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Chapter 104: A Month

Translated by alice of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

A month was both too long and too short.

At least thirty days were needed to let the wounded beasts on the earth recover. Afterwards they would have enough energy to explore their new homes and live and work in peace.

Thirty days time was enough to allow Boss Jin to find beasts that would be able to adapt to the planet through the rich Longs and his own beasts. These beasts would then settle down and play with the beasts already on the planet, establishing a new kind of ecological balance.

Of course, this kind of reality was only going to be a small part of the new planets. In order to avoid the disaster of extreme reproduction, JinYu and a certain fellow decided that besides establishing certain fixed locations, the other big plots of land would be closed off. After all, the beasts can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry so they must come one by one.

Besides this, Long Changxiao also spent a month exploring the deserts for mineral ore. According to what Golden Rat was able to gather from eavesdropping, it appeared that the Long Clan’s head surveyor was also in the deserts of this planet and found mineral ore. He almost exploded from excitement… … After this reaction he grabbed onto Long Changxiao as if it were a matter of life or death, telling him urgently, “Young master! Young master! Whose territory is this? Whose is it?! Does their family have any women?! We need to guarantee our mining rights by establishing familial relationships!!”

According to Master Rat, Young Master Long’s face carrier an unexpected hint of regret. All of his followers greatly sympathized with him at that moment. 

In any case, during the expectation a certain fellow unexpectedly did strange things in their sleep, almost burying themselves in the deserts in their sleep……

Hehe, the culprit still hasn’t been found, however, the beasts’ behavior showed that they knew something about it.

When there were only three days before the Southern Trade Conference, an unexpected visitor came to Beast Store #138.

Did people on the Capital Star know that Anjie was a mysterious and secretive place? In other words, even if someone isn’t easy to rile up doesn’t mean they should be. Also, as long as someone living in Anjie didn’t just move in, they would know that they should never rile those people in #138. Don’t look at the enormous, well-kept beasts that were often eating or basking in the sun, acting all cute. However, the residents of Anjie came out, no matter if they were weak or old or strong, had a purpose and task to finish.

Without exception, if you crossed the boundaries with the beasts you would provoke the boss. You would then experience all kinds of death, from being struck by lightning and getting split in half to all other extremely tragic deaths. However, actually being able to die would be a relief; the issue is that even after suffering through all this inhumane treatment, you still wouldn’t die…..

So, even though Beast Store #138 was cursed to hell by people, it appeared to be Anjie’s most restricted area. It was as dangerous as the territories of the bigshots in Anjie. It was definitely a place normal people wouldn’t pick a fight in.

Pah, there’s always some weirdos. This is the reality of evolution.

“Qi Qinglin!! You fucking sneaky bastard!! You better come out right now!! I know where you’re hiding!! If you don’t come out right now, I’ll make your Tiger King (虎王) exterminate this damn place!!”

To an outsider this sounded like an extremely infuriated voice coming from #138. Along with this angry shouting, there was also the deafening roar of a tiger……So early in the morning, it was quite disturbing.

The bigshots living nearby in 139, 140, and 137 were all awoken by this noise. They looked at their own beds, this shout really made them grind their teeth in anger, this fucker! If you disturb someone’s sweet dreams you deserve to die! The big shots were going to find someone to exchange territories with. This fucking neighbor in 138 was so irritaiting!

“Let me look. Sometimes those without eyes just stir up trouble, or maybe the unlucky ones were first to stir up trouble?!” Even though their irritating neighbor came back, the beasts were already quite peaceful– this was because they had a boss who liked to sleep in and got quite mad whenever someone woke him up.

Hearing this, the big shot’s underlings immediately ran to #138 and stood in front of the store. Those standing in front of the store saw that the other big shot’s underlings were also there. Both sides sighed. One side brought milk and the other brought bread. In this way breakfast was settled.

“Ai yah! Where did this dumbass come from? Unexpectedly shouting at Boss Jin’s villa? Do you want to die?”

“Tsk tsk! This dumbass really has guts! He came here to insult Big Boss Qi? I saw it with my own eyes, a single person flying on five A ranked beasts!! That kind of strength must put the person at the top five in the Capital Star! That guy really must not want to live.”

The two underlings squatting here sighed. The thought about what kind of methods big boss Qi used to get the idiot to leave. Suddenly, they saw that there was a young man with a sinister look in front of the gate. He pulled a laser gun from his chest and was going to shoot all the servitude beasts milling about as well as the weak and the old. This scared them into choking. 

Fuck! Even if you’re getting beaten up don’t drag us into it!! These beasts are all Boss Jin’s treasures. If one of them dies it’s over for you!

And it was in this moment, a few shadows appeared next to the villa. Before the young man shot, action was taken.

One minute later.

The legs of the two underlings that were crouching shook. They wiped their cold sweat in shock.

It’s tough, even if you’ve seen it a few times, every time you’ll still think that it’s really fortunate that your own boss can come back safely… … In just a minute, he would secretly kill that flashy A ranked beast, Huang Feng Hu (Yellow Wind Tiger).The laser gun was knocked to the ground, the young man was buried alive, his hair was cut by thunder, the ends tender and delicate… … Tsk tsk, the scariest was that panda, just sitting on the ground like that. Was a person’s head now a chair?! Will I just be crushed to death by your butt?!

After a moment of peace, a man in black pajamas came out onto the balcony. Those golden pupils shone with hatred and something sinister. If someone were to see them it would make their body tingle all over. Little Treasure (Xiao Bao) was reluctant to lift its head when he saw the man. He turned to the side and stared at the man with disgust in his eyes. You fucking dumbass, when the boss sees you, he’ll be even more pissed! You’re making it worse!

“The second son of the Qilin Clan. Your carriage is here… … did you come here to die?”

In a flash, all the beasts planted their faces on the ground, pretending to be bed. As expected the two closest to the boss were just evil……how could the boss could……insult people so directly.

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December 2, 2019 10:22 pm

Ah, so the second young master Qi finally made an appearance… and cut a very sorry figure. He was burried, struck by lightning and then sat on by a panda… it took me awhile to stop laughing.
I mean, this young master, what did he expect?! Disturbing the beast store 138 so early in the morning with just 5 A ranking beasts? And now the Big Boss is angry at him for waking up him and his wife. Oh, he is so dead.

Thank you for the chapter!!

December 2, 2019 11:33 pm

All the high rank beast: uses their powers
Xioa boa: they save the best for last. I will use my greatest power, Crushing you with my cite panda butt
Anjing bosses underlings: 囧.

October 7, 2021 6:48 am

It’s such a shame that chunks of this novel are written in such a tangled way that makes it hard to follow. I nearly gave up in earlier chapters.
Qi ShaoLin turned up with evil intent (killing low-level, old & sick beasts?!) & got swatted like a fly. Was he really so dumb?
Thanks for translating.

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