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Chapter 11: More Delicious Than Chocolate

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


When Han Tian returned to Tong Tong’s room, the boy was already asleep.

Qiao Xi’s elbow was propped up on the side of the bed, supporting his chin, and his head was nodding off little by little.

The corner of Han Tian’s lips lifted slightly and he gently patted Qiao Xi. “Qiao Xi, I’m back.”

Qiao Xi opened his eyes in a daze, saw Han Tian’s face, and suddenly jolted. “You’re back? Are you okay?”

Han Tian made a “shhh” gesture and pulled his arm out of the room.

“Mn, it’s okay.” Han Tian said soberly, “After my repeated persuasion, he has deeply realized his mistake and has been condemned by his conscience. From now on, he will sincerely repent and be a new man.”

Qiao Xi frowned. “Wait, he didn’t swindle you, did he?”

Han Tian shook his head. “He recorded a confession video in front of me. Later, he went back to the dean to resign, and then went to the police to turn himself in.”

Hearing this, Qiao Xi grunted and said, “That’s more like it.”

After that, he circled Han Tian twice and looked him up from head to toe several times, even ruffled his forehead hair with his hand and looked at him—just like opening his mouth to check his teeth.

Han Tian was in tears. “What are you doing?”

Qiao Xi said, “Why, I’m just checking. I’m worried that you’ll be embarrassed to tell me if he bullied you. If that bastard dares to touch a finger of yours—hmm!” I will break the legs of any scum who dares to touch my prey and hinders my graduation!

Han Tian hid the ripples in his eyes and said softly, “Okay, I’m really fine. Then let’s talk to the caretaker and get ready to go home.”

On the journey back, the car was naturally driven by Qiao Xi.

Compared with when he came, Qiao Xi had become much more comfortable.

He was getting used to the smell of Han Tian’s body and was able to gradually control his strange thoughts of pouncing on him.

Now, he just felt that the air was sweet and fragrant, which made him very comfortable.


Although not so much wanting to bite him, his stomach had a strange uncomfortable feeling.

And, along with the stomach discomfort, there seemed to be a little dizziness?

The corners of Qiao Xi’s mouth began to sink unconsciously.

“What’s wrong with you? Your face doesn’t look too good,” Han Tian asked with concern.

“Ah, nothing,” Qiao Xi said perfunctorily. 

At this moment, his stomach made a clear gurgling sound.

Qiao Xi’s face was shocked and he stopped at the side of the road with a sharp brake.

“My stomach… Just now, just now, screaming?” He asked incredulously.

What was going on? He knew that if a human was hungry, he would make a belly rumble because his stomach and intestines were moving—but he wasn’t human at all!

Han Tian ignored Qiao Xi’s question, but asked with a serious face, “Qiao Xi, did you have breakfast before you arrived at the cafe this morning?” 

“Breakfast? I never eat that.” Qiao Xi shrugged his shoulders.

At the time, in the Demon World, he was not qualified to taste human souls as a demon on an internship.

Their daily food was a variety of colorful minerals. The richly colored sapphires and bright and dazzling rubies were the little demon’s candy bar.

After arriving in the earth realm, Angel’s Feather’s dessert was the only thing he would eat, and also loved to eat.

As for other foods, he was uniformly lacking in interest.

“Don’t you drive.” Han Tian’s voice had some irresistible meaning.

He directly got out of the car, pulled open the driver’s door, half-held, half-carried Qiao Xi down, and then took him to the back seat to lie down.

Qiao Xi wanted to resist—but his head was getting dizzier and dizzier.

“I… What’s wrong…” He felt that everything around him was a little blurry.

“Hypoglycemia caused by not eating breakfast and overconsumption.” Han Tian jumped to a conclusion. At the same time, he conjured up a piece of chocolate from somewhere and stuffed it into Qiao Xi’s mouth a little.

Qiao Xi almost instinctively took in the dark chocolate, and his bright red tongue poked out, licking it unconsciously at the corner of his mouth.

So sweet… So delicious… There was something that seemed sweeter than chocolate…

He didn’t even notice that he was now licking Han Tian’s finger like a deer sipping.

Han Tian, who originally only wanted Qiao Xi to eat the chocolate, was embarrassed to find that this unconscious little beast wanted to eat his own finger along with it. Moreover, this guy seemed to be more interested in his own finger than in the chocolate.

When that soft little tongue attached itself for the first time, he only felt himself shuddering from his fingertips, to the tip of his hair.

It was too strange.

He subconsciously tried to pull his hand back a little, but found that the man’s head followed his fingers after him.


In the end, a thin layer of red surfaced on his face and he stiffly half-kneeled to one side, allowing this little beast to unleash itself on him.

Perhaps it was the chocolate he swallowed that finally took effect, or perhaps it was something else, but Qiao Xi’s face flushed a little more visibly.

“What have I just eaten… So sweet… So delicious…” Qiao Xi muttered in a daze.

“Chocolate,” Han Tian replied briefly.

“Oh…” Qiao Xi grunted as he tried to sit up. “Strange, how come I haven’t had such delicious chocolate before?”

“…” Han Tian had a serious face. “When you’re low on blood sugar, you’re probably extra sensitive to sweetness.”

“I’m hypoglycemic? How can I be?” Qiao Xi, who finally came to his senses, opened his eyes and muttered softly.

After all, what flows in my veins is not human blood at all…

“You lie still. I’ll drive.” Han Tian pressed him back down again.

“You… Do you know how to drive?” Qiao Xi asked with a grunt.

“Yes.” Han Tian was already in the driver’s seat, buckling his seat belt.

Qiao Xi thought vaguely as she closed her eyes and continued to get sleepy: I have to say, Han Tian’s driving skill is very smooth. 

Soon, Qiao Xi fell asleep in the back seat, sleeping extremely well, and even faintly snoring.

Han Tian glanced at this person in the rearview mirror, and a myriad of indescribable emotions rolled over under his eyes.

By the time he skillfully parked in the garage, Qiao Xi had already woken up from his nap and rolled over and sat up. “Okay, I’m fine now! Thank you for your help today!”

Han Tian didn’t get out of the car, however. He just turned around and stared at Qiao Xi. “What else do you usually eat besides dessert?”

Qiao Xi blinked. “…Just, normal food, I guess.”

“Then what did you have for dinner yesterday?” Han Tian pursued.


The only thing he ate yesterday was a piece of orange cake.

Han Tian sighed and jumped out of the car. “Have you ever eaten any other, normal food? Like, vegetables, meat, or rice?”

Although Han Tian’s expression was still very calm, Qiao Xi always felt that the man seemed to be angry.

He hesitated and whispered, “Dessert is the best. Anything else is not good either.”

When he first came to the earth realm, out of curiosity, he also went to Michelin restaurants to try other human foods. However, the vegetarian dishes were bitter and hard to swallow, and the non-vegetarian dishes were oily and greasy, none of which could be eaten.

Han Tian shook his head. “No. The human diet must be balanced to get enough nutrients. You… I’ll tell you what, I’ll take you home and cook you dinner.”

Qiao Xi’s eyes widened as he thought about it, and a sudden light of surprise bloomed on his face. “You mean, you can come and cook for me?”

Han Tian’s eyes also widened. “Eh?”

Qiao Xi began to gush with excitement, “Yes, yes, when the cafe is closed, you can work for me! Well, do you charge by the hour or by the hour?”

The corners of Han Tian’s mouth twitched. “… Okay, you get out first. Let’s go home.”


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July 20, 2023 8:02 am

Hope Tong Tong will be OK; more about his recovery from this ordeal would have been good and I wish HT could help him to speak (I know, it wouldn’t ‘fit’ to happen so suddenly, but I’d have liked it).
QX is so amusing, always misunderstanding. Do all intern demons on earth develop human traits, or is it just him and if so, why, I wonder? HT will surely end up changing his opinion that demons are all alike.
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 20, 2023 9:53 am

Ahhh Qiao Xi is so cute!! ><

July 20, 2023 5:24 pm

Loving these two together. Thanks for the chapter!

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
July 22, 2023 5:48 am

Hahaha, the little demon has successfully make a seraph become his cook! 😂

July 25, 2023 8:02 pm

I don’t think he is a full demon. maybe he’s like a half demon, half human.

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