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Chapter 106: Extra 3: Wedding Eve.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo can’t wait for the wedding

It happened on the eve of their wedding. For the royal family, marriage was extremely important. The tradition of a grand wedding banquet had lasted for thousands of years. Even for most of the Emperors who were forced to marry the people they didn’t like, the wedding banquet would be very big, let alone this time.

People with eyes could see that it was time for His Majesty to show off to the whole world when he got married with a man of his heart. They were not afraid that he would do something big, but afraid this wedding banquet would be way too extravagant. 

Although no one dared to say anything.

After all, even His Majesty, who once hated the camera lens, began to appear in front of the media occasionally, showing his engagement ring, his optical computer that was a couple pair with Gu YuMian’s, Anchor Gu’s choice of cufflinks for his suit and tie…

His Majesty triumphantly claimed this human as his own and wanted everyone to know. 

It had to be said that although everyone was blessed in the heart, they were all too sour.

After all, who didn’t want to take the anchor home?


So in the first two weeks before the wedding, the original three-day national holiday was extended to seven days, which was not too surprising. As for the live broadcast to the whole interstellar, the fireworks with thousands of star coins were nine million in one sign. It was even more routine to lay out a gift list that could circle Capital Star several times.

Historians predicted — no, it was almost certain — that this should be the most ceremonious wedding ever in the interstellar age. The wedding date was February 14, which was said to be the Valentine’s Day of Ancient Earth.

The public had a holiday from the previous day, and the streets were full of a lively and happy atmosphere. There was no doubt that everyone was looking forward to the wedding.

It was the night before the wedding, the masses may even be more excited than the protagonist who was going to get married. The forum and micro-blogs were building fast, and it was busy at nine o’clock in the evening.

At this time, almost everyone’s optical computer gave out a ‘ding dong’ as they received the special attention of the anchor’s broadcast reminder.

Everyone, “!!!”

Wait, wait, wait Gu anchor??!!

Less than five seconds after the start of the broadcast, the number of online viewers displayed in the upper left corner began to explode exponentially! In front of the whole star audience was a human youth in simple home clothes.

The milk white sweater with less than dense stitches covered the clavicle. Gu YuMian had a kind of soft and lazy feeling. The light in his light brown eyes brightened, and he leaned over to turn off the fire that was simmering congee on the stove.

Cuddled by Gu YuMian, the baby panda swallowed his saliva. His paws gently pressed the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand, blinking, “Chii.”

The little fox tied on his apron and looked at the fire seriously. His little paw pulled the optical computer to record the temperature of the congee. The little husky wagged his tail and gave a groan.

Audience, “!!”

“Shh.” Gu YuMian touched the head of little Tangyuan, then looked at the camera with eyes bent, “Good evening, I’m anchor Gu YuMian.”

[Moli: Yes???!!! I’m sure I’m not dreaming??? Seriously, this is MianMian’s live?? YuanYuan, Qiuqiu and Er’er are here?! ]

[Cat’s Meow:Aaaah!!!! I didn’t expect to see the dream-like scene again. My life is complete quq, but what about TuanTuan?]

[user 13486: He went live on the night before the wedding. Has any other Empress done this? ]

[ajihdf: I just want to say, please do a little more!]

[There’s a family in the mine: ?? It’s so delicious, but isn’t it necessary for MianMian to prepare for the wedding?]

“This is congee. It’s ready.” Gu YuMian took the casserole off wearing insulated gloves.

As soon as he opened the lid, three children stopped at the same time.

For two or three seconds, time seemed to be still.

The congee, which had just been cooked, was still hot. From time to time, a translucent bubble would blow up. The snow-white congee was full of rice, and there was also crispy, fragrant and waxy chestnuts and chicken breast slices lie in it. The fire and time were just right. A thin layer of oil flowers boil out. The delicious salty fragrance comes with the steam.

The three children’s round eyes all looked straight at once.

All of a sudden, the audience forgot the countless problems just floating in their minds.

Everyone, “Drooling.”

Ten minutes later, the baby panda rubbed his soft white fluffy belly and belched contentedly. The little fox was holding a bowl and sipping, the little husky was pestering Gu YuMian for more food and drink.

For fear that the children would not be able to sleep after eating, Gu YuMian only filled a small bowl for each baby, and left half a pot of congee — people didn’t have to guess who it was intentionally left for.

Everyone wanted to marry His Majesty’s Anchor, but no one had the courage to speak up, so they had to use a long string of lemon expressions instead. Fortunately, the audience was satisfied with the baby’s perspective, and finally didn’t brush “lemon”s crazily.

[passerby B: Burp, this cat is full.]

[afdug: Burp, this deer is full.]

[Marshmallow: Burp, this rabbit is full.]

[I want to break the formation, MianMian: Congratulations on your wedding! Then Is the rest of congee for Your Majesty? Can we see Your Majesty later?! Finally, is the wedding ready?]

Gu YuMian smiled and nodded, “I don’t need to worry about the wedding.”

His Majesty not only prepared almost everything, but also checked and confirmed it hundreds of times, and he was always in high spirits. What Gu YuMian had to do was only select one of the countless solutions he provided — details to the pattern and color of the bouquet tie — with his eyes closed, and repeat the process until everything was ready.

In an inappropriate metaphor, Gu YuMian was like a straight man who was repeatedly asked by his girlfriend which one looks good in red? Even in his eyes, each color was not much different.

In Gu YuMian’s cognition, the wedding was just a declaration of the marriage relationship between two people, which meant that they would live together and form a family in the future, but Shuo Han attached more importance to it than Gu YuMian imagined.

So even Gu YuMian, who was slow and hot, couldn’t help but pay attention.

Today’s dinner was made by the chef in the imperial palace. Gu YuMian thought it was delicious, but Shuo Han didn’t know why he could only eat a little, so Gu YuMian left some congee for him.

“It’s for him to drink,” Gu YuMian nodded. “As for whether he will appear, it depends on his mood. Why did I go live today?”

His eyes fell on the engagement ring between his fingers.

It was a night of early spring, with stars rolling down from the high dome of the palace, like the night Shuo Han proposed a month ago. It was like a long time ago, on the night of a remote planet, the day when the human just met a little snow leopard with a strange character.

When did life start to be different?

“It’s because…I’m very happy.”

Happier than his life in the past.

He would soon face the great changes in life, but surprisingly, Gu YuMian, who had always been gentle, couldn’t wait to see the changes.

Because the name of the change is ‘Shuo Han’.

He was not afraid or worried. He was not worried that the happiness at this moment may not last. From the moment when he decided to hold Shuo Han’s hand, all the bad options have disappeared.

“I wanted to tell you that.” Gu YuMian said to the camera.

Or, pass on that feeling to the audience.

Gu YuMian folded his fingers, pressed the back of his hand against his forehead and felt the temperature, and slightly raised his lips.

The little fox rubbed his cheek with his claws, and the baby panda gave a happy whimper and got into Gu YuMian’s arms. Countless people watched the live broadcast online. There were always layers of bullet screens but it was rarely quiet for a while like at this moment.

It was like being affected by this gentle atmosphere.

… Very, very happy.

It seemed that the whole soul was gently placed under the starry spring sky, suspended and rising in the smell of oxygen and hot congee, and the very abstract definition was suddenly clear to the touch.

It took awhile for the bullet screen to get busy again.

[Don’t bite the sofa: At last.]

[Zongzi: At last.]

[Baa Baa Mie: At last. MianMian and His Majesty and the cubs will be happier in the future!!! ]

First of all, all kinds of sincere wedding wishes occupied the screen. Many fans were worried about Gu YuMian’s unhappiness. At this time, the last doubt had been dispelled.

They couldn’t say anything, but… that’s good.


He didn’t know why everyone got a little excited slowly. The atmosphere in the whole studio was very warm for a while, and then the thick bullet screen brushed the screen——

They envied His Majesty, lemon lemon lemon lemon lemon.

Gu YuMian, “……??? I’m going to find him now,” Gu YuMian said, turning his head to the butler beside him. “Can I broadcast it live? Okay.”

Shuo Han doesn’t like the presence of strangers. There weren’t many waiters in the palace. There was no one else who would attend to them in the bedroom but the butler. Gu YuMian was supposed to hold the pot of congee so he couldn’t carry the children any more. YuanYuan climbed down and walked on his own.

In fact, he couldn’t be called a child. After all, YuanYuan had already recovered his memory.

The baby panda consciously became a human. The little boy in the suspenders picked up the fox and happily led the little husky to the front. After Gu YuMian left the kitchen, the audience slowly realized a problem——

WTF, this was the palace. High dome, magnificent murals and reliefs, dark red expensive carpet paved the entire corridor. Because the space was too large, people even felt small when walking on it. The light, temperature and suspended window brightness were all regulated by the most intelligent central AI.

The people on the side of the corridor bowed in unison, even bending at a terrifying angle.

Everyone, “…”

[fudge L: Fuck, it’s not a question of envy. It’s worthy of the imperial palace. Every painting on the wall is not covered. It’s still so big.]

[don’t ask North and South: I can’t experience Your Majesty’s happiness in my life. I laugh and cry.]

“It’s really a big space,” Gu YuMian said to the camera after he sent the children back to the children’s room, said good night to the several reluctant cubs and kissed their foreheads. “But he doesn’t like such a big space.”

Of course, I think so. Once he was just a small soft little snow leopard, a person living in a huge empty bedroom. Even when he grew up later, it had also been like this. “Loneliness” was a concept rooted in his heart far earlier than “love” and “company”.

While chatting with the audience, he turned the corner and the door of the dormitory opened to him automatically. As the audience guessed, His Majesty’s bedroom was indeed cold and distant, but because Gu YuMian lived in it, there was a warm feeling.

Like dolls sent by fans at the head of the bed, potted plants by the window, and handmade bookshelves made by Shuo Han himself, all of them had been moved from the old house and looked warm and complete in the light.

“Shuo Han?” Gu YuMian put the steaming congee pot aside and looked around.

Suddenly, soft silver claws pressed on the edge of the casserole. The little snow leopard took back his paws and looked at the congee pot slowly. His nose moved a little, and his gray-blue eyes narrowed contentedly.

The little snow leopard had Gu YuMian’s white gloves in its mouth — the one Gu YuMian was going to wear at the ceremony tomorrow. Gu YuMian didn’t want to think about what this guy was trying to do when he bit his gloves.

He was worried about another thing now.

The bullet screen began cheering.

[cat’s meow: Aaah! It’s TuanTuan!! TuanTuan long time no see!!! ]

[White Pear Blossom, Lili: It’s just like a dream. Today I met with MianMian, TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu, Er’er, and I drank congee! qaq. I’m afraid I’ll wake up later!]

The little snow leopard didn’t rush to drink the congee, but naturally climbed up Gu YuMian’s shoulder to smell if there was any smell of other cubs on him. The cub’s little face was on the rise.

Gu YuMian had the smell of those three idiots. It seemed that he had watched the panda, fox and husky before.

… Even though the three had become “their own children” as Shuo Han identified them, that did not prevent him from eating their vinegar at all.

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian reached out to take the little guy down and tried to remind him, “Well, I’m on air. Be careful not to…”

But it was too late.

The soft little claw became a hand with distinct bones that covered his stomach.

Silver hair, thin lips, gray-blue pupils.

Maybe it was because of the aura and that he was wearing the same sweater as Gu YuMian, Shuo Han looked unruly and handsome without any reason. He was also lazily biting Gu YuMian’s gloves, glancing at the camera casually and holding Gu YuMian directly.


All the audience shut up in shock.


The amount of information was a little large.

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