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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


As soon as Gu Yu returned backstage, he was hugged tightly by someone. The next thing he knew, a familiar scent washed over him, and a fierce kiss fell on his lips. His eyes rounded, thinking of the many staff backstage, and his face suddenly flushed red. When Cyno released him, he buried his face in Cyno’s shoulder.

He gasped and sounded embarrassed, “There’s someone.”

Cyno picked him up and carried him outside, “No one.”

Herman shrugged and pointed to the entrance, “The company will take care of the rest.”

Gu Yu was embarrassed, but he held Cyno’s shoulders and poked his head out, trying to keep his expression calm, asking Herman, “Is there anything else I need to do?”

Herman spread his hands, “No, you did a great job tonight. The concert was a great success. You can rest now.”

Gu Yu’s eyes curled, very happy.

After getting on the shuttle, Gu Yu looked at the back seat, “Where’s Nate?”

Cyno smoothly pushed his bangs that fell over his forehead to the side, “With the little panther, Roald and MoMo will take him back.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly, understanding Cyno’s intention.

After coming home, Gu Yu ate something, and then went into the bedroom with Cyno.

When Gu Yu woke up again, it was already the next morning, and he subconsciously rubbed against the soft blanket, with a fluffy paw on his face. The corners of his mouth curled up and he tilted his head, and the little white tiger mewled at him, looking very energetic.

He sat up with the little white tiger in his arms and looked at the time, it was almost ten o’clock! He rubbed the little white tiger, put him on the bed, washed and changed.

When he came out, Cyno was playing with the little white tiger.

After lunch, Gu Yu received the concert film material passed to him by Herman, and along with the material came Herman’s inquiry.

“Do you want to do another concert in Splendor City?”

He quickly sent a message back to Herman, “An additional one in mid-March.”

After Gu Yu sent the message, he opened the system and his eyes lit up when he saw that the Goodwill Points had nine hundred million. He would definitely be able to collect one billion Goodwill Points by April next year!

In fact, when the second concert was held, his Goodwill value had already exceeded one billion.

At this time, the first batch of beast females who used the conversion agent, had a number of them successfully converted, but not all of them. After all, the longest time expected for conversion, was about two years.

The one with the highest number of conversions was the insect beast female of the Black Nether Star, the strongest female of the Star League.

After Gu Yu’s concert, many alien fans had made requests for him to start a tour under his Wide Word.

Herman mentioned touring when Gu Yu signed up, Gu Yu thought about it and discussed it with Cyno.

Cyno hugged him, “Let’s do the tour after Nate’s first birthday. Just in time to go to the stars and have fun. We didn’t have a honeymoon when we got married.” He said, inquiring, “Want to make up a wedding? Like the old wedding?”

“No,” Gu Yu refused crisply, “we are already married, we don’t need a wedding, but a family trip is fine.”

After making the decision, he contacted Herman. The company quickly made plans and he started a Star Alliance tour in July. When Merlin, KiKi, and MoMo found out about his trip, they were envious and wanted to travel everywhere too.

But they knew Gu Yu had work commitments and had to accompany Cyno and Nate so they didn’t follow along. Gu Yu headed to the first stop of the tour, Bluemoon, while his friends were also making travel plans or were already on the journey.

Nate lay on his back at the spaceship’s bedroom window, his aquamarine eyes very bright. He walked in human form after eight months and was now over a year old and very agile. He had a quiet personality and rarely acted crazy, but when he encountered something curious, he would explore it.

Cyno sat on the sofa chair and skilfully introduced the various astral bodies.

Gu Yu and Nate listened to his explanations while enjoying the scenery, and they were both fascinated.

Gu Yu whispered, “It’s beautiful, it’s amazing.”

Nate, with a baby face, turned his head to look at him, “Hasn’t Daddy ever seen this before?”

Gu Yu nodded, “No, this is the first time.”

Cyno held his hand, “I will accompany you to many places in the future.”

The moment he got down from the ship, Gu Yu clearly felt that the temperature of Bluemoon was higher than Brilliant Splendor.

Harvey came forward with his escort, “Welcome to Bluewood. The palace has prepared a luncheon, please.”

Harvey said, glancing behind the two men, his eyes dimmed slightly and he withdrew his gaze. He had stayed at Brilliant Splendor for too long and had to return to Bluewood, and after hearing that Gu Yu was coming to Bluewood for a concert, he had looked forward to it.

Would Merlin come along?

Because of this idea, he forcefully fought for the greeting from the hands of the Foreign Ministry, however, reality disappointed him.

Cyno politely said a few words, hugged the little white tiger that had regained its beast form, and left the space port together with Gu Yu, surrounded by the escort. Although Cyno’s trip was to accompany Gu Yu, it had a different name for the outside world: military study.

The greenery of the Bluemoon was very large, and the road to the palace was almost all green at a glance. Nate’s little paws tapping on the window, very much liking the scenery.

The males of Bluewood have animal prints on their bodies and appear to be wild, yet after spending time together they realize that they are very straightforward and enthusiastic.

Before the concert, Cyno and Gu Yu went around Bluemoon and met many natural females during their stay.

The natural females were in a much freer position.

The natural females on Bluewood did not have animal prints on their bodies and were not as tall as the males. Every time Gu Yu met a natural female, the female was invariably followed by at least three males with attentive attitudes, so it was clear that natural females were very popular.

When they returned to the guesthouse, Harvey was waiting at the door with a petite natural female looking at him with slightly red eyes.

Harvey frowned, waved his hand and said something, and the female sadly turned his head and ran away.

When Gu Yu walked in, Harvey looked at Gu Yu, “I have nothing to do with him.”

Gu Yu: “…”

Cyno raised an eyebrow, “Are you provoking me by explaining to my mate?”

Harvey spoke up, “No.” But didn’t continue.

Merlin had warned Gu Yu about their relationship, telling him not to spread the word. He’d thought long and hard prior to coming here, before thinking of a potentially useful way to set the record straight.

“Is something wrong?” Cyno asked.

Harvey explained, “To ensure the safety of your party, I wanted to ask if there were any other natural females in the company.”

Cyno asked, “Didn’t you already know that when you were greeted?”

Harvey’s face flashed a hint of embarrassment, “I know your mate has a few very good friends, and I was worried that they decided to come along and didn’t announce it to the public.”

Gu Yu smiled, “Merlin did not come along, but he also made travel plans.”

Harvey immediately looked at him with a very torn expression, wanting to ask but concerned about not mentioning Merlin.

Gu Yu looked at his reaction, the heart of the guess can almost be sure, “Thank you, you think very comprehensively. We can go to rest?”

Harvey stiffened his face, trying to figure out how to ask Gu Yu without making Gu Yu wonder, and could only nod his head.

After entering the house, Gu Yu sat on the couch and messaged Merlin, “Where are you now?”

Merlin quickly dialed his communication, the tone of voice rare with weakness.

“My brother and I have arrived on Bluewood. I was going to play for two days before coming to find you guys, but I’m overwhelmed by the water. I don’t know how many days I must rest to get better.” He sighed, “Maybe we’ll have to return tomorrow.”

Gu Yu asked with concern, “Sick?”

Merlin said, helpless, “Mn, everything I eat, I throw up. Is uncomfortable.”

Gu Yu rubbed his hand on the little white tiger’s neck, “Have you seen the doctor?”

“Brother has gone to call. If the situation is not good, I will return directly.”

Gu Yu breathed a sigh of relief, “Health is most important, be sure to let the doctor look at you. Tell me the results. Also, tell me the hotel where you are staying. I will come to see you later.”

Gu Yu soon received a text message from Merlin, but he did not tell him where he was staying.

Merlin answered, “It’s okay, I’ll just pay attention to my food, and go to the concert the day after tomorrow!”

Gu Yu settled his heart down, “You’d better not go to the scene. Watch the live broadcast at the hotel, and after the concert, we’ll play around together.”

After all, it’s not Brilliant Splendor, and Merlin and Guy were traveling privately again. There were not many escorts accompanying them, and the concert was too chaotic.

“Okay,” Merlin agreed crisply.

Two days later, Gu Yu held a concert with a super-combustible atmosphere, and the cheers and screams almost startled him when he came out.

The Bluemoon people were so enthusiastic.

This was his third concert and the songs were slightly different from the previous ones, but the overall changes were minor and he took it easy and it went very well.

Towards the end of the show, an interactive session was added, where a lucky audience member was chosen to request a song.

To Gu Yu’s surprise, the audience ordered a flute song.

Gu Yu played a soothing tune, and the venue gradually quieted down, the atmosphere was comfortable and warm.

At the end of the show, the audience was very reluctant to leave and shouted ‘one more song’. When Gu Yu returned backstage, he could still hear the shouts from the audience.

Cyno handed him a bottle of water, “You’ve worked hard.”

Gu Yu smiled and shook his head, “I’m happy.”

Whether it was a song or a flute tune, he felt especially happy to be liked.

Nate hugged his leg and tilted his little head to look at him, “Daddy is so good.”

Gu Yu squatted down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The next day the family slept in, and after lunch Gu Yu contacted Merlin. After hearing Merlin’s words, he froze and immediately decided to go see Merlin.

Merlin was actually pregnant!

After meeting Merlin and talking with Merlin for a long time, Merlin hugged Gu Yu, “I will talk to Harvey. The next concert went well!”

Gu Yu smiled, “Mn, remember to tell me when you’ve made a decision.”

Gu Yu and Cyno stayed on Planet Bluewood for two more days, and then headed to their next stop, Planet Ratter.

The planet Ratter was a world of sea water, and was very beautiful. Luther personally greeted them and accompanied them to see several very famous sights.

During the tour, Gu Yu met a number of natural females, who were very welcome and had no restrictions on their movements. The concert in Ratter Star was very aesthetically pleasing, with the venue built on the water, and the moonlight and lights glowed beautifully.

Each planet of the Star Alliance had its uniqueness, and Gu Yu’s tour lasted for five months. At the end of November, they arrived at the penultimate stop, the planet Haini.


Gu Yu froze at the sight of the commander-in-chief who greeted them on Blackney, who was actually a natural female.


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