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The Soft Lullaby by David Renda

Chapter 17: Sing You a Song

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to pat Little Ancestor Snow Leopard


They had dined and wined to satiety.

It seemed that the little snow leopard really liked to eat the hot pot. Gu YuMian was surprised that the leopard ate almost as much as Big Wok would have. At this time, Gu YuMian couldn’t help thinking of that big white egg. When would it hatch? Would it be hungry?

However, even if the shell hatched, it could not eat Shouxi hot pot, and would have to drink milk. Gu YuMian shook his head and put the strange idea behind him.

At a glance, the snow leopard saw that he was distracted. He put out his paw pad and pressed it on Gu YuMian’s face. Gu YuMian held it and kissed him.

“By the way,” Gu YuMian finally remembered, “I prepared dessert.”

[Cat’s Meow: Dessert? Pleasantly surprised!]

[Vivian: It’s really good and happy to live with MianMian. He takes care of everything he does. Every meal is arranged. Dinner, drinks, desserts]

The dessert was in the refrigerator. Gu YuMian went down to the living room on the second floor to get it. Passing by the big white egg, he stopped and could not help but squat down to touch it.

“Come on baby, grow up quickly,” he felt a kind of inexplicable intimacy to this big white egg, which was very strange, “I’ll take you when you’re born… Well, I’ll take you to eat delicious food and find your father and mama.”

The first time he saw the little snow leopard, he also had this kind of intimacy, but they were a little different, and he couldn’t be specific.

Gu YuMian talked to the big white egg for a while, and suddenly felt a little silly. What was he doing? Fetal education?

“Then I’ll go up first. You be good.” He could not help but say goodbye to the big white egg.

What Gu YuMian didn’t notice was a dim yellow and quiet light that lit up the whole bedroom, and the wind blew the white curtain. As he turned around, the big white egg shook even more.

“TuanTuan, you waited a long time.”

Back in the garden, the little snow leopard nodded to him. Gu YuMian scratched his chin and held him in his arms. Gu YuMian put down the small plate he was holding. With the light, one could see two pieces of cream white transparent cheese on the delicate porcelain plate, sprinkled with a layer of tea powder and a blueberry placed on top, which was like a work of art. 1

“It’s silk tofu and cheese jelly,” Gu YuMian explained. “Silk tofu is a little more delicate than ordinary tofu, and it’s delicious with cheese.”

Bean products and cheese were basically harmless to cats, and it was also one of the few desserts they could eat. Most of the audience had eaten tofu, fried, boiled or raw. Many people never thought that tofu could be used for dessert. Wasn’t that too weird?

Gu YuMian took a spoon to cut off a corner of the square. The snow leopard rolled in Gu YuMian’s arms and took a bite from Gu YuMian’s hand.

A few seconds later, he squinted.

The soft and smooth cheese glided from the tip of the tongue, and the rich milk fragrance spread instantly. The delicate taste and light frozen silk tofu neutralized the greasiness of the cheese. The taste flowed from the tip of the tongue to the throat, and between the lips and teeth, it was the milk flavor that people wanted.

The finishing touch was a very light lemon flavor that could be tasted. It blended with the milk flavor of the cheese, and even people who hated lemons did not put up a resistance.

[Christina: It’s delicious. It turns out that tofu can be eaten like this. Ah, absolutely love it!!]

[There’s a Cloud: The taste is very special, the cheese is soft and smooth, and the tofu is delicate. Adding a little lemon juice just to eliminate the fishy smell of tofu. The host is interesting.]

[Cat’s Meow: It’s really delicious. I love every dish MianMian makes! I want the last dish in my life to be one of his!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: It’s delicious! By the way, when are you going to sing MianMian? Asking for a song!]

The dessert was almost stunning, with all kinds of gift effects bursting at the same time.

From the beginning of the broadcast, the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live studio had only been rising and not falling, and it had ushered in a new peak when they were eating shouxi hot pot. At this moment, the number of viewers was still rising, and like yesterday, it successfully climbed to the top three of the popularity list of that day. The sky was completely dark, the moon was shining on the earth, and the sound of the waves was low and soft from afar.

“Ah, a song. I promised one to TuanTuan and everyone yesterday,” Gu YuMian said quietly, rubbing his head against the back of the neck of the snow leopard, “What do you want to hear?”

The little snow leopard thought about it carefully. The serious and tangled expression almost made Gu YuMian laugh. He reached out and stroked the little snow leopard’s chin, neck and back, whispering, “Anything, just think about it, as long as my TuanTuan is happy.”

The snow leopard unconsciously rubbed his head against Gu YuMian’s palm and closed his eyes.

It was really hard to choose.

——He wanted to listen and wanted too much.

“Is it hard to decide? Shall I sing you a nursery rhyme?” Gu YuMian whispered, “I hope my TuanTuan can have a good dream tonight.” He kissed the snow leopard’s ears, “It doesn’t matter. I can sing one song a day if you like. After singing for a long time, my little TuanTuan will grow into a big TuanTuan, and become so tall and powerful that I can’t hold you anymore…”

The little snow leopard’s grey-blue eyes looked at him. His eyes were slightly dark, reflecting the moonlight.

His human said he would grow up with him.

It was the same the first time they met, and it was still the same now.

With Gu YuMian’s words, almost all people had specific images in their brains. Gu YuMian was a person who made it easy to connect with the future. With him, life was all in order. They could almost look into their own future.

Spring and autumn, winter and summer, firewood, rice, oil and salt.

But they were still looking forward to working with him to count the years one by one.

[Cat’s Meow: I don’t want to think about anything else.]

[There’s a family in the mine: I love the feeling of MianMian holding Xiao Xue Tuan and whispering in his ear. It’s almost as if I’m also being held by him in the palm of his hand and he’s worrying about me. Wuwuwuwuwuwu!]

[Deer Can: I don’t know why my eyes are a little sour. What’s wrong with me? QAQ I want to go through year after year with MianMian!]

The number of spectators was steadily increasing, close to 300,000, but the number of barrages was again decreasing. The audience was quiet and immersed in this unique atmosphere.

After a full meal, the satisfaction and comfort made people drowsy. The voice of the human around them was tender and incomparable. The picture outlined made one feel so much yearning. At the same time, the hand that gently pressed the skin and joints alleviated all the discomfort and soreness, and spread the reassuring warm kindling.

The stars swayed and the evening wind was gentle.

They wanted to go through the years together, and make time stop at this moment forever. They wanted to spend this early spring night countless times, and felt like they could do anything with the youth there. But it was not enough.

And what’s more fascinating was still after that.

——When all sounds were quiet in the spring night, there was a clean and sweet song.


300,000 people opened their eyes at the same time.

The little snow leopard was nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms, with his long tail around his wrist. He opened his gray-blue eyes and looked at him carefully. It was a solo without accompaniment. Gu YuMian’s voice began to stagnate because of his tension, but then gradually became smooth and natural.

It was like a clear spring, a pine wind, a forest leaf. The song came with countless voices and colors. It reminded people of the rain, of a blue sky reflected in a puddle, and a good dream where cicadas were singing during a midsummer night.

Obviously there was no skill in his singing, but Gu YuMian had this inexplicable attraction when singing. If anyone stepped into his rhythm, they would resonate with the emotions in the song one by one, spreading all the way from the eardrum to the heart, resonating and beating together.

It was amazing to hear only a short passage yesterday, let alone a whole song at this time.

After ten seconds of silence, the barrage exploded completely!

[Never Eat Fat: Ah ah ah ah ah, I’m dead ah ah, ah ah, that’s good to hear!!!!]

[Su: What kind of song is it?! My ears are about to get pregnant. Help me!]

[Throwing Cosmetics: I think MianMian is really God’s reward. I will be a monk!! Really orz, hurry up to release the album, I’ll pay any amount!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s hard to describe the feeling in words. Anyway, I really want to thank the host for bringing me this evening. Every minute was unforgettable. Like a rose in September, a firework for you!]

[Cat’s Meow: All the fireworks are for MianMian!! It’s really nice to hear, and it feels very special. I think everyone has become soft, and inexplicably have a sense of the future!]

Until now, Gu YuMian’s live popularity had been rising steadily all night. Until this moment, the long-awaited atmosphere was completely ignited by this song! Maybe it was not just a single song, it was the atmosphere and feeling.

On this evening, the delicious shouxi hot pot, sweet blueberry wine, the milk fragrance from the silk tofu and cheese lingered around the nose, and then the gentle heartbeat and pulse came to the ear. The young man spoke patiently and softly, and the night was long and quiet, pushing the mood to the most relaxing point.

The years were safe and the future was promising.

Ten new anchors were assigned exclusive recommendation spots this evening, but no one was like Gu YuMian. No matter the audience who were malicious to humans, who were dubious about how to live broadcast, or who were simply attracted by the cover title and preview content, they were all attracted to stay within one minute.

Gu YuMian’s audience had never declined on a large scale, because most people who joined were reluctant to leave. At this moment, the number of audiences was increasing at an incredible speed, and countless gifts were pouring in, surpassing the second place of the popularity of the day, and approaching the first place——


At nine o’clock in the evening, a message came.

More than 500,000 people watched Gu YuMian’s live broadcast room, so he had become the champion of the rookie competition.

His popularity ranked first.


Second floor bedroom.

The young man’s song was kneaded into the wind, blocked and filtered by layers of barriers, and finally only a little melody and fragments were heard.

But that was enough.

The big white egg first shook slightly, and then shook quite violently, before a clicking sound came from the inside. A crack appeared on the surface of the white eggshell. That crack gradually expanded, and then the spider web like crack quickly spread around!


In the dark room, in the soft nest, the top half of the big white egg completely disintegrated. A baby panda sat within the broken shell, with a small piece of broken eggshell on his head, wearing it like a small gentleman’s round hat.

It looked almost two months old, plush, black and white fur covering the whole body, two round ears, a pair of wet round eyes, pure and bright. 2 First, he looked around in a daze and innocently, showing his soft and tender claws, pressed it against the eggshell.

He had returned to his cub days with all of his memory and knowledge still intact. But the breath in this bedroom gave him a feeling of extreme familiarity and reassurance. Even if he knew that he was in a strange environment, he was not afraid.

The cub bit the ‘eggshell’ and was sure that he could not climb out by himself. After that, he just sat in it and rolled around as if in a small boat.

Because Gu YuMian had a little snow leopard at home, all the facilities in his home were very friendly to the small animals of this size. The floor was covered with soft carpet, there were no sharp corners on the tables, and the indoor temperature was always the most comfortable.

The panda cub rolled from the sofa to the soft carpet. He was very curious about everything. He looked left and right, slowly rolled out, and then——

Through the open door, he heard a young voice that was clean and clear, making the panda inexplicably feel like it was close and familiar.

“TuanTuan, let’s go to bed early tonight. In two days, we’ll get ready to go to Capital Star Ah… Whose baby is this?” Gu YuMian was stunned, bent over and hugged the baby panda in the eggshell.


The author has something to say:

Snow Leopard:???

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Translator Notes:

  1.  A silky tofu cheesecake with matcha powder. Matcha Tiramisu 抹茶ティラミス • Just One Cookbook
  2. two month old panda  


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