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Chapter 74

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was a rather chaotic fighting scene. At the moment the whistle sounded, the beast flew in the direction of the human.

The explosive power and speed of the contract beast was absolutely not measured… Wen Jin looked at it and frowned, feeling something was wrong with the other beast’s aura. It seemed to confirm his conjecture that the beast had looked calm before, but immediately after the whistle, it jumped at the man named Cecil and with its sudden burst of strength, ferocity, speed and a shocked gasp came from the audience around the stage. Even a lot of the audience who had just been applauding suddenly shrank.

The beast’s voice was not very loud, but the stage seemed to have been possessed. A lot of radio devices were on and then the sound was pulled to everyone’s ears through the loudspeakers on the walls of the whole arena.

“God…” At the moment when the qi beast rushed up, someone couldn’t help exclaiming, “It’s too fast. Look at it! Cecil fell to the ground by him!”

“God! You can’t fall to the ground in a fight with the beast, Cecil. Get up, Cecil! ” Another person exclaimed.

Cecil seemed to be a little confused about such offense coming from the beast, but it is clear that this was the first time to experience such a thing in the arena. After being initially stunned, he quickly responded, stretched out his strong arm, pushed up, blocked the beast’s jaw, overturned the beast and stood up quickly.

“Ohhhh!!” At the moment Cecil stood up, a cheer broke out around the stage.

The beast, which he had thrown down on the ground, made a sob in its throat and stood up again.

It was also at this time that Wen Jin discovered that there were many wounds on the Qi beast, some of which had become scars and some of them should be new wounds. They were not good at all. It was very likely that they had not even been given medicine and there were many new wounds on the Qi beast.

Wen Jin frowned and a little suspicion flashed through his heart. How could ordinary beasts in such a state had have such a strong explosive force?

“Injected.” Dewitt saw at a glance what was wrong on the stage. He knew more about the wound than Wen Jin. His face was a little ugly at once and he quickly opened his screen. However, he pressed it several times and his eyebrows grew deeper and deeper.

“What’s wrong?” Wen Jin looked over.

“No signal.” Dewitt put the screen away and the feeling of inappropriateness grew stronger and stronger.

When he entered the corridor, he found that there was no ticket office, sent messages to his subordinates and finally got the invitation letter. That is to say, at that time, the place, even when he received the invitation letter, still had a signal.

So did the fighting ground cut off the signal at a special time, or was it directly isolated from the outside signal from the beginning? Either way, this was by no means a good omen and from the very beginning, there were no new people arriving. One bad feeling after another came to Dewitt’s mind and his eyes grew darker and darker.

“Should there be one outside?” Wen Jin also saw Dewitt when he sent the message.

Dewitt looked at him and his eyes seemed to struggle.

“Why do you look at me like that?” Wen Jin put his elbow on him somewhat unconventionally. “If something important happens, just go and remember to come back.”

Dewitt was apparently a little uneasy. He seemed to want Wen Jin to go with him, but on second thought, if he could not find the signal or even go out, he would probably need to do it by himself.

With a slight twinkle in the glare, Dewitt reached out and pulled Wen Jin in front of him, lifted his mask a little with one hand, then clasped Wen Jin’s back with the other hand. He pinched Wen Jin’s chin, lowered his head and kissed him gently on the corner of his lips.

After the first kiss, it seemed that it was not enough and he kissed him several more times.

That was already an excess number of times.

Wen Jin had such an idea in his mind since he was taken by Dewitt. However, when he noticed the deep concern in his eyes, he did not have the heart to remind him and let the other party kiss him repeatedly. And in these soft kisses, too much emotion was conveyed through the lips to the heart of Wen Jin. His eyes moved, even closed and he gently kissed Dewitt on the face, as if in response to the other party’s concerns.

Wen Jin’s kiss was so light, like a tentative butterfly, that he almost didn’t let Dewitt explode. 

However, the noise around him reminded him that he did not dare to linger more on Wen Jin. Dewitt loosened his grip on the other side, lightly put on his mask again and gave him a deep look with both eyes.

Wen Jin had not tasted this kind of feeling of being worried for a long time. His master always just hung out with him, saying that he was playing around and causing trouble. The last time he saw him go out alone, he would worry about it, as if his mother and elder brother were there.

“Go ahead.” Wen Jin waved his hand and in the afterglow of the stage, a pair of eyes twinkled with a slight smile, “Don’t worry about me, everyone here can’t take me even together.”

“Wait for me here.” Dewitt reached out, gently rubbed Wen Jin’s face through the mask, paused and then took the red stone from his neck and hung it on Wen Jin’s neck.

Wen Jin wrinkled his nose and wondered why Dewitt suddenly wanted to give it to him. He didn’t need it.

“I’ve worn this for a long time, with my name engraved on the back. If something happens after and someone is harassing you, show it to them, okay?”

Wen Jin tilted his head and looked at Dewitt’s slightly exposed face under his mask. Only he could see his face. He pointed his finger on the armrest of the chair and gently drew the corner of his lips where Dewitt could not see it.

Such care and the feeling of this affection were superfluous and fresh to him, like a warm current, as if it could make people taste it for a long time. After a moment’s pause, Wen Jin still bent his eyes and his voice was very quiet. “I know.”

It was not until Dewitt left his sight that Wen Jin retracted his eyes and quietly put a magic spell on him as he walked away. In this way, Wen Jin would know if the other party was in danger.

Although Dewitt seemed to want to go somewhere with a signal, maybe he would come back after he went out. The words ‘if something happens’ made Wen Jin realize that what the little tail wanted to do may not be just as simple as he thought, so that he could only be rest assured by placing such a magic.

His eyes fell back on the stage. By this time, Cecil had launched an offensive attack against the beast. One man and one beast were on the stage. The claws of the beast left a bloodstain on Cecil and Cecil’s fist fell on the soft abdomen of the beast.

The smell of blood became strong and under the mask, Wen Jin’s beautiful eyebrows rose slightly.

“What’s your relationship with that brother just now?” At this time, a crisp young male voice came into Wen Jin’s ear.

“Hmm?” Wen Jin turned his head.

“Are you in a relationship? He kissed you several times and I saw him do it.” The little boy sitting beside Wen Jin had a big face and wanted some gossip.

“You have a lot of questions.”

“No, isn’t it true?” The little boy seemed to have the potential of a future paparazzi.

Wen Jin frowned, stretched out a finger and pushed the little fellow away. “Are you here to watch the game? They just said it was the most wonderful one.”

The little boy laughed and said, “I was entrusted to come here. I’m not interested in this competition. It’s not my business to be brilliant. You can say quickly, is it a lover relationship?”

Wen Jin leaned on the chair, his eyes were in a moment of trance, neither saying yes nor saying no.

Meanwhile, Cecil pressed the beast heavily on the floor.

Once again, there was a sea of cheers from the auditorium.

“Beautiful job! That’s it!”

“Cecil! Kill it, kill it! You are the King of Fighting tonight!”

“Kill him, kill him Cecil! Let that old fellow see God–“

The little boy’s insistent voice of saying something was overwhelmed by these cries and the warmth of his eyes gradually condensed and fell on the beast.

It was not in the right state. That guy named Cecil’s fist was absolutely not covered. The heavy fist was smashed down and down toward the abdomen. New injuries and old injuries combined together. The body of this beast should not be able to carry it long ago. But this guy looked like he couldn’t feel pain. The fist that hit him and the wound that stung, the other side did not feel them at all.

Wen Jin’s eyebrows wrinkled deeply at the thought of what Dewitt had said before.

Was this the effect of being injected with a drug? Could beasts completely forget the pain?

Watching the scuffling scenes on the stage and the cheering audience, Wen Jin had a kind of implicit premonition. He felt this was not the end. Although Cecil’s hand had reached the neck of the beast, as Dewitt said, the “civilized fight” would not stop until one of them died and it was clear that Cecil thought the same way.


As Wen Jin had expected.

Just as Cecil’s hand had pinched the beast’s neck and gradually there was a tendency to strangle it to death and according to such efforts, the beast that had already suffered a lot of injuries would die within three seconds at most.

Meanwhile, Wen Jin was keen to catch a short, sharp whistle coming from somewhere.

Then, as if the beast had been inspired by something, there was a sudden whine in his throat. Almost in the next second, the beast’s hind paws suddenly got lucky and came from nowhere. He kicked Cecil’s abdomen fiercely. At the moment when Cecil was distracted by pain, one claw grabbed his arm and three deep, bleeding scars appeared instantly.

The beast raised its head and its eyes were bloodshot and maniacal to kill Cecil. Then it opened its mouth, twitched its jaw and bit Cecil’s shoulder hard.

With the stage radio, almost everyone could hear the sharp teeth piercing the flesh and blood near their ears.


“My God!”

“Cecil didn’t strangle him, my God -“

“No, the beast is about to rise! It, it woke up!”

“Next to the shoulder is the neck. It must want to bite the neck. It must! But once it has bitten his neck, Cecil is dead! Cecil! Cecil!”

The next second that the cry passed from Wen Jin’s ear, the little boy next to him suddenly screamed as if he had found something. The scream could be said to have gone up into the clouds and Wen Jin’s whole fox was startled by him! His eardrums seemed to have been pierced in minutes.

Imagine, when the whole arena is in that excitement, people knew that their most anticipated climax was approaching. Everyone was shouting one after another. When one voice was over, the boy’s voice directly pierced the voices of the people in the arena and became the only voice. “Bo. Get the first prize!”

Even Cecil on the stage and the loose-mouthed beast ready to bite Cecil’s throat seemed to have a moment’s sluggishness. And just as the boy screamed, everyone looked at Wen Jin and was amazed that a child had come into such a place, the lights of the whole hall suddenly went dark.

Wen Jin’s eyes moved. In the next second, the human pupils disappeared. Instead, the fox’s eyes quickly adapted to the sudden change of light. Wen Jin saw that the contract beast on the stage was tightly held by someone.

The manpower was infinite and he threw Cecil aside from the mad beast. And just after Cecil’s body hit something on the stage and made a muffled noise, the audience seemed to wake up from a dream.

“What’s the matter?”

“The come the lights went out? God, did you hear it? Did you hear that?”

“Yes, that’s the voice of the contract beast. Is it the contract beast still on the stage? It was fighting Cecil just now. The light was dark. Did the staff stop it?”

“It just looked so crazy that Cecilymust have been bitten to death by it. Will it come and bite us, this damn arena–“

“That’s your job?” Under all kinds of flurried and impatient voices, it was Wen Jin’s voice that asked the little boy next to him. The calmness in his voice was out of step with the surroundings.

“Yes.” The little boy laughed and said that the light was too dark at the moment. If it was on, he might still see his chest raised.

Wen Jin’s face remained unchanged. “You’d better go out soon.”

“Huh?” The little boy did not think back. “No, the man paid me a lot of money to shout. I want to stay and see what he really wants to do.”

The crowds crowded together, the shouts of the staff in the arena and the curses that wanted to light up with a light screen, but suddenly found no signal, came into Wen Jin’s ears. He listened to the little boy talking and his body was still sitting motionless. In the darkness, something was moving in their direction.

It was not over yet.

Just as the panic-stricken audience opened the first light source and illuminated the whole arena, there was a burst of breathing back from the auditorium.

“… This is the beast…?

“Why, how can there be so many…”

“Their eyes are shining…”

“Are they going to bite us to death?”

The sound of the beast’s teeth plunging into Cecil’s shoulder just now seemed to be restarting in this arena. Everyone’s heart was filled with fear and they began to retreat and unconsciously fleeing everywhere. However, the doors around them were locked.

When the first woman’s scream came out in the arena, the whole arena was again swept by the scream.

Wen Jin’s finger touched his knee.

The little boy couldn’t help leaning back on his seat. He also saw the scene in the arena when the lights flashed out.

“Now you’re scared? Won’t run with them yet?” In such a situation, Wen Jin’s voice really seemed out of place.

The little boy took hold of the armrest of his seat and said, “What’s the use of running? Just when I came in, I saw the people here locked the door and the normal passage could not get out at all.”

The people here locked the doors? Wen Jin felt a little more solid when he thought of Dewitt, who had gone out before and felt that Dewitt was actually outside.

He raised his eyebrows and continued to ask, “Then how did you get in?”

“I came in from a secret passage, but to go there, I had to go through the stage.” The little boy’s voice was like crying out, “Oh my God, I want to go back, I have to go back…”

“Then sit down.” Wen Jin leaned on the chair and felt people pouring out from front to back. “Just a moment.”

The little boy looked at Wen Jin in a daze.

At that moment, someone tried to take a shortcut by Wen Jin. The man was almost mad and wanted to rush out. Wen Jin’s legs remained motionless and had no intention of giving way to him at all. The man was so anxious that he immediately reached out to hit Wen Jin and shouted, “What is it? Is there an idiot sitting there? Do you want to drag others to death with you?”

However, the next second, his hand was twisted into an arc by Wen Jin in an extremely painful way, making a cacking noise. Then, Wen Jin’s leg was lifted and the man was kicked and turned directly into the seat in the row below.

From the first scream, the second, the third and many more began to rise and fall. In the darkness, the contract beasts pounced on the crowd one after another. The scene was terrible. Anyone who looked at it would have nightmares for his whole life.

Several of them even began to cross the crowd and rush around Wen Jin, who was sitting in the back row.

When the first Qi beast came to Wen Jin’s side, the little boy in the dark held his breath and grabbed Wen Jin’s sleeve. The Qi beast’s breath was in his ear. He was shivering with fear, as if he wanted to drill into Wen Jin’s arms.

Surprisingly, however, the beasts did nothing. They just stood there alone and their irascible breathing stopped. Until Wen Jin reached out and touched their heads with a little pity.

Several wounds on the beast’s face disappeared in an instant and he went nowhere with the rest of them, lying obediently at Wen Jin’s feet. Their bodies were full of wounds, even a few minutes ago, their faces were full of violence, but at this moment it seemed that he had found a piece that could make them very peaceful. He was like a general.

“Eh-” the little boy let out a cry of surprise.

Darkness and chaotic light mingled together and no one knew who was the first to find Wen Jin’s beast lying at his feet. Then, with trembling feet the man almost rolled over to Wen Jin.

He squinted past the masked man who was the first one to ask if anyone was next to him today.

“You, you -” The man was out of breath, all over his body was torn by the contract beast and there were even hidden blood stains in several places. He carefully looked at the contract beasts lying on the ground, almost climbed to Wen Jin’s side in the audience chair. “You save me, you save me, I don’t want to be bitten to death…” He had just finished this sentence and with a whistle, the lights of the arena were turned on again.

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