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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Early in the morning, the light of the morning star was soft, and the bedroom was quiet.

In the middle of the bed, two white tigers, one large and one small, were lying on the bed. The small one was lying on a pillow, next to the big tiger’s head, extraordinarily close.

The big white tiger’s tail swept down slightly, and then he abruptly opened his eyes. His eyes glanced around quickly, with a general lack of alertness, but soon, the watery blue eyes softened up.

He looked at the little white tiger close to his head, very slowly approached, and used his mouth to touch the little white tiger’s head gently. The little white tiger did not notice, sleeping soundly, but unconsciously inclined his head and rubbed against the warm, soft, big tiger and leaned closer. The big tiger’s eyes flashed a smile, and stayed still, letting the little white tiger stay next to him.

Gu Yu slept very peacefully. His body was particularly soft, as he was surrounded by reassuring scents and he felt very comfortable. When he opened his eyes, everything in front of him was white. He froze, raised his eyes, and met a pair of big watery blue eyes.

He immediately understood that Cyno had taken the form of a beast.

Cyno rubbed his head against him, and he felt a little itchy, so he raised his claws and scratched his head.

After Cyno finished rubbing, he changed back to his human form and took Gu Yu into his arms, rubbing him where he scratched and then rubbed the side of his neck, “Do you want to sleep some more?”

Gu Yu shook his head and waved his paw, indicating that he was in good spirits. Cyno then put on his tiny white tiger shoes and carried him to the washroom. Gu Yu let him hold him as he helped brush his teeth and wash his face.

He was a little uncomfortable at first, but after doing this every day for a few days, he settled down. With his current paws, he could barely wash his face, but he would get the white fur on his body wet.

As for brushing his teeth, it couldn’t be done.

The little white tiger stood on the vanity, tilting his head with his mouth open.

Cyno’s expression was very soft, holding a small electric toothbrush in his hand, bending over and carefully brushing the little white tiger’s teeth. They were very beautiful, each one was very white and neatly grown. He brushed them one by one, cleaned them once, and then changed the brush head with the softest bristles and said to Gu Yu, “Move your tongue.”

Gu Yu blinked his eyes and was a little scared, his biggest fear was to wash his tongue.

Gu Yu spit out his tongue, Cyno activated the toothbrush, he immediately felt numb and itchy on the surface of his tongue, and his eyes could not help but squint, restraining the urge to retract his tongue.

Cyno laughed lightly and soothed, “It’ll be done soon.”

After washing his mouth, Cyno wiped his face with a soft towel, and then blew the wet white fur on his face dry.

Gu Yu was washed clean and felt refreshed. Cyno put him on the sofa bench specially prepared for him and started to take care of himself. Gu Yu sat on the stool and watched him, thinking about how Cyno was taking care of him, and suddenly a thought came to him.

Cyno would be a good father.

He was a little embarrassed by this thought. Since he became a white tiger and was tested pregnant, Cyno had been taking care of his food, housing and transportation.

Cyno really treated him like a baby, taking good care of him.

Cyno finished washing up, turned his head and met Gu Yu’s eyes, raised his eyebrows and smiled, “Am I handsome?”

Gu Yu subconsciously nodded his head, Very handsome.

Cyno smiled and picked him up, “I have to go to the military today, you stay safe at home, and contact me if you need anything.”

When he reached the bedroom, Cyno put him on the sofa and continued while changing his clothes.

“Natural female school is closed today, and Roald has a mission, so he will send MoMo here. You can stay together.”

Xiao Gu Yu mewled, happy.

After the two went downstairs, Orson gave Gu Yu a checkup to make sure he was healthy and smiled, “The physique improvement is stable. You can continue to exercise, but be careful not to get tired.”

Gu Yu nodded and was carried by Cyno to the dining room.

After breakfast, Roald and MoMo came. Roald didn’t stay long and soon left with Cyno.

MoMo sat on the sofa and stroked Gu Yu’s back, “What does Yu want to do?”

Gu Yu raised his paw and pointed upstairs, so MoMo picked him up and went to the exercise room as he wanted.

Orson saw the situation and followed the two of them. He did not make a sound to disturb them, but watched in case something happened. The exercise room had changed a bit from before; the right side of the equipment against the wall moved away and was replaced by another equipment.

The new machines were all very small, and any angular positions were wrapped in a soft cloth.

Gu Yu opened the typing board and typed one key at a time with a small claw.

[MoMo, I’m working out here, and you can work out too, or you can sit on the couch and watch the news and read a movie or a book.]

MoMo looked at the large equipment next to him and smiled, “I’ll work out with you.”

Orson sat on the couch set up in the left corner of the exercise room and looked after them.

Gu Yu chose a very short crossbar, rested his two front paws on it, moved his hind feet back, and formed an angle between his body and the bar to do push-ups.

MoMo walked to the treadmill and was adjusting his running speed. He wanted to try it himself, but soon gave up, thinking about his wings.

Gu Yu did push-ups, resting for a while after every ten. After he finished five sets, MoMo was running.

The two worked out together for half an hour, left the exercise room and went to the holographic room to watch a movie.

Orson saw this and reminded the escort outside the door to keep a good watch and went to prepare dessert for the two. 

The viewing effect in the holographic room was superb. The two watched a battle movie, and all the war scenes were so realistic that they watched as if they were in the realm of sound.

Orson brought them a dessert halfway through, and they thanked him and quickly got back into the drama, watching it until the end.

The ending song was very rousing, and it makes people’s blood boil. When the music ended, the film ended completely and the holographic room returned to its original form.

Gu Yu turned his head and looked up at MoMo, ready to communicate with him.

But he found MoMo leaning on the sofa, his hand against his forehead, lips pursed, and eyes half-closed, looking very uncomfortable.

He was shocked. He stood up and lifted his paws on MoMo’s feet, wanting to ask about the situation, but only let out a sharp, “Ao~”

MoMo heard his voice, opened his eyes, and gently squeezed Gu Yu’s paw. He forced a smile, “I’m fine, it’s the music that makes me uncomfortable.”

Music is not comfortable?

Gu Yu’s heart was puzzled. They had listened together to Herman’s entire concert, and Herman had many songs of this style. MoMo did not have a negative reaction at the time. Gu Yu surveyed MoMo, raised his paw and pointed outside, asking if he wanted to call someone.

MoMo shook his head, “No, I’ll ease up.”

Gu Yu thought about it, opened the terminal, and played one of his recorded flute tunes. The song he chose was very soft, and MoMo’s face gradually returned to normal.

At noon, they ate together, and MoMo fed Gu Yu very carefully. While Gu Yu was embarrassed, MoMo was excited.

He stroked Gu Yu’s back: “Yu also took care of me.”

Gu Yu looked at him and felt that MoMo was in a state like a young man taking care of a child for the first time, new and strange. He was a bit helpless and did not refuse MoMo’s kindness. The two of them took quite a long time to eat, but it was very pleasant.

After the meal the two went for a walk in the garden, and MoMo told Gu Yu about the school.

“The students are all very friendly, and I met many races I had never seen before. There is a firebird in our class. He has wings too, and he can fly, especially awesome! There is a little bear in the next dormitory. He is taller than Cilo, and likes to sleep. Once he disappeared, and the guards were so anxious until they found him later in the grove on the way to class, hugging a tree and fast asleep. There is a very beautiful brother in their dormitory who is very smart and good tempered. The beast is a white python!”

MoMo’s tone was light, “We all learned to recognize words, and the school has a forum where many people chat.” He squatted down and rubbed Gu Yu’s head, “It’s so nice now, everyone is happy. It’s all because of Yu, and everyone is so grateful to Yu. Everyone was so worried when Yu fell asleep before. Everyone is happy to know that Yu is pregnant with a baby.”

Gu Yu rubbed his hand and his eyes curved. This feeling of being liked was very good. He listened to MoMo’s description of the campus and suddenly his heart yearned for it. His original life while on campus had been very boring, almost only part-time jobs and classes.

He hadn’t been able to speak, and the number of times he interacted with his classmates in a semester were only a handful. He would have been invisible if it weren’t for the fact that he had been so famous for being ‘mute’. The situation became better in college, but almost all his free time had been taken up by part-time jobs, either working or studying.

And the people in his dormitory would party together, and travel together to the games, and he could not play with them.

Now it was different. He had friends and was a lot more cheerful. And now he didn’t have to worry about tuition fees, so he could have a different school life altogether. It would most likely be more interesting than modern school life.

There were so many races here, and he had seen many when he helped transform the beast females, but hadn’t had an opportunity to know much about them.

If he was at school, he would be able to get in touch with them and understand.

After the walk, he and MoMo went back to the living room, where he plopped down on the couch and opened the terminal to check MoMo’s class schedule.

MoMo was one of the first natural females and had the fastest course progress. The subjects now were mainly literature, mathematics, politics, history, economics, physiology, and the rest were interest electives.

Gu Yu froze slightly, the curriculum was harder than he thought. He looked at the course content one by one, and it was all very basic, very clearly explained, and he was able to understand Brilliant Splendor quickly. The course had changed from the one he had first looked at, he thought about it and looked at the course preview.

The physiology course could be cancelled and a professional options class could be added. The major selection class was a comprehensive introduction to all majors that were suitable for natural females. Excluding those that were extremely physically demanding, and almost all of the rest were mentioned. This class was not only designed to help natural females understand the various professions, but also to allow them to choose a preferred major.

After the major selection class, they would have to choose the major they were interested in and then be divided into classes by major. Finally, natural females could self-determine and enroll in college if they thought they were well prepared.

After reading this, Gu Yu’s heart fluttered. Was this Kona’s plan to integrate natural females into society?

This would be best if the safety of natural females could be guaranteed.

After college you could find a job and the natural female school would be much less stressed.

Currently Brilliant Splendor had almost 40,000 natural females, and if he could help convert them every day, it would increase by 20,000 every month.

With so many natural females, this arrangement made sense.

Otherwise, as the number increased, there would be more schools to build and the financial pressure would be great.

And even if they didn’t care about the money, they couldn’t keep raising natural females all the time, and they may not want to.

MoMo pointed to the light screen and smiled, “KiKi has decided to study medicine, and now when he doesn’t have classes, he has been reading medical books.”

Gu Yu’s eyes curled, happy for KiKi, and he looked to MoMo with a questioning look in his eyes.

MoMo stroked the back of his neck with a gentle look, “I want to open a kindergarten and look after the pups.” He smiled, “It’s just an idea. I’m not familiar with running a kindergarten and cub care, so I have to learn.”

Gu Yu raised his paw and waved it, typing, [Go for it.]

MoMo squeezed his paw, “Yeah.”

After their lunch break, they sat on the couch and watched their respective lessons.

Gu Yu looked at what he knew about music, and he rested his eyes after watching for a while.

After watching a section, he closed the interface, and when his eyes swept over the screen, he saw the folder he had saved earlier, “End credits.”

He clicked on it, and inside was Kona’s novel.

Kona had asked him to help with the credits at the time, but he had little confidence and hadn’t committed to agreeing to it. During this period Kona also had not mentioned it. Gu Yu did not know if they had found the right singer.

He suddenly thought of a song, at that moment, which would be quite suitable for the novel. After thinking about it, he simply opened a blank document and slowly typed down the lyrics with his claws.

MoMo saw that he kept typing and looked over curiously.

“Sweetie, what is this?”

Gu Yu cut to the chat panel, [Lyrics.]

MoMo’s eyes lit up as he watched Gu Yu continue to write the lyrics, waiting for him to finish writing and reading them once. “Yu is awesome, the lyrics are great. It’s very simple but very sweet!”

Gu Yu typed, [It’s a song from my hometown.]

MoMo looked at him expectantly, “I’d love to hear Yu sing it,” thinking of Gu Yu’s condition, he changed the subject, “Why does Yu suddenly want to write lyrics?”

Gu Yu opened Kona’s novel, and MoMo read it then searched in the terminal and bought a copy.

“Let me see.”

Gu Yu raised his paw to tell him something but, MoMo was already leaning against the sofa and reading it. Then he watched MoMo’s face become more and more red, but he didn’t say anything, lowered his head and continued reading.

Gu Yu sighed slightly. Fortunately MoMo did not stop halfway, otherwise he was afraid he would have misunderstood that he was reading erotic text.

It didn’t take long for MoMo’s face to return to normal, and Gu Yu continued to write lyrics.

Gu Yu thought about it. Now that he couldn’t practice his voice, it was good to remember the lyrics.

He wrote down all the lyrics he could remember, made a copy of them. Then revised the copy, changing the words with a modern style to the style of Brilliant Splendor, and changing the names of places and references.

But some place names he left empty. He was not familiar with Brilliant Splendor, and could not think of a suitable place to replace them with which would be in line with the meaning of the lyrics.

He had thought this would be a simple matter. After all, it is not creative writing. But once he did it, he realized that it was not so simple.

He had to catch up on his literature lessons on Brilliant Splendor, and he had to know more about Brilliant Splendor to do it.

At night, he showed Cyno the words he had typed during the day, [I want to go to school.]

He thought about it, and now was the best time. He was now a small white tiger, and had no way to practice vocal music, and no way to help transform the beast females.

Exercise time was also forced to reduce every day, after all, he had a baby, and it was not suitable to exercise too long.

He now had plenty of time each day, just right for studying. He could also be taught remotely at home, but it would be boring and Cyno had to work and couldn’t be with him every day. He would have to be taken care of by Orson at home and many things would not be convenient. He would prefer to go to school and let Merlin and the others help.

Cyno took him in his arms and looked down at him, “Is it boring at home?”

Gu Yu kept his earlier considerations to himself, his eyes expectant, [I don’t want to stay at the villa all the time either.]

Cyno was heartbroken and kissed him on the head. Because of his special status, his little mate was almost always in the villa for safety, and later went out only to help the beast females transform.

When he thought about it, he was even more heartbroken. If he had been in a different place, he would have made a scene. But his little mate had been very good, very cooperative, and did not make demands. He simply could not refuse his little mate, especially this offer which was not at all excessive.

The natural females of other families could go to school, and it would be unfair if his little mate could not go just because his abilities were too important.

As far as he knew, the natural females’ classes were not tiring and there were no dangerous activity programs.

He hugged Gu Yu, “Okay, I’ll arrange it.”

Gu Yu’s eyes lit up, his front paws rested on his lapel, and he cried out joyfully, “Ao~”


Cyno’s eyes were soft and very self-conscious, “I’ll arrange it tomorrow, and let you go to class the day after tomorrow at the latest,” he thought about it and asked, “Do you want to stay with Merlin and the others or alone?”

Gu Yu typed, [Merlin.]

He was not taking up any space at all right now, and he still needed Merlin’s help, so it was most convenient to stay with them.

Cyno nodded, “Okay, I will pick you up and drop you off every day, Orson is your caretaker and will follow you to school. Make sure you tell him if you don’t feel well.”

Gu Yu nodded obediently.

Two days later, Gu Yu was personally transported by Cyno to the Female School Branch 1.

After he exited the shuttle, a shuttle behind him also stopped and Roald and MoMo came out.

MoMo took Gu Yu from Cyno’s hand and said cautiously, “I will take care of Gu Yu.”

Cyno: “Thank you.”

Roald rubbed MoMo’s slightly longer dark green hair and went to the Military Headquarters with Cyno.

MoMo hugged Gu Yu as they walked and introduced Gu Yu to the school’s facilities, “Today’s first period is Math Class, let’s go to the classroom first. There’s no second period class, and I’ll show you back to your dormitory later.”

Gu Yu surveyed the school, nodded with his front paws on MoMo’s wrist.

Before long, there were more people on the road.

Many of them had different hair colors and different heights, but they were all good-looking. When they saw MoMo, many people were curious as their eyes fell on the little white tiger he was holding. After all, in school, they almost always used the human form. Few people used the beast form.

When the two arrived at the classroom, Merlin and KiKi, who had been waiting at the door, immediately ran towards them and Cilo stood waiting at the door.

“Awesome, it’s true that we can have class with Yu!” KiKi was very excited.

As soon as the four of them plus the little white tiger entered the classroom, they caught the attention of everyone in the classroom.

The three had special identities since they were the earliest beast females to transform and Cilo was the empire queen. Usually these four people’s school popularity was very high. The four sat down in the front and back seats; Merlin and KiKi in the front seat, Cilo and MoMo sat in the back seat. MoMo sat against the wall and put Gu Yu on the table.

A fiery red-haired teenager jumped next to Cilo and put his hand on the tabletop to look curiously at the little white tiger, “Who is he? Such a small Tyke, not yet an adult?”

Cilo: “Adult.”

The teenager’s curiosity continued, “Why doesn’t he take human form? Hasn’t transformed yet?”

MoMo said very gently, “He’s been physically inconvenienced lately and has to keep his beast form.”

Neither of them mentioned Gu Yu’s identity; all the students in the school were fans of Gu Yu and were especially grateful to him. If Gu Yu’s identity was exposed, it would definitely cause a mob.

Of course, he was afraid it would not be easy to keep it under wraps, and their group were the most likely to reveal Gu Yu’s identify. But if it could be known a little later, Gu Yu could use the time to adapt to school life. It wouldn’t be convenient to go anywhere if mobbed when first arrived.

After the students got used to it, they wouldn’t be as excited as they were when they first heard the news. It didn’t take long for class to start. The teacher obviously knew who Gu Yu was and looked at him with a very bright light bursting out.

The teacher squeezed his fingers tightly, trying to control his excitement.

He actually saw the beast form of the Son of the Beast God! Sure enough, it was exactly the same as the marshal!

“Sensei, are you not feeling well? Should I call a doctor for you?” A student looked worriedly at the teacher whose face was reddening.

The teacher looked back and smiled awkwardly, “No, thank you.”

He eased his emotions and went through the lesson with great enthusiasm, occasionally glancing at Gu Yu, but not saying anything or mentioning Gu Yu’s name.

Gu Yu was very serious in class, the math class was easy for him, after all, it was not much different from modern times, and it was still a basic class. Even so, he still listened very carefully to understand the teacher’s teaching ideas, who had Brilliant Splendor people’s way of thinking.

The little white tiger listening carefully to the lesson was really very cute.

Cilo’s features looked very cold and his eyes were cold, but when he saw Gu Yu, his eyes would become much softer. He took several pictures of Gu Yu very naturally. His light golden eyes blinked. His Majesty was also a white tiger! In the future his baby may be very similar to Yu now.

Gu Yu did not notice that he was being secretly photographed. He meticulously wrote down the exercise questions assigned by the teacher. When he saw the light screen pop up with a full score, his eyes curved.

When he turned his head, MoMo smiled at him, and the light screen read, “Great!”

Gu Yu was a little embarrassed by the compliment for something he had learned a long time ago. He covered his face with his paws and turned his head.

The math teacher assigned practice problems for the whole class, and Gu Yu got all perfect scores. The math teacher looked at the student’s results and couldn’t help but look at the little white tiger again before he left class.

The marshal’s mate really deserved to be the Son of the Beast God, too smart!

After class, students quickly left the classroom in twos or threes. Gu Yu saw the red-haired teenager was the fastest, and ran to the door before turning into a red bird and flying away.

MoMo hugged him as four people and a white tiger went together back to the dormitory.

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