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Chapter 94: Here we are.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“Beautiful thinking.” After Wen Jin finished these words, he suddenly frowned.

“What?” Dewitt looked at him.

“He’s looking for you.” Wen Jin said, looking out with his head tilted. From their point of view, DaDao was standing in a corner far away from them, raising his head and saying something to himself.

“I made an illusion of you there. He’s talking to you.” Wen Jin explained.

“What is he saying?” Dewitt turned his head.

“Saying… Asking if you can come back to the banquet hall soon.” From their point of view, they could see that DaDao’s face looked very anxious. His hands hanging to his side were clenched into fists. Wen Jin looked at the situation and tilted his head. “Why?”

Dewitt squinted and did not speak.

“Did he find anything wrong with the warehouse?” Wen Jin paused, and then remembered that Dewitt had said before that DaDao was odd, and that he wanted to leave Dewitt here. Why did he now say that he wanted Dewitt to return to the banquet hall? Did he find something wrong with the warehouse?

“Because the situation here is different from what he imagined, or what he had said to someone before.” Dewitt let go and pressed on the terminal.

“So he’s in a hurry? Is there any movement or silence from the beasts?” Wen Jin tilted his head and thought DaDao was amazing. He even cheated his Marshal. When he found something wrong, he wanted to find Dewitt for the first time.

“Not yet, but I’m not sure. The communication hasn’t been received.” Dewitt glanced at the signal source on his wrist and then at the time.

The five minutes he said were almost over, but to his surprise, after Dewitt had finished looking at the time, his eyes fell on DaDao again, and he did not know what to think. At the same time, the long-standing unresponsiveness illusion of Dewitt in the distant warehouse doubled the anxiety level of the whole person.

“How can I get back to him?” Wen Jin took Dewitt’s movements into account.

Dewitt shook his head and made a gesture to let Wen Jin wait. Half a minute later, he reached out and touched Wen Jin on the back of his hand. He pointed in that direction. Wen Jin understood what he meant and canceled the illusion in the warehouse.

In the moment when the spirit disappeared in the warehouse, the expression of DaDao seemed to be dull for a moment, then turned his head in a daze, looked at Wenjin and Dewitt, and looked at the shattered appearance with three faces.

After experiencing two vivid illusions in one day, DaDao was almost suspicious of life.

Even when he saw Dewitt and Wen Jin, he could not help stepping back two steps, a face of ‘is it still an illusion?’ However, after the reaction, the shock in his eyes was replaced by anxiety. He rushed forward three steps and two steps, looking as if he was grabbing the last straw to save his life.

“Marshal, will you come back to the banquet hall soon?” DaDao in a trembling voice.


This year, the sensation on the Star Net could almost be called the news and discussion voice of all Assyria, and it had not gradually turned into a still water because of the banquet which seemed to ignite the fires once again.

With all kinds of guesswork, there were posts occupying the entire forum, until the banquet started two hours ago, the number of viewers on live websites remained high.

Therefore, when there were any obvious changes on the banquet floor, the audience sitting in front of the screen were not much later than the guests on the scene.

“Come on?” Melson, who had just pulled himself out of a pile of guests, held his glass in his hand.

Cassey, who stood behind him and was separated by several people, was looking at Eve in the distance, dressed up, and they were looking at each other in the opposite direction.

The man behind Melson rubbed Cassey wrong without a trace. After a pause, he lowered his head to Melson’s side and said, “Sir, the Marshal’s situation is different, but the plan hasn’t changed.”

There was no change in the plan, which meant that Dewitt could still be there before the baseline time. When Melson heard the news, his frown relaxed a little. As he was about to locate JU, Cassey behind him suddenly frowned. The next second, a message appeared on Melson’s screen.

At the same time, the barrage of comments that wildly brushed on live websites seemed to have slowed down a little.

[Fat Rabbit:… Was there a dark shadow in the corner just now? Or have I had too many chicken wings?]

[Fatty: I seem to have seen it myself. That dark shadow was there. Curious. Did anyone record it?]

[Cassatin: Here’s a video The shadow is really strange, and…it’s eerie.]

Cassatin’s two-second video had just been sent out, and the clicks rose, only to be seen there, intercepting a clip from the live broadcast.

In the magnificent corner of the hall, there was a door leading to the second floor and to the backyard. Contrasted by the strong lights in the center of the hall, the corner looked very dark, but there was still green vegetation hidden outside. In the video intercepted by Cassatin, something shone into the wall of the hall through the backyard door, turned into a dark shadow and swayed. Under the refraction of the special angle of the hall lamp, the dark shadow swayed for a long time. Compared with the noisy atmosphere of the whole hall, this weird dark shadow seemed to be…

A black hand that stuck out behind a bright and beautiful back.

In the middle floor of the building, near where Cassatin’s video was recorded, it’s views rising from single digits to three digits, there was a roar in the hall of the banquet hall.

Then, accompanied by a high decibel scream from a female guest, the seemingly thick door at the main entrance was severely hit by something.

“Wh, what’s the matter?” In the main hall, a weak question came from somewhere.

If this kind of voice had spoken five minutes ago, it would have been swallowed up by the surrounding voices during the moment of opening, but at this time in the hall, it was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.

“I don’t know. I don’t feel any violent energy fluctuations either?” In a short time, someone responded to the voice, but his voice had just fallen, and then there was a heavy crash.

And this time, the sound came, not only from the front door, but also from the side door, which had previously been shadowed. Then another heavy door was knocked on, the metal door closed, and the hall was shocked again.

“What’s the situation? What about the guards outside? What about the reconnaissance team? What about the detector? What’s going on outside?”

“No, when did the door close? This is a banquet, not a prison. When did such a heavy door close?”

“Has something happened outside long ago? I haven’t seen the guards, Mr. Melson… “

“Ah -!”

A scream pierced the discussion of everyone on the floor, and at the same time, the heavy door slammed open by something.

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Seems like this banquet turned into a replay from the arena. I hope Dewitt and Wen Jin will get there on time, before anything happens to Eve or Cassey.

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