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Chapter 105: Seventh World (9)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bai Duan and Liu Tao chose to squat in the abandoned air-raid shelter where they first met. Although he had decided to follow Liu Tao’s plan, Bai Duan was still a little uneasy, “Will you really succeed when you say you want to bring the two ghosts together and let them kill each other? If they don’t fight, we will face the attack of two ghosts at the same time…”

“Don’t worry, I know their habits. No problem.” Since learning that this was a haunted world, Liu Tao had studied the existence of ghosts thoroughly. “The environment of this air raid shelter is the most favorite ‘geomantic treasure land’ of ghosts, but only one of them is a ghost which shows that it has a strong sense of territory, and it will expel or even devour other people who break into its own nest. Compared with us being fresh and delicious ‘food,’ it will definitely take the lead in killing the invaders and enjoy the delicious food alone.” After a pause, he couldn’t help saying, “Of course, even if they don’t fight, I can kill them. I won’t allow you to suffer any harm.”

Ghosts were immune to all physical attacks, but they were very afraid of the same invisible and immaterial power of spiritual force. The so-called magic spells of the Onmyojis were actually a means to stimulate mental power, which was why Bai Duan could learn these things so easily after all, with his strong mental power, his bones instinctively remembered how to use it.

As for Liu Tao, let alone just standing there, the huge spiritual power that emanated from him could also make the ghosts run away and dare not fight with him at all.

Hearing Liu Tao’s answer, Bai Duan once again ignored the other’s teasing and nodded reassuringly, “I forgot that you are a ghost boss.”

Liu Tao was helpless over the fact that his lover thought that he was possessed by a ghost, “In fact, I am really a human…”

Bai Duan gave him a cold look, and obviously didn’t believe Liu Tao’s complaint at all of course, no matter whether Liu Tao was a ghost or a human being, there seemed to be no big difference for him. “Say, if you are here, in case that both ghosts escape, aren’t we wasting our efforts?”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I can pretend to be an ordinary ‘living’ person.” Liu Tao’s eyes were full of bitterness, which accentuates the word ‘living.’

Bai Duan, “…”

Bai Duan and Liu Tao were whispering together. Xu Jiahong didn’t really listen to them, but he also knew what it was to respect others’ privacy. He deliberately stayed away from them. But as he got closer and closer to his destination, he had to interrupt the conversation between the two people, “This is… The way to the abandoned air shelter?”

“Well, yes, we are going there.” Liu Tao smiled at him in a relaxed voice, but his words were frightening, “There is a ghost hidden in it.”

Xu Jiahong’s face suddenly changed, “There are ghosts in it? No wonder disappearances often happen… But we’ve come here several times and never found anything strange… “

“That’s because you came in with a bunch of police together, who were all full of righteousness. Even if ghosts only instinctively know how to seek benefits and avoid harm, they also know how to hide safely.” Liu Tao’s answer was casual, “But you will see it today. Are you looking forward to it?”

“… No, not at all.” Xu Jiahong licked the corner of his mouth, thinking that this Liu Tao seemed to be a bit… malicious. Xu Jiahong’s intuition was still very sharp. He was really eye-catching in Liu Tao’s eyes at present. He wished he could send him to ‘hell’ at once.

Originally, in Liu Tao’s plan, the current situation should be dark and windy, he and Bai Duan would be alone. The atmosphere would be full of feelings. Now, however, a bright big light bulb suddenly appeared in the beautiful two persons’ business. With the thin face of his lover, he would not be allowed to do anything in front of outsiders. At the thought of it, Liu Tao had the heart to cry.

Squinting his eyes slightly, he repeatedly thought about how to teach Xu Jiahong a lesson. Just as Liu Tao was thinking of doing something, Bai Duan noticed it.

Turning his head and glancing at the ‘former lover’ who was rubbing a small bead, it was clear that the other person looked very normal, but Bai Duan could see what he was thinking from the subtle expression in his eyes such a ‘heart has intelligence’ made Bai Duan believe his previous guess more.

Raising his hand, he patted Liu Tao on the shoulder to show him to be honest and not to be bad. Liu Tao collapsed, grabbed Bai Duan’s waist discontentedly, buried his head in his neck and rubbed it.

As a straight man, Xu Jiahong stared at the body movements of the two teenagers and suddenly realized, “You two… are lovers?”

“Is that a question?” Liu Tao raised his head and raised his eyebrows. “If it wasn’t for a lover, who would take such a big risk for another person to participate in such a thing without a half cent relationship with himself?” His mouth was so firm, but Liu Tao was still a little uneasy inside. He secretly glanced at Bai Duan and found that he didn’t contradict him. He couldn’t help being happy, and the smile on the corner of his mouth turned more and more sweet.

Xu Jiahong completely forgot who vowed to say ‘there is no risk in this operation’ when he was fed a mouthful of dog food with two sticky faces. Although he was a complete straight man, Xu Jiahong was not stereotyped. He soon accepted the relationship between the two teenagers and said, “Your feelings are very good, very enviable.”

“Thank you.” Liu Tao said thanks in a big way. He took the opportunity to turn his head and kiss Bai Duan on the cheek. He watched his lover’s red ears and lower his head, but he didn’t dodge or reprimand. He was so happy that he now saw Xu Jiahong with a lot of pleasure. He lost the previous way of thinking in a big way.

Xu Jiahong, a single dog who didn’t know that he had escaped a disaster but had been blinded by the dog food, “…” I’m going to face a serious and dangerous battle between life and death, but now I feel like I intruded on a date by mistake. Was there something wrong with this development?

So suspicious of life, but Xu Jiahong did not disturb the sweetness of the couple.

He silently huddled in the cold and ghostly air raid shelter stuck in summer and winter, rubbed his arms across the police uniform, and shivered. Then he turned his rather depressed eyes to Bai Duan and Liu Tao, who snuggled up together and looked warm. They were really cruel to his heart and body.

As time went on, the whole air raid shelter became more quiet and gloomy, even the sound of the summer insects’ chirping could not be heard. Xu Jiahong was a little stiff all over. He coughed softly, and finally couldn’t help asking, “Tonight, will the ghost really follow the paper men to find it?”

“We don’t know. We can only say it’s possible.” Liu Tao took a little energy out of his ‘busy schedule’ and casually replied, “It may have been injured, so it is hiding to heal; it may also have been injured, so he can’t wait to devour more living souls. We can only be sure that he will come back sooner or later.”

Anyway, he was not worried at all. In other words, Liu Tao wished that the ghost could come a few days later, so that he could have more time with Bai Duan, who was ‘alone’ on the ‘wild mountain.’

Xu Jiahong was extremely helpless towards Liu Tao’s irresponsible answer, but he also knew that he couldn’t blame the other party. He could only sigh after a long time and continue to wait patiently. Now, he didn’t know whether he wanted the ghosts to come earlier or later.

He had received professional training so it was not a problem to stay up for several days. But for some reason, today’s Xu Jiahong felt very tired. He leaned against the wall of the air raid shelter, and soon became a little groggy. However, it was useless to remind himself to be energetic. At last, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Liu Tao tried to hide his smile from his newly admitted lover.

Mental power is really a useful thing. = w=

Bai Duan, who was provoked by Liu Tao, was soft, panting and clenched his lower lip to prevent himself from groaning. However, Bai Duan, who was moaning, had no time to pay attention to Xu Jiahong’s state. Moreover, Liu Tao also had a bad heart to appreciate the shy and depressed look of his lover. He didn’t tell him that Xu Jiahong had fallen into a deep sleep, and wouldn’t wake up to the sound of thunder.

Just as the two were ‘getting better’ and almost about to make substantially intimate moves, Bai Duan suddenly got a shock of spirit and raised his hand to push Liu Tao away.

Liu Tao’s face was gloomy and his lips were puckered. There was a trace of killing in his eyes. However, he gently reached out to tidy up Bai Duan’s scattered clothes. After confirming that there was no problem, he added a trace of spirit to his voice, “Officer Xu!”

Xu Jiahong, who wouldn’t wake up even to the sound of thunder, suddenly stood up and had sharp eyes, “What’s the matter?”

“Here we are.” Liu Tao’s tone was like gnashing teeth. He was very irritated because it was not the right time for the ghost to come if it had come a little sooner or later, it would have been fine, but when Liu Tao almost got it, the ghost had decided to come. It was courting death!

Xu Jiahong didn’t hear anything unusual. He was full of remorse that he actually fell asleep. However, Bai Duan found that Liu Tao was full of grumpiness, but he was still wet. His eyes were fierce.

Staring at him, he secretly spat out that he couldn’t hold it. Liu Tao almost wanted to do it, in front of others, in a haunted cave. This far exceeded Bai Duan’s bottom line!

Liu Tao was stared at by his lover. He didn’t know that he had been given a big “X” and decided to put on airs and never let him go easily.

Clinging to his lover’s hand, Liu Tao and Bai Duan paid close attention to the approaching ghosts with their mental strength until they came into the right distance, and then ‘ran’ at the same time.

Xu Jiahong’s reaction was also very quick. He immediately ran into the air raid shelter behind the two and looked at the two teenagers who seemed to be very familiar with the terrain, turning left and right, as if with a strong purpose.

Bai Duan and Liu Tao, of course, had a purpose. Their purpose was to be sensed as ‘food’ and lure the invading ghost in.

In the complex air raid shelter, the three people used themselves as bait to lead the two ghosts to each other. Soon, in a “T” shaped intersection, they ran into a fork, and the two ghosts who chased after them met each other and fought fiercely under the influence of Liu Tao’s mental strength.

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Thanks for the chapter! Poor MC, his hubby has such a one track mind that it is a joy to interrupt him, unlike other stories where I would feel like the Author was teasing us.

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Thanks for the Chapter ❤️
The development of their intimate is so fast (as usual kekekekee) though the Uke play hard to get in this world ~\(≧▽≦)/~
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heh heh
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