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Chapter 88

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the Capital Star, when facing arrogant and unscrupulous profiteers that made one wordless, more than 70% of people would be helpless and could only be slaughtered while the remaining 30% had the strength, power, and resources so they were more outstanding and would definitely never pay attention to the threat of the profiteers.

Who knew, maybe even to some extent they were the people behind the profiteers. If this was the scenario then it would definitely be inappropriate. After all, it’s a business. Even if it’s going to reach a high price, no one can say what they are willing to fight for. 


Li Xiao and Chengxiao who were both quite strong, along with the Jin Qian who was from a powerful and wealthy clan, all felt the extreme bitterness of those who were being slaughtered as they cried in front of the profiteers.

Thinking of how they used to take pleasure in others’ misfortune, those four men cursed those treacherous businessmen. At the same time, they felt deep regret for how they used to take the same pleasure in others’ misfortune. A certain third master somehow thought of the two mysterious words “retribution” and he was shocked.

In reality, Boss Jin naturally selected this place and anyone with a brain would do so as well. After all, the place where they were standing was super special and important and even if they’re biting their teeth and signing an IOU, they would stay here as long as possible. Even though they were still listening to the words of a certain black boss, who knew how expensive the entrance and exit fees would be at that time?!

So, in accordance with a one-time shopping mindset, even Li Xiao and Chengliang signed the IOU. Rubbish, even if they had more money, they wouldn’t randomly take more than a hundred purple coins with them. They aren’t some rich dead rich upstart of the Long family!

Consequently Boss Jin looked at the receipts with satisfaction, his heart thought this would be a million profits……not!!

He felt that the pendant on his chest suddenly became warm. JinYu’s complexion changed and was almost as bright as Li Xiao and Chengliang’s– that painful expression of losing money. Of course, the expression JinYu was making was absolutely unacceptable. Even the best little brother Shan Bai Lu, couldn’t help but roll his eyes and go to sleep, everyone thought that this man was making a lot of money. 

It was only once everyone had gone to bed did JinYu look at his faithful and reliable partner with a forlorn expression. “Qing Qing ah~ I think I’m about to go bankrupt.” JinYu leaned his head on Qi Qinglin’s shoulder, pouting. “You don’t know, even though that old guy let me have the same authority a manager does, he made me raise a group of beasts! You need to know that all the beast except for Xiao Bao were carnivores! Do you know how much meat I gave them every day? And! The most most most most unreasonable thing was that old guy wanted me to raise a planet of beasts in the future! Fucking no morals! I’m going to buy them all and raise them.”

Hearing the bitter and angry tone in his partner’s voice, Qi Qinglin started to understand some of the pain in JinYu’s heart. However, when he heard those words, he remained composed.

“What you said was wrong.” Qi Qinglin stared into JinYu’s eyes then said very sincerely, “If you’re willing to sell yourself to me, you still have the strength and resources to raise an entire planet of beasts.” Right now he hoped that everyday could be as perfect as this day. However, the possibility of this situation was not as great as the sudden appearance of the earth. He didn’t believe that his partner couldn’t think of another way to support the beasts.

Once Qi Qinglin finished speaking, a certain whale came to his senses after pretending to act pitiful and angry. Of course, he still spoke to Qi Qinglin with a pained face, “Qing Qing! You’re so bad now! How can you say such scary things? Anyway, I’ve already thought it over, if the old fellow will let me help raise beasts, then I’ll just have this job~ So, how can this nanny buy milk powder for a baby from her own pocket?! It’s a matter of principle! So, as the saying goes, the wool comes from sheep: We should make good use of renewable resources of the planet. I believe that soon I’ll be the richest man in the capital!”

The more JinYu spoke the happier he became, his almond shaped eyes brimming with excitement. Qi Qinglin reached out to hug JinYu, saying in a low voice, “If you were me now, well, you could be the richest man in the world tomorrow.”

Consequently the Boss was kicked without a second thought.

“In reality, wasn’t it like this a long time ago? Isn’t the one day vacation on the planet tomorrow just for this purpose?” The boss that was just kicked down was trying to get a small payback by exposing a certain person’s objectives.

Consequently JinYu started coughing loudly: “Cough cough! What’s that? Who said I was thinking like that?! This boss just wants to see the surroundings and check if it’s suitable to raise beasts. By the way, we can also inspect the local specialities to see if they can be used as food for the beasts! It’s a noble act. You’re really quite unaware.”

Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but twitch his lips. He already felt early on that since he found a partner, he kept on making poor facial expressions. Although his subordinates thought that his smile was more popular, he felt more and more that he was not good at making facial expressions.

What caused Qi Boss’ deep thought was that right now he felt more and more that when he choose a partner, it was because he was a bit blind to mental weaknesses…… Of course, this kind of thinking could definitely not be known be a certain fellow, otherwise, even if he has the blood of the beast, his death would be very tragic.

“Hey~ What are you thinking about?” JinYu looked at the boss in a daze, he felt this was something quite frightening as now he placed more and more importance on his partner.

“I’m thinking about you.” Qi Qinglin observed JinYu’s doubts and concerns and felt an unspeakable sense of satisfaction. The lines on his face softened rapidly and the corners of his mouth rose. He reached out the caress a certain fish’s cheeks. “You have to dedicate yourself to finding the local specialities and raise more beasts. I’ll do the initial investment.” The stronger you are, the more reassured I’ll be.

Because the person in his arms moved his emotions too easily, he will pay more attention even if he is strong, he will only become more worried about his safety. He was very clear that such a person, once lost, will bring a huge blow to himself.

JinYu heard this in a huge daze. In the next moment, he laughed, “This is what you said yourself! If you go back on your word then go sleep on the first floor!”

Qi Qinglin couldn’t help but shake his head. He didn’t have to use his qilin form to sleep with the beasts on the floor. His partner was really good enough. “Don’t worry, that small amount of money I can still pay back…next month there’s a chamber of commerce meeting in the southern part of the Capital Star. Do you want to do some business regarding the beasts? If you go there you can definitely find the right supplier.”

“The southern part?” JinYu said quietly, then seemed to say with a new fury, “You still think I dare go to the Capital Star? Isn’t the southern part of the territory of the ten clans? A pure person like me, entering that place? Just tell me the truth already! I don’t believe you’re the kind of guy who’s willing to go out and be targeted!” And you haven’t even officially announced your identity yet, okay?

Hearing this Qi Qinglin began to laugh and held JinYu’s face in his hands. “How could I have an ulterior motive? I’m very noble.” After speaking, JinYu’s face twisted into a slight expression. “Next month that woman and her man will bring their son back there. Even more, she has an important deal and the benefits are quite good.”

Hearing this JinYu’s eyes immediately lit up. He looked at his boss and tsked, “You need to know a high return means a high risk~ Just don’t come back empty handed.”

Qi Qinglin dipped his head, then said very seriously, “Your mouth is too smart sometimes. Don’t curse others so casually, otherwise if you lose money you’ll need to sell yourself.”

In a flash Boss Jin became speechless. As a boss, don’t be so evil-minded and pretend like you’re so serious and upright, okay?! And just how many things dissatisfied you?! You mentioned selling my own boy three fucking times.

After a very quiet, very gentle, very….well, after a very good night, all six people in the cabin got up with a backache.

In reality, the night did pass by very peacefully and beautifully looking at those energetic beasts outside the house. However, the people in the house, perhaps due to a variety of reasons such as sleep posture, sleepwalking, selfishness, and so on, led them to almost being slapped or kicked by each other and meant that people slapped each other to sleep all night. This was intolerable to Jin Qian, after strongly denouncing the other people who weren’t sleeping well, he decided to not sleep in the sop from now on!

As for the other people, their thoughts were similar to Jin Qian’s. Before if you determined your spot you would have just been a victim. Unfortunately, those three people really did not sleep that well. Because there wasn’t a boss always recording this evidence so in the next few hours, Jin Qian and the four people kept arguing with each other. As for the reason why these four people sleep around the shop, there were actually six people with back pain.

Please use your own brain and imagination. Thank you for your cooperation. In addition, please don’t think too deeply to avoid causing negative reactions.

Because almost five of the beasts were carnivorous, even if JinYu found a planet with local specialities and mineral resources, it wouldn’t take a day to just make a decision. After all, even if they could live there, the beasts could not. He had to get food for the beasts as soon as possible so they could appreciate the planet carefully and find all kinds of natural treasures.

As long as there was lots of beautiful scenery waiting for them, JinYu and the others felt quite excited. Compared to Chengliang and Shan Bailu’s excitement, Jinyu’s emotions were already soaring.

Perhaps he could find traces of human existence or he could see plants he used to be familiar with that had changed countless of times on the Capital Star until the point they no longer existed.

“That, uh, even though it’s a bit of a spectacle to say this at this time, but boss are you sure we can travel all over the world in a day?”

Shan Bailu broke JinYu’s happy train of thoughts. Consequently, he felt the icy coldness aimed at him. It was like looking at some extinct animal’s powerful and destructive eyes. After being petrified, all he heard was a cool voice saying, “Third master ah, you’ve been with me for so long and that unscrupulous doctor as well, how about we get a meal together?”


“Who said it wasn’t~ Little brother, don’t worry about him anymore. As long as he exists, there will be some kind of tenderness.” Jin Qian looked at the petrified Shan Bailu and said, “When did JinYu say that we would take a day to circle the entire planet.”


“Don’t overdo the brain patching otherwise you’ll become even dumber.” Chengliang hurriedly added. “Are we going to take any means of transportation?”


The awkward silence lasted for quite some time.

WangWang and Da Bai slowly walked over. On WangWang’s head, a small dumpling looked at Chengliang quite pitifully, chewing on a mouthful of tender bamboo and wailed aloud. “Let me tell you, you’re even crueler than the third junior.”

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