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Chapter 95: You’re terrific.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

It was not just the gate that had been knocked open. Along with the backyard and the second floor, there were bursts of broken glass, as well as the main entrance, which was clearly illuminated by the hall, came the first unexpected visitor’s figure, causing the tension of the atmosphere to directly reach its peak.

At the same time, on the Star network, which was originally discussing the dark shadow that flashed through the back door before, also captured this scene, and the comments suddenly became noisy.

[Is it a beast?]

[My God, I don’t believe it when someone just speculated that it was a beast… However, this is too terrible, is it true that the shadow in that direction of the back yard before was also a contract beast? Hasn’t the whole banquet hall been surrounded?]

[These groups of people are organized, and you see the one in the middle? Isn’t that the Tiger King who was brought out by JU in Gourmet Street? The scars on the cheeks are the same! I’ll go and find the pictures for you in a minute. It feels like what Ruby said is becoming more and more true!]

[… I don’t need pictures. I recognize them. At that time, I also had several screenshots of CP pictures of Tiger King, a loyal dog, and the proud little fox. That’s absolutely Tiger King. I’ll swear on it. It’s creepy. Tiger King is also a contract beast related to Uttar? If what Ruby said is true, then the underground arena is also closely related to the Uttar people. Does the appearance of Tiger King here mean that he is related to the Uttar people?]

[It’s terrible to stand on a united front with the Uttar! The attack power of Qi beasts in groups is frightening. If Ruby’s big inference is true, then Assyria really owes the Qi beasts a lot. If they really choose to stand on the same front with the Uttar, what shall we do?]

[I really want the Marshal to be here at this time, but he and the House seem to have fallen apart, and I did not see him at the banquet from beginning to end… If Ruby’s big post is true, then I hope those who analyze that the big white beast in the suburbs is the Marshal’s fox is also true. We can atone for the mistakes of Assyria, but we really don’t want to be destroyed. If the beasts and the Uttar are united, we really don’t have to fear the Zerg anymore.]

[Don’t be afraid of the Zerg, although I know what you mean, but I want to say that you have forgotten the Zerg thing in the Scientific Research Institute before. Recently, I feel that maybe the Zerg and Uttar have been united long ago. Judging from Uttar’s analysis of the relationship between the Zerg and the Assyrians, it feels that the Zerg is on their side. The latter step is… Although we do not want to destroy the country, but now Assyria is probably full of a thousand holes, right?]

[Would you like to go out and turn left to the forum with regret? Now the beasts have already entered. There are human beings there. Although they don’t know each other at all, according to the number and appearance of the beasts, should we watch a live broadcast showing everyone’s deaths?]

[… This scene and the outbreak of the attack on the Qi beasts seems deliberate ah. I really believe Ruby’s big guess… Pray for the Marshal to be here sooner. Now Assyria is so confused that I can’t tell right from wrong.]

[God! Look at that place in the backyard. Is that Mullen who was thrown down? The big star, Mullen?}

[My God, my goddess! My heart is broken when my claw goes down across the screen- the idol, the idol!]

[Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me! I saw it too! Goodness! What’s the situation?]

Just as the Star Net could not stop the barrage of bullets for this sudden situation, the attacked Mullen felt the huge thing behind him, and the irreversible power gap, and the whole people fell into despair. She remembered that at the entrance of the hall, when the heavy door panels made their first noise, she happened to be standing near the backyard of the hall.

It was the farthest part of the hall from the main entrance.

So when the sound just came out, her sense of crisis was not very strong. Even when the door was knocked out of the metal disjointed sound, she was far away and could not hear it so vividly, especially when the scream had already been heard at that time. At that time, she was even communicating with her peers and exchanging information she heard from each other.

And everything changed at the moment when the gate was severely broken by something. Because immediately after the movement of the main entrance of the hall, Mullen heard something breaking behind her.

This change of sound may not attract the attention of many people normally, let alone Mullen, who was relatively less crisis-conscious. She could not tell what the sound was, but maybe it was a sixth sense, maybe the frightened eyes of the people around her, but with an odd expression on her face, she steadily retreated, as the glass was broken through from the door behind her. She was going aside step by step, as if attacking the city-like beast, so that Mullen could understand something subconsciously.

She wanted to run, but her legs were as if they had been filled with lead and she couldn’t walk at all. The sound around her ears was more like a vacuum – she could clearly see someone watching her cry in horror, or even see her friend’s mouth when she called out her name, but she could not hear anything.

When her five senses began to return to her body, a strong wind came from behind her. The next second, Mullen felt her shoulder covered by a thick claw. One after another, screams pierced her eardrum. The sight of the guests rapidly dispersing around her came into view. Mullen hardly knew what was going on. Without time to say a word, she suddenly fell to her knees. The next moment, her whole person was thrown on the floor by something.

With a strong breath, half of Mullen’s face was firmly attached to the floor.

One of the guests screamed, “Ah, what is that?!”


“God, the idol! Mullen!”

“What about Prime Minister Melson, the person in charge of the party, how on earth can we get back to it – – ah!” There was another scream and a low roar, and successive guests were thrown underneath by the Qi beast. The whole venue was in complete disorder, and Mullen’s easy-to-squeeze voice was thoroughly suppressed.

She felt that the heavy claw behind her seemed to increase in strength, which gave her a clear sense that life was at stake.

Her lips trembled as she looked sideways over her shoulder, which was crushed under the claws of her opponent, in horror, and then she looked up to see her opponent’s figure. Mullen swallowed. If the other side used a little strength, her shoulders would be crushed thoroughly.

“No, don’t kill me.” It didn’t seem to matter how chaotic the surroundings were. Mullen clenched her lower lip, trembling and whispering, “Don’t kill me, don’t kill me…” Mullen closed her eyes in despair as she meditated.

But just as her eyes were about to close, something fell into her eyes in a trance. She saw the beast’s eyes.

It was a pair of extremely beautiful, beautiful to crystal clear, amber eyes, long eyelashes and eyelashes slightly drooping, unexpectedly emitted a huge and completely different from what she thought. They were gentle and… young?

Mullen did not know why she had come up with these two adjectives from such a huge body, but the most important thing for her at the moment was that the beast seemed to understand what she was saying, and Mullen turned her head away.

At that moment, Mullen felt a trace of apology in the other person’s eyes. So she was stunned and didn’t even cry for help. Then Mullen felt the paws move. Although the big thick paw was still on her body, the strength of the other side was obviously less. Then the beast lowered its head and licked her head gently.

Mullen grabbed hold of her long sleeve and stared at those eyes. She was almost at a loss from the completely different encounter from what she had expected. As she subconsciously tried to struggle, a sharp roar came into her ears. Then, there was a very strong smell of blood, a drop or two landed on Mullen’s face.

That warm touch woke Mullen up and told her in the strongest way she was alive.

What she feared, and what Assyria feared, had arrived.

“Howl -” The cub that pressed Mullen down seemed to sense her fear. This was the baby of a giant beast. It looked bigger than many of the beasts that had grown up, but it was indeed a cub, just like Mullen’s instinct told her. It roared in a low voice, then took a step forward, blocked Mullen’s face, blocked the chaotic environment over there, and then turned back, its amber eyes filled with curiosity.


“Can I put you down here?” Meanwhile, over the banquet hall, Wen Jin, who suddenly appeared with someone, asked curiously, “Can you land safely?”

Dewitt looked down at the banquet venue hundreds of metres down. In fact, his thoughts had not recovered from Wen Jin’s sudden movement to this direction. After a long time, he nodded, “Yes.”

“All right.” After Wen Jin finished speaking, he did not give a second pause. With his hands relaxed, Dewitt fell straight from his side.

Even if Dewitt was a miracle, he needed some time to prepare for the fall at a height of hundreds of meters. He had no idea that his little fox was so decisive in throwing people away. So in a hurry, he was still a bit confused when landing.

But thinking the little fox may also be helpless, at least he arrived in time.

However, as he tidied up and stood up from the ground, he looked up and saw Wen Jin standing near him.

The other side looked curious, stared at him, and said in surprise, “Can you really do that?”

Dewitt’s face was a little stiff.

Wen Jin bent his eyes and said sincerely, “You’re terrific.”

So the stiffness disappeared immediately, and Dewitt lowered his head and took out his terminal.

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