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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Cyno looked at His Majesty. His expression remained unchanged, but his voice grew deeper, “I refuse.”

“He’s a transgender female!” His Majesty’s eyebrows knitted, “The essence is a male. Don’t tell me it’s only been a few days and you’ve developed feelings for a male!”

Cyno raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Brother, you really know me! I do have feelings for him. There is no one better than him to be my mate.”

Gu Yu stared at Cyno, eyes round in surprise, He was blushing scarlet and his own thumping heartbeat was the only sound in his ears.

Cyno glanced at him, eyes flashing with laughter. His little mate’s expression was so cute. If not worried about scaring people and causing disgust, he would pinch his little mate’s face.

His Majesty slapped the desktop heavily, “Nonsense, you will never have children in your life like this!”

How could he not have imagined that things would turn out like this?

He knew Cyno well, and the reason why Cyno’s ideal mate was a natural female was not because natural females could conceive offspring, but because natural females could communicate with males.

Artificial females were practically no match for beast females at this point, other than the initial freshness of newness. Although the beast females cannot accurately communicate with males, they were living individuals who were able to understand the male’s actions and react accordingly.

Unlike natural females, artificial females could only be programmed to react in a given way. But artificial females had an advantage, and that was human form.

So he planned to use artificial females as a breakthrough, so that Cyno would accept the unnatural female, and then eventually accept a beast female marriage.

So when Cyno decided to marry an artificial female, he still did not stop him. After all, the object of marriage was an artificial female. Divorce was easy, and Cyno was only a month away from Planet Law’s mandatory marriage age.

But he didn’t expect that Cyno’s partner would change from an artificial female to a transgender female.

When he learned the news, he instantly paled. Since Cyno mistook the transgender female for an artificial one, they must not be like normal male strangers who reject each other when they get together.

That’s bad!

The transgender female fit Cyno’s requirements for a mate perfectly.

As it turned out, he was right to be worried, and Cyno’s expression told him loud and clear that he wasn’t kidding.

Cyno shrugged his shoulders, “Doesn’t matter. You like kids, so you go ahead and have them.”

He had been married for five years, but his partner had never been pregnant.

In Brilliant Splendor, this was a common occurrence, otherwise the fertility rate wouldn’t be declining year after year.

“Do you want to see the Bruce family go extinct?” His Majesty asked in a hushed voice.

Cyno curled his mouth, “Dear brother, I am sure you will be able to produce excellent offspring. Keep up the good work and don’t be discouraged. It is a good time to sow seeds with the recent calm winds. Go for it Your Majesty!”

The corners of His Majesty’s mouth twitched, “Don’t give me the greasy talk. Transgender females are males. You are willing, but others may not be so accepting. Divorce before it’s too late, the procedure is also good.”

Cyno dropped his smile and his tone was firm, “I am not going to divorce.” After saying that, he hung up the communication.

“Cyno, you’re serious, huh?” Guy froze.

Cyno looked at him askance, “Do I look like I’m joking?” Finished with the topic, he looked at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu bit his lips nervously and his eyes skittered around in panic. He remembered that Cyno said that he didn’t want to get divorced because he didn’t want to be forced to marry after the divorce. Although he knew the reason, his heart was still beating wildly uncontrollably after hearing what Cyno just said.

“I’m sorry,” Cyno looked at him seriously, “I was afraid of scaring you before, so I made an excuse not to want to get a divorce, just because I like you.”

Gu Yu froze and his hands curled into fists. Cyno liked him?

He tried to maintain his composure and looked at Cyno. Then typed in the dialog box the question, [Why?]

Cyno looked at his nervous and embarrassed little expression and a smile flashed in his eyes, “Your looks and personality are all to my liking. Do I need a reason to like you?”

Even Gu Yu’s neck was now red and he couldn’t bear to look at him, so he hung his head while he typed, [You are so good. I am very ordinary.]

Cyno raised his eyebrows, moved his fingers to touch his ears, but for fear of scaring him, finally did not touch him, “You may have some misunderstanding about what ‘ordinary’ means.”

Gu Yu bit his lip, [I can’t talk.]

Cyno looked at Gu Yu’s clenched hand and reached out to hold it, “Later, Dr. Qin will give you a checkup. Maybe you can be cured, but even if you can’t, it’s okay. I dislike noise.”

Gu Yu looked up sharply. If Dr. Qin gave him an examination, his identity would be exposed!

Although he was not a perfect match for a natural female because he could not transform into a beast female. But of all of Brilliant Splendor’s gender classifications, from both his appearance and his ability to emit female gland hormones, he most closely matched the natural female.

The news about natural females came to his mind, and he bit his lip. Even if there was only a hint of the possibility of being a natural female, he could not expose it.

Natural females were so rare that the last few natural females in Brilliant Splendor’s history were all guarded as treasures, and were invariably fought over by many people.

He collected five Goodwill Points on his trip out today. It would be difficult for him to collect Goodwill Points if his freedom was restricted.

Besides, he was a man who had been brought up to earn money to support himself by his own ability, and he couldn’t imagine being fed as a canary.

If he wasn’t a natural female, he would be even less able to expose it.

The idea came that in Brilliant Splendor, a creature that had never existed before might be treated like a monster. He was stunned by the thought.

He typed, looking at Cyno expectantly, [I’m physically fine. No more tests, okay?]

Cyno rubbed his hair, “Don’t be afraid, I’ll stay with you.”

[I’m not afraid,] Gu Yu tilted his head in embarrassment, [I’m really fine.]

Cyno, “You have to do a checkup even if you’re fine.”

He was worried that Gu Yu would back out and brought up another issue, “You need a medical report for the terminal. Let Dr. Qin write one for you later, so you don’t need to be checked again when you do the terminal procedure.”

Gu Yu froze, [Do I need to be checked even for the terminal?]

“Yes, the medical report is an attachment that must be submitted in the personal information section.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips. If his identity was checked at the terminal processing center, it would be even more impossible to hide it.

Unless he didn’t want the terminal…but without it, his identity was that of an artificial female and it would be difficult to find a job.

The news that he was not an artificial female was already known to many people, and the terminal would have to be processed sooner or later.

He thought about it, hid the worry in his heart and nodded his head.

At this time, Qin Sheng pushed open the door and walked in, rubbed KiKi who scurried into his arms, “Good boy, I will be off work later, so wait a little longer.”

KiKi rubbed his hand and was put behind the sofa, a little soft ball lying quietly, his eyes fixed on him.

Qin Sheng said to Cyno and Gu Yu, “Let’s go, the examination room is ready.”

Guy rubbed Merlin’s head, “I’m going to get Merlin’s medicine, I’ll go first.”

Cyno nodded, following Qin Sheng to the examination room with Gu Yu in tow.

The examination room was clean, with all kinds of medical instruments inside. The right wall was a projected light screen, with a vertical row at the top displaying a lot of technical terms, with spaces after the terms containing no data for now.

Two nurses greeted Dr. Qin and then looked at Cyno with excitement.

Qin Sheng pointed to the examination chamber on the right hand side and said gently to Gu Yu, “You lie down on it. Don’t worry, there will be no pain.”

Gu Yu nervously squeezed Cyno’s fingers and typed, [Can we not have other people watching?]

Qin Sheng kept checking his expression, worrying that he would suddenly go berserk, and was relieved to see that he was only nervous, “No problem.” He had the two nurses go out.

Gu Yu walked to the examination cabin and paused in his steps, just in case, he typed out a line, [Can you grant me a request?]

His white face was tense, and his dark eyes were full of apprehension, making him look particularly endearing.

Cyno nodded without hesitation, and Qin Sheng also nodded, “Say it.”

Gu Yu typed, [No matter what the test results are, do not tell anyone else, okay?]

“No problem.” Cyno was a little distressed. He guessed that the little mate was afraid of being pitied or ridiculed.

After all, he was originally a male, but now no different from a female, and for the average male, this was difficult to accept.

Qin Sheng thought similarly to him, and was even worried that Gu Yu had been modified even more cruelly and was afraid of it being known.

Qin Sheng reassured, “I promise you, you can rest assured that the patient’s privacy, we doctors will never publicize it.”

Even if he was the only one who knew about Gu Yu’s physical condition, he had the ability to help Gu Yu develop a suitable treatment plan.

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and typed in the dialog box, [Thank you very much.]

After thanking him, he followed Qin Sheng’s instructions and lay down in the examination chamber, straining his ears to listen to the results.

Qin Sheng looked at the values displayed on the wall light screen and explained to Cyno, “Lack of nutrition, but it does not affect normal life, female glands are well developed and in normal operation, no male glands…” Qin Sheng’s voice snapped, “How is this possible?”

Cyno’s face was frosty, “His glands were removed?”

Qin Sheng shook his head in a trance. Even if the male gland had been removed, it was impossible to leave no trace at all.

And even if a female gland was transplanted, he wouldn’t have been so healthy without any rejection. His fingers trembled slightly, a guess in his heart. His eyes fixed on the data display, as his fingers flew through the operation interface to input commands.

A blue light flashed from one end of the examination chamber to the other, and Qin Sheng stared blankly at the examination results.

The female gland fit was 100%, no transplantation.

Cyno tensed up at his reaction, “What the hell is going on… What do you mean no transplant?” His voice rose slowly.

No transplant of a female gland meant natural…Natural!

He was humanoid with natural female glands!

Cyno instantly moved to the examination chamber and looked at Gu Yu with blazing eyes, “You’re a natural female?”

Qin Sheng was a step behind him and moved to stand next to him, looking excited but trying to keep his tone normal, “You are a natural female!”

Gu Yu was taken aback by their reaction and self-consciously shrank his neck.

Qin Sheng reacted by pulling Cyno backward, but failed to move him, so he warned, “You’re scaring him.”

Cyno looked back. He clenched his fist and stared hard at Gu Yu. He tried to keep his voice gentle, “I’m sorry.” He took a small step back.

Gu Yu blinked. They had come to this conclusion through the results of the examination, and it seemed to be correct. Although he would not turn into a beast female.

The result made him relieved that he wouldn’t be treated as a monster.

He typed down, [Yes. Can I come out now?]

Cyno and Qin Sheng stared at the word ‘Yes’ for at least five seconds.

Qin Sheng’s tone was softer, “Yes, I’ll take you to another examination room and give you a more detailed examination.”

Gu Yu came out of the examination room, uncomfortable by the two men’s frenzied eyes, very glad that only they knew at the moment.

If everyone knew, he dared not imagine what the scene would be.

He bit his lip, [I’m healthy. I don’t want to be tested.]

He was worried that the test would show that he was different from the natural females and would be treated as a deviant. He thought about it and typed another sentence, [You both promised me that you wouldn’t tell anyone.]

After typing, he looked at the two anxiously and expectantly.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Cyno: Tell others? No way! I’m the only one who knows!

Qin Sheng’s back was cold: Calm down, I have a partner!

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