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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Qin Sheng was about to ask Gu Yu again, when the door was pushed open and a nurse gasped, “Dr. Qin, another transgender female has been brought in and is not doing well.”

Qin Sheng responded, “I’ll go right away.” He also said to Cyno, “I’ll go check it out first. Your partner’s condition is very special and needs to be checked with instruments to be examined. Please help take care of KiKi.”

He bent down and rubbed KiKi’s head, “Wait for me here.”

KiKi twitched his long fluffy ears and lifted his head to rub against his hand.

After Qin Sheng left, Cyno said to Gu Yu, “Sit down and rest for a while.”

Gu Yu nodded and sat down on the sofa.

Cyno sat next to him, turned on the terminal, and logged into the official website of Central Hospital through Star Network to call the number. Guy leaned against the sofa, rubbed Merlin’s big head, and looked at Gu Yu curiously. He mentally tsked that he had run into a transgender female when he came to the hospital. That one was particularly fierce, despite his petite appearance.

The way Gu Yu was sitting obediently, he could not tell that he was originally a male.

Cyno put his hand on Gu Yu’s shoulder and came close to reassure him, “Don’t be afraid, I will accompany you during your examination.”

Gu Yu blushed and bowed his head, lowering his shoulders.

When Cyno saw his embarrassment, he laughed lightly and removed his hand. Gu Yu slowed his breathing, opened the system mall, and without any hesitation, used 10 Goodwill Points to buy the item on the second left: text.

“Whether to buy text, yes/no.”

Gu Yu looked to ‘yes’, and the mall page suddenly ignited with fireworks effects, and a mechanical voice rang in his head, “Congratulations to the trader for successfully purchasing text.”

At the same time, vertigo hit him violently in his head, and countless strange fonts flashed through his brain so fast that it almost burst his head.

Gu Yu bit his lip and his body swayed.

Cyno’s face changed and he quickly grabbed his waist, picking him up horizontally and headed out of the waiting room.

The dizziness dissipated quickly, and when Gu Yu came back to his senses, he grabbed Cyno’s sleeve and tugged gently. Cyno looked down at him. Gu Yu shook his head at him and smiled. His eyebrows arched and he looked in a particularly good mood.

Cyno was slightly stunned and did not understand how he could not be feeling well yet be  smiling so happily. He had a worried look in his eyes, “I’ll take you for a checkup.”

Gu Yu shook his head again and Cyno said seriously, “You just almost fainted.” He kept walking.

Gu Yu tugged his sleeve again and pointed to the ground, asking Cyno to put him down.

Cyno paused in his steps, showing a hint of helplessness. His little mate really disliked examinations!

If this were his subordinate, he would have kicked the person to the examination room. Who would be so fussy?

But this was his young mate and he could only patiently persuade him.

Gu Yu pursed his lips, his gaze lingered over the ring on his hand then his eyes subtly brightened, and he gently turned the ring.

All of a sudden, the light screen unfolded in front of his eyes. The once unfamiliar words on it, he could read all of them.

He clicked on his contacts, found Cyno with the peach heart, and typed in the dialog box, “I’m fine.”

He was excited about this new ability. He certainly knew nothing about Brilliant Splendor’s writing, but now when he wrote, he knew how to write the language naturally.

It was as familiar as if it were his native language.

His lips curled up and his eyes were extremely bright. If he collected 100 more Goodwill Points, he would be able to speak!

Cyno looked at him in amazement. This was the first time Gu Yu used words to communicate with him.

Gu Yu typed again, [Put me down. I’m really fine. I want to sit.]

He raised his eyes to see Cyno’s chin and pursed his lips in embarrassment, This kind of princess hug was too embarrassing!

Cyno swept over his slightly flushed cheeks, his fair face looked healthy because of the red tint, and he really looked fine.

Thinking that Qin Sheng would examine Gu Yu later, he hesitated and turned around to carry Gu Yu back to the sofa and put him down.

He gestured for Gu Yu to sit down. He put his hand on Gu Yu’s forehead, the temperature was normal, “Did you just get dizzy?”

Gu Yu shrank his head with a red face and typed, [Mn.]

He looked at Cyno and continued typing, [I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to conceal my identity. I couldn’t write before, and on the way to the marriage procedure, I told you that I’m not an artificial female, but you couldn’t read it.]

Cyno remembered the scene when Gu Yu ‘drew’ on his hand.

He was writing at that time? Cyno frowned, he could be sure that it was not any kind of Star League writing, much less universal writing.

Gu Yu’s statement puzzled him, “How come you suddenly know how to do that?”

Gu Yu blinked and hesitated for a moment, [Just learned it.]

“So smart?” Guy had been listening to the conversation between the two and couldn’t help but be surprised to hear this.

Cyno replied, “Probably has something to do with memory. We’ll check his brain later.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips and paged 003 in his brain. 003 quickly replied to him and he asked, ‘Can I tell others about the system?’

003 answered, “You can’t say system directly, but you can say something else, such as a special ability, or practicing a wonderful Kung Fu.”

Gu Yu, “…” Kung Fu and this world were too out of place.

003’s words gave him a thought, ‘Thank you.’

He typed, [I have no brain injury or memory loss.] he blushed slightly, [I have a relatively strong learning ability].

Cyno nodded, his jaw growing tense, “You’re not from Brilliant Splendor?”

Gu Yu nodded, [Mn.]

Cyno moved his fingers and stared at Gu Yu with a rare tension in his eyes, “You said you have no family left, so stay in Brilliant Splendor from now on!”

Gu Yu was penniless and had nowhere to go, he nodded, [Yes, thank you for taking me in.]

“You’re welcome,” Cyno said with a slight sense of relief, “you’ve done me a great favor too.”

Gu Yu knew he was talking about the wedding, and smiled shyly. This favor of his was actually kind of an oops, since he had been misidentified as an artificial female.

Thinking about it, he returned to the homepage and checked the gender division of Brilliant Splendor.

Male, Beast Female, Natural Female, Artificial Female, and transgender female added today.

Artificial females: To satisfy the male’s fantasy of having a natural female, artificial bio-type robots are programmed to respond to stimuli accordingly.

Beast females: Females who have lost the ability to become human and can only maintain their beast form.

Gu Yu froze. The ability to take human form? He looked over at Merlin and KiKi. Was it what he thought?

That’s incredible!

If that was the case, it would be understandable for them to marry a human, but why would they lose the ability to turn into human form?

He typed out his query and got an explanation: Before the catastrophe, females, like males, were able to transform freely between human and beast forms. At the time of the catastrophe, the female human form was too fragile, and the females lost the ability to turn into human form in order to adapt to the natural environment and maintain their beast form for a long time.

He read the passage carefully twice, then looked at the first sentence alone. He had an idea what he should inquire about males: the ability to shift between beast form and human form.

It dawned on him why it was no wonder beast females and males could get married.

Males can turn into beast form, and even if beast females can’t turn into human form, they can still breed offspring through beast form.

He opened the system and the Goodwill Points behind Cyno were 4, two from the white tiger and two from Cyno.

He originally thought that because the white tiger was raised by Cyno, the value was counted to Cyno, but now it seems that was not the case.

The same light blue eyes of the white tiger and Cyno’s swept through his mind.

He pressed down the shock in his heart and made another query. 

Natural females: Females that can take human form. After the catastrophe, natural females gradually decreased, and the current known number is zero.

After reading it, he typed in transgender females in the query screen, and this time the explanation popped up without the words, but many news articles, or real-time hot news.

After a quick look, he was stunned. Isn’t this the modern equivalent of sex reassignment surgery?

He thought back to Cyno’s actions and inexplicable words not long ago, and finally realized that Cyno thought he was a transgender female!

That’s why he comforted him and took him to the gland department.

But, he wasn’t!

He pondered with a thoughtful face. Why was he in Brilliant Splendor? Where did he belong?

He couldn’t transform into an animal so he was not a beast female, nor was he tall like a male, and he couldn’t transform into a human-beast form. He was real and not an artificial female, nor had he been modified by drugs, so he was not a transgender female.

Based on the gender classification of Brilliant Splendor, his appearance most closely matched  a natural female.

003 said that his body changed to fit into this world.

He recalled the scene of his first meeting with Cyno, where Cyno sniffed the side of his neck and complimented him about the realistic scent of female glands.

It was clear to him that his whole body was natural, both lifelike and authentic!

From this point of view, he was a natural female. A natural female who could not turn into a beast form.

Now he understood why 003 reminded him of his special status.

Having a gender classification where there were no known alive was indeed special.

He looked up natural females again, this time not looking at the words, but at related news and gossip.

After reading it, he blushed and squeezed his fingers nervously, the only feeling in his head was: Crazy!

Natural females were all males’ dream lovers, and artificial females were created as a result.

Since the death of His Majesty’s and the marshal’s grandmother, the last natural female, sixty years ago, there hadn’t been any other natural female in the entire Star League.

The vast majority of males were in deep pain; the inability of beast females to transform into human form meant that partners could not communicate deeply with each other, making marriages founded on love almost extinct.

In order to reproduce, males and females marry, and while there were happy partners, they were only a minority.

In the days when beast females could transform into human form, all races were able to fall in love and marry each other. But now, beast females were unable to turn into human form because of the huge differences in individual beast forms, making the identity of the married parties restricted.

This led to a steep decline in the Empire’s marriage rate and a yearly decline in the birth rate of offspring.

As a result, the Empire enacted a law that required marriage at the age of eighty, or else the Star Network would issue a mate.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but look at Cyno. Was he really almost eighty years old? He looked like he was in his twenties at most.

But then he met Cyno’s eyes, and based on Cyno’s body language, it appeared as if he had been watching him.

Gu Yu’s heart started to speed up and he hurriedly moved his gaze away.

The corners of Cyno’s mouth quirked up and he took the initiative to ask, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu shook his head, thinking it seemed impolite to ask someone’s age, and since it was stipulated that he would marry at eighty, this age, in this world, was obviously not old.

He did a search, and sure enough, the Brilliant Splendor people’s life expectancy was generally over three hundred, and the stronger groups could even live up to four or five hundred years.

Cyno glanced at the light screen in front of him, his eyes narrowed slightly. Was he unhappy with his age?

He was about to explain to his non-native mate that eighty was the golden age when his communication vibrated.

He looked at it and connected immediately, His Majesty instantly appeared on the projected light screen.

He looked very serious as he opened with, “Cyno, file for divorce immediately!”


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)╭? ~

Cyno, with an indifferent face: No way ╭(╯^╰)╮

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Sue R
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