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Chapter 13: Pan Fried Salmon With Cheese

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to kidnap the Little Ancestor Snow Leopard


[MeiMei is Good: Ah Wei! Come and see the immortal!]

[Rabbit can also be king of the sea: My mind has been thrown into disorder! The small older brother’s attractive index is really off the charts! I think it’s at least ten thousand!]

[Central air-conditioned deer: Host must have been exhausted after ascending to become an immortal. QAQ If husband was to debut, would he consent?]

[Mu Liqiu: I! Approve! This!!! Please make a recorded video, I’ll buy it multiple times!]

When it comes to this era, the community showed clear views on racial discrimination against no creature. They were almost like dogs. They didn’t care for race, age, gender, as long as the host looked good.

Gu YuMian’s face was very good.

Gentle and harmless eyes, beautiful and light lips and dimples, usually he had a kind of cold and alienating temperament, but when he looked over and smiled, he was charming and caused one to see fireworks. But what he usually did during the live broadcast was too grounded. He cooked, bathed and combed without showing any burden.

After soaking in the hot spring, Gu YuMian took the hot and soft towel to help the snow leopard dry the water on his body, and then took a small hairdryer to blow his fur dry with warm air, which was soon finished. After that, he looked up at the barrage.

Gu YuMian, “?”

What did they want him to do? Who was Ah Wei? Besides, debut??

He didn’t understand.

Gu YuMian looked at the suddenly mixed barrage and the popularity that he had been pushed higher and higher at the same time. For the first time in such a long live broadcast, he felt confused.

Looked like it was a compliment?

“Thank you,” Gu YuMian touched the tip of his nose. “Then we… will continue.”

He picked up the snow leopard and went to the outdoor dining table. Dinner was set for Shouxi hot pot, the main ingredient was high-grade synthetic Kobe beef.

Today, however, something unexpected happened.

Half an hour ago, Gu YuMian took out the beef and thawed it on a small open-air round table. He never thought that the plate with the beef would now be empty. Gu YuMian was puzzled. He glanced around the garden, and then fell on the pot of catnip in the corner. The catnip was obviously ruined over and over again, in a mess.

He immediately checked the monitoring. It turned out that two cats were attracted by catnip. They were so attracted that when they left, they took his beef too.

Gu YuMian, “……”

“What can I do? TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian put his chin on the top of the snow leopard’s head and sighed wearily, “You didn’t have any reaction to the catnip.”

Gu YuMian thought that catnip in this era was less attractive to cats, so it didn’t matter. 

He was too close. The tip of the little snow leopard’s ear was a little hot. He pressed his paw on Gu YuMian’s neck, and his grey-blue eyes narrowed slightly.

Was this catnip the pot of grass?

When he thought of that pot of grass, the little snow leopard showed dislike in his eyes. It was really good that the pot of grass was ground to make it into that powder for the hot spring, but if he wanted to find something that would attract him… This man was at least one hundred times more attractive than that pot of grass.

Catnip was like steamed fish in front of those who were used to eating delicacies. It could only lure cats who had never seen the world.

“Are you hungry?” Gu YuMian rubbed the little snow leopard’s face. “It’s all my fault. Let’s think about what to eat later. I can’t starve my little ancestor… What would TuanTuan like to eat? How about salmon, hmn?”

After a while, Gu YuMian took a look at the barrage.

Wait, what were they talking about?

[Throwing Cosmetics: I was killed in battle. Will anyone give me some milk?]1

[There is a Mine at Home: The Milk God is also killed. Please help yourself.]

[Sleeping in the Deep Sea: To be honest, I am a straight man with a steel tube, and I even want to have nosebleed.]

[Cat’s Meow: MinaMian, don’t be depressed! QAQ We can eat hot pot tomorrow, as long as you do, we will love it.]

[South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Please don’t speak in this voice, my sexual orientation is not good again!!]

Five minutes ago, the audience had been overwhelmed.

Gu YuMian had a very light smell of bamboo leaves and sea salt, mixed with the warm water vapor. Since his mood was really depressed, he had hugged the little snow leopard in his arms, apologized and promised softly in his ear.

His voice was clear and warm. Since he was depressed, he even had a soft and sticky voice, which was sprinkled on the leopard’s ear with a hot breath. Obviously, they were only ordinary words but said at night, they had turned into 10,000 love words, gentle and intimate.

Star River was swaying above them and they did not need to drink to get drunk.

Don’t talk about the little snow leopard, it was just the audience with the same visual angle with little snow leopard. Their hearts were slightly numb.

Seriously, even if Gu YuMian brought a pot of soil to let them eat at this time, everyone would be very happy.

The prepared ingredients were taken away by the cat, which was originally a live broadcast accident. According to common sense, his popularity would be damaged. Gu YuMian was expecting this, but it was the opposite. The audience continued to climb, and there were almost enough people to challenge the second place in the popularity list of the day!

Gu YuMian, “…?” I don’t understand young people anymore.

“Let’s eat salmon with cheese,” Gu YuMian said after regretting for a while, he quickly picked up his spirits, and could not starve the child in any case. “Salmon with cheese is also delicious. The Shouxi hot pot ingredients can only be bought again tomorrow.”

Advanced synthetic beef was not so easy to buy. One needed to make an appointment with the Star Network more than half a day in advance. It was too late to buy it now. The synthetic salmon meat had been bought earlier and Gu YuMian intended to use it as a supplementary food.

Gu YuMian cleaned the salmon with water, ripped off the skin on the back, cut it into pieces with a knife, and marinated it with a small amount of whiskey, a small amount of salt and the mixed sauce. At the same time, he ground some black pepper and sprinkled it on the surface.

“Salmon tastes light,” Gu YuMian said. “It tastes good, with a low amount of fat and high amount of protein.”

Salmon did not need to be marinated for a long time, which was why Gu YuMian chose this dish. Cats could eat cheese, which was the same reason why they couldn’t drink milk but could drink yogurt. The lactose content of fermented cheese was very low.

In this era, there was cheese, but what made Gu YuMian helpless was that the recognition for cheese was not high — they only knew how to eat it directly, and many people couldn’t get used to its taste.

Gu YuMian bought it on the Star Network and didn’t know if there was a problem with the production process. It had a common taste so he made some himself. During the curing time, he took two apples to extract juice from it, and then took out the home-made cheese and heated it until it melted.

Soon, a strong smell of cheese and milk spread.

Gu YuMian scooped a little bit out with a spoon. After blowing it cool, he first tasted it before offering some to the little snow leopard. “Try it. It’s my first time making it. Is it not delicious?”

He scratched the chin of the little snow leopard, and the little snow leopard unconsciously rubbed his head lazily against the palm of his hand.

[Mine at home: I answered for Xue Tuan, delicious!]

[Cat’s Meow: This is cheese. My mother took out the cheese for me this morning and I refused it. The cheese I had was sour and a little greasy. How did you make it so delicious?!]

[There’s a Cloud: Mellow, fragrant, sweet in acid, sweet in the mouth.]

[One Ice Cream: It’s worthy for the goddess of clouds. I can only boast about the delicious food. Wuwuwu! It’s really good to eat. Can the anchor make more cheese? Love.]

“Don’t worry,” Gu YuMian smiled. “It’s better to have it with the salmon later.”

At this moment, the number of online viewers in the studio was more than 180,000, which was a little short of the second place of that day, leaving the seventh place Cigarette far behind.

Cigarette almost died of anger since he hired the water army and got such a result. He watched the popularity of the previous photos disappear, and wanted to continue to fry the tag of “human get out of the live broadcast circle”.

Unexpectedly, the water army came back with new photos and videos of Gu YuMian and photos of delicious cheese. Cigarette paid the water army to buy the tag only for it to be completely reduced to the large recommended scene of the human anchor Gu YuMian.

Cigarette, “……” Pufferfish are formed by Qi.

On the other hand, the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live studio was still rising.

He held the face of the little snow leopard and rubbed his soft ears. “In order to compensate for the regret of not being able to eat Shouxi hot pot today, and thank you for your support, I promise you a request.”

Today, he didn’t buy enough salmon, and he didn’t make much cheese. He couldn’t create a lottery, but it was okay to meet the audience’s demand.

As soon as Gu YuMian’s words finished, countless bullet screen comments began to gush out.

[I want you to hug me and hold me high.]

[I want the anchor to bring Little Xue Tuan to my house.]

[MianMian needs to create a Star Network!]

Unexpectedly, the most frequent one was:

[I want you to debut!!]

Gu YuMian, “???”

“You want me to debut?” Gu YuMian was at a loss. “So you want me to sing?”

When the little snow leopard heard the word sing, he moved his ears and showed some interest. Gray and blue eyes stared at Gu YuMian, and a moment later, the little snow leopard stretched out its paw and pressed on Gu YuMian’s forehead.

He wanted Gu YuMian to sing to him.

Not for others, but only for him.

Gu YuMian took off his claws and kissed them. He thought for a moment and said with great indulgence, “It’s a little late today. I’ll get ready and sing tomorrow, okay?”

Of course, the audience said yes.

“It’s been enough time for salmon to marinate,” Gu YuMian said, looking at his watch. “Let’s cook it now.”

Because it was for the little snow leopard, all the ingredients were small. Gu YuMian heated the pan, poured in olive oil, heated it, put the marinated salmon into the pan, quickly fried it until both sides were golden, and then added the hot, melted cheese. The salmon was wrapped by the cheese. 2

He had a good command of the proportion of salmon and cheese. With a flick of his wrist, the salmon was wrapped with cheese in an orderly manner. The strong milk flavor was mixed with the fresh smell of salmon. Just smelling made people’s mouths full.

The audience and the little snow leopard couldn’t wait for the time when it was not too hot.

Gu YuMian first tasted a small piece of it by himself, and then cooled it and fed it to the little snow leopard. “I think it is okay, do you like it?”

The milk flavor of the full-bodied cheese was mixed with the freshness of the salmon, which was fried and lingered on the tip of the tongue. The hot cheese tasted smooth and creamy. The fried golden salmon was tender and ready to be eaten.

This was just a very simple way, but the advantages and disadvantages of the two were complementary to each other. The cheese and milk flavor and the fresh salmon taste were brought to the extreme, and the taste was amazing!

The little snow leopard reluctantly nodded and ate faster.

At this moment, the special effects of gifts on the screen were overwhelming.

[MeiMei is Good: Help me, I came to kowtow to face. Why did I eat it?! Give it back! You! Good! Eat!]

[One Ice Cream: To be honest, I almost swallowed my tongue.]

[There’s a Cloud: Delicious. It’s a wonderful way to make salmon. Here are fireworks for you.]

[South China tiger will never blind date: Aaaaah! Wuwuwuwu! I want to eat it in person! QAQ If I am reincarnated, I want to live my next life as one of MianMian’s cubs!!]

Gu YuMian smiled and said, “It may be a little greasy if you eat too much. I prepared apple juice.”

The apple juice was in the glass, reflecting the warm yellow light and night. Gu YuMian fed the little snow leopard a little.

Originally, there was blueberry wine tonight, but Gu YuMian thought that the wine and fried cheese salmon were a little out of tune, so he changed it into iced apple juice, and left the blueberry wine to match the hot pot tomorrow.

The sour and sweet taste of the apple juice diluted the greasiness of the fried cheese salmon. It was very refreshing from the throat to the stomach, and it was well matched.

After just soaking in the hot spring, the comfort still remained on the skin. The sky was covered with stars like ribbons, and the wind in the evening was over the ears. The little snow leopard idly let the human gently hold it, so the audience could also feel the sense of security that someone cared about them and loved them wholeheartedly.

The quiet atmosphere was almost filled with dreamlike satisfaction.

The temperature of the evening wind was just right, and the mountains and rivers were stable and free. Gu YuMian slowly came up with a melody in his mind. With his eyes half-closed, he sang a sentence in the ear of the little snow leopard with a voice similar to whisper, “When the stars twinkle, when the moon rushes to me…”

Nearly 200,000 people were stunned at the same time.

It was a simple and distant melody similar to a nursery rhyme and Gu YuMian’s voice was very suitable for this. One sentence could bring people into a special mood. The little snow leopard’s grey and blue eyes widened.

[Silk White Moon: My God, what song is this??]

[Deer and birds: Ah, ah, ah, a song?? Listen carefully, my ears are going to fall off!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Clearly he has no skills, but this feeling!! I think MianMian can really debut!]

[MeiMei is Good: Please make an album!! I’ll buy everything!!! Ah ah ah ah!]

If the cheese salmon was delicious enough for people, this small part of the song directly led to the atmosphere in the broadcasting room! All kinds of gift effects like the tide filled the screen for a while, and countless audience members scratched their heads and wanted Gu YuMian to sing two more words.

However, Gu YuMian did not continue. His own character was introverted and unassuming. After leaving that scene, he was obviously a little embarrassed. He curved his index finger and touched the tip of his nose.

“Then… Today is almost over. I’ll make hot pot tomorrow evening. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Audience: Wait!!

Once again, however, the live broadcast came to an abrupt end before they said their words of retention. And just a second before the live broadcast was suddenly closed, the number of viewers officially exceeded 200,000, becoming the second real-time hot spot on that day. This meant——

Gu YuMian’s live broadcast was close to the top of Takk’s list.


Capital Star, an interview was about to start recording.

“Mr. Guo,” the program director came to knock on the door of the backstage lounge, “Mr. Er Shisi Guo, we are about to start, that… You…”

The door was unlocked. It was pushed open with a little nudge. The program director was stunned. He saw the simple back of the panda who just sat there, motionless for a long time.

The picture on the light screen had disappeared, representing the end of the live broadcast, but Er Shisi Guo still did not move.

“That song…” After a long time, he finally woke up from a dream, and the round body, with an unimaginable agile, jumped up!

At the same time, he used his optical computer to video call his parents quickly, while rushing, “I’m sorry, I can’t go on the show. A-Duo, book me a ticket to Takk—”

A-Duo was stunned by this sudden change. Go to Takk? Why go to Takk?

Er Shisi Guo stopped.

Just as A-Duo thought he was going to go on the program, he heard Er Shisi Guo seriously say, “No, it’s too slow to book tickets. I’ll just drive my dad’s starship.”

A-Duo, “Say what…??”

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Translator Notes:

  1. In MMORPG games, a healer is called a Milk God, so when someone is asking for milk, it means they want someone to come and heal them.


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