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Chapter 77

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Two hours later, the Uttar Prince arrived first and was personally received by Melson, who was in a very good state of mind. Throughout the process, the Prime Minister’s mood seemed very good, just as it was rumored that he had talked directly with Marshal at the meeting before.

The Uttar Prince, who was the first to arrive, swept Melson’s face up and down with his bright red eyes, which symbolized his dignity. He laughed and said, “Hard work, Mr. Melson.”

When he said this, Cassey’s eyebrows were shaking when he was standing near Melson. Fortunately, he was asked to wear a wig. The long bangs blocked his eyebrows. Otherwise, his facial expression at this moment would be quite noticeable.

On this point, Cassey firmly refused to admit that he was not good enough to be a bodyguard. He had seen many other country or region leaders with the Marshal before. Although this was the first time that he had followed Melson on such an occasion, Cassey had always thought it would be similar to the past. It never occurred to him that this experience would open the door of his new world directly.

The door of this new world was that he was a bodyguard whose sense of existence had been reduced to the extreme and he had been asked to be changed with makeup!

Painted eyebrows and face, blush and eyeshadow were all fake. In short, Cassey stood in front of the mirror and felt that he could not recognize this ghost. He couldn’t even see his own pores on his face! What kind of man was he?

The most abhorrent thing was that before he came, the wicked makeup artist smiled and asked him not to scratch his face, scratch his itch or rub his eyes. Anything related to his face was strictly forbidden.

For the first time, Cassey was uncomfortable. In order to maintain his superb quality as a bodyguard, he cherished the rare non-civilian work and forced himself to shift his eyes. Only then did he find that the prince in front of him seemed to be a little familiar.

I think I’ve seen him somewhere. Just as Cassey thought this, Melson gave the Uttar Prince a standard official smile. “Your Highness is kind.”

“A new arrival?” the Uttar Prince looked at the men in normal clothes behind him. They declared that they were only secretaries and were friendly. He sneered at them and thought that Assyrians were always cautious. Even the most obscure secretaries of such politicians could not relax their vigilance.

After that, the Prince took back his eyes and looked at Melson again to make up for the sentence he had just said, “DId we do something wrong? Something that doesn’t conform to your country’s etiquette? Please give me more advice, Mr. Melson.”

The polite words, scene words only.

But Melson squinted and smiled at the prince. “It’s a little bit off.”

He was not serious at all and his half-joking tone was particularly easy to make people feel that he would throw out a little humor to the hot spot later. That was what the Uttar Prince thought, so he looked at Melson with a good-looking, well-mannered expression, waiting for the rest of the story.

“In my country, most people don’t call me by name.” Melson said with a laugh. Before the Uttar Prince could speak, Melson added, “Melson is my name. It’s too intimate to call me directly.”

When Melson spoke of the last five words, he smiled, only slightly crooked his lips and the long ending made the remark meaningful.

Cassey stood beside him, listening to the long ending, shivering all over, unable to resist it and put a hand over his face.


The Uttar Prince and his envoys arrived in batches and, with the timing, everyone didn’t know who thought about it. Anyway, when Fitt learned about it, he wanted to scold his mother.

As an Earl, Fitt was born in the most prominent family in Assyria. He had no worries about food and clothes. He went abroad with three Imperial Prime Ministers. His brother was also the contemporary leader of the Assyrian House. His life was very happy when he was young. Recently, however, Fitt got news that was almost bad news for him.

He was going to meet the captain of the forthcoming Uttar Guard.

How bad was the news? Anyway, beside Fitt, Melson’s assistant, until they were only twenty-five steps away from the guard captain, could hear Fitt swearing.

“Young Master.” The assistant shook his eyebrows. “The Uttar have no worse hearing than the Assyrians.”

“I don’t care.” Fitt was upset. “How long are their ears? It has to be better than our hearing. Let’s go to the top and cut it all off.”

The assistant felt a little pain in both ears.

“Gee.” Fitt’s face was a little irritable and he didn’t look as good as Melson. He had a bad temper. After a few steps, however, Fitt suddenly whispered, “Do you think he’s a little familiar?”

He was referring to the captain of the guard who was only ten steps away from him. The assistant would like to remind Fitt that the distance between the two people was really not far, but he knew that if he did not respond to this topic, Fitt may be able to ask him this question thousands of times, standing in front of others.

This personality, which totally disregarded diplomatic qualities, hardly made him understand why Fitt was allowed to do this and why they didn’t change him with anyone else from the House of Representatives.

The assistant thought this and whispered in a very helpless voice, “I met the Prime Minister in a video conference before.”

“I’m not talking about that.” Fitt frowned. “I mean recently online… Should it be online or in a nightclub? Anyway, I seem to have seen this face. It’s strange and familiar.”

Assistant: …

This Uttar Guard commander was second only to the captain of the Uttar Royal Guard and… Assyria’s nightclubs, do you really think they would be found in such a place?

Seeing the guard captain was getting closer and closer, the assistant was in good shape. “Young Master, if you do well this time, he will buy the latest B-1 suspension car you wanted…”

“Really?” Fitt’s face was straight and full of excitement.

The assistant looked at Fitt, who was at last serious and was silently relieved. However, before he could finish his breath, he heard Fitt suddenly ask a question. “Say, are they really new to Assyria?” Fitt looked at the captain of the guard and suddenly said something.

“… Ah?” The assistant was stunned.

Fitt picked up his eyebrows. “I really think they’ve been in Assyria before.”

The assistant, for the first time, saw Fitt be earnest and remembered that he had been educated by the elite since childhood. He had a younger brother of the same father and mother, so he couldn’t help but say, “How do you know that?” Someone like Fitt, maybe there was something really smart about this fool…

“Beast’s intuition.” Fitt picked his chin.



Meanwhile, two people were sitting side by side in a tea restaurant on the second floor of the capital’s largest shuttle airport.

“The mouth is suspected of straightening up.” Wen Jin looked at Dewitt sitting opposite him and suddenly thought of the words he had recently learned on the Internet.

“What?” Dewitt stared at Fitt outside the window for a moment.

“Doesn’t it matter what you’re doing here?” Wen Jin yawned and slanted his eyes at him in disgust. “How long have you not slept? You still have time to worry about it.”

“Are you sleepy?” Dewitt patted Wen Jin’s hand.

“It’s not sleepy. It’s too warm.” And just after eating something, Wen Jin moved his neck and looked downstairs. “Are they going to leave?” He and Dewitt have been sitting here for a long time, starting when Melson arrived.

“Yes.” Dewitt responded, “Do you think these two people are familiar with each other?”

“It smells familiar.” Wen Jin said, moving his nose. “I can’t recognize their faces.”

“Because the looks have changed,” said Dewitt, leaning back in his chair, in a faint voice.

Wen Jin looked at him curiously. “Can you see the change in appearance?” After that, if he wanted wasn’t it easy to be recognized?

Dewitt seemed to have something to say before he finished. He was held back by Wen Jin’s unexpected remark. He gazed at the past and saw through Wen Jin’s worries all of a sudden.

Thinking about how a little fox can turn into a man and a fox. There were all kinds of space tools beside him. One day, it seemed that it was not unusual for the little fox to change his face.


Thinking of the way the little fellow blushed easily when he flicked his lower part two times and refused to admit if it was alive or dead, Dewitt looked on with a slight smile. “If you want to change, I can recognize it.”

“Really?” Wen Jin’s eyes were a little eager to try.

“Really.” Dewitt laughed.

Wen Jin looked at Dewitt with a smile. He thought over several bad ideas. Finally, he leaned back in his chair and opened the terminal. He decided to play online.

The last time he read the news on the Internet was more than two hours ago, when the Interstellar Network was still discussing the contract beasts, but now, when Wen Jin went up again, he found that it was totally discussing the Uttar man’s visit.

“Huh?” Wen Jin watched the online scream at the Uttar people and scolded today’s House of Representatives for agreeing to form an alliance with the Uttar people. They had just released the news. However, the contract beast he had seen before had no shadow at all. He could not help but show a little suspicion on his face. “How did it turn out like this?”

“Hmm?” Dewitt looked at him. “What?”

“That’s not what I discussed earlier.” Wen Jin asked with some curiosity. He also wanted to see what happened in the debate. What was the result? Or did the authorities respond? Why did it suddenly become so?

“What about the beast?” Dewitt glanced a little and then he understood what Wen Jin was saying, “Somebody’s suppressing the wind.”

“… Can this all be suppressed?” Wen Jin thought it was amazing that people’s mouths were free. How could they get to this place where discussion or no discussion could be controlled? “Who pressured it? You? The House of Representatives?”

Dewitt shook his head. “Neither. It’s the man who made the noise before.”

He didn’t want to let it go so pressed it himself?

Wen Jin felt that this kind of behavior was too nervous, but he thought about what Dewitt had just said to him before and looked at the curse on the Internet now and suddenly thought of one thing. This was what Dewitt told him and he believed in Dewitt, but even so, he felt that this behavior is very nervous, then ordinary people if after scolding this matter, suddenly remembered about the contract beasts.

So what did they think?

Wen Jin frowned and continued to look at the comments on the Internet. He found that a large part of them were abusing Melson. Even some of Fitt’s bad deeds had been turned up and hung up. One after another, all kinds of comments about the end of Assyria came out. Since then, there had been rumors of Dewitt and Melson arguing over the matter and even lists the doubts that Dewitt was not participating in any meetings since he returned and that he had never been able to see them.

In that comment, several netizens called on Dewitt to stand up and be fair.

“Did you really quarrel?” Wen Jin frowned. “I just saw Cassey next to Melson.” Dewitt himself had said no noise before, but also directly to Wen Jin, but after reading a comment on the Internet, Wen Jin could not resist asking for a second time. He really saw Cassey and although his face became a little motherly, his smell remained unchanged.

“No.” Dewitt shook his head.

“Another message from someone else?” Wen Jin suddenly felt that the world seemed more complicated than he had imagined. When the news came out, he was so close to Dewitt that he could hardly tell the truth from the lie. “You’re too strange, how can anyone control everything? Can’t we find a way out?”

“It’s not anybody else, it’s Melson,” Dewitt touched Wen Jin’s head and smiled at him.

Wen Jin still looked very confused, thinking that now the whole Star Net was scolding Melson and Fitt. Why should he give out such false news himself at such a time? Was it hard not to like being scolded?

“The wind will soon change. Don’t worry, why haven’t I slept for so long?” Dewitt seemed to have seen through Wen Jin’s thoughts, reached out and pinched his finger. “If you want to see, just look more.”

When Dewitt pinched Wen Jin’s finger, the action was clear and light, but Wen Jin always felt itchy, so he subconsciously tried to pull his hand back, but he pulled half of it, Dewitt caught it. Wen Jin’s fingers struggled for a moment with his dark blue eyes. Finally, when he saw Dewitt passing a group of strangers behind him, he forced his hands back.

Dewitt watched Wen Jin pull back his hand and paused. Rarely did he continue to reach for Wen Jin. Instead, he sighed softly. “Sit down first, I’ll go out for a while.”

Wen Jin was stunned and his expression was dull. Every time Dewitt met him outside, he would refuse and every time he refused, Dewitt would continue to move forward, so that it was almost a habit for Wen Jin to deal with this back and forth.

It was the first time he had seen Dewitt walk away.

Wen Jin remembered clearly that when he was in the office before, Dewitt was still in a good mood. He laughed at himself and the feelings in his eyes could make him soak in a warm spring, so he would only be able to… Remembering his nod, Wen Jin’s face warmed up, but his face stiffened again at the thought of Dewitt’s reaction.

Think about it, Wen Jin finally reached out, opened the screen and found the forum where he had posted before.

On that occasion, he said that his pet always loves not to wear clothes, had received many replies and had attracted many permanent netizens. So now, he was a little familiar with the ID’s in the forum, coupled with Wen Jin becoming a veteran Internet addict fox, doing nothing but also liked to gossip in other people’s posts and occasionally reply. In the meantime, a lot of young ladies and sisters with good feelings had been brought up. Sometimes some people come to recognize their relatives in the comments.

Wen Jin felt that the suggestions given by these people were all pertinent and spoke in a mild tone, so he wrote down the questions he had just flashed in his mind without thinking about them.

[My pet always likes to touch me outside. Do I let him touch even if he’s angry?]

At this time, it is about noon, the number of people brushing through the forum was not small, not long after, Wen Jin was buried under the emergence of a row of replies.

[Has L come again, the last pet without clothes?]

[Was it the last pet that didn’t wear clothes + 1333? Before that, I thought L really wanted to ask questions. Now look at it. It’s really meant to scatter dog food.]

[Ha-ha-ha mispronounced L has come again, pets like owners of course can not help but want to touch, if l also like their pets, interaction will be better, hey-hey.]

Interaction? How to interact? Wen Jin looked at the comment and flashed such a question in his mind. He asked and soon after it was sent out, he received a reply from the other party.

[Did your pet rub you back? Did he tell you he liked you?]

Wen Jin’s face was hot and he wanted to say it several times. However, the finger hesitated for a long time on the screen and was not ashamed to type out this sentence, so silently returned an ellipsis sign.

I don’t know if this ellipsis sign is particularly magical. It meant that he clearly wanted to avoid the topic, but it was guessed by the other party.

[Hahaha seems to have said that. A pets reaction is also very interesting. I wish him and his pet have more and more good feelings. Incidentally, back to the title: pets always interact unilaterally, l do not give a response, it should not be angry, it is sad.]

Wen Jin saw the comment and gave it a like.

It was then that Dewitt, who had returned from the bathroom, came to Wen Jin and said, “Do you want to eat any more?”

Wen Jin, who quickly turned off the pink interface, looked at him uncomfortably and shook his head.

Dewitt saw at a glance Wen Jin’s face and the familiar interface of the forum. For such a long time, the little fellow would want to avoid him when he visited that forum. He could not help feeling helpless and unconsciously wanted to reach out his hand to touch each other’s forehead.

He had never been a person who liked to have too much intimate contact with anyone before. However, when he met Wen Jin, his instinct of keeping distance with people was broken and jumbled, just like a patient with terminal skin hunger and thirst. He wished he could touch Wen Jin every day.

However, thinking of Wen Jin’s recent resistance to his outside touches, Dewitt did not know what he was thinking and silently retracted the action.

“Let’s go.” Dewitt retracted his hand which hung down quite naturally and picked up the clothes on the back of the chair.

However, the other side noticed that Wen Jin, who reached out and closed his hand again, had a dull look and was not accustomed to Dewitt’s present state. “Ah?”

“You still want to eat?” Hearing Wen Jin’s hesitant response, Dewitt turned to ask, “What would you like to eat?”

He didn’t want to eat. He had eaten so much. He was not a pig. Wen Jin frowned and swallowed the sentence. He touched the tip of his nose somewhat depressed. “Let’s go.”


On the way home, Dewitt sat in the front row of the suspension car, while Wen Jin deliberately sat in the back in order to express his depression.

Wen Jin knew that the suspension car did not need to be operated manually, so he thought that Dewitt would sit in the back row like in the past, but Dewitt just tilted his head from the front row and without looking up to Wen Jin’s vague expectation, silently started the suspension car.

It was not until the suspension car started that Wen Jin regained consciousness. At the moment, he felt a little nervous. He stayed with Dewitt and the latter always took the initiative. This was the first time that the other side stopped in place.

Wen Jin uncomfortably pinched the hem of his clothes with one hand. The whole fox looked like an eggplant beaten by frost. After a long time, he quietly looked up in Dewitt’s direction.

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Poor Cassey, thick make-up really can be annoying. Fitt has almost guesed it right but then was off mark again – not a night-club but gourmet street. Oh well.

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