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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Students in Class 3-1 found that the fiance of Marshal Heinz, the legendary Alliance hero, who had been standing on their platform for nearly five minutes, was a man who looked different from what they had imagined. The mediocre and godless picture posted on the explosive forum stung the eyes of everyone who cared deeply about Marshal Heinz. It lasted for several days and was the hottest topic in the Alliance. But even so, it could not hide the fact that it was a face that would be forgotten when lost in the street, but it was like that even if they knew the man. Looking at his face, people could not associate the picture of the man with the one in front of them.

The face was still the same, but with the stiff figure, it seemed that the temperament of the whole person had become exquisite, especially those deep eyes, which had attracted countless people’s eyes since he walked in. When he stood at the desk, he still let them talk in groups and did not make a sound to stop them. Instead, he stood there, his slender, beautiful fingers tapping on the desk.

He tapped for a minute or two until the classroom became quiet.

When all the students closed their mouths, with all kinds of expressions on their faces, their eyes focused on Chen Bai. The latter showed a slight smile on his face, and then a pleasant voice sounded in the classroom. “It’s three minutes after class.” As he spoke, he pointed to the time on the teacher’s screen. The signal emission points of these screens were all on the desk. One emission was about twenty or thirty yuan, but it was a very advanced configuration in the Union College.

‘I don’t know how those little guys stuffed fifty signal transmitting points into such a small watch,’ Chen Bai’s thoughts were a little off the rails.

The students in the classroom could not understand his thoughts. They were still quiet in surprise because of the sudden emergence of the main person from a scandal. He looked at them, one by one, eyeing them all. In front of this man, who was somewhat inconsistent with their imagination, they questioned what they knew.

Wasn’t the Marshal’s fiance an inferior gender from the Beta fringe? Someone from there would have no teaching experience of any kind. How could this kind of person even enter the Alpha Central District or the first military academy such as Aldia? Shouldn’t this type of person shrink from the sight of anything new? This was the heart of Alpha, which was very different from Beta’s fringe.

They had just started to talk about how they could grab the little fiance before he entered and bombard him out of the college with letters of complaint, but at this moment, when the real person stood in front of them, they found that none of the imaginary things they thought appeared on him.

The students in the whole class were shocked, but for a while, they were not able to relax. Only a few of them reacted very quickly, forcibly suppressing their surprise, secretly opening their electronic screens under their desks. They wanted to record this scene and someone directly logged onto the BBB forum to prepare a new post.

Since the principal admitted it publicly, Aldia’s students were not only curious about it themselves, but also their friends and family around them have inquired about it several times. Besides, some of them were keen on the management of networks, such as Amin, who had a considerable fan base. If they went out to open posts together, they would do so. They could create another sensation in the Alliance!

And this little thing could be done with the spirit of the electronic screen! No need for them to start, so everyone seemed to be sitting in a desperate position, but in fact, they were all ready to take pictures and send posts and even had an excellent plan to make videos.

Although they had heard before that intelligent mind controllers could understand people’s thoughts, the person would have to break down the defense around their brains. In the past, they had discussed a series of ways to make Wu feel that they were better. How could an inferior gender of unknown origin be able to do this?

Anyway, there were so many people here, even if he had a little skill, it was impossible to know what everyone was thinking at the same time.

Amin thought so as well. He had a keen interest in network management, and his father was also a senior executive in that type of company. Often spending his spare time on the Internet to lead others through forum posts, he thought that his spiritual ability was not better than others. In a few seconds, he had opened the forum quickly, created new posts, and edited them well with a theme name.

[Marshal’s fiance came to be a Teacher at Aldi! The legendary Chen YiBai! He’s in our classroom now!]

Under the eye-catching post, Amin put a high-definition photograph he just cautiously took with the transparent screen directly without any nonsense.

Everything was ready, but it still needed to be sent. Amin looked back at Ain, who had been shielding him with his mental strength. Meanwhile, his spiritual tentacles were excitedly and impatiently, pointing at the screen under the desk. But just as his spiritual power was about to touch the screen and send out the post, he suddenly felt that his spiritual tentacles were stiff and could not move!

At this time, Amin’s eyes remained on Chen Bai, pretending to be absorbed in waiting for the teacher to speak, but in fact, his whole body was stiff.

He couldn’t move his spiritual whiskers? How was that possible? All the tentacles of a spiritual person moved due to his abilities. It was almost impossible to disobey his consciousness and his brain there was nothing unusual at all?

While Amin was shocked by the sudden change, Chen Bai smiled and made a direct opening remark. “It’s a pleasure to meet you on the first day. My name is Chen YiBai.”

Amin gritted his teeth while listening. He ground his teeth and tried to use his mental ability several times, but there was still no movement.

“Professor Wu, who was originally responsible for your class’s Psychological Control Course, asked for leave temporarily because of physical reasons. So, until the end of this semester, I will be the teacher of the course in your class.”

“Hello, Amin, what’s the matter?!” Ain, who was still covering him, noticed the abnormality of Amin’s mental state and asked in a low voice.

“I don’t know!” Amin’s face began to sweat nervously. What’s the matter? He was one of the top fifty students in Aldia! How could he possibly fail to control his spiritual power in such a simple way with his A-level spiritual power?!

Amin repeatedly tried to regain his spiritual initiative because he was too anxious to notice his surroundings. Several people like him, who wanted to post some little news underneath their desks, also felt like they were stuck in a shell, unable to move. The expressions on everyone’s faces were quite colorful.

At this time, Chen Bai’s voice from behind the platform continued, “I am not as experienced as Professor Wu in teaching, so please take care of me and point out any places that make you feel like it needs more explanation.”

What the hell was going on?!

Chen Bai’s melodious voice did not alleviate the mood of the audience at all. Grade 3 Class 1, seemed to be shrouded in some invisible fear. Everyone was like an ant on a hot pot.

This was the spiritual tentacle that could not be controlled, ah! What exactly happened? Were they ill? Was the college invaded? They were all students of the Aldia Military Academy. How could they not even control their mental strength?

Among them, Amin was the most shocked because he could not move the tentacles, but also could see that the contents on his electronic screen that he had just opened under the table were being deleted bit by bit.

Looking at this scene, the picture of ghostly events happened in front of his eyes. Amin felt as if an electric current had pricked his spine. The feeling of numbness passed along his tail bone to the top of his head. A flashing thought accompanied this feeling. Amin choked instantly.

He raised his head, and as he looked up into Chen Bai’s deep eyes, his hidden thoughts became more precise and more apparent.

No, it wasn’t impossible.

“I am not very clear about Mr. Wu’s classroom situation, but in my classroom, I have only one requirement.” Chen Bai’s face still contained a constant smile. “It’s better to have a little less superfluous movements.”

As soon as his voice dropped, the small tentacles in the classroom, which seemed to have been stuck, were freed in a flash. But not only that, the cameras and other functions they had prepared were all shut down.

It all seemed like a magic trick; fantastic and unrealistic, but these things happened in the places they could see.

After that, every classmate who just tried to do something raised their heads and, without exception, were baptized by Chen Bai’s eyes. His eyes were precise and did not stop at all on each of them once, without saying any more superfluous words, but let everyone’s heart cool.

It was him. Did he find out what they were doing?

Impossible! There were nearly fifty people in this class! How could anyone see it all! This was something that even Aldia’s famous MoWu couldn’t do. How could this kind of person from the Beta fringe do something so impossible? It needed such a strong spirit!

It was impossible. No one could do that!

The students in the classroom denied the idea. It was almost an instinctive reaction. They didn’t believe it.

A student who immediately regained control of his spiritual power even tried again, but this time, the light screen did not open at all. His spiritual power was frozen, and the next second, Chen Bai’s vision fell on him accurately and incomparably, the latter could not help shaking his body.

Amin could feel this person’s movement, as he was sitting to his left. After noticing the person’s pause and the beginning of the gradual change of expression, Amin’s heart sank, and he almost immediately understood what had happened to him.

Others may have thought their devices had turned off or were unable to use their mental energy, but unlike him, he watched his newly typed words being deleted one by one.

In this case, if his mental power suddenly went haywirehe could not believe that. Besides there being so many people in the class, how could it be so coincidental that everyone had problems at the same time?

But if Chen YiBai did it, how strong did he have to be? Almost fifty people were captured at the same time? Did such a person exist? Was this really the useless, inferior gender from the exploding forum?



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Tiramisu never_lies
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