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Chapter 96: Clean.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In Assyria, the banquet belonged to the highest in command. Despite Dewitt’s absence, there were still many senior officers and escorts, including Shen En.

So in theory, it should not take long for someone to take control of the scene in the shortest time. But the guards outside the door did not respond, and the guards inside the door were seriously understaffed. Even though officers had more combat experience, they were now bare-rod commanders, but also had to face a room of many guests who had not experienced such a scene.

Even though Shen En had arranged all the available hands on the first floor as quickly as possible, the scene could not be successfully controlled. The guests around him were attacked by the beasts again and again, and their mood rose all the way. The screams came and went, drowning out all attempts to bring reason back.

Under such circumstances, Shen En could only force the remaining guests to gather together, fully guard in the center of the hall that had not been occupied by the beasts, with all the officers standing around, they would be at a stalemate.

… Neither was deadlocked.

Shen En looked tense as he watched the guests behind him who were still extremely emotionally unstable, and those who were under control in the herd and could not be saved at all. But he could not help it. The beasts seemed to be well prepared. The guards did not respond at all. Even after seeing Shen En gather the remaining guests and try to protect them, they did not want to stop him.

It was as if they know they had enough chips in their hands. Or they simply turned Shen En’s actions into useless ones. Shen En’s eyes turned a circle and examined the surrounding environment.

Behind him were the guests who still could not calm down, and those who saw their companions in the hands of the beasts were calling out anxiously. All around him were beasts. The only two doors on the first floor that could go out were all surrounded by the beasts.

And on the second floor…

Shen En had no time to think about the second floor. He gritted his teeth and looked at the strong bodies of the Qi beasts, the scars on them, and the various Qi beasts behind him, which eventually landed on the Qi beasts and the Tiger King as the leader.

They stared at each other for a long, long time, until the group behind him noticed the atmosphere was not right, and gradually quieted down, Shen En finally spoke to Tiger King, “Let’s talk.”

When Shen En said this, there was no interruption in the live video, and even on the comments on the screen blew up.

[Right, to talk, to talk, to talk, to talk? The news that a beast can become human is true, maybe it can speak, even if it can not speak, we can also find ways to communicate, so let’s talk about QAQ.]

[Fuck me, this scene is very frightening, but when Admiral Shen said this, I suddenly feel a little bit like crying, talk about good + 1!]

[Are you all silly? Kidnapping people will make them talk to you? In other words, Shen En really deserves to be my most disliked officer. He has no military ability. He is blind in such a high position. What about such a disadvantaged situation? Should we let somebody catch a few beasts or kill them altogether, or at least bring up negotiations at a balance point?]

[Talk about good + 2, all said to call back the full report, this time can not call, hope to talk, we all listen, hope this live broadcast does not stop!]

[If you don’t know them on the ground, you can stand and talk without backache, right? If your family is pressed, do you still want to talk about it? People’s safety has not been preserved, what is there to talk about?]

[Fuck me, I’m a powder of Mullen, I can’t see her anymore. God, there are too many scenes. Is there any kind person who can help me confirm the safety of the goddess, murmuring hope that the goddess will be okay?]

[Mullen lens in my home page, see for yourself, the beast did not hurt her, but the body blocked the front lens. Not only that beast did not hurt her, most of the beasts in the field did not lay heavy hands! A few brutal points, really hurt people were also drunk by their leader, all lens analysis in my home page, video evidence, I stand to talk!]

[Just saw the Mullen lens, my mother that beast is so gentle! When it looked back to sniff Mullen, the action was too angelic! The video can clearly feel! I’ll talk too!]

[Somebody was hurt anyway. So when will this tragedy end? Although I am also worried about the guests present, but I also stand and talk. Don’t fight. Really don’t want to fight like this again, so that hatred will never stop. I only represent myself and hope that this contradiction will end in our generation. Even if we have to pay a lot of money. It doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t affect the next generation.]

While the comments were flying crazily, Shen En was still looking at Tiger King in the banquet hall. In the past, he was not close to any beasts because of his official position, and he knew a thing or two about the Colosseum, but at that time, there were not too many waves in his mind.

The same dark side exists in Assyria, and the level of bloodshed in the Colosseum shocked ordinary Assyrians, but not him. Shen En’s habits of this environment began from his birth until Dewitt began to investigate the beasts. He did not have any unusual emotions. This was the current situation of Assyria. Even when he really thought about it, he could point out the mistakes.

But wherever it was, the status quo itself was unbalanced, and when everyone ignored it, the unbalance would gradually turn into balance. So Shen En did not have too many ideas about the beasts. Until this moment, when he stood opposite Tiger King, looking into its eyes, Shen En finally faced up to his neglect.

That pair of eyes were not good-looking, nor crystal clear, and would not let people linger on anger, let alone make people feel pity. But it was such a pair of eyes that seemed to be able to involve people in a very deep place, with his eyes and body, people could no longer ignore it.

Shen En paused and took his hand off the blade behind him. He looked at Tiger King. Again, he said earnestly, “Let’s talk.”

When he reiterated this sentence for the second time, the guests behind him really quieted down for the first time. Those gradually calm guests, along with Shen En, looked at Tiger King, as if with their silent eyes and expressions, and said the same words as Shen En.

Let’s talk.

“No, Admiral Shen.” However, as soon as Shen En’s words fell, a voice came from behind the beast.

Shen En was stunned.

No one in the audience had ever seen a beast speak, so when they heard the voice, most of their eyes fell on the tiger king, turning around in an attempt to judge whether or not the beast had opened its mouth and how. But several experienced soldiers led by Shen En immediately judged it. That was not Tiger King’s voice. They’ve heard it before.

Looking at JU slowly coming out from behind the Tiger King, and Karst behind JU, as well as a whole row of Uttar people, bright red eyes and long pointed ears, Shen En’s face could hardly see the pole, the hand that originally loosened the blade fell on the blade again.

When his hand covered his blade, he happened to see something being dragged behind Karst.

After seeing what it was, Shen En’s pupils shrank.

“Mr. Melson -!”


It was Melson who was dragged away after originally being behind Shen En.

At this moment, Melson was in a terrible mess and his forehead was bleeding. After Karst pulled him out, the smile on JU’s face could no longer be hidden. 

[The last thing we wanted to see happened! Fuck me! The Uttar?]

[My God, what does that mean, the Uttar and the beasts have formed an Alliance? So the big Ruby’s judgment was true! The beasts really were part of the Uttar’s plan!]

[More and more people believe Ruby’s big words. Unlike us, the Uttar have the highest concentrated blood of imperial power. They have not changed for thousands of years. History must be clearer than that of our empire, which was divided into wars hundreds of years ago.]

[Heaven, so if beasts and Uttar stand together, then what shall we do? Why do I suddenly feel that Assyria is going to be destroyed when I look at this scene.]

[The Marshal. The Marshal won’t come back. Besides the Marshal, I can’t think of any other hope…]

[I can say that I saw it in the forum before, that the Marshal’s position is really very unclear, that he may have had contact with the beasts and so on, but he still does not appear, and I feel that inference is more and more true.]

[Doubting the Marshal being brainwashed right away. He is the most unlikely person to be allied with Uttar. Have you forgotten why he did not come to this banquet? To doubt who is not good, to doubt the soldiers who used their lives to guard Assyria? Anyone can betray Assyria, but they won’t!]

[I hope the Marshal will come soon. I hope the Marshal’s little fox is as strong as the posts of speculation. I hope that everything in Assyria will be alright tomorrow!]

At the same time, the hotlines of the Assyrian Navy Stability Army, the Military Ministry and the medical hospital were almost blown up. Some people even offered their armour and suspension trucks on their own initiative, hoping that the banquet hall would be supported.

The atmosphere in the stadium was always tight.

“That’s your attitude towards the alliance?” The air pressure around Shen En dropped sharply, the muscles under the military uniform were tense and ready to battle. He looked at Melson and at all the people around him who were getting more and more anxious under the control of the Qi beasts.

“No?” JU shook his head, clapped his palm, and smiled at Shen En. “The alliance started, but you Assyrians brought it up first.” As he spoke, with his applause falling, the doors around him were reopened and a row of Uttar soldiers entered.

The number was far greater than the number officially reported to Assyria by the Uttars when they entered Assyria. Shen En clenched his fist on the side of his leg and watched closely as Melson was dragged behind Karst. He was not conscious.

“There’s no point in talking about alliances now.” After noticing Shen En’s eyes, JU again said, “Admiral Shen’s understanding of the scene should not be weak, or that’s all. Do you still think you have room to fight back?” As he spoke, his eyes lit on Shen En’s hand, which was full of sarcasm. “You wish to counterattack?” Shen En’s voice was very cold. 

“That’s what I should ask you. His Royal Highness should not be weak in analyzing things. Do you naively think that if you control the banquet hall, and that you can control all of Assyria?”

“Ha-ha-” JU looked at Shen En and laughed as if he heard a big joke. “Are you kidding? You think I’m one of those silly beasts? Keep the Assyrians by your side and use our Uttar blood? We never wanted to control Assyria. Listen,” JU pointed out Shen En’s direction and looked at the whole banquet hall. “This is only the first step. There is no need for Assyrians to exist on our Uttar land. There is no need for Assyrian captives. We will use Assyrian blood to wash everything away and celebrate the return of the Uttars.”

When JU uttered this sentence, Tiger King moved accordingly and put his claws on the ground. JU did not notice Tiger King’s movement, but looked at Shen En, and then seemed to think of something, disdainfully saying, “I will not be soft-hearted, not like those god beasts who clearly came to the door, but also chose to turn around. What’s the use? By the time they crossed the planet and spent time returning to the land, Eton Melson had issued a law that had declared all the falsehoods throughout Assyria. That coward had no courage to take on everything. He helped bring everything to this day and laid the highest ground for our Uttars to return to this land. As a stepping stone. Sincerely, thank the Melson family.” JU said, with an exaggerated look towards the camera, and then looked playfully at Melson behind Karst.

It was after his eyes fell that Tiger King once again moved his paws impatiently.

And this time, JU saw it. With a sneer, he winked at Karst, who immediately pulled Melson out of his back and somewhat stumbled on the floor.



JU ground his feet on the ground and lifted his lips. “The first step in our great plan begins with them, the distinguished Melson family.”

Just as JU reached out and the Uttar soldiers behind him began to move, Merson’s weak voice rang out, “… He had no courage to bear it.” Melson was still sitting on the ground, with multiple wounds that made it difficult for him to speak. In a short time, his eyes crossed over to JU, ignoring Shen En, and finally fell on Tiger King, looking straight at the other, “He’s dead.”

Tiger King’s eyes were wide.

“The condition for going to the ideal continent was to cut off all ties with Assyria. Without going, the beast would die. The more powerful the beast, the faster it would die. The oldest group would die in half a year’s time.”

JU sneered and Melson ignored him.

Initially, the god beasts and the House of Representatives came to the conclusion that it would be impossible to send a group of young beasts to the ideal land without a bond. However, it was not enough for them to develop a method of saving the beasts in half a year.

So a group of people who had powerful and ancient god beasts and were willing to contribute to them cut off their energy cores, cut off their contact with their god beasts, and forcibly sent them to the planet where the holy land was located.

This disconnection of contact was quite painful, no matter for the people, or for the beasts. In that era, every pair of people and beasts were companions to accompany the whole life.

But they had no choice but to stand at the top, and at the same time, they were determined in their responsibilities, so they could not set foot on the road of survival solely for emotions, and they had to shoulder the future of the two races. Only in the dead of night, occasionally touching sweet feelings.

“Our family.” Melson stood up on his knees. “Unlike the Bertrams, there have been no powerful ability users from ancient times to the present. Eton’s physical condition was not good. To turn off his energy core was suicide. He couldn’t wait for them to come back. And when the beasts who made their choices came back after leaving, they found that Eton’s beast had collapsed. His collapse led to the direct detonation of a frontier planet in Assyria at that time, which implicated a generation of inhabitants of the Assyrian frontier. This historical fact was gradually understood by later generations as the sanctions and betrayal of Assyria by beasts under the pave of some people’s selfishness and purpose and Eton’s own tampering with history.”

JU frowned and said coldly, “Karst, do it.”

“I’m sorry for the details, but I slowly put them together a few years ago. After his beast companion died, Eton, first and foremost the Prime Minister of Assyria, rewrote history as the best one for the Assyrians in the belief that the beasts really left. I know that your people, under the very detailed literature of the ideal continent, have not yet chosen to leave again after thousands of years, because their ancestors left a legacy.”

“Kill him!” JU’s uncontrollable voice interrupted Melson’s words. As he spoke, staring at the silent Karst, he could not help rushing up and pulling out a weapon pinned to his waist. When he saw that he was about to stab Melson, an ice cone appeared across the sky, tossing his weapon in the opposite direction.

A black-haired and black-eyed young man appeared in front of JU. His beautiful and penetrating eyes made people jump.

“We, wherever we are, are the beasts of Assyria.” A hoarse voice came to Melson’s ears, word by word, in the ancient Assyrian language, with a long and solemn feeling, as if across the ages, from the farthest places, to people’s ears. “Even if we want to wither, we should wither in our own land and in the arms of our relatives.”

“Karst -!”

“We can tell our next generation about the beauty of the ideal continent and let them pursue it, but all beasts will not betray the contract or the promise.”

The fragmented words were eventually pieced together into a whole confrontation.

Wanting to rush forward to JU, Wen Jin stretched out his hand, an air flow in the air would tear him apart, and then, Wen Jin turned around, pulled the clothes on the shoulder of the physically weak Melson, and then he rushed up to Shen En.

After doing all this, Wen Jin turned his head and looked at Karst, behind him who had a blade on his neck held by Dewitt. Their eyes met and the saw each other’s serious face and Wen Jin squinted his eyes.

“I gave you an escort that disappeared when you came in.” More powerful than Melson’s voice resounded in the hall, and Dewitt’s blue eyes shook across the room. “All the guests who can stand here today are the backbone of Assyria. We apologize for what happened to you, but we also hope to share it with you and with Assyria. As is our duty. If we don’t tell you the truth directly after you know everything, we don’t want you to be embarrassed by history, we don’t want you to doubt your demands because of facts, and verbal communication can’t pacify centuries of humiliation.” As Dewitt said, he turned around and looked back at Professor Lin, who had entered the meeting hall sometime, and the huge black bear spirit behind him. Finally, his eyes fell back on Tiger King.

“Melson and I will represent all of Assyria.” At this point, Dewitt’s voice is a little slow, but very firm, “We will clean history, listen to your appeals, and swear by your ancestors so that we can give everything you want as long as we can give it.”

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Someone was injured but no one died, such an emotional chapter. Is the history finally going to be straighten up? Melson will have to own up to what he did. With Wen Jin there the Uttars have no chance at succeeding anymore.

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