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Chapter 45: Falling Asleep

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After half a month in the carriage, Cheng Yan finally returned to the Imperial City, and the carriage stopped at the gate of Cheng Yan’s mansion. A voice came out of the carriage, “Master, we are at the palace.” 

Cheng Yan woke up, looked down at the person in his arms subconsciously, saw Lin Mo had not woken up yet, and lost his heart instantly. Cheng Yan got out of the carriage with Lin Mo in his arms and ordered in a cold voice, “Shadow Three, please come here in a quarter of an hour.” 

“Yes, master.” Another shadow guard suddenly appeared beside the carriage, and Shadow Three disappeared after receiving his order.

Wrapping Lin Mo in a thick cloak, Cheng Yan took him into the palace. The butler, who had been informed the Shadow Guards that the Prince was coming back today, was waiting at the door early in the morning. When he saw the Prince appear, the old butler’s eyes turned red instantly. The old butler hurried forward, “Lord……” 

“Uncle Fu… Have people prepare hot water.”

Cheng Yan had a good attitude towards Uncle Fu, who had taken care of him and his brothers, but he was not in the mood to reminisce with him. He quickly walked back to his bedroom with his husband in his arms.

Uncle Fu saw that the Lord was leaving in such a hurry. He was confused. Seeing that the leader of the Shadow Guards wanted to disappear in front of him, he called him. “Shadow One, wait…”

Shadow One, “…”

The old butler looked around, saw no one, and asked in a low voice, “What’s the relationship between that ger in the Lord’s arms and the Lord? Why did the Lord disappear for a year and bring back a ger?” 

Uncle Fu was also an insider who was aware about the disappearance of the Lord at the border. The old butler had prepared for a long time and a few days ago, he heard from the shadow guards that the Lord would return to the mansion today. He didn’t expect that the prince would bring another surprise back this time. He used to worry about whether he would not marry a princess when he was older. Maybe now he didn’t have to worry.

“That’s Wang Fu.” The shadow was concise and to the point.

“Wang Fu?! Hey, wait a second. Why does he look so thin? He was also carried in by the Lord. Does he have any diseases?” The old butler was glad to hear that. Seeing that Shadow One wanted to leave again, he hurriedly stopped, and continued to chase him.

The Lord would not tell the old man about these things. To understand the ger, he must go through the shadow guards of the Lord.

“Wang Fu has been in a coma for half a month.” As soon as the shadow finished, he left without waiting for the old butler to respond.

“Half a month in a coma?! So serious? Why did you leave? I haven’t finished asking. No, I have to find a royal doctor to have a look… ” The old butler hurriedly went in and said a lot. Before the old butler sent for the royal doctor, he saw that Imperial Doctor Chen in the palace had been brought by the shadow guard.

“What’s the matter with you? I was kidnapped without saying anything. When the Emperor finds out, your life is not guaranteed, don’t you know? You can enter the palace directly with a mask, but you can’t be an assassin…” The old man with a white beard took a few breaths. Before he could see his surroundings clearly, he began to teach that man a lesson.

Shadow Three heard the garrulous old man, but since he was wearing a mask and they couldn’t see his expression, only his lips showed that he was in a bad mood.

If it wasn’t for Wang Fu’s serious illness and his master’s orders, Shadow Three would not have brought the nagging Doctor Chen. He was just as annoying as the old butler.

Of course, no one knew the inner thoughts of Shadow Three.

“Master, the royal doctor has arrived.” Shadow Three, raised his hand and knockd on the door with Doctor Chen beside him 

“Let him in.” The voice of Cheng Yan came from the room.

The old butler waved to Shadow Three to leave first, then explained to Doctor Chen, “Doctor Chen, please come here. Our Wang Fu is in a special situation. That’s why Wang Ye is so anxious to have you come here.” 

“It turned out to be Butler Fu, since His Highness Cheng asked me to come here…” Ding Qing, the old royal doctor, found out that the man beside him was the butler of the Royal Palace of Cheng Yan, and finally knew where he was.

Prince Cheng was the younger brother of the Emperor, and he would not refuse any request from the Emperor. Besides, Prince Cheng’s temperament was tyrannical, and apart from being different to the Emperor and His Highness, Jinyuan, he was the opposite to other people. The old royal doctor naturally dared not make mistakes in front of His Highness.

However, shouldn’t His Highness Cheng be outside the pass at this time? Had he just come back? Unexpectedly, he also brought back a Wang Fu. The old royal doctor wanted to see what kind of ger Prince Cheng, who made children cry, would marry.

Cheng Yan wiped Lin Mo’s body and put on his clothes, then put him back to bed and let him lean on him, covered his quilt and ran his fingers through Lin Mo’s hair. After waiting for his hair to dry, he carefully put him down. Before long, Doctor Chen also opened the door.

“Your Highness Prince Cheng.” The old royal doctor Chen came in with a medicine chest on his shoulder and stopped a short distance from him.

Cheng Yan didn’t look at him, he only said in a cold voice, “Mn, come and see how he is.” 

The old royal doctor looked up at His Royal highness Cheng, who was sitting beside the bed, and hurried over. After the imperial doctor left, Cheng Yan’s original upright waist suddenly bent. Cheng Yan buried his face in the palm of his hand, and released a depressed sigh.

“Momo…… Wake up soon… “

After Lin Mo had killed everyone, he felt that his spirit had come out of his body and he was drifting away before he could even react

Where was he going again? The government? It was said that people with more lives would go to hell after they died. Maybe, he would go to hell eighteen times… Lin Mo let the unknown forces lead him forward.

It was better to go to hell. He had to see if the dead people were there. There was no need to worry about the future issues. Lin Mo’s mouth was slightly raised, and the scarlet in his eyes was brighter.

Lin Mo didn’t know how long it took for him to see the light, which made him automatically close his eyes. Lin Mo slowly opened them when he felt that the light was no longer dazzling. However, when he saw everything in front of him, he froze. The scarlet in Lin Mo’s eyes slowly faded, the raised lip trembled, and the strange breath around him disappeared in a moment.

“Momo, where are you hiding? Big brother is home, come out quickly!”

Lin Mo was awakened by the sudden sound and ran uncontrollably to the sound.

Second Brother’s voice…

When Lin Mo saw the familiar figure, his nose was sour, and his eyes began to blur…

“What’s the matter? Momo, why are you crying?! Were you bullied by someone at school?” The young man in a white suit saw his brother crying, and walked over quickly. Lin Xiu was in a hurry and helped him dry the tears on his face.

“I just fell asleep in the garden and dreamt that Eldest Brother and Second Brother left me. I couldn’t catch up with you…” Lin Mo hugged his Second Brother and choked.

The young man touched his brother’s head and said softly, “Momo is so adorable. Dreams are against our wishes. How can Eldest Brother and Second Brother leave Momo?” 

“Momo, why are you crying?” A low voice sounded.

“Big brother…” Lin Mo looked up and saw his Eldest Brother in his military uniform coming over.

Lin Mo raised his hand to dry his tears, went to hold his brother, and rubbed off the tears again.

“Just now Momo had a nightmare that we left him.” Second Brother walked over, and felt helpless.

“I won’t leave.” Eldest Brother touched Lin Mo’s head and comforted him. His voice was cold, but Lin Mo felt warm.

Yes, you will not leave. Even if you become a zombie, you still remembered to look for me… Lin Mo leaned on his shoulder, smiling and weeping.

“Well, today’s dinner is made by mom and dad. Let’s hurry back.” Second Brother said.

“Mn…” Lin Mo rubbed his tears away, then slowly released his hand holding Eldest Brother.

Lin Mo followed his two brothers out of the garden, but when he entered the villa, he unconsciously looked back.

“Momo, what are you looking at?”

“No, maybe I’m still sleepy…” Lin Mo turned around, shook his head, and then pressed down his discomfort and followed his Second Brother to enter the house.

Maybe he was still too tired. Otherwise, how could he feel like someone was waiting for him? His two brothers and his parents were at home. He must not have woken up completely. Lin Mo affirmed that at this time, he only remembered that he killed his enemies and was sent home by some force.

Outside the mansion, the maid brought out the food left untouched, and when saw the old butler standing outside, and she curtsied.

The old butler looked at the things in the handmaid’s hand and asked, “The Prince did not eat?” 

In fact, there was no change in the place of things on the plate. The old butler waved her to leave, opened the door and walked in. The old butler stopped not far from Cheng Yan and said softly, “Lord, news arrived from the palace. The Emperor has called you to the palace.” 

Cheng Yan held Lin Mo’s hand, motionless, and it was a long time before he came back to his senses, “…I know. Uncle Fu, go out first.”

The old butler hesitated for a long time, but at last he couldn’t help saying something, “Do you want to listen to this old slave’s advice? You haven’t closed your eyes for three days. If you continue like this, you won’t be able to bear it. Do you want Wang Fu to wake up and see you down?” 

Uncle Fu complained about Lin Mo lying on the bed. If it wasn’t for this ger, the Lord would not be like this. He was afraid the Emperor also knew the current situation of the Lord. The position of the Prince’s husband may need to be reconsidered. Besides, he didn’t get approved by the Royal jade plate yet.

“Mn, I’ll go.” There was no emotion in Cheng Yan’s voice.

The old butler couldn’t say anything more. He left first.

Cheng Yan said in a hoarse voice, “MoMo… You’ve been sleeping for so long, won’t you wake up?” 

Lin Mo, who was making dumplings with his Second Brother, looked up and looked around. His eyes were at a loss.

“Momo, what’s the matter? What are you looking for?” Second Brother was confused.

“I thought someone just called me…” Lin Mo hesitated, and the voice was familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere.

“Are you hallucinating? Who is calling you?” Second Brother laughed.

“Maybe…” Lin Mo nodded, but he felt sad. He felt that he was forgetting something important.

After dinner with his family, Lin Mo went upstairs to rest.

“Momo, it will turn cold tonight. Please turn on the heater.” Eldest Brother reminded.

[Momo, reach in and warm your hands…]

Lin Mo heard his Eldest Brother’s words, and a familiar voice suddenly rang in his head. His eyes blinked, and tears fell without warning, dripping on the back of his hand. Lin Mo looked down at the moisture on the back of his hand, and his eyes were at a loss.

“Momo, did you hear me?” Eldest Brother asked.

“Okay, big brother.” Lin Mo let go, didn’t look back, and went upstairs.

Did he forget something important? Every time he heard that voice, he felt very sad.

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Sadie Woods
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