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Chapter 33: There’s Only One Bed.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


“This rubber ducky, do you want to bring it too?” Han Tian picked out a small duck from Qiao Xi’s bed full of clothes and clutter.

“Oh, that one,” Qiao Xi said as he opened the big suitcase, “that one is for bathing, I like to let it soak with me.”

Han Tian squeezed the duck and said, “The apartment I live in doesn’t have a bathtub, so you won’t be able to take a bath with it.”

“Ah… Well…” There was a little disappointment on Qiao Xi’s face.

Han Tian smiled and tossed the duck to Qiao Xi. “If you like it, you can take it with you. Maybe you can still use it later.”

Qiao Xi caught the rubber ducky with both hands and wondered, Well, didn’t Han Tian say the apartment didn’t have a bathtub? Then how else can I use it?

Qiao Xi was actually very inexperienced in packing.

Before that, all his clothes were placed by the Demon Academy in advance. Even in the previous move, he himself did not contribute half of the effort.

But now, is he going to say to Han Tian, “Let’s do a magic trick. Please close your eyes and count to 1, 2, 3. Okay! Dang! Look, my stuff is all packed up! And it’s all transferred instantly!”

This scene was a little too scary.

So he had to try to do it himself.

To his surprise, Han Tian did not seem to be very good at this either.

He originally thought that Han Tian was a person who was good at everything, after all, even such a complicated thing as cooking, can be learned in one go.

As a result, looking at the rows of clothes, Han Tian showed a confused expression, and even looked a bit shy. “I… I don’t know how to pack…”

Luckily, they had Sang Sang.

Qiao Xi’s messy luggage, after Sang Sang’s packing, instantly became neat and organized. Each piece could be stuffed into the suitcase and taken out smoothly.

However, there was one thing that Qiao Xi couldn’t figure out: at first, when he asked Sang Sang to move into the villa, she shook her head vigorously, saying that she didn’t want to cause any trouble to everyone. However, when he said he wanted to move in with Han Tian, Sang Sang’s eyes lit up and she agreed, and she acted very positively.

Originally, he was thinking that he should let Sang Sang stay in a hotel for one night and talk about it the next day. But Sang Sang said she didn’t want to wait a day and wanted to move that day!

Qiao Xi, who was a little uncertain, looked at Han Tian with some inquiry.

Han Tian touched the tip of his nose and said, “Mn, since we have decided to move, let’s start early.”

Soon, Qiao Xi’s luggage was finished packing and Sang Sang’s luggage was also brought over.

After leading Sang Sang into the guest room, Qiao Xi clapped his hands and said, “Okay, I’ll leave in a minute. If there’s anything, you can call the property. Besides—uh, there’s no rush to find a house, just live anywhere.”

Sang Sang clenched both hands into fists and held them up to her chest in a “cheer” gesture, “Yeah! Don’t worry! I’ll try to stay for as long as I can! Go for it, Qiao Xi!”

Go? For it?

What am I doing?

While Qiao Xi was wondering, Han Tian came over to say, “I’m going to put the luggage in the car. Do you want to talk to Sang Sang for a while? Or do you want to join me?”

Qiao Xi hurriedly said, “Together!”

With that, he waved at Sang Sang, rushed back to his bedroom, picked up the shark and went downstairs with Han Tian.

“Why didn’t you put the shark in your luggage?” Han Tian asked.

Qiao Xi, who was already seated in the passenger seat, squeezed the shark’s stomach and said, “I was worried it would be too stuffy in the luggage, so I’d better hold it.”

Han Tian laughed and stepped on the gas.

Han Tian’s apartment was located next to Medical College, a separate high-rise building with twenty-three floors.

When he stepped into the elevator, even though Qiao Xi had tried his best to control his facial expression, he still found himself reflected on the car wall, with his eyes curved at the corners and his smile not being able to be hidden.

He stole a glance at Han Tian, fortunately, the man was looking down at his phone, not looking at himself.

Phew, I didn’t want him to find out how happy he was because the plan had worked out.

Speaking of which, will the Capture Value be smoother when I live there? I’ll be sure to check it out later.

Ding! The elevator reached the 23rd floor and the door opened.

Han Tian put his cell phone in his pocket, carried the luggage lever with one hand, and patted Qiao Xi’s shoulder with the other. “Stop smiling, here we are.”

Qiao Xi: …

Qiao Xi hadn’t yet figured out whether to deny that he wasn’t laughing or to say that he was laughing because he thought of something funny, but Han Tian had already opened the door with the fingerprint lock as if nothing had happened. “Come in, and put your fingerprints in later.”

“Oh oh, okay!” Hearing that Han Tian gave him the “house key”, Qiao Xi’s mouth widened and he forgot all about the denial and explanation and happily followed Han Tian inside.

When Han Tian said that his place was a bit small, Qiao Xi wondered if it would be the same as Sang Sang’s apartment. If it was as small as Sang Sang’s apartment, then there must be no extra rooms, so he and Han Tian would have to share a room…

Oh, that’s really inconvenient, Qiao Xi thought, while vaguely looking forward to it.

As it turned out, the apartment had three rooms and two bathrooms, not much smaller than the ground floor of Qiao Xi’s villa.

Moreover, whether it was because the entire apartment was decorated with the simplest white color, it looked extraordinarily empty and not the least bit crowded.

Han Tian carried the luggage and led Qiao Xi directly into the innermost bedroom, pressed the overhead light and said, “I haven’t had time to change the bed sheets yet, I’ll do it later. Half of the closet should be empty, so you can use it. You clean up first, I’ll go make dinner.”

Qiao Xi looked around curiously and found that this spacious bedroom had nothing but a bed with an attached nightstand and a closet.

The bed sheets that Han Tian claimed to be changing had not a single wrinkle on them, and in Qiao Xi’s opinion, were as flat as if no one had ever slept on them.

Qiao Xi scratched his head and asked, “Is this the guest room?”

Han Tian put the suitcase down on the floor and said, “No, this is my room. You stay here and I’ll stay in the study next to it.”

Qiao Xi was going to ask if there was a bed in the study, but before he could say anything, Han Tian turned around and went out, leaving only one sentence: “Put it away and rest for a while. I’ll call you when dinner is ready.”

He could only put the little shark on the bed and gently pushed open the closet.

The closet was really empty. Inside hung a row of almost identical white shirts, and a few trench coats.

One of them, with Medical College’s logo embroidered on the collar and cuffs, should be the one Han Tian was wearing when he first saw him.

Qiao Xi picked up the cuff of the windbreaker and looked at it, pursed his mouth, and thought, This is the shirt that misled me! Hmph! How could I have thought that the professor would have clothes with the school’s emblem?

Half an hour later, Qiao Xi had already emptied his suitcase. Since Sang Sang had thoughtfully included labels and numbers when she packed them for him, it would be easy—even for him—to pack them as long as he followed the tips on the labels.

However, Han Tian had not yet come to inform him of dinner.

With somewhat nothing else to do, Qiao Xi slid open his phone, tapped on the [Guidebook], and tapped in the current progress. After waiting for a while, he found that the Capture Value had not changed, but remained in the interval [2-59].

Why? He had already moved into Han Tian’s house, how come there was no progress at all?

However, he was not particularly anxious. After all, the dean had said that the current method was the right one. As long as they follow the right path down, there will always be a breakthrough!

With this in mind, Qiao Xi tossed his phone aside and began to stare at the white sheets and fluffy pillows.

Well… I always feel, especially sleepy, especially want to fall on it…

After a few times of fake resistance, he finally found himself a very legitimate reason: I can’t help much in the kitchen anyway, and Han Tian also let me rest first—I’ll just lie on his bed and rest, what’s wrong with that? Hmm.

With that, Qiao Xi laid down on it.

As he thought before, between the bedding, there was a very light, very mild sweet fragrance. And the mattress was very comfortable, the pillow was extra fluffy, plus he was indeed a bit tired from all the running around today, and within three minutes, he fell asleep on all fours.

After an unknown period of time, someone was gently patting him.

“Qiao Xi, Qiao Xi, have something to eat before you sleep.”

“Mn… No more eating… I don’t need to eat anything…” Qiao Xi replied in a daze.

“… No need to eat? Aren’t you hungry?”

Qiao Xi rolled over and muttered.

“No, I’m not hungry… Only humans are hungry … I’m not that fragile…?”


He snapped awake, rolled over and sat up with a clatter, staring in horror at the person sitting on the edge of the bed with his hair sticking out of his head.

Han Tian had changed into light gray loungewear and his hair was falling down.

In Qiao Xi’s eyes, Han Tian looked warmer, softer, and more intimate than usual.

However, the first thing he needs to explain now is the little “slip of the tongue” he just made.

“Awake?” Han Tian asked before Qiao Xi could say anything.

“Uh-huh.” Qiao Xi hugged the blanket and felt a little bit nervous.

“Are you really not hungry?” Han Tian continued to ask.

“Yes, I’m hungry,” Qiao Xi quickly said, and at the same time began to make up, “Can you believe it, I just had a dream that I became a robot that doesn’t need to eat, very impressive, right?”

Han Tian lowered his head and laughed so hard that even his shoulders were trembling.

“Uh, is it that funny?” Qiao Xi asked sheepishly.

Han Tian stood up from the edge of the bed, stroked his head and said, “Stop thinking, the little robot needs to be refueled, let’s eat.”

“Oh.” Qiao Xi jumped off the bed with some embarrassment.

Han Tian walked towards the door and barked without looking back, “Don’t be barefoot, put on your shoes.” 

“Oh.” Qiao Xi dutifully put on his slippers.

The main course for dinner was teriyaki chicken thighs and fried shrimp with okra, accompanied by tossed eggplant and wakame tofu soup.

After eating two pieces of meat, Qiao Xi bit the tips of his chopsticks and looked at Han Tian, who was eating in a gentle manner, and asked, “Are you sleeping in the study?”

Han Tian stopped his chopsticks and said, “Yes.”

Qiao Xi blinked and looked straight at the person across the table. “The study… Is there a bed?”

Han Tian stared at him, the corners of his lips slowly rising. “No…”

Qiao Xi put the dishes on the table, and looking at the thin, red lips, the little upward curve, his heartbeat gradually accelerated, and he whispered, “Then…”

“There is no bed, but there is a long sofa.” Han Tian said, “I’ll sleep on the couch.”

“… Oh.” Qiao Xi picked up his bowl again, grabbed his chopsticks, and buried his head.

“What did you just want to say?” Han Tian asked briskly.

“… Me? Oh, I just asked if there was a couch in the study,” Qiao Xi replied stiffly.

In fact, he himself was not sure what exactly he wanted to say just now.

After eating, Qiao Xi had wanted to wash the dishes with Han Tian, but Han Tian said, “You are so drowsy just now, take a shower and go to sleep.”

After saying that, he carried him directly to the bathroom and helped him to take the door.

Qiao Xi looked at the clothes rack at the door where there were neatly folded bath towels and pajamas; the mirror cabinet next to the sink was already set up with his toothbrush and cup.

The rubber ducky was placed next to the soap in the shape of a seashell.

Even the body wash and shampoo resting next to the shower handle are the same brand Qiao Xi has been using.

All the details have been arranged by Han Tian.

Qiao Xi leaned against the bathroom door and suddenly had a complicated feeling: Am I really just going to stay here temporarily? If Han Tian knew that I could only stay here for two months at most, would he have made such careful arrangements…

No, what would Han Tian think if he knew why I had to stay here?

Haunted by this thought, Qiao Xi’s mood was a bit low and he sullenly finished his shower.

When he came out, the lights in the living room and dining room had been dimmed.

The door of the study was half-hidden, perhaps Han Tian was still working inside?

Qiao Xi thought about it and decided not to bother him, so he went into the master bedroom and plopped down on the bed where the sheets had been changed.

The sheets were still very soft and smooth.

However, there was no longer that fragrance that was enough to make him intoxicated.

Qiao Xi thought with regret, I should have told Han Tian not to change the sheets.

At that moment, through the soundproof door, there was a faint sound of water. Han Tian must have gone to take a shower too.

The Han Tian who was taking a bath…

Qiao Xi’s mind suddenly appeared many strange images. The splashing water beads, the dense mist, the diffuse fragrance, the strong thin and tight waist, the curve of the belly, and…

The sound of the water stopped when all kinds of thoughts were going through his mind. After half a minute, there was a soft knock on the bedroom door. “Qiao Xi? Qiao Xi, are you asleep?”

His heart beat inexplicably faster and he had to restrain his voice to keep it from shaking. “No… No.”

“Then can I come in?” Han Tian’s voice was a little low, a little lazy.


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Let him sleep with you, I know you know what he’s doing Han Tian!! 😭

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QX is the prey, captured so many chapters ago.
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