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Chapter 84

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

On the same day, the car did not drive back to Dewitt’s single apartment, but in the opposite direction.

After the long drive, the suspension car went directly into a room on the second floor of the manor without a pause under the shocked eyes of the housekeeper and the maid. For more than a dozen hours, Dewitt did not come out of the room.

The old butler of the Bertram family stared at the room for a long time. If he hadn’t been convinced that it was his young master’s suspension car and that there was no problem, he might have rushed up to check it directly. He had tried to ask many people and finally got the confirmation from Professor Lin.

When did the master not step out of his room after more than ten hours? And at this critical moment?

Worried about the differences between an older man and a young man, the old housekeeper went upstairs from time to time to have a look. But the sound insulation effect of the room was excellent. He couldn’t hear any sounds from inside, and he couldn’t judge the situation ultimately. He knew the nature of the younger master in his heart. His heart had been tangled for a long time, and finally, he was going through a rebellion.

In this way, the old housekeeper spent more than ten hours in agony and ran up and down more than ten times. Finally, it was not easy to receive the news from the young master.

It was a good-bye letter, and then…a long list of recipes?

This… was there a guest?

The old housekeeper’s suspended heart was finally put down, thinking that the young master had not returned for many years, so he rushed to have everyone prepare happily for his return.


Wen Jin’s memory was similar to that of the old housekeeper. He still has some tradition in his mind. He always felt that it was a bit strange to do it in a car. So when he was in the car, he wanted to wait until he got home to reach third base, then he and Dewitt could make a fancy escape.

The more he fled, the more desire he had to force Dewitt to buy a big car. Dewitt suddenly realized the benefits of a small space, and his willingness to buy a bigger vehicle reduced to the lowest point.

In Wen Jin’s impression, Dewitt’s single apartment was not far from the military headquarters, but it took a long time to arrive on this day. At that time, Wen Jin’s confused mind already felt a little strange.

And then, he was almost bare as he was carried out of the suspension car by Dewitt. Wen Jin struggled slightly.

The garage of a single apartment was a certain distance from the apartment, and neighbors could surround them. Wen Jin was afraid of being seen.

Nevertheless, Dewitt had no intention of dressing Wen Jin again. He didn’t wear any of his own clothes, so he smoothly took the person out of the car.

Wen Jin panicked and grabbed his clothes to cover his face. As a result, the look made Dewitt laugh. He let Wen Jin grab it, then opened the door and put the man on the big bed.

Wen Jin was confused at that time. He didn’t understand how the distance from getting out of the car to going to bed could be so close. But his body and brain were hot. Under such a fever, he collapsed in bed like a dead fox.

Then it was Dewitt who laughed and kissed him gently until Wen Jin fell back into the tenderness Dewitt gave him, and everything finally came to pass.


Wen Jin felt that he had slept for a long time. It was a long time. If he used the analogy of how he used to feel sleeping in Honghuang, he felt that he had slept for at least a hundred years.

Because his sleep was too comfortable and too heavy.

Warm currents flowed through his body one after another, a feeling he had never experienced before. Thermostats, fevers, and this feeling were superfluous as his entire body was wrapped in a gentle sea of warm-hearted fire.

Wen Jin slept for a long time, and when he dimly opened his eyes, waking up from the feeling of a century dream, and saw Dewitt’s chin, he bent his eyes.

At that moment, there was a sense of being old.

“Awake?” Dewitt hugged Wen Jin, who tried to leave the bed abruptly. He took the man into his arms and whispered into his fox ear, grinding his lower body against the other. 

“Mn.” Wen Jin rubbed himself in Dewitt’s arms, feeling that the whole fox was writing contentment from inside to outside, and even the fox ears trembled.

Last night, Dewitt had seen the shaking of Wen Jin’s fox ears, and now he saw that the little fellow was shy and gave a low laugh. Wen Jin was stunned at first, and then he suddenly remembered how he was coaxed by his small tail to change his ears and tail. Two small pointed ears suddenly turned red and disappeared quickly from his head.

Dewitt lowered his head and bit the tip of Wen Jin’s ear.

Wen Jin patted him on the face, felt a burst of emptiness in his abdomen, and then grumbled, “I’m hungry.”

This wasn’t strange to Dewitt. He had wanted to stop several times last night, but this guy still forced him to go on several times. He had eaten barely anything, which would make his abdomen empty.

“Are you not hungry?” Rubbing his flat stomach, Wen Jin pushed away Dewitt’s hand and then asked with some curiosity.

“Not hungry.” Dewitt laughed at Wen Jin. “I’ve had my fill.”

That laugh was too meaningful; what did it mean? Wen Jin didn’t stop to think about it at the moment, and instead, he kicked the blankets off with one foot.

Under the quilt, Dewitt gently dragged his feet toward him, then gently pinched his fingers and kissed Wen Jin again, as if he had not kissed enough.

“Do you feel bad?” Wen Jin covered his flat stomach and thought about it, but decided to ask Dewitt first, “For example, do you feel especially empty or afraid of the cold?”

Wen Jin asked this since he had little experience in this field, so he copied his situation.

“No.” Dewitt’s eyes never left his face. He took Wen Jin’s hand and placed it on his lower abdomen, “It’s very comfortable here.”

“Energy core?” Wen Jin paused. “How comfortable?”

Dewitt thought, “It’s the feeling you gave me when I was moving with you.” It helped him to calm the heat and dryness in his body, and everything in Dewitt churned with the cool that Wen Jin had given him.

Especially at the highest point of their night, Dewitt even felt something glowing in his body.

“… No pain?” Wen Jin paused and asked incredulously.

“No.” Dewitt shook his head.

After Wen Jin was stunned, he bit the muscles on Dewitt’s shoulder and warned worriedly, “Say it when you feel bad.”

Dewitt hugged him and smiled, “Uh-huh.”


The two people lingered in bed for a long time, Wen Jin chatted and forgot about his empty stomach directly, and sat down with Dewitt to accompany him to read documents.

It wasn’t until the fox’s belly was completely impatient and gurgled to express its protest that Wen Jin got up from Dewitt and suddenly remembered something.

“Where is this?” Wen Jin asked as he looked around. He asked this question last night, but Dewitt answered… When Wen Jin asked this question again, he was vigilant to stay away from Dewitt.

Although it was comfortable to have sex, Wen Jin felt he could not mess around for the time being until he was sure whether there were any side effects.

“My home.” Dewitt saw Wen Jin’s movements, and a little smile came into his eyes.

Yesterday’s clothes were worn out. Dewitt pulled some of his clothes directly from his wardrobe and gave them to Wen Jin.

“Home?” Wen Jing was stunned, thinking that if the previous single apartment was not home, how come there was another one?

On second thought, Wen Jin remembered that Mary had told him that day where Dewitt had a house. Wen Jin squinted again.

There was a house, that meant, this was also home; he knew only of that single apartment…

“Who’s in your family?” Wen Jin took a look at him. The decoration style of the room was similar to that of the single apartment. Dewitt’s bedroom was much bigger, and the house should be larger than that single apartment.

The home that he had known before was being compared with another house of Dewitt’s, and Wen Jin smelled a slight scent of danger.

Dewitt put on his clothes and helped the little fox to fasten the buttons. Then he clicked his lips, “My mother.”

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November 28, 2019 5:03 pm

I had a hunch…. that we need to rely on our imagination…. so i guess we need to move on…. i hope Dewitt’s mom is not as snarky? as before though i understand it’s because she cares for Dewitt


November 28, 2019 10:01 pm

So now we know how the author is going to resolve the smut issue – skip it with some suggestive writing. Ooookayyy… it’s still good so I won’t complain. Next we are moving from first-time-lovers (dual cultivators) to meeting the parent? Hopefully Dewitt’s mother will be in a better mood than before. Will it be a typical mother-in-law/daughter-in-law conflict or will his mother be more understanding?

Thank you for the chapter!!

November 29, 2019 12:47 am

Dewitt’s mother going appease a.k.a. bribe Wen Jin with food or only give out small portions of food to him when his stomach says it needs more! kekekeke!~ >:3

December 18, 2019 3:50 am

So…. Who’s the bottom again?

March 14, 2023 10:51 pm

Oh, that woman. Let’s hope that she was cold because she was worried that he would recover completely and then run back to the frontline to die. If she’s actually as bad as she appeared when she showed up the first time then there’s no guarantee that the little fox won’t turn her into an ice cube.

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