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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Seeing what Gu Yu typed, Cyno immediately confirmed, “Of course I will keep your secret.”

Qin Sheng glanced at the hot-eyed Cyno and silently sighed at the other party’s good luck, picking a random artificial female to marry and the other party was actually a natural female! He smiled at Cyno and said, “I will also keep it a secret.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief and said thanks again.

Qin Sheng’s eyes moved from the light screen to his mouth, “Let me check your vocal cords, okay?”

Gu Yu hesitated for a moment, Brilliant Splendor’s technology was much more advanced than modern times. Maybe he could be cured.

He nodded and typed to add, [Check the vocal cords only.]

“Okay.” Qin Sheng agreed, guessing that Gu Yu had an unpleasant experience that caused him to reject the examination.

The results of the examination were not very good, Qin Sheng reassured, “I will contact the relevant experts, there will definitely be a way.”

Gu Yu smiled at him. He was expecting this and was prepared for it, so he wasn’t really sad.

Cyno saw him smiling and felt even more heartbroken. His little mate, who looked soft, was very strong and optimistic.

He said to Qin Sheng, “I’ll take him back first, he did not rest at noon.”

Qin Sheng nodded, “You must ensure his safety. Later I will send you a nutritional supplement program. You have to give him the nutrition according to the directions.”

Cyno agreed and remembered one thing, “Issue him a medical clearance so we can continue to process a terminal for him.”

After getting the medical clearance, Gu Yu stopped by the VIP waiting room to say goodbye to KiKi, and then left the hospital with Cyno.

Gu Yu sat in the passenger seat and looked up at the car’s time display, 3:20.

He thought about it and inclined his head to Cyno, [Can we go get the terminal now?]

Cyno, “So urgent?”

Gu Yu’s eyes glowed, [I want to get it right away.]

Cyno saw how much he was looking forward to it and thought it was okay to go back, so he smiled, “Okay, let’s go now.”

When getting married, the personal terminal information of both partners would be transferred to the partner token. When Gu Yu got married, he was mistakenly identified as an artificial female and did not have a terminal.

That is, he had no human identity credentials.

This time, the terminal application was to add the information that he was a human being to the partner token.

After the staff connected the ring on Gu Yu’s hand and saw that Gu Yu’s partner’s name was Cyno, he looked shocked and changed the artificial female to a transgender female (under treatment).

As Cyno watched, the staff tried to maintain a calm face and quickly processed the terminal.

“I wish you a speedy recovery, and please come back to fix the information after you heal.” The staff member said politely.

Gu Yu typed, [Thank you.]

Leaving the terminal processing building, the two went back to their house.

Gu Yu sat on the couch, excitedly studying the ring on his hand. It was a wedding token and his identity credentials, as well as the phone plus computer function. He put the writing pad software on the callout page to make it easier to communicate with people.

After adjusting it, his mouth curved up and his thoughts relaxed. Suddenly, he felt an unmistakable gaze falling on him.

He pursed his lips nervously, not daring to look over. He pretended not to notice and went to Star Network to watch the news, wanting to learn about Brilliant Splendor as soon as possible.

After watching for a while, he finally couldn’t resist typing and inclined his head to look at Cyno, who was sitting on his left side, [You…can you stop staring at me all the time?]

Cyno’s stare was so intense that he couldn’t ignore it anymore.

The more Cyno looked at Gu Yu’s little blushing face, the more he liked it. Cyno edged closer and asked, “Don’t you like me looking at you?”

Gu Yu leaned back in a panic and quietly scooted to the side before typing, [I’m not used to it.]

Cyno laughed lightly, not wanting to push too far, and pulled back a little, “I forgot to ask, what’s your name?”

[Gu Yu.]

Cyno chewed the two words over and over again, “Can I call you Xiao Yu?”

Gu Yu nodded, his ears glowing red. He had never had any friends and only Grandpa Dean had called him that. This name made him feel close.

Cyno thought about the surveillance video, “Do you remember how you got to Volt Star?”

Gu Yu shook his head.

“It’s okay, this is your home from now on.”

Gu Yu looked at him gratefully, [Thank you, I will find a way to earn money and repay you.]

Cyno froze, “Make money? You don’t need to make money. Tell me what you want to buy…no- you just buy it, our accounts are shared.”

He didn’t understand at all why Gu Yu had this idea. Natural females had been extraordinarily rare for nearly five hundred years, born and raised by the empire and given whatever they wanted.

No one was willing to put natural females to work.

And it wasn’t just the case with Brilliant Splendor, it was the norm in the Star League. He couldn’t help but wonder if his little mate was someone outside the Star League.

Gu Yu bit his lip. Is this what Cyno meant to raise him? He looked slightly gloomy. Did he not believe that he could make money?

He remembered the old days, he had loved music since he was a child, even when he was mute, he never quit. But because of the poor conditions as a child, there was no money to learn musical instruments.

Before going to high school, the only instrument he knew was the flute, learned from Grandpa Dean. During the high school holidays, with this skill, he worked at a teahouse, which was elegantly decorated, with an old-fashioned style, and was just short of a flute player. He worked continuously in the teahouse for several years, the boss was a very good character of middle-age and usually took care of him. After he started, there were no other flute players. 

Once he was almost late to school, so the boss dropped him off. After being seen, there was a rumor around the school that he had been a sugar daddy.

‘Although a mute, he is good-looking. No wonder he was lusted after.’

‘A mute, what else can he do but sell himself?’

The words of ridicule and mockery were still ringing in his ears.

He typed down a line and looked at Cyno seriously, [I will make my own money,] he paused and added, [Trust me.]

Cyno was stunned, not quite understanding his reaction, “I believe you, but I don’t want you to get tired.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up as if they were sparkling with stars, [Do you think I can’t earn money because I can’t talk?]

“Of course not,” Cyno knew he had misunderstood and hastened to state, “You can make as much money as you want.”

This was the truth. A good-looking natural female could make a lot of money even if he just took a picture or showed up on the internet.

Gu Yu pursed his lips in embarrassment, [It’s not that great.]

Cyno rubbed his hair, “How can you be so cute?!”

Gu Yu’s face suddenly turned red to the base of his neck. No one had ever praised him like that before.

Cyno felt itchy, grabbed his hand and gently squeezed it, “When my brother communicated with me today, I meant what I said.”

Gu Yu drew back his hand and Cyno’s eyes dimmed slightly.

Gu Yu typed, [But we’ve only known each other for a few days…]

“Tch, if I hadn’t thought you were an artificial female, I would have fallen in love with you at first sight.” Cyno’s expression was serious.

Gu Yu’s heart skipped a beat and his expression was stunned.

He couldn’t accept Cyno’s straight ball. He knew Cyno didn’t lie, but there was still some sense of surrealism.

He had suffered a lot of injustice since he was a child because he was disabled and abandoned, and it was hard not to have low self-esteem.

Cyno was such a good person, someone he didn’t dare to aspire to be. Such a person, how could he like him?

He simply did not deserve Cyno.

So thinking, he was a little lost in his heart. Cyno was handsome, strong and gentle. Even if only a few days together, he had feelings for Cyno.

Cyno watched his head bow down. When he didn’t say anything, he moved closer, “Don’t believe it?” He lowered his voice, “Do you want me to prove it to you?”

He said this while gently hooking Gu Yu’s chin. Cyno’s gaze locked on Gu Yu’s, not hiding his fondness and possessiveness.

When he saw Cyno getting closer and closer, Gu Yu stared at him with round eyes and hurriedly raised his hand between their mouths. Cyno’s eyes flashed with laughter and kissed his hand.

Gu Yu’s hand felt as if it had been burned and he shrank back. Once Cyno let go of his chin as he laughed lightly, Gu Yu’s cheeks puffed out.

This was clearly deliberately teasing him.

Cyno’s eyes were darkened, “Do not tease me, or I can not control myself.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and typed, [I didn’t, didn’t tease you.]

Cyno leaned back on the sofa and sighed, “Invisible teasing is the most deadly. If you take the initiative to tease me, I can give you my life.”

Gu Yu blushed red. This person does not know how to be subtle!

Cyno’s gaze fell on his face and he saw he was embarrassed to the extreme. Worried that he would become angry, he quickly sat upright, “Sorry, I just can’t help it. I’ve been in the military for a long time and I’m not very polite- don’t mind.”

Gu Yu was embarrassed, [No need to apologize, it’s okay.]

Why so soft and cute!

In the natural female documentary, almost all of the natural females were so arrogant that they were extremely temperamental. None of them were as good-natured as Gu Yu.

Cyno took Gu Yu’s hands and held them hard, although he really wanted to hold and rub them, he had to hold back. His little mate was shy and he could not scare him.

It would be bad if it caused him to hate it.

Even though the two were now legal partners, natural females had absolute preferential treatment in front of the law. As long as the natural female filed for divorce and didn’t want to live with his partner anymore, no matter who the other person was, he could leave.

This kind of thing was a great joy for the other males because maybe the natural female would choose them as his next partner.

Due to this idea, they would strongly support the natural female’s decision and let the divorce process go through in a hurry.

Cyno reminded himself that he must be patient. He said warmly, “You didn’t take a nap earlier. Go rest for a while?”

Gu Yu shook his head and typed, [No, I want to look for a job first.]

After he finished typing, he checked the job listings.

Cyno didn’t understand why he was in such a hurry to find a job, but after the previous conversation, he didn’t advise him anymore and thought about the right job for Gu Yu in his head.

Something not too tiring, not too complicated, not a position with more young males among colleagues…

Gu Yu carefully looked at the page, the most scarce positions were related to high technology, mechs, energy, weapons, etc..

There were a few restaurants looking for waiters, but they all had one requirement: articulate.

He thought about it and blocked out the technical jobs, heavy physical jobs and jobs requiring talking, and the page went blank.

Gu Yu was dumbfounded. There was no job for him?

He then thought that he would be willing to wash dishes in a restaurant.

He looked in the direction of the kitchen and remembered that Brilliant Splendor did not need a dishwasher.

What about music-related jobs? He couldn’t talk, but he could play, although the instruments he knew were not mainstream.

He just didn’t know if Brilliant Splendor’s instruments were the same as modern ones.

Thinking about it, he exited the job search screen and searched for musical instruments.

He entered the word, electronic piano, bass, guitar, drum set . …Brilliant Splendor mainstream instruments leaned toward heavy metal, with few classical instruments.

It wasn’t until the last paragraph that he saw the flute he was most familiar with, representing a blank song.

He froze, thought about it, and decided to buy a flute first. He cut to the mall page to buy the flute. In the next moment, a pop-up prompt appeared, ‘The item you want to buy is not available’.

It’s not for sale?


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Cyno: Cute, want to raise!

Gu Yu: Self-reliance, not accepting adoption╭(╯^╰)╭ 

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