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Chapter 15: Pandas and Strawberries

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo just wants them to KISS


Gu YuMian had a long dream.

He had returned to his twenties in his last life when he just joined in the rescue of an endangered animal in the local mountain area. It was a juvenile (1 to 2 years) wild giant panda and had not been registered in the national database yet.

By the time he found it, the little one had been tortured to near death by poachers, and her crisscross wounds were bleeding and festering. It was very distrustful and aggressive towards humans.

Everyone knew that pandas were cute and cuddly in appearance but few knew that they had extremely strong biting force. They were not afraid to attack people when frightened. The power erupted in a dying state was even more terrifying.

At that time, the situation was urgent. All the people were called to search the mountain in the middle of the night. All of them took protective equipment and anesthesia needles.

“Although it’s a national treasure, it’s still important to save your own life. We can get there in an hour.”

“Can it last an hour?”

“Who knows? If it can’t survive, we can only say it had a bad life. Ah, the iniquity of poachers.”

“Gu YuMian, what are you doing? It’s going to kill you!”

“Baby, how about calling you Big Wok? After giving birth to your children, we will call them Second Wok and Third Wok.”

“Big Wok, you’re so good. Try to hold your son. I’m not going to get married. I’ve been waiting to help you raise your children all my life.”

“Tomorrow I’ll go to a seminar in another place and bring you a little gift.”


A truck running a red light ended everything. Gu YuMian could feel the pain of being crushed all over his body. All his viscera was crushed and it meant that the shadow of death completely covered him now.

His soul floated in the air, watching all the screams, noises, cries.

All of it passed by like pictures, flying like lanterns.

He saw the rapid development of Earth’s science and technology in the past two decades, the deterioration of the environment, the coming of the end, and the evolution of animals.

Then he saw a bunch of flowers in front of his tombstone. The three Woks beside it, sad as they left, with claws constantly wiping away tears.

He wanted to reach out and wipe his tears for his three Woks, but his transparent fingers went through them.

In his dream, he watched Second Wok and Third Wok marry and give birth to children, and then the children continued to get married, generation after generation.

Finally, he saw a baby giant panda walk into a silver-gray starship and set the final destination of the navigation as ‘Takk’.

At the end of a long and chaotic dream, Gu YuMian’s soul slowly lowered from the sky and fell into an embrace.

Cedar breath lingered at the tip of the nose. It was not a warm embrace, but stiff and inexperienced.

However, it was enough.

The long memory and the bitterness brought by vagrancy suddenly disappeared.

“Gu YuMian,” someone whispered his name in his ear, “Gu YuMian.”

All the noise in his ears stopped.

The wind blew the strings in his heart, and the stars flew into his arms.

He had a good night’s dream.


The next day.

Gu YuMian was awakened by the sound of an optical computer prompt.

He woke up in a trance, immersed in the dream. Was it true that he saw what happened after his death? Or just a dream?

In the early spring morning, the sun was very good, and the white carpet in front of the French window was swept up by the wind. The little snow leopard was curled up on his chest and was asleep. His long tail circled Gu YuMian’s wrist.

The optical computer was still sending out continuous prompts, and someone was calling him.

“I’m sorry,” Gu YuMian went out of the bedroom, rubbed his hair, connected the phone, “Hello, who is this?”

The number display was the official phone number of Star Live Platform. “Hello, Mr. Gu. I’m a staff member of Star Live. I couldn’t get in touch with you yesterday…”

He explained to Gu YuMian that tonight was the time to finally decide the rookie title.

In recent days, the number one comprehensive popularity would get the new support spot. The statistical deadline was midnight tonight. The official wanted to create a warm atmosphere and make an advertisement, so today, he had launched an official special live broadcast all kinds of preparations for tonight’s live broadcast would be boasted about by the shortlisted anchors, and they should talk about their feelings.

“You can choose whether you want to participate or not,” the staff said, “but it is recommended that you participate.”

After all, it was an official live broadcast, which could definitely bring new audience members and popularity to the studio. Basically, no one would refuse.

Gu YuMian thought about it and said, “Okay, what time?”

The staff member was obviously relieved, “In about an hour, we will send the host to your residence. Is it convenient to leave an address?”

“Haiyi Yueju, District 2, Block 3.” Gu YuMian replied.

“Okay.” The staff said, “Haiyi Yueju…”

He hung up the phone and suddenly reacted. Haiyi Yueju District 2? Was it the seascape duplex that money couldn’t buy?!


In an hour.

Lulu, the host of Starry Sky’s official live broadcast, arrived at Haiyi Yueju with her equipment.

To be honest, this was her first time entering such a high-end residential area, so she was nervous and excited. At this time, the official live broadcast had begun for some time, and the first host of the interview was Gu YuMian.

“Hello, I’m Lulu,” she said to the camera. “Now we’re at Mr. Gu YuMian’s house, so let’s ring the doorbell. Seriously, I’m a little nervous.”

[Fourier Leaf: Gu YuMian? Oh, the man who was bad-mouthed before? Did he buy a water army? It’s so strange that the popularity came…]

[Cat’s Meow: Where there is MianMian, there is me! Ah ah, I’m going to go to MianMian’s house. I’m looking forward to it!!]

[Little Lemon: It turns out that tonight is the last night of the rookie competition. It’s a bit exciting.]

[Sky Bird: Is there anything strange in a human’s home? I’m suddenly a little scared.]

The Star official and Gu YuMian’s fans were staggered. At this time, the live broadcast just started. Many of the audience who came in at the first time knew nothing about Gu YuMian and only heard his name, so they would show various attitudes.

The host waited at the door for more than ten seconds, and the door opened.

“Hello,” Gu YuMian smiled and shook hands with Lulu. “I’ve been waiting for a long time. Please come in.”

In his arms, he held the little snow leopard who was dozing. The little snow leopard lifted his eyelids and looked at Lulu, and looked away bored.

To be honest, like many audience members, Lulu was a little worried when she came in.

Not only because it was a high-end house, but also because it was a human home… She still had a subtle reaction to the word human in her heart and was afraid to see something that would make her uncomfortable.

But the moment she saw Gu YuMian, all such thoughts disappeared.

This human-made her want to get close!

Lulu was a sika deer. 1 Now she had the impulse to change into her animal form and have Gu YuMian feed her tender leaves. She also wanted Gu YuMian to help her sleep.

She dreamily walked into Gu YuMian’s house.

“Have a seat, please,” Gu YuMian said. “Do you want tea? Or a different drink?”

“Water will do.” Lulu said in a hurry.

Gu YuMian nodded, poured her a cup of warm water, sat down on the sofa opposite Lulu, and asked, “Is there anything you want to ask?”

Lulu just woke up from a dream, and suddenly remembering today’s task, she said, “You can do your own thing at will,” she explained. “We mainly want to take pictures of your daily life.”

In fact, in order to add a little point of view and discussion, the authorities also wanted to stir up some fire.

It was better to see which anchors were against each other, or all kinds of nervous performances of the anchor. Lulu, as the host, would first shoot the life of the anchor, and then ask some slightly sharp questions unexpectedly.

Lulu couldn’t help but look forward to what Gu YuMian would do before such an important live broadcast tonight. Recite lines, prepare all kinds of food and utensils, go online to promote and guide public opinion for himself, or…


There was a special person in charge of the writing in the official live room, and the live room was in real-time. For example, the title at this time was, “The rookie competition is coming! How will the ten new anchors prepare for the final showdown tonight?”

The title was very hot and attracted audience members who wanted to see tension and gossip atmosphere.


The audience and host Lulu watched Gu YuMian pick up a shovel and walk to the top garden. But the little snow leopard kept a serious look, pushed a bucket to Gu YuMian’s side, in exchange for Gu YuMian’s touch and a few compliments.

Lulu and the audience: “?”

“Mr. Gu, what are you doing?” She couldn’t help asking.

“My plants were ruined by cats yesterday,” Gu YuMian explained. “I want to replant them, do you mind?”

In other words, farming.

Lulu and the barrage: ….

At first, they thought Gu YuMian was playing with sticks or jokes. Unexpectedly, Gu YuMian really bowed his head and began to loosen the soil. First, he laid the high nutrient substrate, sand, and clay, and measured them with a hand-made ruler to keep the depth and width of the planting hole twice as deep as the root of the catnip.

After that, Gu YuMian put the rhizome into the water, and when there were no bubbles emerging, he filled the planting hole with soil and pressed down tightly.

The little snow leopard sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, carefully and seriously supervising his work, and occasionally helped him hand over his tools.

The sun was clear and the sea breeze blew. Everything was in order.

Lulu: “…”

After the silence at the beginning, she saw Gu YuMian’s movement and was fascinated by it somehow. There was a kind of hustle and bustle that quieted life down, the heart became peaceful and soothing, and she didn’t feel bored.

She felt she could watch this all day.

“Can you pass me that shovel?” Gu YuMian looked at her.

“Okay.” Lulu subconsciously handed him his shovel.

“Thank you.” Gu YuMian smiled at her, and Lulu immediately felt satisfied and happy, and her antlers wanted to come out. She quickly shook her head back and forth and screamed out “bad” in her heart.

Now things were out of control. What should she do? It was totally different from the title and the content publicized before. It would definitely cause the audience’s antipathy and the audience number would fall into a slippery…


Thinking about it, Lulu took a look at the number of people online.

One hundred and eighty thousand.

——In just ten minutes after Gu YuMian started farming, the number of spectators increased by 50,000, without any downward trend, and steadily increased.

At the beginning, the audience did look blankly at the live broadcast.

They were attracted by the hot-blooded title and official propaganda but saw Gu YuMian in the field. Suddenly, they felt that they had been cheated by the wrong board. They planned to insult and then withdraw…

No way would they leave now.

Gardening was the most common action, but it did not give people a boring feeling and even made people feel a kind of inexplicable attraction towards it. Because this was from the host, Lulu’s, first angle of view, they could hear the sea breeze blowing from afar, smell the fresh fragrance of catnip, and watch the man handle everything in order, the heart was inexplicably quiet.

Especially just now, when Gu YuMian smiled and said thank you to Lulu, they also felt the same inexplicable satisfaction and pleasure as Lulu and felt that they really helped Gu YuMian and got his recognition and love.

[Little Lemon: What’s going on? Why am I watching a human anchor farming?]

[Fourier Leaf: Grass, I want to quit but I can’t do anything. My hand has its own ideas.]

[Dolphin Cloud: Why do I feel comfortable watching him do this?]

[Card: Comfortable + 1]

Lulu, the host, was so confused that she didn’t know what to do.

Obviously, it was totally different from the pre-script, but the effect was unexpectedly good.

At the same time, the person in charge of copywriting understood very well, and immediately changed the original subtitle to [Jing! The handsome man is sweating so hard that he is in].

This title immediately deceived a large number of audience to come in. They looked at the actual content and doubted life. They wanted to swear and quit, but they could not press the exit button.

And this was far from over.

Gu YuMian cleaned up for about twenty minutes, washed his hands and asked Lulu, “I forgot. Do you want to drink strawberry juice?”

Lulu subconsciously said, “Okay.”

There was a juicer on the third floor, so Lulu and the audience watched Gu YuMian wash and pull out strawberries one by one, neatly press them in the juicer, press the button, extract the liquid part, and put it into a lovely high glass.

Then, the young man’s long and white fingers held the knife, cut up two strawberries, took out the small pieces of pulp and put them into the cup, then bent the long straw into the shape of a heart.

“Can you have a cold drink?” Gu YuMian looked at her.

Lulu nodded, and Gu YuMian added three pieces of ice to the glass. Translucent ice and strawberry pulp, light pink strawberry juice reflected the early spring sun. It looked like art, and the tip of the nose could smell a little sweet and sour strawberry, and people couldn’t wait to taste it.

While putting down the cup, Gu YuMian also put a stack of his own snacks, which were fresh strawberry cheesecake made of strawberry jam and cheese.

The audience attracted by the title had no time to think about swearing, but like Lulu, they held their breath and were completely attracted.

She took the cup and tasted it carefully——

The strawberry’s sweet and sour fresh taste immediately surprised the taste buds!

In this kind of sunny weather, a glass of ice strawberry juice was incomparable. Lulu had just been in the sun all the way. At this time, her heart completely calmed down with the comfortable experience of strawberry juice flowing through her throat.

The taste of strawberry juice was too refreshing, sweet but not too much. In addition, if she bit down, she could get the real strawberry flesh. The taste of the mixture was excellent.

She couldn’t help but squint her eyes, take that bite and try the cake.

It was totally different from ordinary cheese. The rich taste of cheese with milk flavor was mixed with the soft fluffy cake, and accompanied by the sweet strawberry jam. It was not greasy at all, and it was not enough to eat one bite. Eating cake for a while, and then drinking the strawberry juice, the wind blew gently behind her.

Gu YuMian was not far away from his catnip and the snow leopard lay on his shoulder and rubbed against his chin.

With the fruit juice, delicious food, and the picture in front of them being very pleasing to the eyes, made their whole heart relax.

The number of spectators surged over 300,000 at this time.

Even if there was a star official fan base, it would be an incredible number.

[Card: ah, ah, ah, what is this? Cake? Cheese?? I haven’t eaten cheese before. Don’t lie to me?!]

[Dolphin Cloud: I’m totally comfortable. I want more. Immortal anchor!!]

[Clean Chips: Gradually forgot the title of the series, I can watch him farm and cook all day.]

Because this was the official live broadcast room of Starry Sky, plus the title, the audience attracted was actually a very different group from the audience Gu YuMian would gain that is to say, usually these people would not click into the live broadcast room of Gu YuMian’s to watch.

Now they were completely attracted by the live content and completely transformed into potential audience members.

Gu YuMian’s number of fans, which tended to be flat, has ushered in another round of crazy growth!

The final live broadcast was about to begin.


It was seven that night.

The navigation system showed that the ship was about to reach the Takk atmosphere. The closer he was, the more restless Er Shisi Guo became. He was a bit fidgety and wanted to look out of the window.

Was this where his ancestor lived? What should I say when I see him later? According to Er Shisi Guo, this was what the ancient had said, “Closer to the countryside, the more timid we become.”

When the Starship passed through the atmosphere and was about to sail to the Starport, all the buttons of the navigation system suddenly lit up, which was like a flash of discord.

Er Shisi Guo, “?”

“System failure, warning, about to eject the life-saving cabin, warning, alarm warning” the mechanical sound started.

Er Shisi Guo, “???”

The next second, the whole starship started shaking violently. The system forced him into the egg-shaped rescue capsule and ejected him automatically. As Er Shisi Guo’s consciousness gradually faded, the life-saving capsule was bounced out by the star ship, gradually narrowed down, and landed on the ground of Takk


Gu YuMian was preparing the ingredients for the Shouxi hot pot when he heard a muffled sound in the garden.

The little snow leopard moved the tip of his nose and squinted.

“TuanTuan, did you hear that?” Gu YuMian said, “It seems that something has hit our garden.”

The little snow leopard put out its paw and pressed it on Gu YuMian’s lips.

He had an intuition that something threatening his status was coming, which made him extremely anxious.

“What’s the matter?” Gu YuMian kissed his little paw and stood up with him. “I’m a bit worried. I’d better go and have a look.”

He fidgeted for a long time, then quietly walked to the garden with his bat, looking carefully.

And then, he saw, in the catnip bush that he managed so hard——

He found a white egg.


The author has something to say:

Ding, your Er Shisi Guo is on the way, please sign this time~

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Translator Notes:

  1. These deer are commonly known as the Japanese deer, as they mainly found in Nara, Japan. Addis had her hand gobbled on by 6 of them when she was in Japan as they wanted to maul her for the wafers.


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