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Chapter 19: Capital Star

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo likes Little Ancestor Snow Leopard best

Same evening.

[Gu YuMian (V): Hello, this is Gu YuMian. I’m sorry to tell you that in order to go to Capital Star to participate in the rookie competition, the next two or three months may be broadcasted live on Capital Star, and I can’t meet you often. I’m really sorry [Sad face]. I will draw thirty people to send out cheese fried salmon and blueberry wine.]

Gu YuMian actually wanted to do a little farewell live broadcast, but he was too busy.

He needed to go through formalities and get visas for Capital Star, help the baby panda find his family members, and take care of two cubs. He couldn’t spare time to prepare. For this time to Capital Star, he had to start from scratch and speculated that there would be an audience scolding him for chasing fame and profits. But what he didn’t expect was——

[Cat’s Meow: We understand. You are walking high, and may not come back. Good luck to MianMian! I’ll forward and give two thousand star coins.]

[South China Tiger Will Never Blind Date: Xiao Xue Tuan is a albino. He has never been awakened. At present, only Capital Star has the most advanced treatment. I believe that MianMian has his difficulties.]

[Throwing Cosmetics: Although I’m very reluctant, but… woo, I wish MianMian everything! And to the Capital Star competition, it is also a matter of honor for Takk. QAQ, I also forwarded a Dior bottle of sweet perfume.]

[Selling wall climbing software at a low price: Well, don’t make it look like a farewell. Look at my ID. I will sell wall climbing software at a low price. It’s silky and smooth. If there’s a carton, it’s full compensation. What do you want to know?]

[There is a family in the mine: Brother, it’s time for you to come!!!]

That night, the one hundred star ‘low price’ wall climbing software sold nearly thirty thousand copies. And with the ‘Capital Star over the wall’ software, the tag even went on the hot search of Takk’s Star Network.

Gu YuMian: “……”

Although helpless, he really felt moved. Gu YuMian finally changed the thirty places to fifty for his raffle, and spent most of the night cooking salmon with his cubs and making a prize winning cheese salmon dish.


Three days later, Capital Star Harbor.

As the center of the interstellar entertainment, economy and government, the prosperity of Capital Star was beyond Takk.

He could feel it from the Starship. The tall billboard, the spacious and bright Starport were full of fast-moving passengers. There were all kinds of races and several staff and instruments of the customs office of the airport were busy working. Several light screens were suspended in the air and there was a sense of high technology.

Gu YuMian led his family, dragged the suitcase with his left hand, held a baby with his right hand, and had another sitting on his shoulder. He looked like a single father carrying everything.

“Mr. Gu YuMian, Gu Xue Tuan, and Gu Tangyuan.” The staff looked at this strange combination, a man, sitting on his shoulder was a leopard albino cub? Holding—

Gu YuMian uncovered the swaddle in time, revealing a lovely baby face inside. The face was full of flesh, with round black eyes. Because of sleepiness, there was a layer of water mist in the eyes. The result of scanning for race was ‘human.’

Ignoring the strange feeling of that moment, the staff said, “Show me your visa.”

Gu YuMian turned on his optical computer and displayed his visa and personal information, as well as the visas of the snow leopard and Tangyuan, which passed smoothly.

“Here is your Capital City, and Upper City pass. I wish you a happy life in Capital City.”

After scanning the pass and leaving the airport customs, Gu YuMian was relieved. He had discovered something the other day. Everything would be normal at home, but when the baby panda was taken out of the house, he would turn into a human baby. Although Gu YuMian knew that the animals that awakened their mental power could turn into human form, he had seen it for the first time.

But oddly enough, the device couldn’t detect the baby panda’s race. So, the day before yesterday, when Gu YuMian took him to the police station and reported the case, the police officer thought he was joking. The officer only recorded it and sent him away.

In these two days, Gu YuMian had figured out the rules. When Tangyuan was in a very secure environment, he maintained a panda’s original shape. If he was in a strange environment, where there were strangers present, he would immediately turn into human shape.

But he still didn’t know what the principle reasoning was.

Gu YuMian turned around in the airport and soon found the official government officer of Starry Sky. In recent days, anchors from all over the galaxy had continued to come, and the official staff had been assigned to pick them up from the airport.

The staff in charge of Gu YuMian took his optical computer to input information. During the waiting process, Gu YuMian was attracted by the billboard. It was screening a public service advertisement. The background was a bamboo forest. He could see a fat figure in black and white in the bamboo forest… huh?

Bamboo forest, black and white Panda?

The swaddled dumpling also seemed to be attracted by the advertisement, opening his sleepy eyes and biting his thumb as he looked at the screen. As for the little snow leopard, he was not interested in it. He only glanced at it and looked away.

In the corner of the advertisement was a list of performers. Gu YuMian could only see the number ‘24’, and then it quickly flashed away. Gu YuMian secretly wrote down the advertisement and the ‘24’. As soon as he wanted to have a closer look, he heard someone calling him.

“Mr. Gu, I’ve been waiting a long time. I’m Fang Lena. I’ll take you to your accommodation first. Is your luggage heavy? I’ll hold it for you.” The staff who received Gu YuMian was a very warm and beautiful girl. She entered the information of Gu YuMian and came back. Fang Lena looked at the snow leopard and shook hands with Gu YuMian.

She had a good attitude, but she was not perfunctory. Fang Lena had previously been recommended by ‘There’s a Cloud’ to secretly watch Gu YuMian’s live broadcast. She was a hidden fan. She really wanted to get close to Gu YuMian and bring out her tail to let Gu YuMian comb her hair. But if she did that, she was afraid someone wouldn’t agree.

——Despite the fact that the whole star harbor looked ordinary, with Gu YuMian as the center of the circle, within one hundred meters, there were no less than fifty bodyguards disguised as passengers.

“No, thank you.” Of course, Gu YuMian couldn’t let a girl take his luggage. At this time, he wanted to see the billboard again, but the advertisement was very short. Gu YuMian had no choice but to stop and look for it in the Star Network later.

In addition to Fang Lena, there were two or three other reception staff members, who were looking at them with a kind of uncertain glances.

Gu YuMian, “?”

He didn’t know, but the staff knew that Fang Lena was not a staff member at all. She looked young and beautiful but in fact, she was seventy years old and was the Chief CEO of Starry Sky.

What was up with this human? He was obviously great enough for the CEO of Starry Sky to come pick him up in person!


Two hours later.

“Is there anything else you need?” Lena smiled. “Are you satisfied?”

Gu YuMian nodded his head, “Very satisfied, thank you very much.”

This ‘dormitory’ was bigger than the place where he lived in Takk. It was a separate villa with a small garden and a swimming pool on the top floor in the most bustling area of the Upper urban area of the Capital. The interior furnishings were all very in line with Gu YuMian’s aesthetic. There was a special sun room as well as a supporting bedroom for the two babies.

He thought he would have to live with another anchor, but he didn’t need to. Was Star Live so rich? A villa for every anchor? For the first time, Gu YuMian had doubts about his career.

“By the way, there may be a small audit in a moment, and you will be informed on Star Network at that time. Don’t be nervous.”

In order to limit the low-level and vulgar live broadcast that had gradually spread on Capital Star in recent days, every new anchor would be subjected to a special audit before they started broadcasting.

In fact, this audit was not as easy as Lena said the government reviewers in charge of the audit were extremely strict, not only were they strict with approving content, but they would also leave honest and selfless reviews such as ‘the content is meaningless,’ ‘the guiding values are not correct,’ and so on. Several of the anchors who got the spot through the rookie competition and came to Capital Star would end up being directly blocked by the audit, and not pass.

But Fang Lena was confident in Gu YuMian.

A few minutes later, Fang Lena left.

It would take half of the baby panda’s energy to become human shape, so it was drowsy all the way. Just after Lena left, Tangyuan’s feet turned back to fat panda cub paws. He also woke up and looked left and right in Gu YuMian’s arms with round eyes.

They had arrived at Capital Star in the morning. It was the afternoon now. They all had lunch in a hurry. Gu YuMian planned to rest, prepare a bath, afternoon tea and settle down for the babies.

“TuanTuan, YuanYuan, we will live here for a while,” Gu YuMian said, holding the two cubs and sitting on the soft mat of the sun room to bask in the sun. “Do you like it?”

The baby panda lay in Gu YuMian’s arms, rubbed against his chin happily with his round head, and made a whimpering sound to express his love. The little snow leopard was patrolling his new territory. He looked back, and his face was black. He came and pushed Tangyuan’s chubby head away.

Gu YuMian, “…” Ai…

It was not easy to reconcile the contradiction between snow leopard and baby panda again. Gu YuMian finally could breathe. He had a pamphlet in his hand, which he had just picked up at the airport. It was a notice of what to do when living on Capital Star. Gu YuMian read it to Xue Tuan and Tangyuan as he went through it.

“First, all citizens should pay attention to traffic safety when traveling. Second, all decisions must be made with the will of His Majesty first eh?!” Seeing this, Gu YuMian couldn’t help turning to the cover to confirm that it was the official brochure.

“The first one is quite normal,” Gu YuMian was a little confused. “What’s the second one? I know it’s an Empire, but it’s too odd… TuanTuan, is this emperor a tyrant?”

Snow Leopard: “…”

He narrowed his eyes, displeased. How could he be a tyrant? Which fool made a rumor and put it on this book?

“Why are you angry?” Gu YuMian scratched the little snow leopard’s chin. “TuanTuan, come and kiss me. I’m not angry.”

He kissed the little snow leopard’s ears. The attention of the little snow leopard was transferred for a second, and his ears began to burn.

“The third is…” As soon as Gu YuMian wanted to read the pamphlet, he was interrupted by a tone from his optical computer.

[Dingdong, Star Live official reminds you to participate in the launch audit.]

It should be the little audit Fang Lena just mentioned. Since she said it was easy, Gu YuMian didn’t take it seriously. He believed it was the kind of audit that could be passed by showing their live broadcasts to three or four people.

When he thought about it, he decided, “Lunch was not delicious. TuanTuan and YuanYuan should be hungry. Let’s have tea first, then wash and settle down.”


Official audit room.

The audit was proposed by the government, the assessors also came from the government’s supervision agencies, not from the Starry Sky officials. They were responsible for the reviews of the content of the newly signed anchors of all live platforms, including Star Live.

The machine would directly screen out the live broadcast with obvious content violations, and the rest would rely on manual audit. After the manual review, the live content would be rated from level S to level E. The level E would represent that the anchor just passed, and the level S was for content that was very excellent so far, no anchor had obtained a level S rating.

“Here’s the Star Live anchor from Takk. The main idea is… a cub.”

“What cub? Isn’t he human?”

“Ah, I hate humans. I can’t forget the greasy behavior of the last human anchor.”

The screen was all black, and the live broadcast hadn’t officially started. Several reviewers started to talk about it. Just because of the word ‘human,’ their first impression of the next anchor was very poor.

Li Ran was the leader of the jury. He had insomnia for nearly a week. At this time, he was in a bad mood and knocked on the table, “Don’t talk about it. Start right now. Get ready to score.”

Li Ran was not in a good mood, but he was still struggling with his professionalism. Their career was very enviable in the eyes of many people. They would get paid just by watching the live broadcasts every day. It was just a matter of self-knowledge.

It was true that there were many people who were serious about live broadcasting, but a large part of them just wanted to make money. Countless intentionally eye-catching contents, hot pictures, artificial voice expressions… Just thinking about it would make one disgusted. They had to bear to read the score.

“Ai.” Li Ran sighed, closed his eyes and entered the holographic viewing state.

It was dark before his eyes, and then, slowly, it began to light up again.

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