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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was carried out of the vehicle by Cyno. He tried to refuse, but after pushing Cyno’s shoulder, he was warned, “Be quiet, this is a public place, don’t tease me!”

Gu Yu’s eyes were rounded, ‘What? What teasing?’

Not only was he illiterate, but there was a generation gap between him and the people here. Despite this explanation, his pale face was still involuntarily tinged with red, and he retracted his hand, not daring to touch Cyno again.

In Cyno’s opinion, the force of Gu Yu’s push was as light as a feather, making his shoulders feel itchy.

This was not the first time Gu Yu had pushed him, but the previous time was after he refused to get married, and the action then was clearly resistant.

However, now it was different. At this time, Gu Yu had entered the mode of pleasing the owner. And, in his eyes, this action of ‘touching’ his shoulder with his hand was teasing!

The exclusive attendant who came to greet him was surprised as he looked at Cyno hugging a human form, his sight swept over Gu Yu. Although he did not see the face, he deduced from the figure that it was an artificial female.

The marshal was actually holding an artificial female!

Leading Cyno, he maintained his shocked face all the way to the private room.

Cyno put Gu Yu on the leather sofa stool while he sat on the side seat.

Along the way, Gu Yu had calmed down, the redness on his face dissipated, his face still a little pale from discomfort.

He surveyed the private room, which was wide and luxuriously arranged, with a square table, a wide sofa stool on each side, a backless seat next to the stool, and an empty area with soft carpet on the floor.

The waiter then examined Gu Yu’s appearance- black hair and black eyes of a soft teenager. No wonder the marshal would like him. It was too easy to make people feel protective. Once his shock had mostly dissipated, he put on a standard polite smile and opened the virtual screen for ordering, “Marshal, please order.”

Cyno pointed to the various dishes on the screen and asked Gu Yu, “Which one is good for you to replenish your energy?”

It dawned on Gu Yu why Cyno brought him to eat, So the artificial female replenished energy through food, it’s so humane!

He looked at the dishes. A small part of them were the same as modern ones, but many others were different. He had never seen most of the meat.

He carefully chose a plate of tomatoes and eggs and a steamed fish, not ordering anything unknown. He pointed down at the two dishes, then smiled gratefully at Cyno and put both hands on the table, waiting for the meal in a particularly good manner.

Cyno’s fingers moved. Gu Yu’s face was still white, his smile was so endearing that he had an urge to touch his face.

He disguisedly took a sip of water from his glass. With his left hand, he ordered two dishes and a soup on the screen in addition to the two dishes Gu Yu ordered, “That’s it.”

The waiter did not respond. The shocked look that had dissipated earlier was now back on his face as he stared straight at the ring on Cyno’s finger.

Oh my God! What did he see? The Marshal had a wedding ring on his hand, and another matching wedding ring was on the hand of an artificial female!

The marshal was married to an artificial female? No, he must have been blinded.

Cyno swept the ring under his hand, understood it in his heart, and did not care. He backhandedly knocked on the table to wake up the dazed waiter, “Serve.”

The waiter came back to his senses, answered in a panic, and walked out with a dull expression. Only after leaving the booth did he realize that he hadn’t asked the marshal if he wanted a drink!

What a dereliction of duty! He turned around to return and ask about the drinks.

“Who’s in this booth?” Guy asked in surprise as he passed the booth and saw a waiter standing at the door.

This private room was almost considered exclusive to Cyno, and anyone who came to the restaurant often knew that Cyno chose this room when he came to the restaurant. Therefore, unless the visitor was of high status and the restaurant had no tables available, this room was not open.

The waiter turned around and seeing Guy and a big, half-human, tall spotted tiger beside him, he hurriedly greeted, “Master Guy, Master Merlin,” then finally responded, “It’s the marshal.”

Guy pulled the collar around the neck of the spotted tiger, Merlin, who wanted to rush forward, pushed past the attendant and knocked on the door.

Cyno looked to the door, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Guy.”

Cyno put down the glass of water and looked at Gu Yu, “Come in.”

Guy pushed the door open and pulled Merlin into the booth with him.

Gu Yu stared at the man and tiger entering the room. The man was tall and his rolled up shirt sleeves showed the strong muscles of his arms. But even if he was strong, it was too dangerous to pull a tiger along him like that!

But, looking at the tiger’s dress, he wondered if maybe the tiger was very well behaved?

The tiger was wearing a pink leather collar around its neck, with a pink flower tied on the right side, making the tiger look cute instead of fierce. As he swept his eyes down, he realized that the tiger was wearing soft, spotted tiger shoes on all four paws, especially cute!

He remembered the white tiger that he had seen in Cyno’s house, could it be that the people here liked to keep fierce animals as pets?

He thought back to the time when the white tiger was lying on the ground and wondered if it was wearing shoes. Thinking about the white tiger wearing the same kind of shoes as this tiger,  suddenly he felt that the white tiger was not so scary.

Guy greeted Cyno, and his eyes showed surprise when he saw Gu Yu, “Haven’t you always been uninterested in artificial females?”

Cyno didn’t answer, and instead asked, “Is something wrong?”

Guy patted Merlin’s tiger head, “I was ordered to take Merlin to dinner and teach it dining etiquette. It’s better if you’re here. What style of eating do you like? You can teach it, since it will be your mate anyway.” 1

Gu Yu looked at the spotted tiger in shock, then turned his head to look at Cyno. This tiger was to be Cyno’s mate?

A flash of light came to his mind and he knew the identity of the spotted tiger, a beast female!

Cyno raised his left hand towards Guy, “I told you, I’m not interested in a beast female mate.”

Guy stared at the ring on his hand for a second and then looked at him incredulously, “You’re married? Who’s your mate? How come I didn’t get the news?”

Cyno pointed to Gu Yu. Guy immediately looked at Gu Yu’s left hand, saw the ring, and returned his stare to Cyno, exclaiming, “Are you crazy? You actually married an artificial female?!”

The spotted tiger’s tail stood up abruptly at his yell and growled alertly.

Cyno frowned, “You’re scaring Merlin,” he waved toward the glistening tiger, “Merlin, come here.”

The glistening tiger waved its tail, ran to the empty seat next to Cyno’s bench and squatted as it moved its head toward Cyno and let him rub it, then looked at the stranger, Gu Yu, curiously.

Gu Yu finally understood why these seats were shaped this way, they were prepared for beast females. He also looked at Merlin curiously, this was a beast female who can mate with a human!

Guy pulled back the stool on the adjacent side of Cyno and opposite Gu Yu, and sat down. He looked at Cyno in disbelief, “Don’t you like Merlin a lot? Merlin also likes you. Why do you not want to marry it, instead choosing an artificial female?” Without waiting for Cyno to say anything, he added quickly, “Don’t tell me you’re not interested in a beast female partner. Who in the Empire doesn’t know you’re not interested in artificial females?”

As soon as artificial females appeared, they caused a sensation in the Empire, but because of their high price, they were only popular among the upper class. Almost everyone who could afford it, whether they liked it or did it to save face, bought artificial females…except for Cyno.

Cyno said lightly, “I like Merlin as much as you do. In fact, if it weren’t for that damn law that assigns partners against your will if you don’t get married by eighty, I wouldn’t have planned to get married… At least the artificial females don’t have feelings for others.”

Guy understood why he had chosen the artificial female rather than the equally uninterested beast female, and muttered, “You’re not still dreaming of a natural female mate, are you?”

“No,” Cyno said helplessly, “I know very well that’s not practical.”

Guy wondered, “I don’t understand you. Beast females are actually quite good. Even if they can’t communicate with us, a beast female with a high IQ can understand us if they are taught. You see, Merlin is great.”

He continued as he fretfully rubbed his face, “Grandfather always wanted it to marry you. Now that I know that you are married, Grandfather will be very angry. I don’t know who will end up pleasing Grandfather and Merlin.”

Cyno responded, “The Grand Duke is too idle.”

“Yes, how can he not be idle when he retired at less than three hundred?” Guy felt the same way and he laughed, “He thought you would definitely marry Merlin, after all, of all the beast females, Merlin and you have the best relationship. He was relieved of the matter of the heart, making him idle. He’s now already looking for a partner candidate for me. Now he has to continue to worry about Merlin and can not care about me.”

Gu Yu sized up the tiger while listening to the conversation between the two. When he heard this he was shocked. Three hundred years old? How long do people live here?

As he was wondering about it, the waiter knocked on the door and then served the food. The smell of the food flowed into his nose and he only felt more hungry. His eyes were on the food, with no time to think about anything else.

Guy ordered another dish for himself and an extra-large portion of well done meat for Merlin. 

Gu Yu kept his gaze down and ate his meal quietly. He carefully picked out the fish bones and put them on the bone plate. He was concentrating on eating when the light on his left dimmed.

He tilted his head and shrank back in surprise. Merlin had come over at some point, Its big head stared at the fish bones, wrinkling its nose and sniffing with a very gluttonous look then looked at Gu Yu.

“You can’t eat fish bones!” Guy waved his hand at Merlin, “Did you forget that you got them stuck last time?”

Merlin’s ears drooped and looked at the fish bones pitifully.

Gu Yu inexplicably thought of the kittens he had made friends with as a child. He loved small animals as they wouldn’t mind that he couldn’t talk, and would rub up against him affectionately. Most of his lonely time as a child was filled with stray kittens and dogs.

He was afraid of fierce animals, but not of Merlin. He thought about it, deboned a piece of fish, carefully removed the bones, and put the fish on a clean plate.

Merlin’s eyes glowed and he looked at Guy.

Guy looked at Gu Yu in surprise then nodded to Merlin, who reached its tongue out and licked the plate clean, squinting pleasantly and rubbing his head against Gu Yu’s arm.

Guy asked Cyno, “This is from Kevin? The IQ is very high, and very thoughtful, which model is it? I’ll order one too. It would be pretty good if I can use it for Merlin to pick fish bones.”

Cyno shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Guy was not surprised. Cyno was not married to this artificial female because he liked it so it was normal not to care. “I’ll ask Kevin later.”

Gu Yu was rubbed on the right by Merlin and could not help but reach out and rub the neck of Merlin, whose eyes were curved up: ‘Mn, don’t stop’.

Merlin cocked its big head to reveal more of its neck. Gu Yu marveled at Merlin’s intelligence and complied with its wishes, continuing to rub him. This scene gave him the illusion of petting a cat.

In fact, tigers were also big cats, so when he thought about it, it was not an illusion.

He was thinking about it when a pop-up-like subtitle suddenly flashed in front of his eyes: Goodwill Points +1.


The author has something to say: Thank you for your support (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭? ~

Gu Yu: I never thought I would get my first Goodwill Points because of my good cat handling _(:з”∠)_ 


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Translator Notes:

  1. Guy referred to Merlin as 它 (ta) which literally means “it”. So we do not know at this point whether beast females are truly females in the biological sense or if they are child bearing males. Though I did have an image in my head pop up of two tigers doing it while thinking of this. Lol.  Also, another side note, Guy speaks to the Marshal informally, meaning they are closely related.


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unicorn squad
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I guess the tiger and Cyno are not one and the same. I love this novel so far. Thank you to the author and the translator.

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