IOTS Chapter 12

IOTS Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Voice I, even I, I’m sorry. I did not think of something, “I could not hear myself, I just wanted to do it for it. I think I went too far, but I know what I say is not useful. But we will never again see one the other, I hope you’ll forget this unfortunate event. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

After a long time I came back to things, I thought the words that I said are not people.

His eyes leaned slightly, he whispered: “I just want you to have a happy life in the future.”

We would indulge the same thing. My heart was dead ash when I sat on the train. I’ve heard Pachebel’s Canon a hundred times. My tears stopped racing.

I went back to the bedroom and I slept for a month. So, as I thought I wanted to abandon it, I rarely ran to colleagues, I removed my personal affairs and sat on a plane to the United States. From that moment I lost contact with all the Chinese. It was deliberately made. I was afraid to hear news about her how to get her lover or wedding. In spite of whether it’s wonderful or sweet, I’m ready to live in my fantastic world, so I did not have to make an attack.

After a long time I came back.

But he was no longer there.

He was no longer in this world.

Someone has ever said that homosexual love brings bad results. Even if it’s written by others, some people will always be killed as part of the plan or both will die. So I was angry, I never thought of all the accidents, like a car crash, but when it was my turn, I was just like a dramatic drama in drama He would say he was like a life.

He was not involved in some accident, but in exchange he ended up a healthy life.

Perhaps I thought he had chosen this option, it was not mine. Although the pain and pain of the past year had not gone, he would not finish his life now. All honesty After I fell in love with him, I settled in my little world. On the other hand he was different. The delicate nature of depression was caused by the social behavior of autism. He did not cover this world and the world did not have a place to know it. He never mixed with the outside world. He never thought of putting others into a pure watercolor in an aquarium. I could not deeply understand this function until I remembered all the details of my life that I knew.

But I still could not eliminate these pain. Sometimes I stand to my headstone and I’m thinking of the 18th year to our last leadership. I understood deeply that “sadness is sad”. I think I’ve dried all the tears in my life in one month. I was cowardly, related to other causes, like my seventy moments of foolishness of youth, etc. I was nobody.

But I could not release myself, I got him so innocent, but I finally lost him forever.

I was closer to him when he was in the grave, but at the same time we were the closest. When I was injured, I remembered that someone could say that the world’s most extreme distance is not life and death, separation, but I stood with you. Well, if you do not know that I love you, I mean, That is not that, I suppose that the most distant life is always life and death. If he could stand up, I would have enough courage to say that, but I could never do it. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

If you love someone, waiting for when you want to express it, God may not give you an opportunity, so you can say it as soon as possible.

I will leave this place and I am ready to start a new life when I will not suffer any further misery. I carefully addressed the things he had belonged as if he wanted to remember or half wanted to remember half of his life he owned

When I brought a book of books, a letter appeared suddenly. The sign in the lower right corner was Li ZhenYun. A very well-known word could never speak again.

There were also small papers. Here is my colleague’s handwriting. With your letter, I put it in between your books. I have something.

It was before my previous day from China, so I wrote it when I went to her. In that day I was not, my colleague left me. He put it firmly into the book, but it was a great joke that luck played me.

My colleague taught me about that and forgotten it. In a state of haptic mind, I embarked on these books in emergencia. It was a small thing that changed the life of a person incorrectly.

The letter contained only a few simple words. If I had another life, I will be alone for always because loved ones do not love me.

The whole letter is written in every universe and the universe …

I had my name

T / N

Thank you for joining this novel here, and I think you liked it. Only with depression and sadness, the real coast has not finished, but there is no sadness and unfailingness. A real tragedy that a person dies alive. More stick around the stick:

Add here: I ran from damn eyes, omfg. For me, this novel of these simple 12 chapters is far more difficult than I can explain. I was diagnosed with a severe depression when I was twelve, and in the last 13 years I was the head of my monster living with it. I sleep, says it’s easy, not so. Depression does not know what you are doing and you do not even know if you are. That’s just how to raise the clear glittering water of the legs and go to the beach with a happy family to notice that the sand disappears and the water is black under your feet. Life may not always be what you want, I’ve learned in the years even if my depression has happened, I’ll talk to my hands to get these dark water. To find something you need.

So, if you just know those who have read it and for people who are in a similar situation, you are not alone. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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47 thoughts on “IOTS Chapter 12

  1. I can’t say I feel extremely melancholy right now. I’m sure in a couple of hours it’ll truly set in for me but fate can truly be cruel.

  2. It’s hurt… it’s hurt so much that I cannot stop crying…

    “If you love someone, you should say it as soon as possible because once you wait until you want to express it, perhaps god won’t give you the chance to.”

    true enough someone that I love so much already gone and I didn’t have the chance to said how I feel for him, the last 2 chapters hit me so hard that I’ve been crying none stop…
    LaoDa regret is like something that haunt me since 8 years ago…

    thank you for translating this short novel…

  3. Thank you for translating this novel. Men should really read these types of books. Rape is a moment of pleasure but it is a lifetime of pain for the victim. For the rapist, no amount of regret could ever repair your conscience (if you have one). The MC only learned of the magnitude of pain he caused to such a defenseless kid until it was too late. What pisses me off is the MC lived his life without consequences except for his own feelings of guilt. It is a literary example of how life really is for rape victims that may never get justice.

    I can never romanticize rape. I, too, was initially uncomfortable reading the first two chapters thinking this was going to be another typical yaoi ending of a boy falling in love with his rapist with an unrealistic happy ending and forgiveness. But it was far from this. This reminded me a bit of Nabokov’s Lolita. So cringe worthy but being inside a perpetrator’s mind is a study in itself. LZY is also a mystery. I don’t know, for example, why LZY agreed to see his rapist after so many years and then not reproach him once?

    I am glad I stuck it out. Did I say I cried so much my eyes are puffy?😭

  4. To be honest I did not read the complete novel the rape is not my type so I only read the 7th principle and 2 final and I feel more bad for the boy who died than for the one who is still alive and the letter is a punishment

  5. Its so sad. I can’t still believe theres no happy ending.
    Love is love right? If you can’t express it to the other person, (where you can do it), then theres no meaning in loving someone. Its a extreme tragedy truly. Being so close, and able to obtain that love, yet letting your own self drive it away….extremely heart breakingly sad, and (sob sob). Once true love goes away, the longing in the heart becomes stronger and all the regrets surface…truly regrettable

  6. Someone needs to become an author and make the MC magical go back to the past, or let him died from a car accident and got reincarnated into a different era/world with Li ZhenYun’s soul in that era/world. It would be an additional bonus if Li ZhenYun receives his past life memories as well.

  7. It took two freaking years for me to build up the courage to read this again.
    It still hurts. The worst part is, even knowing how it ends, even with knowing nothing will change, there’s still a little bit of hope echoing in your brain.
    This chapter got published on my sister’s birthday, and I’m reading it again (for the first time) on my brother’s. What are the odds of that! 😖😖😖😖

  8. I am stuck in the sentence “if i had another lifeb i would still be lonely for lifetime because the the person i love doesnt love me ” 😩😩 reading it again and again…. I am crying so badly

  9. When I read it, I hope to get a happy ending. But reality hits me. A hard one. And really hurts…. *sniff

  10. It’s so disheartening and heartbreaking knowing that they could’ve had a potentially better and happier life if they told each other their feelings earlier. I can’t stop crying. ;-;
    Thank you so much for translating this.

    1. Did LZY loved him or not?? Since there was a line where it was indicated that LZY didnt loved him but why did letter consists of LD’s name.
      What did the letter signify ???? WAAHHH CONFUSED.

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