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(P.S. This the last part I have written as of right now, so I actually do not know when the next chapter will be out. I will try to write when ever I am able, but I don’t know if the ideas are flowing very well for these last couple chapters that are left until the end. This chapter is coming in at about twice the length of my normal chapters, so I hope that makes up for it.)

 Chapter 20

With the agreement of both my father and Zane, everyone went off to either work or to bed. I had a chat with my father about where we were going to be meeting up in the next morning. Just as I was taking a step forward to leave, the dining room doors shut almost silently, blocking my way out. Confused, I looked behind me at Zane. He was leaning against the dinner table, one legged crossed over the other, arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows slightly scrunched together as he stare me down.

“What?” I groaned, sighing in exhaustion. Today had been one thing after another, and even though my body healed faster than a normal human being, it still felt as if my back side and hips were burning from my…escapades earlier.

“If you really want to go through with this plan of yours, you will have to fulfill a secondary condition of mine before you go.”

“Secondary condition? Why does this feel like I’m trying to escape prison or something?”

“If you don’t fulfill it, I will trap you in a prison.”

I groaned loudly, throwing my arms up in the air and exasperatedly said, “I don’t know what to think of you!” I grumbled to myself, knowing he would still be able to hear me. “One day you are cruel, the next you are gallant. Today you act the rogue.”

“If I am a rogue, then maybe I will be able to catch you and never let you go.”

“Okay then,” I said with wide eyes, glancing at him with eyebrows raised, “maybe I should be afraid of you after all.”

“You should not be,” he said softly. “You may still be a little afraid of yourself, perhaps, but you are no longer afraid of me.”

I felt my eyebrow raise as I stared at him, realising that, he was speaking the truth. Before my memories had returned I had been unconsciously afraid of him. Afraid of what he represented in my life. Now, even if I knew who he was and what my past with him entailed, I still felt as though I had no control of my own life. My powers may be controlled slightly better, but I still did not know if they were under enough control to prevent them from exploding inside me like an atom bomb.

I breathed out slightly, and tilted my head, there must have been a certain look in my eyes because, even before I spoke, he had already uncrossed himself and was walking slowly toward me, his eyes never leaving mine. “I feel like the sky is falling down around me.” I whispered truthfully.

He reached me, his heat mere centimeters away from me. His hand reached up, caressing my cheek with his thumb lightly, he whispered back, “Don’t worry,” he leaned down, his forehead against mine, “I’ll be there to hold it up for you.”

“Hmm,” Zane murmured, feeling the heat pulsating from my skin as I became unable to control my incubus side. An arm came around my midsection and held on tight. Lips pressed firmly onto the pulse at my throat, I felt my heart skip a beat. The lips moved to my ear where teeth clamped gently onto the lobe and tugged.

“Kei mou,” was the husky whisper.

I shivered.

The warm breath from my ear fell back down to my neck where moist lips pressed against my pulse for a second time, they seemed to sear my skin with their heat. The arm around my waist tightened and pulled me close against the hard body it was connected to. Zane’s other hand stroked my cheek gently. The hand continued its course from my cheek down my neck, along my shoulder caressing every available inch of skin down to my hand until he threaded our fingers together, the palm of his hand to mine.

I squeezed his fingers, a moan dropping from my lips as his other hand drew lazy circles on my stomach moving farther up with each small caress. Against my stomach, I could feel him hardening with lust, his lips trailing light kisses along the column of my throat. My head fell against his chest with another moan. His lips pressed a gentle kiss to my temple only to move back to my ear.

“Se agapó,” he murmured, his hot breath stroking my fevered skin. I love you in greek was like a match that further lit the fire inside me, but I forced myself to move away from Zane even if I wanted to take him on the dining room floor. This was where we ate for God’s sake.

I glanced at his face and got caught in the unabashed lust churning in his silver eyes. I took a deep breath, trying to calm the torrents of emotion whirling in myself.

Before I could even say a word, Zane pressed me hard against the wall, his erection firmly against me, igniting my own heat further. His hands weren’t gentle as they roamed my body. They gripped my shoulders, my waist, trailed to my hips and pulled mine to his. They demanded that I respond, that I accept all he was giving me. His hands sent electric shocks throughout my body, they warmed my insides, and they made me weak with desire.

The feel and taste of him was sending my temperature skyrocketing. My head was swimming with the need to feel his hands on my skin. Zane nipped my lip, gently pulling on it and sucking until he heard the purr of approval deep in my throat. It seemed as if Zane loved that sound. Maybe because it was a helpless noise of unreserved, defenseless pleasure. He couldn’t hold back, no, that wasn’t right, he probably didn’t want to.

When I went limp in his arms, his tongue dived into my mouth and plundered. He was like the dragon he was, knowing he could take all I had to give even if he demanded more.

Out of my mind with the emotions rolling through me, I tugged Zane’s shirt from the waistband of his jeans. I ran my hands underneath the soft cotton and placed them against the warm skin of his stomach.

Letting out an expletive, Zane swept me up into his arms and carried me out of the dining room and into my bedroom. Luckily we passed no one, otherwise I would have been desperately embarrassed by the princess hold he had me in. But on the other hand, I didn’t care.

I needed him now; needed those strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me toward him. I needed him like I had never needed anyone else.

I made a moue of desire and Zane returned to kissing me. He let his lips trail along my face, to my neck. He nipped gently at that frantically beating pulse. He seemed to love the taste of me.

God, I loved the way I strained against him, trying to get closer, it sent my blood pulsing and it heightened my senses. With our bodies, straining against one another, the heat within my room seemed to raise more than a noticeable few degrees. We were stuck in an inferno, and neither of us wanted to find a way out.

Zane nipped my ear again as he pushed my back against my bed. The sheets beneath me crumpled and formed around the weight from our bodies. Zane’s skin was hot to the touch and I moaned as his lips found mine. Without breaking skin contact, we managed to struggle to get out of our clothes. It was like an intricate dance of limbs, kisses and moans as we shed that last layer keeping our skin from touching.

“Kei,” Zane groaned, his lips biting and teasing my nipples. His hand slid down my stomach with a feather light touch just before stopping at the base of my cock. “I want to be inside you,” his eyes were pleading, a look of liquid gold and silver mixing, heating me up further.

He leaned down, pushing his hips closer to me until our members touched. We both sucked in a sharp breath at the feeling of soft heat when our shafts met. Zane growled low in his throat and that hand that was mere inches away closed the gap and took both of our lengths within his grasp.

My hips bucked from the pressure mixed with the silky heat from his own erection. His hand stroked slowly down to my base, holding the two of us together gently. I could feel myself twitching beneath his palm. Even he was throbbing. I could feel our heart beats intertwining with each stroke of his hand.

Unconsciously, my hands reached out for him, my fingers sliding through his hair as I pulled him to me, to claim his soft lips with my own. Even as our lips touched, I could feel the smile on his lips that I could not see. He gently bit my lower lip, our tongues tangling together as his hand continued to slowly pull me closer to that bright abyss. I couldn’t resist moving my hips in accordance to each one of his strokes. My moans became more fervent even though he never increased the speed of his lazy hand. Zane pulled away from our frenzied kiss, his lips moist with my saliva. With a wide grin, he removed his hand, leaving me on the edge without release.

I cried out, my hands still clutching at his silky hair. “More.” I almost sobbed. Zane chuckled, and grabbed my hands from his hair, gently kissing my knuckles one at a time.

“I want to try something, Kei mou.” Came his guttural reply between kisses.

I nodded my head, unable to speak, trapped at the height of pleasure. He could have asked me to go kill someone for the sake of release, and I would probably have done it.

Without resistance, Zane flipped our positions until his back was against the sheets and I was above him. His eyes danced with mischief before he planted another kiss on my lips.

“Suck me off.” He murmured against my lips causing a shudder to travel down my spine. I leaned down, grasping his head between my hands before I kissed him hard, my teeth digging into his plump lower lip. Zane growled, his hands found their way to my ass and they kneaded my skin like a kitten.

“Kei mou,” he groaned, “Please.” Several of his fingers circled around my entrance teasing me as I teased him. Panting, I pulled away from the nectar of his lips. Knowing that I now had the upper hand, I shimmied my way down his body. Before me was his large erection, it glistened with pre cum in the soft light. Right before I put my lips onto that vibrant head, a growl came from Zane. I looked away from my meal and up at him. His eyes were black holes, no irises remaining as he lifted his hand and stroked my cheek. I didn’t care that this action caused his hard length to be pushed against the side of my face. It felt like warm silk.

“Turn around, I want to suck you off too.” this statement caused my eyes to widen before my eyes danced merrily in excitement. I flipped my position until my ass was near his face and his cock was inches away from my salivating mouth. Without waiting for him, I gripped the base of his cock in my hand and took his glistening head into my mouth.

Zane hissed, his hips bucking beneath me. I felt his fingers dance across my balls before taking my length in his hand. His other hand probed my entrance teasing me with loving strokes along my rim. Agitated, I pushed him hips back into him, telling him wordlessly to not tease me. In the next moment, his lips were at my entrance, licking, coaxing, teasing. His other hand was pumping a soft rhythm from my base to my head.

I whimpered with his cock in my mouth, my eyes closing in pleasure. Not wanting to be beat, I cradled his balls in my hand, rubbing them lightly as I licked Zane’s cock, drinking and sucking at the searing hot pre cum that left the tip. Right as I took his full length into my mouth, the tip of it hitting the back of my throat, I felt Zane thrust three fingers into my entrance, his teeth biting my ass. My throat tightened around him, and I grunted, unable to moan with his length in my mouth.

Hearing Zane chuckle as he thrust his fingers in and out, touching that nub of nerves within me with each stroke, I tried not to bite down on him. His ministrations caused me to pump his length in and out of my mouth in a faster rhythm. Within my room, I could only hear the sounds of wet slurping echoing against my walls. My hand gripped against his base and I followed in an up and down motion, keeping in time with my lips. Zane s pulse beat wildly beneath my palm, and I felt his balls stretch taut ready to release him cum.

“No,” I heard a murmur then Zane’s fingers pulled out of my entrance with a pop, and before I could get him to release, I found myself lying on my back with him hovering over me, his face flushed red. Our cocks were standing proud by each other, his almost twice the length and girth of mine.

His voice was like butter as it hit my ears, soft, cajoling. “I want to see how you become when I come inside you.” I shuddered, as he lifted my legs, cradling his cock at my entrance. Before I could answer, with one thrust, he was inside me.

“Ngh,” I moaned, my body spasming with pleasure. “Don’t…” I gasped as he thrust in, pushing in as far as possible. “Inside…” At this moment, even I didn’t know what I wanted to say.

He keeps on dragging me along by brute force, the thrusts that hit my nerves, that make me shudder in ecstasy. I could feel him twitch as he comes inside me. Feeling my release there, just beyond the boundary, I moan.

“Don’t stay inside me.” I whimpered, feeling attacked by his length, the pleasure building with each of his thrusts. “You. Ngh. Came already so pull it out.”

“No.” His voice barely escaped, I didn’t know if I heard him correctly. With another thrust, he pushed to the hilt. Beneath me, the bed squeaked with each thrust, a cadence that only they two of us were drawn to.

“Hnnn?” I wanted, questioning him. He leaned down, biting my nipple before kissing me hard.

“More.” was the only thing I heard before he pounded into me, thrusting into my heat. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me, rocketing into my core.

Pinned down by this enormous body, i could feel my field of vision narrowing and my sanity escaping. Being with Zane left me muddled. All I knew was that I wanted more.

With another thrust, I groaned, tears clouding my vision as my release still evaded me. I groaned and another thrust tore into my body.

Although I intended to maintain the advantage between us, that has long since been reversed.

“Zane.” I cried, my moans on the verge of becoming sobs. “I’m about to. Ngh.”

But I’ll keep that to myself for a little longer.

As we lay in bed, the aftermath having tossed all the blankets to the floor, I curled up into Zane’s side, his heat comforting me.

“I thought that I would lose my mind.” I whispered into his skin. The pleasure still boarding through my veins, leaving me shaky and unable to stand.

Zane chuckled, his hand gently sliding up and down my back. “Is that a compliment?”

“NO!” I almost yelled, realizing exactly what I had said. “It…wasn’t…” I felt myself blushing but I burrowed my head farther into his side. His chuckle reverberated through me, warm, happy, sated. Comfortable, I felt myself lapse into slee

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