Hate, hate, hate

Hate, hate, hate cover

Daikirai, daikirai, daikirai
Artist: Sachimo
Language: English
Chapter 1Mediafire
Chapter 2 will come out in following Daria releases.


HIgh school student Kou has been called a Shinigami ever since three continuous deaths happened to those important to him: his mother died giving birth to him, his father died protecting him and his lover died rescuing him. Due to these deaths, Kou now believes that anyone loved by a Shinigami…dies.

Shijuuhatte Anthology — Hihou-kan
Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete

8 thoughts on “Hate, hate, hate

  1. Huhu.. . Its actually sooo sad when u think about it.. .
    About everyone u love die around u.. . Especially the cause is youself.. 😢😥😭😭😭

    But.. Honestly.. . Its not always yours faults.. . Sometimes itsdestinations or fate.
    But.. . If u think irs your fault or because u or u bla bla.. Then everything will be like what u think? Why? Cuz u want it even without u know. That why u shouldn’t havr negative think and always try your best to change the fate. Cuz fate have somany roads.. . Some rood maybe go to the same end but.. There is different end or same roads with different end.
    U will never really know if u didn’t try anything. 😯

    God wouldn’t help and change someone’s fate… If yourself didn’t even try to change it. 😊

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