it in the chair. After the child sat down, he could not even touch the ground on his feet. Such a young age and such a place was really not the place where Wen Jin thought children should be.  

“This… Is it your custom?” Wen Jin blinked and asked Dewitt curiously.

“No.” Dewitt shook his head.

Just as Wen Jin got a reply and looked at the child curiously, there was a sudden cheer on the stage.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the first five links of the Dream Fighting arena are just over!” Wen Jin saw the woman standing on the stage wearing a fox mask, which was exactly the same as the woman who stopped them at the door he had just seen.

Wen Jin clapped immediately.

“It’s a staff member.” On the other side, Dewitt said, “The staff here use a uniform mask.”

Wen Jin paused, nodded his head to show that he knew, but felt a little strange, “Why is it a fox?”

Dewitt was doubtful at this point, but on such occasions he did not come very often in the past. Understanding of the arena was basically started after he returned to the inland, so he could not give Wen Jin an answer.

“Because a famous fox has appeared in Assyria recently, don’t you know?” Just then, the little boy sitting next to Wen Jin suddenly opened his mouth.

Wen Jin turned his head and looked at the little boy sitting next to him. In the moment he spoke out, Wen Jin actually understood who he was talking about. However, he put on an interesting look and asked, “I don’t know, is that fox so famous or handsome?”

The boy seemed to hesitate for a moment. His eyes turned and he looked at Wen Jin curiously. He didn’t seem to understand why the man beside him would ask this. But after a pause, the little boy spoke. “Not handsome, said to be the latest secret weapon developed by the Academy of Sciences. It’s ugly, with three heads, six arms and eight eyes!” As he spoke, the little boy stretched out his hand and compared it with some exaggeration.

Wen Jin’s smile gradually disappeared on his face, suddenly remembering the rumors he saw on the Internet after that day. It never occurred to him that the materials were really spread in the end. And the guys were really… off?

It was during their conversation that the ladies on the stage seemed to announce something, which caused an uproar in the audience. When she saw the audience’s reaction was so intense, she blinked her exaggerated eyes at the right time. “Then, please pay attention to the sixth match of the Dream Fighting Field!”

With her crisp voice and the echo of the audience, a contender Wen Jin had not seen before appeared on the stage and the contender… was a four-legged monster similar to King Tiger.

Wen Jin was stunned.

“As the sixth match, all the audience’s bets will eventually be returned and the amount earned by the winner will be borne by the arena. In advance, the game without any weapons is the most – civilized fight.” The lady wittily and deliberately lengthened the finale, which attracted an uproar from the audience.

“Wow! Make them pee their pants! Go down fast! Let them start!”

“He’s against Cecil! Cecil is the most heroic man in the all-gladiator arenas. He’s sure to beat that beast down!”

“Cecil! Cecil! Cecil!”

With the sound of applause, Wen Jin narrowed his eyes. He felt the beast and it seemed a little out of place.

“What is a civilized fight?” Before they began, Wen Jin turned his head and asked Dewitt the last question.

The light of the arena was very dim and they were sitting in a remote place. There were few lights on Dewitt’s face. Wen Jin could not see the other side’s expression. After a pause, the latter answered, “It means that the game will not stop until one of them dies.”

Wen Jin nodded and then he saw the gate they had just entered from had a group of people come out of it. There were a lot of people, at least eight to ten people and the center was a person with the smallest stature. As soon as they walked in, they were invited into the small VIP room on the second floor.

Wen Jin looked at them and smelled a familiar aura. Before he remembered who it was, a whistle sounded and the game began.

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