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Chapter 18: Panda Cub

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo supports the jealous Little Ancestor Snow Leopard

He didn’t expect it to be a panda cub.

The cub looked at Gu YuMian with round eyes that were extremely bright. When he was picked up by Gu YuMian, his little head arched into his arms consciously. He was very close to him. Gu YuMian’s heart melted. He carefully helped him take down the lower half of the eggshell and let the cub sleep in his arms.

Snow Leopard: “…”

The little snow leopard’s eyes, as it sat on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, looked a little darker.

Round head, fat, stupid at first sight. How could this stupid thing be better than him? It was worthy of Gu YuMian? The little snow leopard first jumped off Gu YuMian’s shoulder, paced on the table in front of Gu YuMian, stretched his elegant and smooth body shape, and tried to attract his attention.

At this time, Gu YuMian had no idea. He was taking a soft towel to help the panda wipe away some mucus from his fur.

The little snow leopard held back his anger and placed his paw in the palm of the human’s hand, which meant that Gu YuMian would be lucky enough to get the right to kiss his paw pad. Gu YuMian did kiss him, but soon his attention was drawn back to the baby in his arms.

Little snow leopard: “…” I can’t stand it.

He squeezed into Gu YuMian’s arms, reached out and pushed the new fool hard to push it out.

The panda cub gawked at the snow leopard, squeezed over to make room for it, and the two front claws still held Gu YuMian’s left hand tightly. The little snow leopard squinted his eyes and revealed his sharp claws. A campus bullying was on the verge of happening.

Fortunately, Gu YuMian soon stopped him before it started.

“TuanTuan, don’t bully your brother.” Gu YuMian couldn’t hold the two cubs. He just sat on the ground and rubbed the head of the snow leopard. “You’re now a brother, aren’t you?”

Gu YuMian had no teacher to learn the skills of kindergarten teachers at this time, and both sides were in harmony. Holding the paw of the panda cub, he waved to the leopard, “Baby, this is your brother TuanTuan. Say hello to him. Before we find your mama, you have to get along with your brother.”

Gu YuMian had already confirmed his gender at the time of hair brushing. The panda cub had a strong understanding ability. After Gu YuMian released his hand, he also slowly waved his paws to the snow leopard. Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing and felt his head.

“I want TuanTuan to get along with his brother,” Gu YuMian said, rubbing the paws of the snow leopard. “Okay?”

The little snow leopard had calmed down a lot when he just heard ‘find mama.’

He glanced down at the panda cub. His parents died early. This man belonged to him and he had to accompany him all his life. Could this fool do it? He calmed down for a moment and shook his paws at the cub. The extremely sharp claws were taken back, and the gray-blue eyes, which were gloomy and cold, looked more like provocation and threat than a greeting.

Panda Cub: “…”

He couldn’t help shrinking a little bit more into Gu YuMian’s arms.


An hour later.

Fortunately, the Star Network was open 24 hours a day. Gu YuMian bought milk powder with several ingredients, which were mixed according to the proportion of what he remembered from his previous life and fed some to the panda cub.

It was just after eleven o’clock and it was too late now. The panda cub and snow leopard needed to rest. Why did the baby panda come out of the egg? Where were its parents?

Gu YuMian rarely looked around on the internet. Ershisi Guo’s posters were posted all over the star Network and he didn’t even see them once. He searched for pandas on the Star Network, but at that time it showed ‘no existence or you don’t have permission to query’. He thought the pandas were extinct.

But that wasn’t the reason.

A human’s permission level was too low, and a lot of information couldn’t be queried automatically. Although humans were now nominally equal citizens, they were still quietly and specially treated in many places.

At the first sight of the baby panda, he wondered if it might be Big Wok’s relative… But the hope was so slim that he decided to give up on such a thought so as to not feel disappointment later. Gu YuMian was confused about all kinds of situations, so he decided to take the children to bed first and do more things tomorrow.

The baby panda was so sticky that he didn’t want to leave Gu YuMian for a second. Gu YuMian could only take it to sleep.

The little snow leopard was not happy again.

Before, he had to pretend to sleep separately from Gu YuMian, and then quietly climb into the bed in the middle of the night. Now, he directly squeezed between Gu YuMian and the panda cub. The baby panda was not strong enough, so he was about to cry.

Gu YuMian was about to fall asleep. In a daze, he held the two cubs and mumbled, “TuanTuan, don’t bully the baby, go to sleep quickly, and get up tomorrow…”

He fell asleep first.

The air was still full of warm milk fragrance, and the night was soft. The two fluffy babies were in his arms. This was the most relaxing and happy moment Gu YuMian could think of.

The room was quiet.

The baby panda had not been weaned and he was ignorant of the whole world. The only one he knew was Gu YuMian. He couldn’t help but arch himself into Gu YuMian’s arms again, and his throat made a thin, almost ‘whirring’ sound.

The next second, a pair of long and bony hands grabbed the baby panda’s scruff and hurled him to the foot of the bed.

“Stupid thing.”

The major defect of the egg shaped rescue capsule was that after the drug made people return to the cub stage, and their knowledge and memory would return to the state of infancy of course, this was not permanent, and some people would return to their original state in a few minutes, while some people would spend decades to return to it.

Of course, this would not let one achieve immortality. For example, when they returned to childhood at the age of twenty and returned to the original state thirty years later, the physiological state would directly cross to the age of fifty.

Today’s baby panda was really a real fool. The baby panda stared at the strange man who suddenly appeared. After confirming that the person was the former ‘brother TuanTuan’, he blinked and slowly tried to climb up to Gu YuMian from the foot of the bed.

Again he was thrown away coldly and a transparent barrier was erected in front of him. He could climb anywhere, but he couldn’t get next to Gu YuMian. The baby panda was completely stunned. After a while, he flattened his mouth and made a more urgent and aggrieved little milk sound in his voice.

Gu YuMian slept heavily and unconsciously wanted to help the crying baby panda. He reached out and touched a tight chest and abdominal muscles. He was stunned then, his hand was completely grasped by the other hand.

Gu YuMian asked vaguely, “Baby?”

The man’s eyes were slightly stiff, and he took a bite of his palm in anger.

Gu YuMian wanted to wake up, but somehow, it seemed that there was something heavy on his eyelids, which made him feel tired and unable to wake up. His subconscious judgment made him release a soft voice to coax, “TuanTuan… behave.”

The breath and feeling were of his little snow leopard, but the touch was different. Gu YuMian really has no brains to think about it. He still kissed the back of his hand as usual, held the ‘little ancestor’ and continued to sleep.

The baby panda was very helpless and felt aggrieved. He rubbed the nearest place to Gu YuMian, which was separated by a transparent barrier. Soon, his attention was diverted and his round eyes looked at them curiously.

The man was too close.

Shuo Han pursed his lips and looked at the youth in front of him. He wanted to stretch out his hand to help push away the strands of hair that covered his forehead, but his palm inadvertently touched Gu YuMian’s eyes. The butterfly like eyelashes gently fanned against his palm, and as though he was scorched, he pulled back his hand.

The moon went through the white curtains and spread out on the floor.

Every breath had become filled with inexplicable difficulties.

He fixed his eyes on Gu YuMian, his gray and blue eyes gradually showing a bewitched look. He reached out his hand, and his index finger slid from the center of Gu YuMian’s brow to the corner of his eye, which was a beautiful shape for kissing——


His optical computer suddenly blinked.

Shuo Han, with a heavy face, stared at the optical computer with displeasure and impatience. Last time, the same thing had happened. He began to seriously consider whether to crush this stupid thing that would only make trouble.

Finally, he gave up and left the bedroom holding the optical computer. When he left, he picked up the panda. The baby panda was flustered and waved his four claws in the air, and was thrown onto the sofa in the living room by Shuo Han.

“You’d better have something urgent to say,” Shuo Han said indifferently, standing on the balcony and connecting to optical computer communication. “Thirty seconds.”

At such a long distance, Mr. Fennick felt that there was a threat of his head falling off any time, and his face was full of cold sweat. He sped up, explaining as quickly and clearly as he could, “Your Majesty, we have verified the egg shaped rescue capsule. It belongs to the Guo family. The result was no threat. The information has been sent to your optical computer. In addition, Duke Rick’s business has been dealt with. We will set out to look back at Dusing in the near future. When are you going to come back

Come back and continue to be emperor?

It was because of internal and external troubles. Shuo Han’s atavism was not stable due to unknown reasons, but now he had stabilized, and all foreign troubles had been solved. If His Majesty regarded this as a ‘holiday,’ the time seemed to be long enough.

Mr. Fennick waited nervously. He did not know His Majesty’s attitude towards the young man he was staying with.

If he just wanted him to be a plaything, he could take him back to the palace, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the monarch didn’t seem to want that. It took a long time for Fennick to hear a faint voice from the optical computer, “I’ll think about it.”

Then, the communication was hung up.


The next day.

Gu YuMian needed to sign another contract with Starry Sky because he had won the spot of the new talent support project. When he got up, the little snow leopard and the baby panda were still sleeping. Gu YuMian went out by himself. Fortunately, there was a smart home system at home, with complete parenting functions, so he could go without any danger.

When he went to the Star Tower this time, the person who greeted him was still Keri, but the attitude of other staff members was quite different. As soon as he entered the door, he saw that many employees pointed at him curiously.

“The man? Ha ha ha, last time he came, didn’t you make complaints about it for a long time?”

“I didn’t understand at that time…”

“Yes, he’s the one who broke out of the encirclement in a week’s implosion, and pushed down Cigarette. Is he here to sign the contract?”

“He does look special, very… My cat side likes him and wants to take him home and let him comb my hair.”

“He’s going to sign it. The food he makes is so delicious.”


“Mr. Gu,” said Keri with a cough and an embarrassed smile, “The benefits of the new position are all written here. Have a look.”

There were so many anchors competing for the spot. Of course, the benefits were quite generous. Needless to say, there were also a series of awards such as advertising endorsements. Gu YuMian originally signed the lowest class E contract, but this time, he directly upgraded to class B, and his treatment was greatly improved.

“In addition, a month later, the Capital Star will hold a rookie competition. New anchors from all over the country will go to participate in it, and the travel and accommodation expenses will be borne by the Star Official. My personal suggestion is to participate in it. Mr. Gu, won’t you think about it?”

This was also the top priority of the new anchors. Like Cigarette, who was not short of money, the contract was good, and they usually wanted to rush to compete for this spot. Going to Capital Star to continue to participate in the rookie competition would mean after the preliminary competition, they could get key recommendations. If they could go to the finals or even win the championship, it would be no problem to directly join the ranks of a first-line anchor.

Takk was so far away. Although there was a significant audience, it was a small fraction of the whole universe. Gu YuMian’s current average popularity was one of the best in Takk. At the top of the Capital Star, it would be completely different. 

“However, if you go to Capital Star, you won’t be able to broadcast live in Takk for a while, and your popularity may be damaged.” There was a wall climbing software on Capital Star that could be turned to the Takk Star Network. In small places like Takk, even if someone developed a wall climbing software, the popularity was not high.

That’s why many would be hesitant.

To Keri’s surprise, Gu YuMian nodded with little thought, “It’s okay. The children… Well, in short, I can start in two days.”

——Yesterday’s live broadcast also made Gu YuMian think a lot.

He wanted to grow up with the little snow leopard, but in the interstellar age, the lifespan of a human without awakening ability was only about one hundred years, and even animals without awakening ability would live two hundred years.

His little Xue Tuan couldn’t speak and, after decades, once he passed away, how would he live?

He wanted to prepare early.

Plus, Gu YuMian got up this morning and found an optical computer on the baby panda. But the optical computer was the structure of the adult optical computer, which couldn’t be unlocked with the fingerprint of the baby panda. The logo behind the optical computer was made on Capital Star.

This showed that the baby panda was not a vagrant. He had a home, which was likely to be on Capital Star.

On Takk, he couldn’t connect to the Capital Star Network. If he continued staying on Takk, the baby panda might never find his family… For him, Gu YuMian would go to Capital Star of course, he had not taken the panda to the local police station to report the case. He planned to go today or tomorrow. If he could find his family on Takk, it would be better.

“Okay,” Keri couldn’t be more surprised. As an aborigine of Takk, even if Gu YuMian could pass the preliminary contest, it was also something to add luster to their name. “Then I’ll help you arrange the formalities.”

No one thought that Gu YuMian would make it to the finals. But Keri believed that if Gu YuMian went, he would go further than all the other hosts from Takk. When Gu YuMian came home, the baby snow leopard and the baby panda had woken up.

The little snow leopard had just pushed the panda from the sofa to the ground and sat on the sofa and licked his paws gracefully. The baby panda sat on the soft carpet in a daze. Seeing Gu YuMian coming back, he was not depressed and climbed happily to his side.

Gu YuMian, “…Xue Tuan!”

He wanted them to get along well with each other very much, and the baby panda was also very friendly, but the little snow leopard obviously didn’t think so. Gu YuMian sighed, picked up the baby panda, thought about it, and tried to pick up the little snow leopard as well.

“We are going to the Capital Star in two days. Let’s start packing today.”

Although not one of the two children in the family could understand him or respond to him, Gu YuMian would talk to them about everything he did. There was not much to pack up.

He hadn’t lived here for a long time and he couldn’t take the catnip so Gu YuMian only took along some seeds. As for other things and daily necessities for the little snow leopard, he could go to Capital Star to buy them. However, Gu YuMian decided to hold another lottery when he told his fans that he would go to Capital Star for a while.

“By the way, I have to give the baby a name.” Gu YuMian rubbed the baby panda’s head, “What do you think we should call it?”

“…” The baby panda blinked, at a loss.

“Let’s call him Tangyuan first.” 1 In the past, when Gu YuMian raised Second Wok and Third Wok, occasionally the authorities would shoot some small videos of their father and spread them on the video network. Some people often joked that the three Woks were like ‘sesame soup balls with no stuffing.’

The name was stupid enough.

The little snow leopard gave a gloating look at the baby panda.

“Chi.” The baby panda loved it very much. He held Gu YuMian’s hand and cuddled it in his arms. His voice made a small sound. Gu YuMian’s heart turned again and he tried to restrain the idea of kissing the panda cub’s forehead.

The little Snow Leopard: “…”

He didn’t often surf the Internet, or he would be able to accurately describe his mood at this time. It was like watching his boyfriend get confused by the green tea white lotus.

Anger and jealousy burnt together.


Meanwhile, in Capital Star, Ershisi Guo’s assistant was going crazy. Ershi Guo just asked for leave and didn’t go to the interview he needed to. After returning to his mind, he was gone?!

“How did you become an assistant?” The agent lost his mind. “He went to Takk… You were not with him on the Starship? You let him drive on his own?”

They should let the fans of Ershisi Guo know. He didn’t know what reaction they would have. The hottest star was missing. He hadn’t been able to contact Ershisi Guo for a whole day. He couldn’t communicate with him. Now he could only conceal this situation from the outside world. He didn’t know for how long.

“I don’t have a visa.” Xiao Duo was about to cry. Ershisi Guo could get an intergalactic visa free because of his special identity. Takk was too remote and the assistant didn’t apply for a visa before. Although it was now an intergalactic unification, in order to facilitate governance, the visa system remained. They were all law-abiding citizens. How could they smuggle themselves to another star?

Moreover, Ershisi Guo had been in a hurry at that time, and chose one of his father’s three starships to leave directly.

“Forget it,” said the agent with a splitting headache, “book me a ticket to Takk.”

Xiao Duo hesitated and asked, “Well, have you got a visa?”

Agent: “…”

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Translator Notes:

  1. 汤圆=boiled balls of glutinous rice flour, eaten during the Lantern Festival.


Hey all, Founder and Creator of Exiled Rebels Scanlations here. I created ExR back in March 2017 which is when our first manga was released. We started doing novels in July 2017.

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