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Chapter 109: Seventh World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Although he didn’t care what he said, Bai Duan was still a little upset about Liu Tao. After all, it was his lover. How could he allow others to slander him?

So it wasn’t long before Bai Duan changed his attitude of being unreasonable, and he and Liu Tao went from pursuing one person for another to interactive communication. Although there was no ambiguous action, it also sent a signal to everyone that he had gradually accepted Liu Tao’s pursuit.

Knowing the conversation between Bai Duan and his cousin from the system, Liu Tao gratefully invited Lin Lin for a meal and happily accepted the title of ‘brother-in-law.’ At the same time, he seriously assured Lin Lin that he would make Bai Duan happy and never give up because of social and family resistance.

Although she still couldn’t believe it because his personality was quiet and introverted to some extent. But these days, Liu Tao’s change was also in her eyes, plus her cousin’s single-minded attention to Liu Tao, cough, even if Lin Lin thought that Liu Tao was not worthy of her cousin, she still blessed them and helped them.

Bai Duan, Lin Lin and Liu Tao were getting closer and closer. The changes of the brother and sister were seen by the public, which made the students of the whole campus feel it was unbelievable. They didn’t expect that Liu Tao, the ‘toad,’ finally actually chased the ‘white swan’ and got the gaze of the Campus God. As expected ‘the martyr is afraid of pestering?’

Some people who couldn’t accept their idol being in a relationship, reacted fiercely and even threw their powder. Some people were not concerned about themselves and gloated at the scene. Some people regretted that they were too thin skinned. If they could be as shameless as Liu Tao, wasn’t the Campus God someone for everyone then?

Of course, no matter how much gossip went around in the school, it couldn’t affect Bai Duan and Liu Tao. Bai Duan still went his own way, rarely meeting with people, and no one dared to talk to him. However, Liu Tao had become a follower of Bai Duan completely, and he was devoted to this ‘campus love’ with his lover. As for what other people had to say, he couldn’t hear it with his selective deafness!

The only regret was that Bai Duan still refused to do anything with him that he loved to do, no matter with his body or soul it was because during the first time, he did it too hard, leaving some psychological shadow for his lover. Liu Tao had to bite his teeth to swallow his own death.

It was possible that Liu Tao had had a good time with his sweetheart and accumulated the anger value of the whole school. Soon, this sweet and warm campus life suddenly surged.

On that day, Liu Tao was studying with his lover in the library. He also took a professional book and pretended to talk in a low voice or look at each other, which made the air full of the sour smell of love. However, this beautiful and healthy little fresh date didn’t last long, and was interrupted by Liu Tao’s mobile phone which suddenly vibrated in his hand.

Liu Tao frowned and didn’t bother to take care of it. However, with the insistent ringing, he finally picked up his mobile phone and walked out of the study room after scanning the caller ID which read ‘Second Sister’.

“What’s the matter, is there something wrong?” Bai Duan asked after Liu Tao answered the phone and came back with a frown.

“Well, Liu Yun, the second sister of Liu Tao, is coming to see me.” Liu Tao turned his lips and said, “She will arrive at the school gate in half an hour and is asking if I have time to meet her.”

“Go.” Bai Duan nodded. “Didn’t you say you made a deal with ‘Liu Tao’ to take care of his family instead?”

Liu Tao answered, then took Bai Duan’s hand, “Will you come with me? Meet with the family earlier.”

Bai Duan hesitated for a moment, frowned slightly, and wore a strange expression, “As what?”

“…The identity of a boyfriend or sexual friend. ” Liu Tao smiled and chewed his words.

Bai Duan, “…”

You can’t be a little fresh, don’t be so dirty?! You’re polluting the clean and pure library!

Although he was angry with Liu Tao for a while, Bai Duan finally stood at the school gate with Liu Tao half an hour later, waiting for the first meeting with Liu Tao’s ‘family.’

When he saw the woman coming down from the red sports car, he couldn’t help but stare.

Liu Yun, the second sister of Liu Tao, didn’t look like she was from a poor village at all. She had big wavy hair, fine makeup, a beautiful face and fashionable clothes. She had completely transformed into an urban beauty. However, it wasn’t her fashionable appearance that surprised Bai Duan, but the black air wrapped around her it was a baby, lying on Liu Yun’s shoulder, as if holding her neck intimately.

Bai Duan glanced at Liu Tao and saw that there was also a trace of coldness in his eyes, confirming his judgment more and more.

The beautiful person got out of the car, took off her sunglasses, and showed a pair of beautiful, but tired, haggard and even empty eyes. She turned her eyes to the school gate and soon showed an encouraging smile as she walked towards Bai Duan and Liu Tao in her high heels.

As she approached, the ghost baby on her body seemed to perceive the threat, bowing up and making a silent scream that seemed to be a threat or one of fear. Soon, he found that he was no match at all. He just turned into a black shadow and went straight into Liu Yun’s abdomen.

Liu Yun’s face was white at once. She covered her stomach, and her face was almost twisted. Her body was not crooked, and she fell to the ground in an instant.

“Second Sister!” Liu Tao rushed to help Liu Yun, who fell to the ground. Meanwhile, he used his mental power to suppress the ghost baby who was rampant in her body, so as to avoid further deterioration of the situation for the time being.

Bai Duan pulled out his cell phone and called the ambulance.

Because their university was next to the hospital, the ambulance came very quickly, plus Liu Tao’s ‘first aid’ was done in time, so Liu Yun’s life was not at risk. After a check, she was judged to have acute gastroenteritis and transferred to the general ward.

Bai Duan and Liu Tao were at the edge of her hospital bed, not looking good. Bai Duan raised his hand, patted Liu Tao on the shoulder, and Liu Tao turned his head and gave him a wry smile, sighed, “This time, I was too careless…”

He was too careless to believe in the memory of his original body. He thought there were no difficulties in his original family, but the crisis was imminent. If the Second Sister of his original body didn’t come to him by chance this time, he would not have known anything until the other side died.

He had three sisters. Before he went to high school, the eldest sister married a man in the same village, and the bride price they received became the original high school tuition. Different from the simple and honest elder sister, Liu Yun, the former’s second elder sister, was much more spicy. She was very beautiful and a popular flower in the village. She had a high spirit. She was not willing to marry a rural person like her elder sister and live in the countryside all her life. So she quarreled with her parents and refused to meet her parents. Then she asked her younger sister to go to the big city to work together.

When Liu Tao went to a big city, his contact with his sisters and back home gradually decreased, and he had been busy with his studies. He didn’t know much of what happened in the lives of his two sisters, but he did come to know that they split up. The Second Sister continued to stay in the big city, while the Third Sister couldn’t adapt to the life of the big city, and so she went to a second-tier small city.

Later, the Second Sister got better and better in the big cities, and sent more and more money to her home. Even his college tuition was paid by the Second Sister. Sometimes she would send money for some of his living expenses to his card.

However, although the two sisters were in the same city, the relationship between them was still limited. He asked the second elder sister about her work place and wanted to find her, but she always refused because she was too busy and the company management was too strict to receive him. However, he just came out of the countryside and didn’t understand the regulations of the big city company, and he was also dull and honest, so he didn’t have any doubts. As for the meeting between the two sisters and brother, the Second Sister always took time to visit him, but he knew nothing about her life.

This was very confusing for Liu Tao who had taken over the original body.

In the original mind, the Second Sister had been living a good life. She had a good job and a big salary. She was very happy. Only when Liu Tao searched for the memory and the details of his relationship with his Second Sister, did he realize that something was not right and after Liu Tao’s attachment, all his energy was focused on the pursuit of his lover, and he didn’t think about anything else, having being deceived by the memory on the surface of his original body and almost landing in a catastrophe.

It seemed that the smooth wind and water over the years had indeed made Liu Tao careless. Since he thought his family was all right, he didn’t rush to finish the task and earn money to support his family, so as not to arouse suspicion. He just wanted to start his own business and repay his family members after graduating from university according to his own life path, but he didn’t think that he would almost ‘keep his son but not his family.’ After all, an older sister was like a mother.

In his heart, Liu Tao silently reflected on his general idea. Before long, Liu Yun in the hospital bed trembled her eyelashes and slowly opened her eyes.

“I… What’s the matter? ” Liu Yun’s voice was dry, and she raised her hand to touch her abdomen. Up to now, she still remembered the painful colic feeling. It was just like death.

“You fainted.” Liu Tao reached out to help the second elder sister who was struggling to get up, and softly asked, “Second Sister, what’s the matter with you?”

Liu Yun looked at his younger brother, who had become a lot better, and reluctantly smiled, “Don’t worry, I’m just too tired because of work… “

“Don’t lie to me, Second Sister.” Liu Tao wouldn’t let Liu Yun fool him. He turned his head and looked at Bai Duan. “This is my boyfriend, Bai Duan. He is an Onmyoji. He saw something bad on you.”

Bai Duan, “…”

Wait a minute, you don’t want to cause thunder to strike all of a sudden! What the hell is ‘boyfriend?’ Didn’t we say that we should introduce the identity as a ‘friend’ and then proceed step by step?!

Liu Yun “…”

Should I be shocked that my brother found a boyfriend and bent himself? Or should I be shocked that this boyfriend is an onmyoji? Or should I be shocked at what bad filth I have?!

My brother’s message is too much. I think I have to slow down!

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I like adding family members in where the MC cares for them and wants to make their lives better. It makes nice reading. Otherwise, this arc is a bit dark for my taste. T.y.

April 7, 2020 8:23 pm

Lin Tao really went for the straight-ball lmao
Thank you for the chapter~

June 29, 2020 8:57 pm

He just drop the bomb on her fragile self… I pity her…

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HAHAHAHAHA he literally dropped 3 bombs on her at the same time

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Poor second sister. This Liu Taovs face is too thick 😂

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The sister wasn’t ready for that! I hope the rest of LT’s family is ok, bht I donxt think they are. Thank you so much for the chapters!

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