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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


The dormitory was very cozy and comfortable. In the middle was the living room with a soft sofa and a beautiful transparent coffee table. MoMo entered the room and placed Gu Yu on the couch, while Cilo poured a bowl of water in front of him.

Gu Yu gave a soft chuff to Cilo and waved his tail to express his gratitude. KiKi sat next to him and stroked his back, while the other three sat down around the couch.

Cilo explained, “We have a literature class in the morning. Then two classes in the afternoon, history and economics, and then there are no more classes.”

Gu Yu touched his paw to the ring and pulled up his typing pad, [Stories.]

There were many different kinds of electives at the female school, most of them recreational in nature. He actually wanted to learn another musical instrument at school. He didn’t have to be proficient, just have a general understanding.

But now he was a white tiger, and could only listen to the theory, progress was very slow, so he had to give up. He deliberated for a long time and chose Story as an elective. This class was very simple, just listen to the teacher tell the story.

After the story, there was a question and answer session where the students ask questions and the teacher answers them, so that the students can learn about life and the world through the story.

The stories were perfect for him, he just needed to listen to them.

He also wanted to learn about Splendor’s writing habits through the stories, and they might inspire him to write.

KiKi looked at the schedule and was disappointed, “That’s the third period in the afternoon. I have to take piano lessons, so I can’t go with Yu.”

MoMo: “I’ll go with Yu. I’ll take the story too.”

KiKi hugged Gu Yu: “I’ll meet you in your classroom after class.”

They chatted for a while, Cilo held Gu Yu as he visited the four of them in their bedrooms. Gu Yu had seen them through video before when he was in contact with them, but the feeling of visiting them in person was very different from the video. He still couldn’t help but sigh that the accommodation was so good.

KiKi looked at Gu Yu, “Yu and I will sleep together at noon!”

“I want to join you too.” Merlin said.

In the end, all of them turned into animal forms and slept in the living room at noon.

Gu Yu and KiKi, two white dumplings, slept together with their heads next to each other. MoMo was next to Gu Yu, and Cilo and Merlin slept on one side, on the outermost side, shielding their three tiny friends.

The carpet was soft and the beast shape relaxed them, yet none of them were asleep, because they were all excited. A faint sense of vibration came from Gu Yu’s paw, and he opened his terminal. It was a communication from Cyno.

KiKi’s ears twitched and he squeaked. He had forgotten to contact Cyno.

In addition to him, the rest of the others also reacted and raised their paws and wings. Merlin contacted Guy, and the rest were contacting their mates. When they just arrived at the school, their families contacted them as soon as noon came, they ate at different speeds and their lunches were disturbed several times.

So then it was agreed that they would initiate contact with their family before they went to bed at noon. But today, because Yu now lived in the dormitory, they all took a nap together, and the mood was too excited so that they forgot.

Gu Yu waved his paw towards Cyno in the light screen and slowly typed, [School is fine, and so am I.]

Cyno had a smile in his eyes as his gaze swept over him: “How did you sleep on the floor?”

Gu Yu: [I slept with Merlin and the others, the floor is carpeted and very comfortable.]

Cyno watched him gently as they talked about the morning, until he saw him rubbing his eyes and said softly, “Get some rest, I’ll pick you up at five.”

Gu Yu nodded his head, waved his paw, and hung up the communication.

After each contacted their families, the five lay together and fell asleep soon after. 

Merlin woke up the earliest and looked at his buddies beside him, flicked his tail and turned into his human form to sit on the couch and read the school forum.

After reading it, he shrugged his shoulders. They actually guessed it so quickly. The hottest topic of the forum discussion was posted just after ten in the morning.

[Who else are White Tekes of Splendor City besides His Majesty and the marshal?]

[As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any more, right? But Little Yu is pregnant and will have a new member soon.]

[Today MoMo brought a white tiger cub, looks like a cub, but it’s said to be an adult.]

[Really? I read the news that Little Yu is the Son of the Beast God, and if transformed into beast form, the beast form will be the same as Marshal Cyno. Could it be Little Yu?]

[Wow, in that case, it’s really possible! The Queen is very close to him and takes care of him very well.]

[I think so! Ah, I’m going to go see him, I’ve wanted to say thank you in person for a long time.]

The replies that followed were all copy and paste, and they all said they wanted to thank him in person.

Gu Yu was a little confused when he woke up and saw the flaxen carpet in front of him, but quickly remembered. He wasn’t at home, he was at school!

He turned his head and KiKi’s chin was on his paws, his whole body was covered with long snow-white fur, and his eyes were blocked so tightly that only his bulging cheeks could be seen, which was very cute. He stood up and saw the rest of the group were awake, sitting next to each other on the couch, watching the news.

When he woke up, Cilo, who was closest to him, reached out and picked him up, sat him down, and pointed to the light screen in front of him. Gu Yu looked at it and his eyes curled. The natural females were very smart.

He didn’t care much, when he decided to come to school he was mentally prepared to be recognized.

Before class, Merlin woke KiKi up, and the five of them got organized and prepared to go to class. Merlin was at the front of the group when he opened the door to their dorm room and saw a crowd of people standing outside the door.

“We’re here to say thank you.” Various voices rang out at the same time, and their eyes fell straight to the little white tiger MoMo was holding.

Gu Yu was dumbfounded by the gesture and typed on the typing board, [You’re welcome, but class is about to start.]

Cilo’s face was clear, “The best way you can thank him is to leave him alone. You will cause him distress.”

The natural females at the door hastily apologized and stepped back to make way for the doorway.

As MoMo carried Gu Yu out the door, they thanked him earnestly and then dispersed to class or back to their bedrooms. Gu Yu rested his front paws on MoMo’s hand, silently sighing that the natural females were so obedient.

The caretakers in the infirmary of the dormitory building were relieved to see this. They were worried about a mass fight when they heard that many of them were gathered together!

Due to the large number of natural females, the policy of exclusive caretakers was abolished.

Only queens, natural females with special status and those who are pregnant have exclusive caretakers, the rest do not. Even if they were exclusive caretakers, they had to keep their distance when the natural females were resting.

Each dormitory building had an infirmary, and the caretaker in the infirmary was responsible for the health of the natural females in the entire building.

Orson followed Gu Yu to the school and stayed in the infirmary.

By the time he got the message, people were already gathering. Luckily the natural females were only there to say thank you.

In addition to the school infirmary, the association had set up a Natural Female Health Department outside the school. Whenever a natural female was not feeling well, they received a communication and went to treat them as quickly as possible.

Currently only Gu Yu and Cilo had separate caretakers.

The rest of the natural females were indoctrinated daily to go to the infirmary if they were not feeling well to ensure their health.

Gu Yu waved a hand at Orson to indicate he was fine: [We’re going to class.]

The class caretaker was also not following along. Orson nodded, “I’ll be in the infirmary. Contact me promptly if you don’t feel well.”

Gu Yu nodded.

During the afternoon class, Gu Yu listened very carefully, around him, from time to time, there were gazes falling on him. He could feel they were all friendly eyes, and did not care.

During the break between classes, the four of them took him to the small forest behind the school building so they could play on the swings.

KiKi hugged him and sat on the swing, saying “It’s fun, oh.”

KiKi pointed his toes to the ground and gently swayed, the frequency of the swaying was small at first, and when Gu Yu got used to it, it slowly increased.

Gu Yu held his hand, eyes shining, as the scenery on both sides swung back and forward. The wind blowing past his face was especially comfortable.

After playing for a while, the four of them were ready to go back to class. Gu Yu’s eyes winked at a flash of black, he turned his head to look over and patted KiKi’s arm.

KiKi followed his gaze: “It’s Little Bear, he’s asleep again!”

Only when KiKi turned toward him did Gu Yu see clearly that it was a black bear, hugging the trunk of a tree and sleeping heavily.

Merlin scurried over and rubbed the bear’s head. The bear woke up slowly, lifted his paws and rubbed his eyes, then waved his paws at Merlin.

Merlin pinched his ears: “Class will start soon.”

The bear’s ears twitched and in the blink of an eye he turned into a teenager with short black hair. The teenager was tall, with bronze skin, black hair and eyes, and a slightly naive smile.

“I almost fell asleep.” He rubbed his eyes and followed Merlin.

Merlin corrected, “Not almost, you were asleep.”

The bear grinned and greeted the rest of the group as they approached, looking at Gu Yu, “Ah, is this the cub?”

Gu Yu blinked, he thought his identity was known to everyone in the school. But thinking about the cub’s always sleeping personality, he thought it was normal not to know.

KiKi said, “It’s not a cub. Do you only sleep every day and don’t read the forum?”

Bear scratched the back of his head and smiled nervously, “Not today, but at night.”

After the second class in the afternoon, the other three went to their elective classes, while MoMo carried Gu Yu to the story class building. As he was walking, his terminal vibrated, and when he saw the caller, a hint of joy appeared in his eyes, and he quickly picked up. “Brother Li.”

Gu Yu looked around quietly and did not disturb MoMo’s communication.

He didn’t know what Li said, but MoMo’s feet suddenly stood still. Gu Yu tilted his head to look at him, and saw his face had turned white.

MoMo: “I… I don’t want to see. I need to think about it.”

He hung up the communication and Gu Yu turned in his hand, his front paws on his shoulders, looking at him worriedly.

MoMo stroked his back, his eyes slightly confused and his brow was slightly furrowed, “I’m fine. Li said that a man claiming to be my father went to Shu Xin to look for me.”

Gu Yu’s eyes widened. Was that the person who had thrown MoMo out in the first place?

He understood MoMo’s feelings very well, so he was extra angry. He had wondered more than once before what he would do if his parents regretted abandoning him and came to him. He hadn’t looked forward to it at all, and was even afraid that, having already been abandoned, what if he were abandoned again if he went back?

He never heard anything about his parents, which even made him sigh with relief and think to himself that it was a good thing they weren’t looking for him.

But what about MoMo? What would he do now that his father had come looking for him?

He had seen a lot of reality and couldn’t help but wonder at this point why he was coming for MoMo now, did he know MoMo was a natural female?

MoMo looked at him with a heated look, but his face eased, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. He lowered his head and rubbed Gu Yu’s head, “I’m fine.”

Gu Yu’s nose sniffed and his eyes suddenly widened.

A faint sweet fragrance emanated from MoMo. Very faint, but not negligible.

He was no stranger to this situation, MoMo was in heat!

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