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Chapter 49: The Conspiracy of 20 Years Ago

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko


It was seen… The part of himself that he didn’t want to show, the part that he didn’t want him to see in any way, was exposed…

Qiao Xi stood still, trembling; even his wings were twitching. He saw that Han Tian took a step forward and extended his hand towards him…

No, no, no! I don’t want to be touched by you like this!

Qiao Xi tossed Xiao Guang in his hands to Han Tian, turned around, swung his wings twice with all his might, and leapt to the roof of a nearby bungalow.

“Qiao Xi!” He heard Han Tian calling out his name.

Qiao Xi closed his eyes tightly, summoned strong demon power, supported his wings, and flew far away.

Run, run away, run to a place where Han Tian can’t see…

“Qiao Xi, stop!

Why? Why can I hear Han Tian’s voice even though I am flying in the air?

In a panic, Qiao Xi wanted to look back. However, before he could turn his head, there was a pain like being torn deep inside his body. This kind of pain was not new to Qiao Xi. This was exactly the same as the heart-breaking pain when the little black cat attacked him last time.

Is it getting out of control again? Qiao Xi thought in horror.

Last time, it was Han Tian who rushed in and saved himself.

What about this time? This time, he has found out that he is not human at all, he… He’s not going to save me…!

Intense pain swept through his entire body.

He could no longer manipulate the surging demon power, and he could no longer swing his wings.

He began to fall.

He faintly heard the little star on his chest, the little star Han Tian had given him, burst.

Han Tian… I’m sorry… I lied to you…

He finally lost consciousness.

His body was still falling.

The little star scattered into countless minuscule fragments, forming a net in the air, enveloping Qiao Xi, slowing down his fall.

The moment he was about to hit the ground, a lightning-like figure rushed underneath him and lifted him up steadily.

And those bright fragments, which flickered several times at last, finally disappeared in full.

“Qiao Xi! Qiao Xi!” After they landed on the grass, Han Tian half-kneeled on the ground, holding the man in his arms, pressing his hand to his forehead, calling his name while trying to pour his angelic power into him—just like the last time Qiao Xi lost his consciousness.

Just like Qiao Xi did the last time he lost consciousness.

However… Snap! A gray light, like a sharp arrow, flew past Han Tian’s face.

Han Tian subconsciously raised his hand and struck a white light at the place where the arrow came from.

“Heh.” Luo Lin, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, burst out of the void, waving his gray wings, circling around the two before steadily stepping on the lawn.

“Seraph ah, I advise you to be good and watch this demon, not trying to attack me again is better. This demon in your arms, is constantly devouring your angelic power; if you still want to divide your hands to deal with me, in only a moment, his body’s demon power will immediately surge, and then—your cute little demon, will be completely devoured by the demonic energy of all consciousness. I do not care if this demon lives or dies. What about you, do you not care either?”

Han Tian’s body trembled, looking at Luo Lin’s eyes that were cold like condensed ice, but also did not dare to continue to do so.

Luo Lin sneered and said, “Why are you looking at me like that? My lovely ‘brother’? Do you know why he was in so much pain and repeatedly fainted last time, and this time? That’s because the angelic power he kept drawing, and the demon power that suddenly raged inside him, would keep tearing him apart, making him suffer—you, before, used your own angelic power to strongly suppress that demon power, but now—” Luo Lin took a step forward and cupped Han Tian’s chin. “But now, how much angelic power do you have left? Can you still hold it down? Hmm?”

He looked at Han Tian’s face with admiration. “Tsk, very good, very good, this level of attrition is too appropriate.”

Then, he glanced at Qiao Xi in Han Tian’s arms, with abhorrence in his eyes. “Worthy of an Incubus, he has already absorbed so much angelic power.”

“Luo Lin,” Han Tian said with a cold heart, “if you came for me, then let Qiao Xi go.”

“For you?” Luo Lin’s eyes narrowed for a moment and said meaningfully, “Sir Seraph, why do you think it’s for you?”

At this moment Han Tian, although not distracted from attacking Luo Lin, was obviously overexerted, his face gradually pale, and even his eyes began to be lax.

He moved his hand from Qiao Xi’s forehead and put his finger into Qiao Xi’s mouth, while his teeth were chattering, and let him bite his finger until it bled, while saying, “Isn’t it because you are obviously the former Seraph, but because you have me as the ‘successor.’ Aren’t you holding a grudge against me and wanting to get back at me because you were the previous Seraph, but were stripped of that title because of me, the ‘successor’, and were finally expelled from the heavenly realm and became a fallen angel?”

Luo Lin sneered and said, “Brother, I advise you not to think so highly of yourself. What former Seraph, what guardian of glory, we are all just tools of the holy light. Even our faces are only made according to a predetermined mold.”

Han Tian paused for a few seconds and suddenly changed his tone with a bit of sadness and said, “If that’s the case, why did you go to such great lengths to set up such a trap 20 years ago and go to the Demon World to steal Qiao Xi’s egg and give it to me as a ‘gift’?”

Like hearing something interesting, Luo Lin smiled and said, “What, you don’t like this gift? I see, you also enjoy his charm technique.”

Han Tian said word for word, “Qiao Xi, he didn’t use charm on me.”

“Oh?” Luo Lin, who had been laughing coldly, suddenly burst out with great anger.

He flew a kick directly at Qiao Xi’s face—only to be blocked by Han Tian with his arm raw.

He looked at Han Tian, his chest heaving violently, and said through clenched teeth, “You fools! Idiots! Do you all think that’s true love, true emotion? That’s stupid! You’re all just deluded by demons! These demons, how can they have love? A soul?!”

Looking at Luo Lin, who was gradually dominated by anger, Han Tian said in a sorrowful tone, “Luo Lin, you were once my most trusted senior, my most admired mentor. Back then, I have not forgotten how you guided me with great care! You took me to practice, you took me to read, you took me to the Lake of Mirrors to see the birds, you took me to taste the food of the earthly world in secret.So, why on earth would you do such a thing!”

Luo Lin froze, and a somewhat dazed look appeared on his face.

“Back then… Did…” He stammered.

“Yeah… Back then, everything was still beautiful. I could have returned to the heavenly realm with him and never come to the earthly realm again, without having to fight for my life to apprehend those demons…”

His eyes drifted and landed on Han Tian’s face. “Yes, it was at this time that the patriarchs said that a new generation of Seraph had been summoned so that I could step down in peace… I still remember the way you looked when you first stepped out of the holy light…”

“If it wasn’t for…” Luo Lin’s expression turned fierce again. His features, which were originally identical to Han Tian’s, became distorted and horrible under the immense anger and hatred.

“If it weren’t for these despicable, lowly, underhanded demons, why would I do this to you!” Luo Lin roared, and even the woods behind him kept trembling, and the birds fled.

“For what reason did you choose such a path to make yourself, and those who care about you, suffer?” Han Tian raised his face, and the look in his eyes was almost pleading.

“Heh… Oh.” Luo Lin laughed, while raising his right hand and drawing a magic formation in the air. “Good brother, you will soon know… If you don’t want to get hurt again, you should take that piece of junk and jump into the formation yourself. Of course, if you do not jump, I also have ways to slowly torture you, or that mass of garbage in your arms.”

At that moment, a white light streaked through the air and landed straight next to Han Tian.

The white light rolled and stood up. “Han Tian!

Han Tian took the little black cat Miquel threw at him, thanked him, then lifted it up and looked at Luo Lin without saying a word.

The little black cat was being held by Han Tian’s neck, and was moving around restlessly. Miquel hurriedly took out a small dried fish and handed it to the little black cat.

Luo Lin’s face suddenly changed.

He forced himself to calm down and said with a sneer, “Well, brother, all those words from your heart and memories of the past are just stalling for time, right?”

Han Tian scratched the little black cat’s chin. “I have been taught by you how to hoodwink the enemy when they are strong and I am weak, I never dared to forget.”

Luo Lin stared at the cat and said in a hateful voice, “You actually found it—but it doesn’t matter, what can you do to it? You are restricted by [the code] from killing without reason…!”

Han Tian didn’t do anything to the little black cat, but threw the little black cat straight at Luo Lin’s face.

When the little black cat saw Luo Lin, it clung to his neck and meowed happily, however, all the magic formations Luo Lin had just drawn disappeared. Even the wings behind him instantly turned into nothing.

At this moment, Miquel took the opportunity to release all of his pressure and built a light golden wall in the air, protecting Han Tian and Qiao Xi behind the wall.

Luo Lin looked at the faint golden light and sneered, “How can you try to stop me with such a low-level trick?”

Han Tian, who was already drenched in cold sweat, braced himself and said, “Of course I can’t stop you, but you are now, I’m afraid, as powerless as I am.”

Luo Lin took the little black cat in his arms, and his tone was strange. “You found out?”

Han Tian said, “A fallen angel, to send a cat into a demon’s home, actually needs to use money to drive humans to do it, but why not just use angelic power and send the cat in? Unless there was some reason that prevented this fallen angel from using angelic power.

And yet this bribed human is able to dodge all the security and surveillance with this Angel’s Refuge and get all the way in unhindered—why is that? Why can’t you use it yourself, but you can use it on others?

I can only assume that there is a key factor that can briefly hinder you from using your power—this cat, that factor! As long as this cat is around you, you are as powerless as an ordinary human, without any semblance of power!”

Luo Lin’s teeth clacked together and he said in a trembling voice, “Good, good, you are worthy of it!”

Luo Lin glanced at Miquel beside him and said to Han Tian, “But even if you can see it, you will do nothing all the same. Let me tell you, your beloved Qiao Xi, if you can’t return him to the Demon World in time to redirect the demonic energy in his whole body, he is equally dead! Are you going to stay and use your flesh and blood to fight me, or are you going to find other demons and beg them to take you to the Demon World and save your little demon’s life?”

Looking at Han Tian who didn’t dare to move anymore, Luo Lin laughed wildly and finally said, “Han Tian, there must be a back-up for everything, isn’t that what I taught you? Hahahahahaha!”

Then, holding the cat, the man stumbled deeper into the woods, until his figure disappeared completely.

Han Tian’s face turned blue, he took Qiao Xi in his arms, stood up, and said to Miquel, “I have to go to the library right away.”

Miquel was startled. “The library, now?”

Han Tian rested his jaw on Qiao Xi’s forehead, his face grim. “What Luo Lin said last was not a bluff. I know there is another demon in the library, and I have to force him to take me to the Demon World immediately to be able to save Qiao Xi.”

Miquel hesitated and said, “I… I know a higher-ranking demon, and I think that with his ability, he can help…”

Han Tian gave Miquel a look. “A higher-ranking demon?”

Miquel lowered his head and avoided answering directly. “You can’t fly now, can you? I’ll drive there immediately.”

The three of them, of course, did not go to the library, but Miquel drove and rushed to the city center.

“Here?” Han Tian asked, puzzled.

“Mn.” Miquel stammered awkwardly.

They were now standing in the underground parking lot of the Four Seasons Hotel.

“Mr. Miquel, please use this elevator.” A butler with a well-dressed suit and slightly white temples guided the three of them to a special elevator.

It was clear that Han Tian was carrying a man with both wings and horns in his arms, but the butler did not raise any questions; he did not give even a superfluous look.

However, he delicately spread a blanket and put it on Qiao Xi, explaining, “This guest is asleep and I don’t want him to catch a cold.”

Han Tian looked at the man warily, and then at the wristwatches on his and Miquel’s hands—there was no change in the watches except for the alert that had just been triggered by Qiao Xi’s loss of control.

The butler didn’t seem to notice Han Tian’s gaze, just smiled politely and stopped the elevator door for them. Once the three were inside, the butler swiped his card and pressed the top floor, while he himself stepped back and waited with a bow until the elevator doors closed.

“Is the butler human?” Han Tian asked.

Miquel said helplessly, “I’m not sure. But the communicator never rings when I see him.”

The elevator went straight to the suite.

When the elevator door opened again, Evans was already standing at the door.

His long silver hair was still not hidden, but just tied behind his head.

When he saw Han Tian and Qiao Xi in his arms, he didn’t seem to be surprised, but just nodded politely at Han Tian before turning to Miquel and saying, “You’re willing to see me now.”

The intimacy in his tone did not avoid people at all.

Miquel immediately blushed, gritted his teeth and shouted, “Don’t talk nonsense! I said it’s business!”

Evans then changed his face and said to Han Tian, “Seraph, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

He then gave a slight bow. “I am Evans, the director of the Demon Academy, and the one who has been providing Miquel with information about the Demon World for so many years.”

Han Tian’s eyes lingered on Miquel’s reddened face for a few seconds, then fell back to Evans’ face, not very surprised, only saying, “Excuse me.”

Evans guided the three of them to the living room and said, “Miquel has already told me the general situation, so let me check Qiao Xi’s current condition” while indicating Han Tian to put Qiao Xi flat on the sofa.

He touched Qiao Xi’s horns with his hand, closed his eyes and thought for a while, and finally said with certainty, “The fallen angel was right. Since his early childhood, Qiao Xi’s body has absorbed a lot of angelic power, and now it has intensified, simply entangling with the power of demons. Just now, he lost control of his demon power, and it was only because you tried your best to suppress it that Qiao Xi was still in a drowsy state—ah, I want to confirm, Sir Seraph, I don’t think you have done anything other than kissing, right?”

The question was so blunt that even Miquel froze, yet Han Tian just replied calmly, “No.”

Evans nodded. “That’s okay. If he doesn’t take in enough, he’ll die from power depletion. But if he suddenly draws too much, it will collide with his own demon power, Seraph, it’s really hard for you.”

Han Tian’s face was expressionless as he asked, “He was trying to save an ordinary human today and touched the demon power in his body, causing the power to go out of control. According to Luo Lin, he has to be sent back to the Demon World immediately to redirect the power within him and calm the demonic energy. And, it sounds like it has to be a demon to open the path to the Demon World?”

Evans stood up, looked at Han Tian, and said, “Indeed, only a high level demon can open the magic formation to the Demon World. So, Sir Seraph, would you like to escort Qiao Xi back to the Demon World?”

Without the slightest hesitation, Han Tian said, “I’ll go.”

Miquel was shocked and immediately said, “Han Tian, you are crazy! It’s the Demon World! It’s full of aggressive demonic energy! Every step an angel takes in the Demon World is like dancing on the edge of a sword with bare feet! What’s more, you have no power left now!”

Then he turned his head. “Evans, if it’s just to send Qiao Xi back, wouldn’t you be the best person to do it yourself? Why do you want Han Tian to go?”

Evans helplessly spread his hands. “I can send him, but during this period, who will feed him angelic power continuously? Even if he wakes up, I am afraid he will no longer be ‘Qiao Xi’.”

Han Tian also stood up. “There is no need to say more. When do I take him away?”

Evans looked at Han Tian and sighed. “Your Excellency, I thought you would ask more questions, such as how to reduce your wear and tear, and how dangerous the Demon World really is for you.”

Han Tian leaned down and pulled the blanket for Qiao Xi and said without emotion, “Right now, none of that matters.”

Evans looked at Han Tian with a look of admiration and nodded. “Well, we can go now. I’ll be your guide.”

At that moment, Miquel popped out, “I’ll go too!”

Han Tian was slightly surprised, while Evans panicked and said, “Miquel, don’t worry, it’s actually very quick, we’ll be back soon.”

Han Tian looked at Evans’ anxious face that changed instantly, sighed and said to Miquel, “Miquel, you really don’t have to go.”

He paused and added, “If you insist on going, I don’t think that His Excellency, the dean, will agree to show me the way.”

At these words, Miquel first froze, then her face gradually turned red, and finally froze in place, her hands and feet at a loss.

Evans took the opportunity to touch Miquel’s hair and whispered softly in his ear, “I’m not going to lie to you, really.”

Then, ignoring the anger in Miquel’s eyes, the man stepped aside and began to sketch a magic formation in the air.

A few moments later, a magic formation with black flames had taken shape.

In the center of the formation was a chaotic cloud with faint starlight.

Evans waved to Han Tian and walked in first.

Han Tian picked up Qiao Xi, nodded to Miquel, and followed him into the magic formation.

In a short time, Han Tian’s feet had landed on another piece of land.

He looked around: there were trees, mountains, and a lake.

However, the trees were gray and black, the mountains were volcanoes with lava, and the lake was silent, with no waves.

The sky, on the other hand, was completely opaque black velvet with starlight on it.

“Your Excellency,” Evans’ voice sounded extremely solemn, “now, you must follow me closely. And, preferably, without saying a word, minimize your own output. Otherwise, as Miquel said, every step you take here, or even every breath you take, is already a great exertion, and any more movements may be too much for you to bear.”

However, Han Tian turned his head to him and asked, “Evans, the path to the Demon World can only be fought through by high level demons. And back then, who opened this path for Luo Lin?”


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Hmm, things aren’t what they seem! Who is the force behind Luo Lin? 🤔

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He did all this because he didn’t want to be retired? 😤
Han Tian is asking Evans the right questions. I think there’s more he is not telling.

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Ahhhh…more twists and turns to this plot!!

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Things are not looking great right now.
I kind of like Evans and the fact he’s fallen for Miquel, who stepped up for HT & QX when needed.
Angel’s aren’t that far from demons and the fact LL became jealous, angry and wicked back then proves it.
If anything bad happens to them I’ll be upset!
Thanks, Addis and Kiramekineko for the chapter.

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