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Chapter 16: Eating Hot Pot

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to eat Gu YuMian’s Shouxi hotpot


The ‘egg’ was bigger than an ordinary ostrich egg. Its appearance was a milky white, mellow, without lines, and its texture was neither smooth nor rough.

“Ostrich eggs should be the largest known eggs in the world,” Gu YuMian said to himself, “this looks… It’s kind of weird.”

Indeed, its appearance was mixed with the characteristics of many eggs, but Gu YuMian felt that it was not a real egg.

The little snow leopard rejected the egg. At first, he wanted Gu YuMian to throw it away.

Gu YuMian, of course, couldn’t throw it away. Maybe it was a child of some family. He didn’t have any professional instruments at hand. After waiting for a long time, the egg didn’t move, so he had to make a small heat preservation nest in the bedroom on the second floor.

Now it was almost seven o’clock and it was the agreed time for his live broadcast with his audience. It was time for the little snow leopard to have dinner. He could only deal with the matter at hand first and then look at the egg situation after the live broadcast.

He scratched the leopard’s chin. “TuanTuan, let’s go. Let’s eat first.” Gu YuMian, holding the plate with Kobe beef in his hand, walked two steps and found that the little snow leopard didn’t follow him, “TuanTuan?”


Inside the bedroom.

The door was open and dusk was heavy.

The little snow leopard put his paw on the egg and looked down at it. His grey-blue eyes narrowed into a line.

Although Gu YuMian had never seen it, the little snow leopard was very familiar with it.

——This was a reduced egg-shaped rescue capsule.

Egg-shaped rescue capsules were popular two or three decades ago, when the Zerg were still rampant, this kind of rescue capsule came into being. It completely simulated the egg shape and size of the Zerg cubs, so that if they accidentally fell into the hands of the Zerg, they would have a long life.

The special potion inside would make the creatures in the rescue capsule return to their pup state for a period of time, start to sleep and reduce energy consumption.

Later, when the Zerg were close to extermination, this kind of life-saving capsule was quickly eliminated due to some defects of its own. Only some old and long-term starships were equipped with them.

What was the purpose of this thing in the life capsule?

It was just that they happened to fall into his human’s home. What was their intention?

The little snow leopard’s paw pad forced up, sharp claws spring out, and he did not hesitate to face the bright white egg——

The next second.

“AH! TuanTuan, why are you bullying other children?” Gu YuMian was frightened by his actions when he came back. He quickly picked up the snow leopard from the back of his neck.

The little snow leopard’s four claws soared and struggled for a moment. He stared at him unbelievably. The voice was low in his throat. He was so angry that he almost blew up!

…Gu YuMian was his human. Who was threatening his position?!


At 7 p.m., Gu YuMian opened the live broadcast on time.

The little snow leopard was a little bit rusty. Although he was there, the egg couldn’t make any waves. But he couldn’t be angry because Gu YuMian followed his wants in everything. Now would he do the same for the egg?

“Hello, I’m Gu YuMian, this is TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian briefly introduced himself, “Tonight we’re going to eat hot pot, drink blueberry wine and I promised TuanTuan and everyone a song.”

Today was the last night of the rookie competition.

Gu YuMian’s performance in the morning’s official live broadcast was so eye-catching that he took in a wave of powder. Plus yesterday’s ‘debut’ photos from the girl, Yu Wei, was still there, and the number of viewers had been rising rapidly since the start of the broadcast.

[Did you have a good sleep today?] 

[Good sleep at night.] 

[Although I haven’t heard about the hot pot, the host must have made a delicious one.]

Gu YuMian sighed when he saw the angry snow leopard. He was angry before and didn’t coax him. Now thinking about it, the little snow leopard must have his own reason for doing this, and he was too arbitrary.

At dusk, it was not quite dark in their top garden.

“Let’s heat the pot first,” Gu YuMian said. “Shouxi hot pot is not difficult, and TuanTuan can even make it.”

Gu YuMian compromised. He found that when the snow leopard was angry with him, he didn’t care to focus on cooking at all. He held the leopard in his arms and sat cross-legged on the wood floor with his chin rubbing against his head. “Xue Tuan, I was wrong.”

The little snow leopard glanced at him coldly. It seemed that he was really angry this time.

Gu YuMian buried his head in the back of his neck, “I know I was wrong, don’t be angry. Good TuanTuan.”

The little snow leopard said nothing.

“TuanTuan will be a brother,” Gu YuMian reluctantly kissed him on the ear and held him. “After all, it’s an egg. It’s just a child. Don’t be angry with me, okay? When you ignore me, my heart is broken.”

The little snow leopard’s movement stopped abruptly, and his ears moved: “…”

Gu YuMian observed its expression, and picked up on the trick in a second, “Good TuanTuan. Brother, brother. Don’t worry about elder brother, okay? Of course, you are the most important. When you are angry, I am also very sad.”

The little snow leopard’s ear tip was stiff, and after a while, it began to burn a little bit.

The dazed audience: “…?!”

They didn’t know what was happening at the beginning. After listening for a few seconds, their brain was completely blank thinking about other things.

Barrage after barrage flashed wildly:

[Cat’s Meow: Ah ah ah?! Ah ah ah ah I’m dead ah ah!!]

[There is a family in the mine: I can’t support myself. My HP bar is completely empty. Who can withstand it?!]

[But the name of bird language level 4 doesn’t change: Grass, what’s with this situation?? I want to be held high by my relatives!!]

[South China tiger will never blind date: MinaMian! My! Elder Brother! Ah! Now! Ah ah ah ah ah, It’s time! I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!! QAQ]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Cough, that… Can you benefit the female audience, and call out sister? covers face.]

Gu YuMian’s voice was a little soft and waxy because he was trying to coax the little snow leopard. After saying a word, he often had to kiss the little snow leopard’s soft ears.

The audience from the same perspective as the little snow leopard could feel the light and soft kisses falling on his ears, the warm breath, the reassuring heartbeat and pulse, and the feeling of being loved with all of one’s heart.

Moreover, Gu YuMian even forgot that the live broadcast was on at this time. He only wanted to make the little snow leopard happy. All his words and actions were sincere.

Dusk was gently settling in, and the sea breeze blew.

The sense of security and dependence while being held in the arms of the youth was incomparable. After the gentle and clear murmur slowed down, it was like warm melting sugar. Coupled with the soft appellation of “brother”, the audience was suddenly hit by countless critical attacks!

The audience couldn’t stand it. The snow leopard pretended to listen calmly to Gu YuMian’s soft words. In fact, his ears were incredibly hot.

Half a minute later, he finally jumped onto Gu YuMian’s shoulder as before, and his long tail swept the young man’s earlobe, which was his unconscious gesture of intimacy.

Who was unhappy and your brother?

Gu YuMian rubbed his chin and couldn’t help smiling.

It was a weekday and the traffic at 7:00pm was not very good, but Gu YuMian gave such a surprise shortly after beginning the broadcast. The atmosphere was pushed to a small high tide.

New audience members were pouring in.

“Mn, we can start to make Shouxi hot pot,” Gu YuMian folded his sleeves and put on his apron. “It’s very simple. The weather is just right, now. It may be hot in a month or two.”

It was a warm and cold day in early spring and it was a bit cold at night. It was the most enjoyable time to have hot pot and drink a little wine.

Gu YuMian selected a suitable small pot to wash, added butter to the hot pot, cut a cross on the top of the mushroom, cleaned the prepared Enokitake and choy suy greens, and cut the tofu into small squares on one side. The shitake had been completely processed, so he didn’t need to worry about food poisoning.

“The tofu needs to be fried,” Gu YuMian said, adding tofu in a pan. “If you heat the pan with butter, you can increase the flavor. The oil in the bottom of the soup is richer and tastes more delicious.”

The tofu pieces were golden on both sides and were neatly sized. At this time, the butter in the small pot had melted at the bottom of the pot, showing a very attractive color.

The little snow leopard looked down into the pot. Gu YuMian was afraid that he would fall, so he just tucked the little snow leopard into the collar of his coat and put out his head.

Gu YuMian said, “We’re going to cook the soup next. It’s called miso soup.”

Kunbu looked like kelp and it had been sitting in the water for several hours in advance. Cook the kunbu in water, added cold water to cool it quickly, and sprinkled the fish evenly, that is, sliced bonito. Waiting until the fish completely sank, he removed the floating end and sifted out the clear soup.

Different from the common practice, Gu YuMian also added some scallops and fish bones, and soon the soup showed a slightly milky light color. At this time, the fresh taste of the fish miso soup began to form.

The little snow leopard moved his nose. Gu YuMian knew what it wanted, so he scooped out a bit of it with a spoon.

“I’ll add soy sauce later, to make it a little salty,” Gu YuMian said, and after blowing it cool, he fed it to the snow leopard. “First, taste it. Is it fresh?”

After a while, the leopard squinted contentedly.

The soup, which was called the soul of Japanese ingredients, didn’t taste strong. There was no fishy smell at all. The light, tender and mellow fragrance wafted to the tip of the nose with a little sweetness, which attracted people’s attention with one sniff.

Gu YuMian, on the other hand, added scallops and fish bones to cook them in a creative way, which could make his tongue fresh after a sip.

[Refined Ice Cream: It’s good to drink. It’s very special!]

[There’s a Cloud: It’s a little flat at the beginning, but it’s full-bodied with a sweet aftertaste, which is really not enough. A deep-sea torpedo for the host!]

[Cat’s Meow: The soup is so good. I’m looking forward to dinner! = 333 = Go MianMian! All the presents are for you!]

Half an hour later, the number of people in the studio reached 180,000 earlier than yesterday.

Because it was the night of the final, the ten new anchors had worked hard. Cigarette started to draw large amounts of gifts from the audience at the beginning of the show, but still watched Gu YuMian’s popularity rise steadily, which was about to overtake him!

When dealing with Gu YuMian recently, Cigarette had been on the verge of becoming mental. He wanted to follow Gu YuMian’s thinking during the live broadcast yesterday, and also found a PS expert to help refine his photos, pretending that he was a selfie bot.

“Have you fixed a photo yet?” He couldn’t help texting that man.

The blogger was too embarrassed to answer, “Ah, the cast is..”

The beauty blogger was used to screening the quality of the photos and finding the best way to fix them, and Cigarette wanted him to make it as ugly as possible. 

Instead of seeing the live feed, Gu YuMian’s fans were shown a photo forwarded by a bot!

In the picture, the young man was wearing an apron and holding a spoon to feed the snow leopard soup. The young man had beautiful eyebrows and eyes. The color of the dusk was blooming on his cheek and there was a kind of aesthetic feeling full of fireworks.

In the photo, taken from the perspective of the snow leopard, Gu YuMian looked at the camera closely and gently. The amber light eyes really made people slow down when looking with both eyes.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. People who actually watched the live broadcast said that every frame Gu YuMian appeared in was a picture.

Once again, countless people were attracted from Star Net to Gu YuMian’s live studio.

Cigarette: “…” Fuck!


In the studio.

Gu YuMian poured the broth into the pot, then added the special soy sauce, cut the beef into rolls, added half of the mushrooms, and the choy which were boiled in the pot. Gu YuMian used the sauce, put on a few sterile raw eggs, white radish and soy sauce respectively.

Seeing this, some audience members couldn’t help worrying. They had never seen so many things cooked together. Would it taste like a pot of stew?

The next second.

Gu YuMian uncovered the lid and released a strong fragrance without any disguise.

Shouxi hot pot itself was light, but Gu YuMian had made great efforts to match the soup base and the ingredients. After cooking, the slightly light taste of the soup was mixed with mushrooms, beef and the special soy sauce. It was hard to not smell it.

The little snow leopard subconsciously reached out for chopsticks. Fortunately, the human quickly responded.

“TuanTuan, be careful with the heat.” Gu YuMian took a chopstick of beef and coated it in raw egg liquid. After blowing, he fed it to the snow leopard.

The large amount of beef sucked up the soup and the mellow flavor of the soup was mixed with the cooked sweetness. The taste of fresh beef wrapped in raw egg was tender, smooth and refreshing, the audience couldn’t help but squint and sigh!

Because the taste was light, they could pay more attention to the taste of the ingredients. The fresh beef was delicious and ready to eat. The mushroom and choy were fresh, sweet and delicious, and the meat and vegetable mix was unique.

[Cat’s Meow: Ah ah, ah, I want to eat it in real life!]

[However, the name of bird language level 4 will not be changed: What’s this taste? Such a good meal?!! I used to eat heavy oil, salt and spicy food. Why does this taste so light, but I can’t stop!]

[There’s a Cloud: The lighter the taste is, the higher the level is required. The anchor has worked hard. Sending a firework.]

[Shell and cloud: I want to steal the anchor and snow leopard so that they can live with me everyday. QAQ I want to be MianMian’s baby!!]

The barrage was going crazy.

Countless gifts swarmed up, and various special effects staged in turn. The popularity of the live room suddenly surpassed that of the struggling Cigarette, ranking first among the ten new anchors, and in the top five of the popularity of the day.

“The blueberry wine I promised yesterday.” Gu YuMian poured a small glass for the snow leopard.

The taste was soft and mellow, with slight sour blueberry fruit fragrance mixed with a little sugar. The degree of blueberry wine was very low, that was to say, it was the same as juice.

On this cold night in early spring, it was a great satisfaction to eat a hot and fragrant hot pot with one’s family, and then add the sweet blueberry wine.

The audience was immersed in this quiet atmosphere, the number of bullet screens was reduced, but the number of members was still soaring.

At this time, the dusk was all around, and the weary birds returned to their nests. The golden-red on the sea level was a little darker, and the gentle night covered the planet.

The fragrance of Shouxi hot pot was gently taken away by the wind, rippling to the second floor bedroom.

“…” The big white egg, which was placed in the soft nest by itself, shook slightly, and soon stood still again.

CUBS - Teresa Chu
CUBS – Teresa Chu
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