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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu froze, and was about to ask who ‘them’ referred to.

“Tick…” There was a sound from the door, followed by the door being pushed open and two guards scurrying into the room with weapons in hand.

“Don’t move!” One of them barked at the orb.

The other dodged in front of Gu Yu, blocking him. Within a second, they were in position, their hands pressed the weapon buttons simultaneously, and an umbrella-shaped net shot out of the round hole at the top of the weapon.

The net unfolded quickly in the path, and when it pounced on the orb, it opened up to the maximum, and then closed up, trying to pack the orb into the net.

The translucent body of the orb became more and more blue, darkening in color. He shouted in panic, “No!”

While shouting he scurried aside, a second net came at him, and he was pushed into it like a fish.

The whole scene took no more than three seconds.

Once again, the ball’s eyes gurgled with tears, and the room was filled with his cries, “Ooooooooooooo… Let me out.”

He moved up and down like a bouncing ball, but with the end of the net in the guard’s hands, he couldn’t escape.

“Ma’am, are you all right?” The guard asked.

Gu Yu nodded his head, “Yes.”

“What’s going on?” Cyno’s voice came and he looked over, his eyes narrowing slightly, “Ratter?”

“Sai, Marshal Cyno, please let me go, I mean no harm.” The orb choked out.

Cyno gestured to the guards, “Take it out.”

“Oooooo, I really don’t mean any harm. We are leaving tomorrow and I just wanted to meet Little Feather and make a copy of the music.”

Gu Yu saw the escort was leaving and quickly said, “Wait.”

The escort stopped and Gu Yu asked the orb, “Who did you mean by them before?”

The orb spun in the net and looked at him with round eyes, his voice choked with a sob, “There are people from all planets, one by one they asked us for help. The prince didn’t agree and decided to leave Splendor immediately.”

The planet Ratter was a planet where water took up most of the area, the royal family was the mermaid race, and this time a mermaid prince came.

Gu Yu continued to ask, “What kind of help?”

The orb swayed from side to side: “I don’t know, they asked the prince to lend them our Water Hidden Tribe, but the prince refused. They didn’t say exactly what they wanted to do.” He paused, “But the prince said that they must be wanting our ability to do bad things.”

Gu Yu looked to Cyno, “He asked me for a music file, nothing else.”

Cyno nodded and said to the escort, “Tell him to cooperate in perfecting the alarm system before sending him back to the Ratter residence.”


After the escort left, Cyno looked at Gu Yu, his eyes vaguely tinged with excitement. He grabbed Gu Yu’s hand, “I have something to tell you.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved, the temperature of Cyno’s hand had returned to normal. He focused on it and saw that Cyno’s remaining value of evolutionary energy was zero.

Back in the bedroom, Cyno opened the terminal and pulled up a set of tables, “On the left is the data from my training earlier, and on the right is the data from my training a week ago.”

The items on the table were particularly easy to understand; strength, movement speed, reaction speed, endurance, vision, etc.

After Gu Yu read it, he understood why Cyno was excited. All of the data, all of the categories, had increased by ten percent.

Cyno: “It’s amazing how all my abilities have increased in just a short period of time! At my current age, my body is at its peak. While continuous exercise will enhance my abilities, the process is very slow and the degree of improvement is not high.” He put his hand on Gu Yu’s shoulder, “Your ability is very powerful and can make all warriors crazy.”

The werebeast were originally a warlike race, naturally seeking to be more powerful.

Gu Yu’s eyes rounded, “So exaggerated?”

Cyno shook his head, “Not exaggerated. All countries in the Star League are strong, so this world’s nobility will fall if no outstanding talents appear. Commoners can also rely on their own abilities if they want to live a better life.”

Gu Yu: “But the better the family lineage, the better the education received, the better the chances of producing talent.”

Cyno rubbed his black hair, “Right, so most of the people who make it out of the commoners are very talented,” he paused, “Your ability is equivalent to inspiring talent.”

Gu Yu blinked, so it seemed good to say. Evolutionary energy was what prompted the organism to change on merit.

Cyno looked at him and said cautiously, “Don’t reveal this ability for now, otherwise, everyone will want you.”

Even if there were no natural females without mates, there were still many beast females, but there was no substitute for this effective enhancement of abilities.

Gu Yu understood the seriousness of the matter and nodded obediently, “Okay.”

Cyno smiled at him, “Don’t be nervous, I will protect you.”

Gu Yu’s eyes curved slightly and thought for a moment, “What will you do about the Ratter just now?”

Cyno switched to the monitoring interface, and the two guards and the orb appeared in the light screen. Gu Yu immediately looked over, the orb’s movement looked strange, moving very slowly and distorted.

Cyno did some finger manipulation, and all of a sudden, the picture fully turned into a different look. The room that had appeared empty was now filled with thin red lines, no, not thin lines, but a kind of ray light. The orb moved slowly in the middle of the red lines, careful not to be next to the red line.

After he moved forward a little, the red line density thinned, the orb’s round eyes stared, turned in place, and watched the guards, not moving.

His body had been squeezed extremely hard and he could not move any more.

Guard, “Continue.”

The orb whimpered and cried, the body trembled and accidentally touched the red line. The alarm sound suddenly triggered and a strong light shone towards the orb.

The ball closed its eyes, crying more sadly.

Gu Yu subconsciously looked out the window, “The villa area is not covered with such red lines, right?”

Cyno: “Mn, but the density is problematic, otherwise he could not have sneaked in. The water shadow clan has special abilities, but no combat power. I was negligent.”

Gu Yu shook his head: “It’s already very powerful, it’s just the guards happened to be out of place.” He also wondered a bit, “He can be invisible, how could he be discovered?”

Cyno: “Stealth is just a visual deception. They are less bold and their emotional ups and downs will reveal their vulnerability.”

Gu Yu: “It’s amazing, when I was reading the information before about Ratter, I was more concerned about the mermaids. The Water Shadow Clan though, I only casually looked at them, yet they can still isolate the signal.”

His biggest impression of the Water Shadow Race was the orb-like appearance and the feature that they could float.

“There is a distance range for the isolated signal.” Cyno replied.

The Water Shadows were a supporting race of Ratter, with strange but none too strong abilities. Weak in combat, and unable to leave the water for long, they had always been overlooked. This situation gave him a wake up call. No matter who it was, it could not be taken lightly.

“The security of the villa has to be perfected more. I’ll have people study the characteristics of the various races of the stars. If the water shadow clan does not help, they may have other ideas.”

The two of them chatted for a while when Gu Yu received a communication from Brother Li.

He picked up and Li’s voice came through. He could hear the noise coming from not far away, “Xiao Gu, I didn’t disturb you, right?”


Li then asked directly, “Can you reach MoMo? He still has some things in his room and I don’t know if he still wants them.”

Gu Yu: “I have his number, I’ll send it to you later.”

“Okay,” Li said as the noise from his side got louder and his voice raised, “Eh, what are you guys doing? Get out, get out! Security!”

Gu Yu asked worriedly, “Brother Li, is something wrong?”

Brother Li: “No…”

Before he could finish his sentence, someone on his side shouted ‘I’m paying! Don’t close the door!’, and Li yelled, “Get out!”

Then there was a ‘bang’- the sound of the room door being closed.

Li continued, “It’s okay.”

Gu Yu said with a straight face, “Brother Li, what’s going on? Do you want me to call the police for you?”

It sounded like someone was causing trouble!

“No, no,” Li hurriedly said, then sighed, “You haven’t seen the news, have you?”

Gu Yu had been training all afternoon and hadn’t watched it.

“What’s wrong?”

Li said, “Didn’t MoMo, Merlin, and KiKi all transform? After MoMo’s identity was announced, the netizens started a thread to help the Association analyze the possibilities.” He didn’t sound very happy, “I don’t know who revealed it, but someone said that the night before they were unwell and sent to the hospital, they were staying at Shu Xin. In less than two hours, the guests who came to register at Shu Xin had already lined up to the parking lot.

“The owner decided to suspend the business, and they still refused to leave, insisting on visiting MoMo’s room and to investigate Shu Xin carefully, saying that the cause of the conversion might be in Shu Xin. It’s nonsense,” Li was angry, “I’ve been doing this at Shu Xin for so long, if Shu Xin had anything to do with the conversion, Shu Xin’s natural females could fill a school.”

Gu Yu was surprised for a moment. How could he not think that the netizen’s brain circuit would be so peculiar.

This was but a little possibility, but it also did not miss the meaning of it.

Li finished explaining, “I’ll hang up first, I have to contact MoMo and donate what he wants to leave behind.”

After hanging up the communication, Gu Yu sent MoMo’s communication to Li.

Then opened the news and read through it.

Li made it clear that the netizens had started a post to discuss it, inspired entirely by the latest Wide Word posted by Kona. MoMo’s conversion put them in an emotional mood, and seeing that Kona said he would work on finding the cause of the conversion, they were deeply moved and decided to contribute.

There were many people with this kind of idea, so as soon as the post was created, the netizens contributed from all sides. There was a whole lot of gossip, and they speculated about a number of possibilities.

The biggest possibility was related to Shu Xin. After all, the night before staying at Shu Xin, they suddenly became uncomfortable and sent to the hospital, which was very coincidental.

And all three stayed at Shu Xin.

There was also a guess related to Cyno and Gu Yu. Those days, all three people went to Cyno’s villa every day. And when Merlin was transformed, only Gu Yu and Merlin were together.

In addition, there were also people investigating the shopping records, food records, and going out records of the three. They were looking for commonalities in all aspects of food, housing and transportation.

Gu Yu sighed at the resourcefulness of the netizens, and he showed the netizen speculation to Cyno.

Cyno scanned it and said, “It’s okay, it’s okay to expose it.”

The military department was ready for any reaction. He pointed to a comment saying they hoped Marshal and his partner would give an interview and reveal details about being with the trio that might reveal clues.

“Would you be willing to do an interview?” he inquired.

Gu Yu was a little nervous, “What kind of interview?”

“Just talking, with the host asking remotely.”

Gu Yu nodded, “Yes.”

He thought, Cyno must have a purpose, otherwise he wouldn’t ask if he wasn’t willing.

Cyno: “Then I will arrange it. When you are interviewed, just tell the truth. But don’t reveal what you know you can’t.”

Gu Yu understood what he meant after a moment’s thought, “Let others find out?”

Cyno: “Yes.”

From the launch until now, they were revealing one message: no one knew the reason for the transformation. Even if things were exposed, someone else would have to find out.


The absentminded orb was sent back to the Ratter residence by the escort, and the mermaid prince apologized profusely to Cyno and Gu Yu, and insisted on giving the escort a number of pearls to make amends.

After the guards left, the prince grabbed the orb, squeezed him and spun him around. “Marshal Cyno is so good-tempered, he actually let you come back alive?”

The orb shivered, “I just went to see Little Feather for a moment.”

“Who told you to go?” The prince asked.

“I wanted to go myself.”

The prince chortled, “Who did you see before you went?”

The orb thought for a moment, “The Duke of the Insects.”

Prince: “He’s nice, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” The orb sounded excited.

“I was going to find a random person to copy the music, but he told me that Little Feather has the most complete music there, and he knew I was eager to see the natural females, so he reminded me of my ability to go to Little Feather.”

Prince: Surely this one’s head is full of water!

He squeezed the orb and threw him to the guards, “Confinement.”

Not long after, the Duke of the Insects came to visit, the prince smiled with a warm face, “Something wrong?”

The duke looked around: “Why are all the Water Shadows gone?”

The prince looked calm, “They are all dead. They dared to trespass on Marshal Cyno’s territory.”

The Duke’s face changed slightly, “How could they have been found?” He quickly calmed his expression, “The prince is joking.”

The prince looked at him, “The duke can take a trip himself and scope out the security situation of Marshal’s villa personally.”

The duke couldn’t help himself: “Are they really all dead? Aren’t there three?”

“You ask so clearly to hold a memorial service for them?”

Duke: “Condolences.”

He went out and returned to his residence escorted by black female insects with an ugly look on his face. When he looked at the feathered wings of the female insects that came up to him, his face became even harder and he stomped on them.

Damn it, he must find a way for natural female transformation. He’d had enough of these ugly female insects! Resentment flashed in his eyes. Why was he not born at the right time? Think of the ancestors, what a wonderful divine life they lived.

The ancestral males were surrounded by countless females, who did everything for them, and they were able to go down to the battlefield. The males just used their brains, used their wisdom, and then enjoyed it. But now! Although he was also surrounded by female insects, they were insect-shaped, and many things in daily life have to be arranged by him.

Although there were robots, they were not as flexible and convenient as people. They were most uncomfortable during bed activities!

The female whose wings he was stepping on seemed to be stimulated by something, and instead of retreating, his other wings came over.

The male insect felt the plea of ‘begging for favor’ in his head and rolled his eyes with his face plate towards the sky.

“Get lost!”

Without the help of the Water Shadow Clan, he could not think of any way for a while, and his mood was so bad that he had no interest in bed activities. He originally wanted to use the water shadow clan to explore the road. He didn’t understand how even though Cyno hit so hard, the mermaid prince still did not care at all!


In the next two days, the netizens became even more emotional and extremely enthusiastic about finding the cause of the conversion. The number of people requesting Gu Yu to provide clues was increasing. Many people were deeply obsessed with contacting Gu Yu, and they had gone to Cyno to spread rumors and get Gu Yu to sign up for Wide Word.

Gu Yu read the news in his free time and spent the rest of his time training according to Herman’s plan. In the morning, he stood in the garden with one of Herman’s friendship songs “We” playing on the light screen in front of him.

He stood in the standard stance for practicing his breath, put his hand to the small of his back, felt the change as he sang, and sang along with the original song.

This was the practice track Herman picked for him, a song of low difficulty.

Singing was not the same as just pronouncing the words. If the vocal position was wrong as he sang, he would be unstable when he changed notes. He sang and adjusted as he became more and more familiar with it.

Cyno stood not far away and watched him. The light of the morning star streaked through the leaves on his little mate, shining down. The little face was full of seriousness, as his hand was on his abdomen, and he looked cute and lovable. The gentle voice was full of emotion when it came to his ears, his heart gradually was overcome with emotions.

When the song was over, he approached, moved his mate’s hand away, and replaced his own hand on the small of his belly. Gu Yu was stunned, and a little embarrassed as looked down and explained to Cyno why he put his hand on his abdomen.

Cyno laughed lightly and pointed to a line of lyrics on the light screen, “Sing it to me, let me feel it.”

That was the most emotional line in the whole song.

Gu Yu bit his lip. He had never sung in front of others and was a little nervous. He pinched his fingers, “I still can’t sing well. Wait two days for me to practice before singing to you, okay?”

Cyno: “I just heard it, it’s very good,” he said with a sincere face, “better than Herman’s singing.”

Gu Yu shook his head and saw Cyno continue to boast mindlessly, “I’ll sing.”

He looked at the light screen, recalled the tune in his head, and opened his mouth to sing.

When he opened his mouth, his voice wasn’t steady, but it got better later.

Cyno’s eyes darkened as he felt under his hand his little mate’s soft stomach. He wanted to touch his skin directly.

After a quick song, Gu Yu looked to Cyno, and saw his expression didn’t seem right. He froze and his waist tightened.

Cyno hugged him and kissed him twice, before pulling his hand to lead him back to the living room, “The interview is about to start.”

Gu Yu was blushing and his face did not completely return to normal until after he sat on the sofa. The interview was broadcast live by Splendor’s main broadcast, and the host was a veteran of the news department, asking clean questions and not asking random ones.

Gu Yu honestly told all about his encounter with the three beast females, including how their expression skills became stronger after listening to him practice singing. Gu Yu had the live stream on, but would switch to silent mode and watch the pop-ups from time to time.

[Oh, no wonder MoMo and Major General Roald got married so quickly, so they knew each other originally!]

[Is it related to the singing?]

[It’s okay, this association has been studying it.]

Gu Yu had the illusion that the interview was a puzzle game, and he was the one who put out the conditions, while the audience analyzed the possibilities from there. Gu Yu soon came to the day of the dinner and the interview came to an end.

When he finished, the host thanked him.

At this point the pop-ups temporarily put the discussion aside and pleaded, [Little Yu, open a public account!]

[Yeah, the rest of the natural females should open up Wide Word too, so we can learn more about all of you!]

Gu Yu hesitated, “I’ve already registered for a Wide Word account, my name is Feather.”

He wanted to be a singer and wanted many, many people to hear him sing. Singers were public figures, and it was impossible to cut off contact with the outside world. After the interview, he already had more than six million Wide Word followers, and it was still soaring.

Having experienced the spectacle of Goodwill Points increasing, he wasn’t surprised, but couldn’t help but stare at the amount of attention his account was getting and slowly became nervous. He remembered how he felt when he sang a line to Cyno earlier.

He had been slightly nervous in front of Cyno, so what if all his new followers turned into an audience? Would he dare to sing in front of so many people?

He suddenly realized that what he needed to practice now was not only his musical ability, but also his courage. It couldn’t be considered bravery, but more accurately, getting used to being watched, getting used to standing in the crowd. He clenched his fingers, he hadn’t even tried yet, and he already found it difficult.

Cyno put his hand in his palm and unfolded his fingers, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yu looked at him, “Do you get nervous when you face a lot of people?”

Cyno understood what he was worried about, “When I was very young, I was, but then I got used to it, I often have to face a lot of people.” He touched the side of Gu Yu’s face, “You can also adapt slowly, if you really do not like it, you can choose not to see anyone.”

Gu Yu shook his head, “I told you, I want to give a concert.” He thought for a moment, “I will try to overcome it.”

Cyno smiled at him, “I believe in you.”

In the afternoon, Merlin, KiKi and MoMo, who hadn’t seen each other for a few days, came to the villa. Merlin was wearing a t-shirt and jeans, looking especially cool, he hugged Gu Yu and rubbed the side of his neck, Gu Yu subconsciously touched his head.

“Grandfather forbids me to go out!” Merlin sat on the couch and stretched his arms out freely, “I ran out while he was gone.”

Gu Yu: “Does Guy know?”

“I messaged him,” he wrinkled his nose, “He’s not the brother he used to be. He used to take me out to dinner all the time!”

KiKi hugged the cushion, absentmindedly, “So did A’Sheng. He used to take me to the hospital when he went to work, but now he doesn’t take me anymore.”

MoMo placated, “Because natural females can be dangerous outside, ah. Roald also does not take me out, at most, he agreed to let me come here to be with Yu.”

He used to stay in Shuxin, and usually would not be taken out of the complex, so he was rather better adapted.

KiKi said, “If only there were many natural females, others would not be so concerned about us.”

Merlin’s body leaned against the corner of the sofa, stretching his long legs, “My escorts are fighting for the position everyday, all wanting to marry me. I would also like to have many, many natural females to share the pressure with me.”

Gu Yu lost his smile, “Do you have a favorite?”

Merlin thought for a moment, “Yes, I like a lot of people!”

Gu Yu listened to him talk about a bunch of people and shook his head. It seemed that he was not enlightened. Thinking about it, he froze, he could actually judge whether someone was enlightened or not! He looked at the three, “Any news about the school that President Kona talked about? When it’s built, you guys can stay and study together.”

All three eyes lit up, but then they shook their heads, “I haven’t received any news yet.”

MoMo looked at Gu Yu, “Will Yu be going to school with us later?”

Gu Yu thought for a moment, “Not in the early stage, I don’t have to learn to recognize words, I might in the later courses. Recently I have been practicing music.”

He had to learn the Splendor culture and the usage of words.

Merlin sat up, “Yu likes music so much, will you go to Herman’s concert?”

MoMo’s eyes lit up, “I want to go!”

KiKi’s spirit also came, “Let’s go together, study hard these days, and go to the concert as a reward.” Speaking of which, his head tilted, “A’Sheng would agree, right?”

Gu Yu was tempted, after seeing Herman’s concert recording on the screen, he especially wanted to feel the concert atmosphere. But looking at the timing, he most likely could not go.

His ability would probably be exposed soon.

In that case, it was almost impossible for him to go out, let alone to the concert where it would be so crowded.

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