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Chapter 14: The Guo Family

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


The video call to Er Shisi Guo’s parents was soon connected.

On the light screen, there were two fat pandas that were very similar to him. The panda on the left was wearing sunglasses and a flower scarf. It was Mama Mu Guo. The panda on the right was wearing a sun hat and beach pants. It was the father of Er Shisi Guo, Er Shi Guo. (20th Wok)

The Guo Family had become a very large group after for so many years and Mu Guo and Er Shi Guo were not related by blood. Er Shi Guo had been dozing off under the sun umbrella as he scratched his white belly.

“Whew, your father and I are on vacation in Hawaii on ancient Earth.” Mu Guo looked around with a mirror in her hand. “Why call us again? We just talked yesterday…” She paused, and suddenly, with a mother’s intuition, was acutely aware of something, “Whelp, is the ancestral business settled?”

It was not easy to apply for a vacation spot on ancient Earth or to stay for four months. The number of calls to the outside world was limited, and they usually didn’t make phone calls when they were free.

So it must have been something important for her son to call at this time.

Behind Mu Guo, Er Shi Guo scratched his belly.

The two pandas looked at their son at the same time.

“Er, mom, Dad, I” Er Shisi Guo felt his round head, and suddenly his words got stuck in his throat before reaching his mouth. What should he say? Say he found a man who might be related to their ancestor?

After a long time and so many generations, no one knew what the human youth looked like or how his voice sounded. Only the deep intimacy and attachment that remained in his blood was passed down from generation to generation.

Before his death, Big Wok said the ancestor would come back, and all pandas believed that.

The ancestor liked to drink tea, so they had accumulated several tons of tea; the ancestor liked to pick up small animals and take them home, so they invested so much into homeless children charity funds; the ancestor liked to listen to folk songs, so each panda could sing and play guitar.

This kind of inexplicable belief supported them for many years, as they searched again and again only finding disappointment after disappointment. Over the years, from time to time, there had been people who used their ancestor’s name to cheat.

Cheating money, fame and wealth was another thing. It was just that every time they were full of expectations, and were left totally disappointed. It was too hard.

What if it was not him this time?

Maybe he should find the ancestor by himself, and then inform his parents and family after it was confirmed.

“No,” Er Shisi Guo’s mouth denied the issue faster than his brain, and he scratched his head. “I want to borrow Father’s starship for use. An old classmate in Tea Tower Galaxy suddenly fell ill and I wanted to visit.”

It looked like her son just called to ask for permission. Mu Guo sighed and continued to look at the makeup mirror to enjoy her new silk scarf. Ershi Guo was disappointed and lay back in the sand, waving his hand and murmuring, “I think I have three left on Capital Star, drive whichever one you want to.”

“Okay, thank you, Dad.” Er Shisi Guo couldn’t wait.

Ershi Guo then buried his head in the sand and arched his head. After ten seconds, he remembered something and raised his head, “Ah, pup, don’t choose Silver Grey. There’s something wrong with the autopilot system. It’s not a big problem but it might have an issue going into the atmosphere after landing. Pup?”

“…” The video was hung up by Er Shisi Guo.

The couple looked at each other.

There was a tight limit to the number of calls one could have while on vacation on ancient Earth. And they had used up all the times they had.

Their son should not have such bad of luck, right?


On the other side, Takk.

After the broadcast, Gu YuMian still felt very embarrassed. He buried his face in the little snow leopard’s stomach and was very upset, “How could I sing it?”

Gu YuMian liked to listen to folk songs. In high school, he also learned the guitar and harmonica for a while, but most of it was for self entertainment and he seldom sang in public. He felt a little embarrassed. He must have sung so well that he couldn’t hear anything. He also made it difficult for the audience to hold the show.

The little snow leopard’s gray and blue eyes looked at him. One front paw was held by Gu YuMian. He didn’t understand why his human was depressed again.

It was a very pleasant sound no, it was reasonable. The little snow leopard pressed Gu YuMian’s forehead to make him lower his head and looked into his light brown eyes.

The evening wind was rushing over his ears.

A moment later, the little snow leopard bowed his head and kissed the young man on the tip of his nose.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He opened his eyes slightly.

The little snow leopard couldn’t believe what he had just done. As soon as he realized, the tip of his tail froze, he looked away, and the tip of his ears burned suspiciously.

Five minutes later.

Gu YuMian held the paw pads of the snow leopard and felt that his life had reached a certain success.

“TuanTuan,” he said contentedly, lying on his back on the sofa with the snow leopard in his arms, leaving behind all the depression he had just had, “I thought you hated me.”

The little snow leopard was a little tired. Gu YuMian thought he had been ostracized at the beginning when he kissed the little snow leopard’s forehead. It was impossible not to be depressed. Gu YuMian took a deep breath at the neck of the snow leopard and whispered, “I didn’t expect that TuanTuan to have such duplicity. Have you liked me all this time, and just haven’t shown it?”

The little snow leopard subconsciously tried to push Gu YuMian’s head away, hesitated for a moment, and finally did not. He curled up in Gu YuMian’s arms and let the human say all kinds of soft words in his ear. He didn’t feel like it was noisy at all.

He even wanted to hear more.

The sound of Gu YuMian’s voice was growing smaller and smaller as the hour went by, his eyelids were drooping down, and the sound fell into the night and disappeared.

So many things had happened on this day that Gu YuMian just…

Fell asleep.

The little snow leopard first looked at the moonlight coming through the French window, then turned to open his eyes, stood up from Gu YuMian’s arms, and stepped on his chest with one paw.

The breath of the youth was even, and his heartbeat was transmitted to his paw through the skin.

Gu YuMian was lying in an uncomfortable position. He unconsciously turned over and his T-shirt was caught against the sofa, revealing a narrow white waistline.

There was only a small night light switched on in the room. The radian of that light and shadow made the leopard want to reach out and touch.

The little snow leopard had light cascading on its back, and his gray-blue eyes turned a little darker.

Gu YuMian was lying on the sofa in a slightly inclined position, and he would fall off of the sofa if he turned around a little. In his sleep, he also subconsciously protected the snow leopard in his arms and was about to touch the ground——

The next second, he fell into a hug.

It was an embrace full of the smoky scent of cedar. Due to the years of being at war, the man was tall, slender and powerful. The lines from his shoulder to waist were smooth and beautiful and his pale skin was like cold jade. His eyes were drooping, covering his jewel like gray and blue pupils, and his emotions were surging.

He had learned to fight, shoot, command and govern an Empire, but he had never learned how to hold a valuable thing carefully.

Shuo Han’s lips pursed. He had faced tens of thousands of Zerg alone and had never been so nervous.

“Gu YuMian.” He said the name in a low voice, “Gu YuMian.”

This was his human.

He could not tell what strange emotions were boiling in his blood.

Want to own, want to monopolize, want to plunder, yes——

Want to fall into and dare not kiss.

He closed his eyes and a low sigh came out of his throat.

Thousands of lights outside the window sparkled in the night, the stars were swaying gently.

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