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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Orson pondered for a moment, “There is still half an hour before 11:30, let’s see how his body changes in this half hour.”

Gu Yu gently rubbed the side of Merlin’s neck, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Merlin shook his big head, his tail wagged from side to side, his eyes were very bright.

Gu Yu put his mind at ease, seeing that all three of them were in good spirits, he got up and said, “Come on, let’s go play on the lawn for a while.”

Orson looked at the time, “I’ll call you when it’s time.”

Gu Yu nodded and bent down to carry KiKi and MoMo, one in each arm, and walked out of the living room. As soon as he left the house, he saw flickering dark shadows on his left and right, he took a step and turned his head to scan around, but no one was there.

At the same time, Merlin quickly scurried over to the right.

A short while later, a surprised male voice came from that direction, “Eh! Don’t bite!”

Gu Yu hurriedly went that way, but before he could get close, he saw Merlin come out, along with two men, one in front and one behind him. Both were in black military uniforms, and the one in the back had a straight posture and looked surprised.

The blonde soldier in front had a very strange posture, bending forward, talking at the same time. “Master Merlin, let go of me, we are the marshal’s escort!”

Gu Yu then realized that the soldier’s right wrist had Merlin’s tail wrapped around it. Probably because he was afraid of hurting or angering Merlin, he didn’t dare to stand up straight, otherwise he would yank Merlin’s tail. So he could only maintain this awkward position and persuade Merlin.

Merlin walked up to Gu Yu before he stopped, let go of his tail, and stood beside Gu Yu, turning to face the two.

“Mrs. Marshal.” The two soldiers greeted Gu Yu with awkward faces and looks.

Gu Yu pursed his lips and smiled, the two men’s eyes abruptly lit up, then quickly glanced away and scrambled to avert their eyes.

Gu Yu inquired, “I just heard you guys say that you are Cyno’s escort?”

The two nodded in unison, and Gu Yu pointed behind him, “He’s over there too?”


Gu Yu wondered, “Why were you guys hiding when I came out?”

The two men looked at each other, and the blond soldier explained, “Marshal’s orders, afraid that you would be afraid and uncomfortable.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved slightly, the corners of his mouth curved slightly, “It’s okay, thank you, guys, no need to hide from me.”

“Yes.” The two soldiers answered, one stood at the corner and one stood at the door.

Gu Yu did not disturb their work and took the three to the grass to play. KiKi seemed particularly excited, bouncing around on the grass. Merlin was running in circles around Gu Yu as if he was having fun. MoMo stood quietly at Gu Yu’s feet, his bulbous body standing sideways and looking to his left. Neither KiKi nor Merlin were there at the moment, so he was obviously looking at something else.

Gu Yu followed his line of sight and looked over to the intersection where the villa led to the outside. He squatted down and touched MoMo’s smooth wings, “Does MoMo want to go back?”

MoMo’s head shook from side to side, his round eyes rolled and he took a step back. He stood for a while, both wings raised and hugged round in front of his body, a bit like he was holding something. He took a few steps to the left side of the intersection, kept his wings up, and turned his head back. When he reached Gu Yu, he called out softly, his right wing patted his chest, and his left wing pointed at Gu Yu’s knee.

Gu Yu looked down at his knee: “My knee has recovered.”

MoMo’s eyes froze, lowered his head, and soon looked up again, his wings swinging from side to side. He had a lot of feathers on his body and appeared round and rolled, this kind of action looked particularly cute.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but laugh out loud and softly inquired, “I just said it wrong, you didn’t ask about my knees?”

MoMo nodded: “La~”

Gu Yu pondered for a moment, associated his previous actions, and looked toward the intersection to his left, “You want to see Major General Roald?”

MoMo nodded cheerfully, “La!”

Gu Yu looked at him in surprise, How clever!

The day he left Shu Xin, MoMo was lost and was sent to the villa by Roald. The posture of MoMo’s wings hugging round just now is an imitation of Roald hugging him. He touched MoMo’s head, and the touch under his hand was smoother than silk.

“MoMo is so smart, is he trying to thank him?”

MoMo nods, shook his head again, and lifted his wings to point at his knee.

“You’re worried about his health?”

MoMo nodded, “La~”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “I can’t leave the villa for the time being. Is it okay if I have someone send you there?”

Mo Mo shook his head, pat his chest, took a few steps in the direction of the left intersection, and then looked at Gu Yu.

Gu Yu: “You want to go by yourself?”

MoMo nodded.

Gu Yu, however, was not so sure. He stood up, “Wait a moment, I’ll ask someone to go with you.”

Mo Mo shook his head and continued to walk, the wings pointing outside, and after a while pointed to the villa.

Gu Yu guessed, “You mean to come back later?”

MoMo sounded cheerful, “La~”

Gu Yu hesitated for a moment, looking at MoMo’s size that only reached his knees, still not quite at ease. MoMo made things clear, flapped his wings happily, turned around and ran outside.

Gu Yu looked after MoMo, who ran into the shadows, his mouth slightly open, looked back and subconsciously ran that way.

Not waiting for him to reach the intersection, two soldiers in black uniforms suddenly appeared, “Madam, do you want to go out?”

Gu Yu’s footsteps stopped, “Did you just see a Tira go out?”

The black-haired soldier nodded, and then snapped his ear button, “Where did the Tira go?” Soon, he said to Gu Yu, “Didn’t leave the villa area, went inside. Want us to help you get him back?”

Gu Yu realized that the security here was really tight. He thought about it, “No, can you guarantee his safety?”

The soldier said, “Yes.”

This villa area was the highest security place to live besides the palace, it was very safe.

Gu Yu put his mind at ease, “That’s good, I’ll trouble you.”

The soldier’s eyes glowed, “No trouble, no trouble at all.”

Gu Yu smiled. When Merlin came over with KiKi on his back, he touched Gu Yu’s hand with his head, and looked at him with a crooked head in confusion. Gu Yu rubbed his hand smoothly on Merlin’s neck, “MoMo went to see his friend. You guys keep playing.”

About ten minutes later, MoMo came back, running as fast as he left. Even if his chubby body swayed from side to side, it didn’t affect his speed at all.

Gu Yu couldn’t help but smile, but quickly curbed it. Because MoMo stood next to him, hanging his head, wings also hanging down the sides, and he had a very lost look.  Gu Yu squatted down, running his fingers all over his chubby body to make sure he was not hurt and was relieved. He rubbed MoMo’s head, “You didn’t find Major General Roald? Maybe he had something to do.”

Merlin and KiKi also came over and both rubbed MoMo. MoMo rubbed them back and shook his head.

Gu Yu wondered, “You did find him? Why aren’t you happy? Is he not well?”

MoMo shook his head again, blinked his eyes, and took a step backward. Then, with his whole body radiating frustration, MoMo acted out his visit to see Roald. He stood on the left side and used his wings to make a knocking motion, then popped over to the right side and made the motion of opening the door and bowing his head.

This latter was clearly an imitation of Roald. Then he jumped to the left side again, tilted his head, and waved his wings.

Gu Yu quickly understood that on the left side, it means he was MoMo, and on the right side, it means he was Roald. MoMo worked a lot, but in reality, except for knocking and opening the door, the next action was basically copy and paste. MoMo happily la-la-la-la a good deal, and then pointed to Roald’s knee to ask about it.

Roald stood at the door looking down at him and shaking his head. MoMo continued to la-la-la, but Roald had little reaction. After five times, MoMo waved his wings and came back.

“Zee!” KiKi bounced up in place and yelped in anger, his already slightly convex cheeks puffed out.

Gu Yu bit his lip and held back his laughter.

Roald’s attitude was unfriendly, KiKi was angry for his best friend, and it was too inappropriate for him to laugh out loud at this point. It’s just that both MoMo’s scenario reenactment and KiKi’s angry performance were too cute.

He coughed lightly and raised his hand to comfort MoMo when Merlin roared violently, startling him. Merlin finished roaring, turned his head and ran out the door.

“La!” MoMo froze, hurriedly called out and flew to catch up.

Merlin ran a few steps before he seemed to remember that he did not know where the other party lived, and stopped. MoMo quickly blocked in front of him, la-la-la called out, and shook his head and swung his wings. Merlin lifted his paws and gently rubbed his chubby body and followed MoMo back to Gu Yu’s side.

Gu Yu bent down and picked up MoMo, “Don’t be sad,” he recalled Roald’s appearance, “Major General Roald seems to be a man of few words. It’s not that he doesn’t like you.”

He estimated that it was almost time and simply carried MoMo towards the living room. When he reached the door, he saw the guards to the left and right of the door as well as Orson who all looked surprised.

Gu Yu’s footsteps stopped, “What’s wrong?”

Orson looked at MoMo, and then at KiKi and Merlin, “They’re… Too smart.”

Gu Yu drifted off, knowing they must have seen that scene earlier. He smiled, “They’ve always been smart,” he glanced at the inhibitor in Orson’s hand, “Almost time?”

Orson nodded, surprise still in his eyes, and had some doubts. Of the three, he was familiar with both Merlin and KiKi.

Merlin was in the Joop family, KiKi’s mate was Qin Sheng so he was in the Qin family, both of which were very prestigious families. When he worked at the Conservancy, he most often came into contact with the beast females of these families.

Merlin was the beast female with the most upper class suitors, not only because he was a Teck, but also because he was intelligent. However, he felt that Merlin was smarter today. Merlin could understand many hand gestures made by humanoid males, and could understand quite a few words.

But MoMo’s previous demonstration was pure imitation. For Merlin, MoMo and his biological form were completely different, and by definition, it should be difficult for him to understand. After all, when Merlin learned human gestures, he didn’t understand them all at once. But the truth was, Merlin understood and tried to take out his anger for his little friend.

Gu Yu took a few steps, heard no movement, and turned around to see Orson standing in place, seemingly thinking about something. He wondered, “What’s wrong?”

Orson looked back and subconsciously shook his head. He looked to Merlin, “I don’t smell any female pheromones, which is unusual for a beast female in heat.” He headed inside, “I’ll run another check on him.”

The examination showed that Merlin was in a stable phase. Orson thought for a moment: “I’ll ask Guy when Merlin’s estrus started.”

Guy quickly gave a reply, three days ago.

Orson frowned, “This is not right, the tykes are in heat for seven to fifteen days, it can’t be over so soon.”

Gu Yu looked to Merlin, who was in good spirits, flicking his tail. He silently recited the evolution energy in his mind, and saw two small lines appear next to Merlin’s head.

The second line of golden evolutionary energy read: 0/120.

He couldn’t help but wonder again if it was related to the evolutionary energy Merlin had absorbed. He inquired, “Could it be something else that caused it to end early?”

“It would when the body is in extreme weakness. But, Merlin’s situation doesn’t fit.” Orson said. “I think it’s best to have him checked out at the association.”

As he said, Guy’s communication called, and the moment Orson connected, Gu Yu heard Guy’s voice. “Is something wrong with Merlin?”

Guy’s voice was tense, it was obvious that he was concerned about Merlin, his younger brother. Merlin tilted his head to look at Guy in the light screen and growled softly.

Orson expanded the terminal so that Guy could see Merlin, told him about Merlin’s situation, and then his proposal. Guy frowned and thought about how to arrange the matter at hand, Milton took him by the shoulders and appeared on the light screen.

Milton swept a glance at Merlin and Orson and smiled at Guy, “You take care of things first, and leave Merlin to me.”

Guy’s eyebrows loosened, Milton was fun-loving, but reliable. Guy said to Orson, “Milton will pick up Merlin later.”

Orson nodded, and the two sides hung up the communication.

Merlin shook his head and ran lightly around the living room, then spun around Gu Yu and Orson, his tail wagging. Orson looked at him, “Are you trying to say that you are in good health?”

Merlin nodded his head.

Orson couldn’t help but say, “That’s smart.” He explained, “You are in a special situation. Just in case, let us check to feel at ease.”

Merlin looked to Gu Yu, who patted his head, “Mn, Dr. Orson is right.”

Milton came quickly, wearing a dark red shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned, revealing wheat-colored light skin, and a particularly flirty earring of the same color in his left ear. He smiled at Gu Yu, “Hello, little female~ Hello again.”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, “Hello, just call me Gu or Gu Yu.”

Milton smiled and beckoned towards Merlin, “Come, brother, let’s take a look. Where are you not comfortable?”

Merlin opened his mouth towards him, showing his sharp teeth.

“Merlin is so cute, even his teeth are beautiful!” Milton complimented with a smile.

Merlin closed his mouth, wagged his tail, and ran around him in a circle.

Milton rubbed his head, “It’s good that you’re not uncomfortable, I’ll take you for a checkup.” He waved his hand to Gu Yu, “See you next time.”

Gu Yu saw him turn around and leave, and hurriedly said, “Can you send over the examination information to Cyno?”

Milton shook the terminal in his hand, “Why don’t we exchange contact information? I’ll tell you directly?”

Gu Yu pursed his lips, remembering the scene where Cyno didn’t want him to exchange communications with Guy, and shook his head, “You just tell Cyno.”

Milton looked at him and smiled, “Okay. Even if you agreed, I dare not really save your contact information. I don’t want to fight with Cyno.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and sent him and Merlin to the door.

After they calmed down for a while longer, they had lunch with KiKi and MoMo. After lunch, the two were picked up and taken back. Gu Yu received a message from Cyno that Merlin was fine. He smiled and was completely relieved.

Qin Sheng carried KiKi to the car, put KiKi in the passenger seat, and was about to move back, when KiKi hugged his hand.

“Zee!” KiKi worriedly screamed, red eyes covered with a layer of water mist.

Qin Sheng froze and looked at his hand, letting KiKi hold the position. There was a red blood mark, not deep, but very long, almost across the entire back of his hand. When he was almost off duty, he was accidentally cut by a needle. Because it was not serious, he did not want to delay and wanted to pick KiKi up early and did not treat it.

This was not the first time he had been injured, and there had even been deeper cuts than this, but KiKi had never acted like this.

It was as if his heart was aching for him.

As Qin Sheng thought about it, a warm, soft touch came from the back of his hand- KiKi was licking his wound. Realizing this, his body instantly tensed up. He let out a long breath, his uninjured hand cupped the back of KiKi’s neck and lifted him up.

“Zee~” KiKi screamed as he shook his limbs.

Qin Sheng hurriedly put him on his feet and smoothed the fur on his back, “KiKi, the move just now, who taught you that?”

KiKi raised his head in confusion and blinked his eyes.

Taught? He had only seen this scene in a film. He didn’t remember it, but for some reason that came back to him. He didn’t understand why he had to do that at all before, but now it suddenly seemed to dawn on him that it was a sign of heartache for his partner. He hugged Qin Sheng’s hand again and rubbed it with his soft ear.

Qin Sheng had a smile in his eyes, “It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt.”

KiKi tilted his head to look at him, and his ears moved. Qin Sheng’s heart slightly moved and felt that KiKi seemed to have become smarter. He scratched KiKi’s chin, “It really doesn’t hurt, there will be no more scratch tomorrow.” He paused and couldn’t help but ask, “What did you do this morning?”

KiKi cocked his head to think, bounced on his feet in place and turned his body, originally facing him, now in the same direction as him.

Both were facing the console. He was puzzled when he saw KiKi back up with a glare, jumped lightly to the console, and pressed a button with his front paw. All of a sudden, the car rang with the sound of exciting music.

KiKi’s long ears twitched violently, and he jumped to Qin Sheng, the side of his right ear pressed against Qin Sheng’s abdomen, and his left paw raised, covering the left ear.

Qin Sheng pressed the pause button, cupped KiKi and kissed him twice. KiKi stared blankly and buried his head in his paws.

Qin Sheng laughed lightly and smoothed his back, “You were listening to music in the morning?”

KiKi’s ears twitched and he didn’t look up. Not shaking his head at least meant it had something to do with music. Qin Sheng looked at the music play button, it was KiKi’s first time to turn on music.

Surprise flashed in his eyes, KiKi was really smarter!

Whatever the reason, it was something to be happy about. He looked at the back of his hand and was filled with softness. The feeling of being worried about and comforted by his partner was really good. Not really needy, but a soul-satisfying feeling.

He cupped KiKi, kissed KiKi on the ear, and instead of putting KiKi on the passenger side, he just let KiKi stay on him and drove home. With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he pondered what delicious food to cook for KiKi in the evening.

It’s been too busy for a long time, so he hadn’t spent time with KiKi.


After Gu Yu’s lunch break, instead of continuing to practice his pitch, he continued to read Kona’s novel. The structure of the novel was very sweet and simple. The main characters meet and soon get together sweetly, and many funny little incidents happen during their time together because of their gender differences.

Kona talked a lot about natural female physiological characteristics. Gu Yu knew learned it from reading the information, but also saw it from the novel. He couldn’t help but blush, especially embarrassed at the memory of when he asked Cyno where the female channel was.

He hid his embarrassment and continued to read. The protagonist brought the natural female home, causing a big stir and drama. The natural female was seen by the top brass, causing waves, the two eloped, and the natural female became pregnant.

The conservation society intervenes and the natural female confesses publicly to the protagonist, indicating that he was willing to be the protagonist’s partner for life.

The book ended with envious comments from the males.

After Gu Yu finished reading it, he went to Star Network to check the discussions about the book, and all of them were eager to replace the main character. When he saw the amount of discussion, Gu Yu was surprised for a moment and then realized that the book was really hot on Brilliant Splendor.

He scanned his eyes and saw Cyno’s name in the discussion with the most likes.

[I think Marshal Cyno is luckier than the main character!]

A bunch of concurring replies were at the bottom.

[Me too. For God’s sake, by the time I knew a natural female existed, he was already married and I didn’t even have a chance to compete.]

[Marshal Cyno’s experience made me think that I could be just like the protagonist in the book!]

[Me too! My little female might be waiting for me on some unrecorded planet!]

Gu Yu sighed. Males were really eager for natural females.

“How long have you been reading?” Cyno’s voice came from behind him, and at the same time, a slight weight came from his shoulder.

He turned his head to see Cyno standing behind the couch, one hand naturally resting on his shoulder, bending over and looking at the light screen in front of him. Cyno was wearing a grass-green combat suit with sleeves pulled up to his elbows, revealing wheat-colored, firm arms.

When Gu Yu turned his head, the distance between them was particularly close, and he froze, his body leaning back slightly.

Cyno frowned, “Finished reading the book? You’ve been reading all afternoon?”

Gu Yu subconsciously looked at the time, it was already 5:30. He pursed his lips, “I started reading after the nap.”

Cyno’s eyebrows relaxed and rubbed the top of his hair, “From now on, you should pay attention to rest when reading books, it’s not good for your eyes to keep reading.”

Gu Yu nodded his head agreeably, a little embarrassed, “I know.”

Cyno smiled, “I’m going to take a shower, and I’ll eat with you later.”

When Cyno disappeared up the stairs, Gu Yu suddenly remembered that Da Yuan had sent all his new clothes upstairs! What to do? What if Cyno offered to stay in the same room?

He got nervous and panicked even more as his mind kept going back to living with Cyno. He kept his face tense and tried to calm himself down.

He and Cyno were partners, and it was only right that they live in the same room!

He couldn’t help but blush when he thought about his relationship with Cyno. They were married, he was Cyno’s partner!

Cyno had said that he wouldn’t divorce him, and he… didn’t want to divorce either.

Cyno came downstairs, pulling his slightly wet white hair, and saw Gu Yu sitting with a stern yet contemplative look on his blushing face, and couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. He propped his hand on the sofa and leaned down to survey Gu Yu, “What are you thinking about?”

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded and he leaned away, pusing his back against the sofa, “N-nothing.”

Cyno’s eyes narrowed slightly, “Really?”

This was clearly something, and most likely related to him.

Gu Yu’s eyes wandered for a moment and landed on Cyno’s handsome face. He pursed his lips before speaking, “You asked Da Yuan to buy me new clothes?”

Cyno smiled, “Mn,” he said and explained, “Orson lives in the villa, and it’s better for you to stay with me on the second floor.”

Natural females had full decision-making power in marriage and could always file for divorce if they were unhappy with their partner. He did not want the news that he and his little mate were not sharing a room to be known. And he mistakenly thought that his little mate did not like him and thus developed a covetous mind.

He added, “I didn’t let Da Yuan move the things in your room, you can try sleeping on the second floor, if you don’t like it, you can still stay in your current room.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved slightly, once again feeling Cyno’s careful side. No wonder he bought new clothes on purpose, because he didn’t want to touch his things. He remembered Kona’s questioning of Cyno’s body because he and Cyno shared a room. If he and Cyno had been sharing a room, Orson might have misunderstood Cyno as well.

He had prepared himself mentally before, and after knowing the reason, he would not refuse even more. He nodded, “I’ll live on the second floor from now on.”

Cyno took a step back and took Gu Yu’s hand, “Go to the bedroom and see if you’re not satisfied, just in time to have Da Yuan change it at dinner.”

Gu Yu’s fingers curled slightly, Cyno looked at them and let go with a smile.

The two of them went up to the second floor together, Gu Yu stood on Cyno’s left side, and after turning left, they soon reached the door of the first room. Gu Yu stopped and turned to face the door of the room. He watched as Cyno continued to walk forward but soon stopped.

Gu Yu instantly realized something and turned his head to look at Cyno.

Cyno’s heart fluttered and he quickly reacted.

His little mate thought his new room was his bedroom!

And in this case, Little Mate had already agreed to change rooms!

What did this mean? It meant that Little Mate had agreed to sleep together!

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so that’s how it works! gu yu plays the music to make them more human- (or well, beast people-like) smart, and then eventually the beast females can change into natural females!

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