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Chapter 43: Abnormal Growth

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After going for three days in a row, there was no accident. However, in the middle of the trip, another group going to the Imperial City for the exam, joined them. It was only one group, but they were larger in number. Looking at the appearance of the two carriages, one could see that the Master of the group was from a large family. And the people who escorted them together were twice as many as that of the Academy’s.

However, Cheng Yan still thought that the team was too high-profile, so he watched the large group of people. Adding them to their team made him feel that they had instantly become targets of being robbed.

The owner’s family of the other team seldom got out of the carriage. They would only step out once a day, perhaps for the sake of air permeability, and even the meals and other things were served in the carriage.

In the afternoon of the fourth day, there was no accident. It would take them another day to get to the next county. They also had to rest for a day or two before starting again. After four days in a row, everyone’s spirit was a bit depressed, except Lin Mo, who had the spiritual spring to keep his spirit up.

Not long after they left the official road and entered the forest path, Cheng Yan felt something was wrong around him. He felt that someone was staring at them from the dark. Cheng Yan raised the curtain a little and said in a low voice, “Wait a minute. If there’s an accident, come out and follow me.” 

They were more liable to accidents in the carriage, such as the horse being stabbed or a concealed weapon shooting into the carriage. These had appeared in Cheng Yan’s memory, and he dared not take this risk now. Only by protecting them behind him could Cheng Yan believe in his own ability, and even if he was injured, Lin Mo would not be injured at all.

“Is there an ambush around?” Lin Mo heard what Cheng Yan said and quickly responded with some nervousness.

“If my intuition is right, there are at least two teams of people lying around.” Cheng Yan explained in a low voice, then put down the curtain and drove the carriage to speed up.

In fact, Cheng Yan noticed that there were three teams of people, but the last one had a strong hiding ability. If it wasn’t for Cheng Yan, who had recovered some memory and made good use of his martial arts, he wouldn’t have easily detected those people.

Sure enough, as Cheng Yan expected, before they went far, a group of people who were obviously bandits suddenly came out and quickly surrounded them. The coachman in the carriage was startled by the battle, and the original orderly team turned frantic.

Fortunately, the guard on one side was ready for this situation, and the guard of another team also surrounded the carriage. It happened that their carriage was sandwiched between the two teams. If they didn’t fight now, there wouldn’t be any danger for the time being.

“Don’t rush out first.” Cheng Yan murmured.

A gang of bandits had come out, and there were two teams in the dark. However, it seemed that the two teams didn’t know each other’s existence. The Dean of the Academy tried to negotiate with the person in charge of the bandits to minimize the damage. However, those who could negotiate peacefully were not thieves.

“Don’t tell me such useless nonsense, our people are obviously more than you. What can we talk about?! Brothers! Rob those two carriages that look rich!”

At first sight, the man who was the leader of the bandits rushed up to command the others around him. The dagger in his hand was bright and shiny, which made people scared.

Cheng Yan looked coldly at the confrontation between the two sides, glanced quietly at the surrounding dense forest, and became more alert.

The group of people hiding in the dark were about to appear. Who were they here for? For whom? Him? Or the others here?

It didn’t take long for Cheng Yan to think about it. The men in black in the dark shot out quickly, but their goal was to add another team. With the attack of bandits and the appearance of people in black, a part of the team who had been in the dominant position soon died.

The carriages were too scattered to be protected. Several scholars in the Academy could only hide beneath the carriages in fear, and then gather together to be surrounded by guards. Some people died there. The smell of blood made their nerves tighter.

The appearance of people in black had broken the balanced situation. The three men in the middle were exposed in the eyes of bandits. Cheng Yan quickly dodged the long sword and turned back to kick it away.

Cheng Yan’s foot used some internal power. The bandit who was kicked away spat out blood and died instantly.

Lin Mo and Lin Xiu, who came down from the carriage, were shocked to see the battle.

Cheng Yan picked up a long sword on the ground and whispered, “Second Brother, take Momo to the Academy’s side. There is no danger there for the time being.” 

The target of the bandits was that black team. The people from the Academy were safe for the time being. Even if some bandits and thieves paid attention to attacking them, there were guards around them. Now, Cheng Yan could be sure. The target of those who were still hiding in the dark must be him.

“Then… And what about you? Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo reached out and grabbed his clothes. His face turned white.

Cheng Yan reached for his clothes and looked at him, “I’ll get rid of those people, soon.” 

“Cheng Yan…”

“You… Be careful.” Lin Xiu pulled his brother back. He was a little uneasy.

Cheng Yan turned around and sent a knife to a man in black. He felt uneasy and added two more. He turned back and urged coldly. “Hurry up!” 

Those people in black obviously wanted to kill everyone now. If he didn’t solve it quickly, and waited for the other group of people in the dark to come out, Cheng Yan wouldn’t be able to guarantee Lin Mo would be unharmed.

Cheng Yan had taken care of all the bandits and thieves. He looked back at Lin Mo and confirmed that they had got to the Academy’s side safely. Cheng Yan threw away the long sword that had been chipped and picked up the sword a man in black left on the ground.

The leader of the bandits and thieves saw that his subordinates had been taken care of by Cheng Yan alone, more than half of them, and his heart was cold. Seeing the men in black, whose means were obviously more ferocious than theirs, the leader of the bandits and thieves hurriedly called back his remaining brothers to evacuate.

That person was obviously stubborn, he has killed more than half of his brothers. However, it seemed that he was still being chased. The leader of the bandits and thieves thought he should not go into this mess. If the men in black had taken care of all of them, they could come back the next day to pick up the leftovers.

After getting the weapon, Cheng Yan quickly joined the battle. Those in black were a few grades lower than Cheng Yan. It wasn’t long before Cheng Yan killed more than half of them.

The young man with only a few guards around him saw Cheng Yan coming, and immediately killed most of the people in black who came to assassinate him. He was very happy and hurried over with the guards.

Seeing that all the people in black had been killed, the young man hurriedly went to Cheng Yan’s side and said, “Thank you for your help…”

But before he finished, Cheng Yan cut him off in a cold voice, coldly glancing at him, “Leave now if you don’t want to die!” 

Cheng Yan held the sword tightly in his hand, and looked at the forest in front of him without blinking. His body was tense.

Lin Mo saw that Cheng Yan had killed everyone. He broke away from his Second Brother’s hand and ran to Cheng Yan. Lin Xiu reached out to pull him back, but Lin Mo was already far away. Thinking that those people had been killed by Cheng Yan and the danger had been relieved, Lin Xiu put down his stress in his heart.

However, dozens of people in black suddenly jumped out of the forest, and surrounded Cheng Yan. Cheng Yan’s eyes narrowed slightly and his expression was cold again.

Although the internal power of these people was a little lower than his, it was obviously not the same level as the killers just now. Was it the jianghu? It seemed that those who wanted to get rid of him before he got amnesia already knew of his existence.

Before the young man understood what Cheng Yan said, he was shocked by the group of people in black who suddenly appeared again. The young man was shocked enough to step back, and then found that the people in black weren’t paying attention to him at all.

That brother had excellent martial arts and he could kill everyone. The young man decided it was important for him to keep his life.

Lin Mo was frightened by the sudden development and stopped. His face was white, his hands were slightly trembling, and his feet were too soft to walk.

Cheng Yan…

After a few minutes of fighting with Cheng Yan, more than ten of them had died, while Cheng Yan had not been injured. A few people in black looked at each other for a second, then quickly backed up and headed for Lin Mo.

After observing in the dark for a long time, the man in black knew that the ger who stayed beside Cheng Yan was very important to him. After seizing his weakness, he believed that the target character would disturb his mind and lose his discretion.

Cheng Yan solved the problem of several people close to him. He saw several people in black going to the Academy. He looked at them, but his pupils shrank.

“Momo!” Cheng Yan’s expression almost collapsed.

Lin Mo saw several people in black coming toward him, and his feet had no strength. Though his face was white and frightened, he wasn’t actually afraid. As long as he had his spiritual spring, and he was not hurt badly, he would not die. At most, his body would just suffer for several days.

However, when hearing Cheng Yan’s desperate voice, Lin Mo’s subconsciously quivered, maybe… He will die…

The man in black came to him in an instant, and Lin Mo was shocked by the cold light reflected from his sword. His body kneeled uncontrollably to the ground, Lin Mo subconsciously closed his eyes.

This was… was he going to die?

Cheng Yan……

Lin Mo, who was shaking all over, closed his eyes tightly and was ready to bear the pain of the cold sword stabbing into his body. However, after waiting for a long time, Lin Mo didn’t feel any movement around, only heard the collision of weapons.

Was it Cheng Yan?

Lin Mo opened his eyes, but the person standing in front of him was not the one in his mind. Two masked men in black stood in front of him, blocking the other men in black with black cloth on their faces.

Lin Mo was worried. He looked for Cheng Yan but found that there were more than ten people in black with masks on their faces.

Was there another group of men in black?

However, it seemed that these men in black were here to help Cheng Yan.

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