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Chapter 25
It was over a month later when the three of us returned to Tartarus. My father and grandfather’s relationship had bloomed within that time and it was as if they had never been apart. Even my relationship with my grandfather was going smoothly. He was able to help me learn how to heal with my powers without capturing the souls of who I healed. He was ecstatic to be able to be with me. Even Zane was starting to come around, the two of them bickered like old friends and it brought a smile to my face every time they talked.

As my father went off to find my grandmother, somehow my grandfather had convinced my father to make my grandmother visit him, Zane and I strolled, hand and hand, to wherever it may take us. We were content in the silence that surrounded us, just being near one another. Where our fingers touched was like a lifeline. I couldn’t keep the smile off my face as we began to walk towards the palace.

“Zane,” the voice that echoed along the street was like nails on a chalkboard and I groaned out loud. It was Persephone. She stood behind us, her hands on his hips and her eyes flaring with fire. “The dragon council wishes to meet with you. You cannot break off our engagement.”

“To hell he can’t.” I growled. Persephone’s eyes found mine for the first time, then they suddenly widened.

“It can’t be.” She whispered before she flashed in front of me, reaching out a hand to touch me. I slapped her hand away, still gripping Zane. Her eyes had lost all hope as she looked up at me. “Why do you have it?” SHe whispered, then she bared her teeth at me. “You’re not qualified to have it!”

I dropped Zane’s hand and took a step forward just as she made a move toward me. After the month with my grandfather, my powers had grown exponentially and I easily sent out a punch that pushed her back, the heart scale flashing a deep blue around me.

“That’s mine!” Persephone hissed, her blonde hair flaring out behind her as she reached out toward my heart where Zane’s heart scale lay. I easily knocked her hand away and gripped her throat under my palm. Her eyes widened as if she could not believe what was happening.

“It is not yours. It is mine.” Persephone whimpered underneath my palm, clawing at my fingers. “Zane is mine. And if you come near him again, I will kill you.” I whispered darkly, exerting more pressure into my fingers. She whimpered again and I released her. Even before she fell to the ground, she was already running away, giving up the fight before it had really started.

I chuckled and turned back toward Zane. He was standing behind me, a giant grin on his face, his eyes the brightest I had ever seen them.

“What?” I asked, looking around me to see if maybe I forgot toilet paper on my shoe or something. He was already striding toward me before I turned back around. He lifted a hand and move my chin until his lips were decorating my face with light kisses. He stopped before they fell on my lips, the flutter of the soft skin like butterfly wings.

“I love you, Keiran D’arrow.”

Every time he had ever told me those three simple words, he had never used my full name before. For him to use them now, without even using Greek, was like a shot to my soul. To me, it was easier to deal with the lust that rages between us, but to admit to one another, in such simple and plain terms, how much we actually cared for each other, was harder than anything in the world.

Zane kissed me again, his teeth tugging on my bottom lip, causing a moan to tumble out. Even though we were outside the palace, there were still people roaming about. I put a hand over his lips.

“Not here.” I groaned, sparks igniting within my stomach.

“One more.” He whispered, moving my hand away and kissing me deeply once again. I made a moue of desire and let him do as he wished. I don’t know how we got into my room within the palace, all I knew is that we were there and alone and he was tearing off all of my clothes as if they were on fire. I groaned into his kiss as I felt his hand wrap around my erection. His had was hot against my skin, so tantalizing. He pulled and played with me until I came. My cum coated his hand, and he looked down at it questioning before he lifted his hand to him mouth and looked at me. He never broke eye contact as he lick hs palm. Tasting my essence.

I groaned low in my throat, reaching out to him, dragging his lips down to mine, kissing him even as I tasted myself on his lips, Even though the kiss, he fumbled with his clothes, taking them off frantically as if he couldn’t wait to feel my skin against his. His hands snaked around me, finding my entrance, probing, plundering, causing moans to cascade out of my throat.

“Take me.” I whispered into the kiss. He growled low in his throat, biting hard on my bottom lip. Then with one long thrust, he was inside me, filling me up with everything he had. I stifled my moan with another kiss from him, wrapping my legs around his waist and holding him there, deep inside me.

He thrust into me, biting at my neck. I moaned, and clawed his back, wanting him to be deeper inside of me. He chuckled at my frenzied kissed that littered his face. He bent his head down and nipped at my collarbone, trailing until he bit my lip. I panted, stuck at the height of my orgasm, unable to come without him moving. Frozen in that moment before he would let me fall.

Within that small room, our moans echoed back and forth. Our kisses hard and soft. Our love resounding within our hearts. I don’t know how many times I came, all I knew was that with Zane beside me, no matter how many times we had sex, I would never be sated.

Zane’s arms wrapped around me, our legs entangled, our breathing still irregular as our heartbeats intertwined until they seemed to belong to only one being. I couldn’t resist as I snuggled in closer to Zane’s warm chest. His heartbeat resounded within the silence, seeming to shake me to my core. His fingers lifted from where they were curled around my waist until he gently lifted my chin until our eyes were mere centimeters apart. He kissed my forehead, each eyelid, my nose and then my lips.

The kiss wasn’t frenzied like our earlier ones, but soft, gentle. Almost as if he was afraid of breaking me, shattering everything I was with his touch. With that kiss I knew just how precious I was in his eyes. I knew nothing could change the way he saw me, and, even though I would never tell him, he was just as precious to me in my eyes. His touch, his kisses, his rare smiles and even rarer laughter, they were all engraved into my heart. Now and forever, I knew Zane would be the only ink decorating my soul. His heart was inked into mine, never to fade with the passage of time.

I didn’t know where we would go from here, or what could possibly end up happening in our future, but all I knew was that I was glad that it was him by my side. Even as our kiss ended, the gentleness in his eyes didn’t fade, a small smile lifted the corner of his lips.

“Sleep, Kei mou.” He gently kissed my forehead again, pulling me closer to his bare skin. I grumbled under my breath, and before he could move, I reversed our positions until I was straddling him.

“I’m not ready to sleep yet,” my voice came out huskily, tinged with an insatiable desire. My hand wrapped around his shaft, bringing his desire to the forefront. Zane chuckled heartily, his eyes bright in the dark room. With a single movement he was above me, his large, throbbing erection pressed into my stomach. I grinned up at him, my eyes filled with mirth and wickedness. “Want to bet how many rounds we can last?”

Zane pressed himself down harder into me, causing me to groan. “What is the reward?” He said seriously. I laughed out loud, reaching up to pull his lips down to mine.

“My everything.”

The End

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June 18, 2022 7:01 am

Awww,loved this. Also loved Never My Alpha and Only Mine and am going to read your other books too. Thank you.

August 13, 2022 10:26 pm

Love the story. You are very talented as a writer and a translator. I know when I see your name, it’s going to be excellent ♥️

September 9, 2022 10:20 am

I really enjoyed reading this. It was well written. You are so talented. Well done❣️💯

September 26, 2022 11:19 am

Thanks for sharing your brilliant mind with us through these awesome stories! You are an amazing translator and novelist. Appreciate all your hard work.

January 18, 2023 3:25 pm

Good world building mixed with funny bits. Thank you!

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