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Chapter 116: Seventh World (20)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations


Bai Duan, who was on his way home, didn’t know that his lover was so crisp coming out of the closet. Until he finally took a bath and laid down on the bed, he received a call from Liu Tao, which made him sit up.

“Your parents… What was their reaction?” Bai Duan’s voice was not strong. After all, he understood the traditional concept of Liu Tao’s family and they may not accept that their son liked the same sex. “You… What… How are you being treated by them?”

Hearing the worry in his lover’s tone, Liu Tao chuckled. The soft voice came from the phone, making Bai Duan itchy, “Don’t worry, everything is going well here, and I haven’t been beaten. My parents have accepted this.”

“…Really? So easy?” Bai Duan was stunned.

“That’s how easy it is.” Liu Tao lowered his voice and said, “Thanks to Master Bai, if the person I like is not you, I will probably be shut down to death by his parents…”

Liu Tao didn’t exaggerate. In the opinion of Liu Tao’s parents, homosexuality was a disease. Even if their son was admitted to a key university and had a bright future, they would probably lock him up at home and force him to get married and have children. They would not be satisfied until he became ‘normal.’

However, their son liked Master Bai, which made Liu Tao’s parents not know what to do.

Due to Bai Duan’s great skill in the village, people in the whole village, including Liu Tao’s parents, regarded Bai Duan as a natural person. What’s more, he not only helped Liu’s eldest daughter’s aunt’s son, making her life in her husband’s house much better, but also saved her son and second daughter from a ghost!

If there was no Master Bai, they might have lost a son and a daughter. Where could the whole family sit together happily and worry about the problem that their son liked a man?

Master Bai, that was the benefactor of the Liu family! Although Papa Liu and Mama Liu had no culture, they were honest in character. They knew that salvation was not rewarded. They could only set by example.

If it was not their son, but the second daughter, it would be more perfect.

Facing the stubborn son kneeling in front of him, listening to the second daughter who went to the city to “see the world”, Papa Liu smoked for most of the day and finally sighed and let his son go.

But Mama Liu was gentle and used to regard her husband as the heaven. Seeing that her husband had no objection, she also swallowed the worry and held her second daughter’s hand sadly.

Seeing her brother ‘roll away,’ Liu Yun drew a corner of her mouth and raised her hand to hold Mama Liu in her arms, “Dad and mom, there’s nothing terrible about homosexuality. There are many famous people in the world who are homosexual! Master Bai is such an excellent person who likes younger brother, which means that the Onmyoji is excellent. If we are ordinary people, I’m afraid we can’t get into Master Bai’s eyes!”

Listening to their daughter’s ‘turning black and white,’ Liu’s parents had nothing to say. In fact, in their subconscious, they were also implicitly proud of their son’s excellence, which could make Master Bai such an extraordinary and refined ‘immortal’ with excellent means, move his heart.

How could they have the courage to stop Bai Duan’s love, because they were both respectful and afraid of him, and because they were favored by the other? “But two men… they can’t have children. Our old Liu family is going to break its roots.”

“Is that it? There are several families in our village who can’t have children. Are they all girls? It’s also providence.” Liu Yun looked at her sad father and thought for a moment, “Well, my life was saved by Master Bai. Later, my child, surnamed Liu, will be adopted by my younger brother and master Bai. In this way, it’s no different from my younger brother’s own son, isn’t it?”

Papa Liu listened to Liu Yun. His eyes were bright, but he hesitated, “Is that okay? Can he agree with the family?” 

“I’ll get him to agree.” Liu Yun’s tone was extremely confident. She raised her hand and rubbed his sideburns. Although he didn’t give any powder, he was still charming and moving. “Dad, you don’t have to worry about this.”

At home, Liu Yun found a good friend in the village. The man looked ordinary and his family was poor, but it was better to be honest and sincere. The woman knew what a man liked and wanted. She cleaned up the man and made him obedient. She held him in the palm of her hand. He doesn’t even mind that she once had other men.

Once upon a time, Liu Yun wanted to fly out and marry a rich man in the city, so she didn’t look at the man in the same village at all. Now, however, she knew what ‘plain is blissful’ meant. What about poverty? To have a man who was sincere to her, to give her a solid arm to rely on and a warm family was the best destination.

Hearing Liu Yun’s words, Papa Liu was coaxed, and his last heart disease disappeared.

He immediately found his son and told him about their decision. Though Liu Tao didn’t like to let a child in, he nodded to meet his parents’ wishes.

Anyway, they didn’t know when a child would be born. Even if he was born, he could be taken care of by a nanny, and they didn’t need to worry too much.

Bai Duan was also ignorant that he had booked a son in the future, but he didn’t mean to reject it. He spent most of the day on the phone with Liu Tao, and finally ended the conversation before the cell phone ran out of power. He was lying in bed but couldn’t sleep.

Bai Duan knew how difficult it was to come out of the closet, so he had been playing a step-by-step spectrum. He wanted to graduate from University, find a job, and then show cards to his family after having an economic foundation, but he didn’t want his lover to move so fast. If he didn’t pay attention, he would come out of the closet without even knowing.

Since Liu Tao had made his family accept him, Bai Duan felt that he couldn’t fall behind too much, otherwise he really wronged his lover. But he didn’t know how to explain the situation to his family so that they could accept it. He was really embarrassed and worried.

However, although Bai Duan had been thinking about coming out, he could not find the right time. He could only delay day after day, but he did not want to wait until the time to return to college, but he had waited for an “unexpected guest”.

It was the day of family reunion. Not only Bai Duan’s parents came to Bai Duan’s grandfather’s house, but Lin Lin and her mother also went back to their parents’ house. The family sat together, watching TV and making dumplings. Just at this time, the door of the house was knocked heavily.

Lin Lin wiped off the white flour on her hand and ran to open the door. As soon as she opened the door, she was startled. Several people outside the door were dressed in police uniforms and appeared serious. When the officer in front saw Lin Lin, he took out the police officer card and showed it to her.

Lin Lin, where have you seen such a battle? The whole person was shocked and called out “Mom!” reflexively.

Her voice was extremely sharp, which was full of panic and fear, and immediately broke the warmth of harmony in the room. They all stopped their work and stood up to look at the door. Unlike others, Bai Duan was stunned and stepped forward, “Officer Xu?”

Hearing his name, the chief officer followed the prestige and was stunned, “Bai Duan? Why are you here? “

“… This is my grandfather’s house. Of course I am here.” Bai Duan frowned. “Officer Xu, what are you doing here?”

Xu Jiahong’s expression was immediately subtle. He put the police officer card in his hand, put it back in his pocket and walked into the house with his feet raised, “I’m here, of course, to investigate the case.”

“… We are all good people.” Bai Duan and Xu Jiahong had some friendship. Seeing each other’s expression slightly relax, they could not help making a little joke to ease the atmosphere.

Xu Jiahong finally showed a smile and nodded to him, “There may be some misunderstandings in this matter, but according to the procedure, we still need to investigate.”

Bai Duan nodded, “What do you want to investigate?”

Xu Jiahong turned his eyes to the only white man sitting on the sofa and gave a light cough, “Are you Mr. Bai Zhenlin?”

Old man Bai quickly stood up and said, “Yes, I am, this… what’s the matter, Officer Xu?”

Xu Jiahong took a picture from the folder and put it in front of Old Man Bai, “This woman, do you know her?”

Bai Duan took a look and was surprised because it was the boss’s wife who raised the ghost baby.

“No, I don’t know.” Old Man Bai shook his head repeatedly, his expression more dazed.

“… Do you know this woman?” Xu Jiahong stared at Old Man Bai seriously, judged that he should not have lied, and took out another picture this time, it showed a young girl, about twenty years old.

Old Man Bai looked at the photos carefully, and said, “It seems… A little familiar?”

“These two photos are the same person. What I showed you before is what she looks like now, and this one is what she looked like more than twenty years ago.” Xu Jiahong put the two photos together and pushed them to Old Man Bai. He sat opposite him and put his fingers on the table. His tone was calm and pressing. “According to our investigation, you had contact with her for a period of time more than twenty years ago, don’t you remember?”

Old man Bai has never seen much of the world in his life. He couldn’t bear the pressure of Xu Jiahong. He dare not lie at all, “I… I remember about twenty years ago, I… At that time, I set up a fortune telling stall for people on the road, but there were not many people who came to see me. It was this girl. She was very interested in this aspect. She came to see me several times. I had nothing else to do at that time, so I casually told her… “

More than twenty years ago, Old Man Bai was in his fifties. His wife died long ago. His son and daughter were married and not around him. His grandson and granddaughter were not born yet. Although he didn’t worry about food and clothing, he was idle and bored. He simply picked up his old business and set up a fortune telling stall on the side of the road. He didn’t want to make money, so it was good to be able to chat with others and relieve boredom.

In this way, he met the young boss’s wife.

At that time, the boss’s wife was not married. It was in her prime. She had just graduated from college. She was well-off and had no work pressure. She was very interested in meeting people and telling stories about miraculous things. She talked well with the prodigy, Old Man Bai. She often went to his stall to listen to Old Man Bai talk about such things.

The girl was young and beautiful, she dressed well, and she was very spiritual. Naturally, Old Man Bai would not refuse such a ‘chat friend’. Bai Duan was not born at that time. He had learned the five elements, eight trigrams and yin-yang methods all his life, but he didn’t have anyone to talk about it to. He was naturally good at being a teacher in the face of some talented girls. He said whatever she liked and wanted to hear. Originally, he was just joking, but unexpectedly, the girl was really talented. She learned a lot of tricks from him. Later, her marriage was unfortunate, and she thought of the method of raising ghost babies that she heard when she was young, which eventually led to a disaster.

It has to be said that some people were probably born to eat this meal, such as Bai Duan and the boss’s wife. If she had such conditions as Bai Duan and more contacts, she would have achieved a lot.

“So the way to raise a ghost baby is what you taught her?” Xu Jiahong buckled the desktop.

“This… I don’t know… ” Old Man Bai heard about the girl’s experience from Xu Jiahong. He felt guilty and regretted, “Time has passed, I forgot what I taught her… “

“So we have been looking for the ‘culprit’ for such a long time. In fact, it is you, Grandpa? ” Bai Duan stroked his forehead, but felt that his whole person did not feel very good it was a coincidence.

“What is the ‘culprit’?” Old Man Bai looked at his grandson inexplicably, “What are you looking for?”

“Your grandson, Bai Duan, is the one who solved the ghost baby incident.” Xu Jiahong gave a slight cough and glanced at Bai Duan. “He had been worried that the people who taught the injured people how to raise ghosts and babies would cause more trouble, so he investigated a lot in private. Later, he entrusted this matter to me for help.”

Old Man Bai looked at his helpless grandson and lowered his head silently.

“Since you were careless and your grandson helped the police solve the incident, I will not take you away in the name of disturbing public order and spreading magic.” Xu Jiahong put away the photos on the table and put them back in the folder. Then he stood up and said solemnly, “But if there is a next time, our police will not tolerate it!”

“Of course! Of course! I won’t go out to tell my fortune! There is absolutely no next time!” Old Man Bai repeatedly promised to take Xu Jiahong and several other police officers off, which was followed with a long sigh of relief. He wiped the cold sweat on his head and felt that he had scared half of his life.

Turning to see his children’s speechless expression, Old Man Bai felt that his authority and dignity at home had been damaged, and he could not lift his head in front of his grandson. He couldn’t help but glare at Bai Duan and said, “What did you promise me before? Didn’t you say you won’t touch these things?”

Bai Duan was stunned for a moment, and then remembered his promise to Old Man Bai when he was ‘ill’. His vision could not help drifting for a moment, “The one who was haunted by the ghost baby was my lover’s sister. I couldn’t sit back and ignore it.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s answer, everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened, and they forgot about blaming Bai Duan for his ‘great event’. All their attention was focused on the word “lover”.

“Duan, are you in love?” Mama Bai’s voice was pleasantly surprised. She couldn’t wait for her son, who had never been in love since childhood, to become an emotional insulator after college. Now that he quietly talked about his lover, which made a big stone fall to the ground in her heart. “What’s the girl’s name? What does she do? When will you bring her back to us?”

Bai Duan silently looked at his mother’s bright eyes and pursed his lips together, “His name is Liu Tao. I went to his home for a while during the holiday. If you like, I can bring him home after the holidays end but he is not a girl, he is a man.”

Mama Bai with a happy expression frozen on her face, “……”

All the Bai family members with confused faces, “……”

Lin Lin, a cousin with a sad expression, took a swipe at the corner of her mouth, “……”

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