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Chapter 21: This was Summer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to spend summer with Gu YuMian


[Sister Zhuzhu: Huh? Didn’t you just say you wanted to quit? Back off? Hahahaha]

[Love to eat dried fish: Sorry, my hands have their own ideas. orz]

[Fireworks: Aah, ah, I was recommended by the goddess of There’s a Cloud. I went to Takk to watch his live broadcast! Once I saw his face, I had this familiar feeling!! MianMian is in Capital Star!! Let’s wait for the future. Haha. You’ll be addicted, too.]

[Junior B: What are you talking about, Fireworks? Addicted?]

[Small Cloud Clip: This live broadcast really makes me feel special. Wait and see.]

After a while, it was time for the bath. What Gu YuMian liked most about this house was the bathroom, because it was large and could be renovated. When he arrived, he immediately sent an intelligent robot to arrange it.

“You’ve been tired all day,” Gu YuMian held the little Tangyuan. “Let’s give a comfortable bath to little Tangyuan. TuanTuan is here to help me, and I’ll have dessert for you all later.”

The baby panda’s round eyes looked curiously from left to right. It didn’t seem to hate the bathroom environment, but his short plush legs and forepaws still tightly hugged Gu YuMian and didn’t want to come down.

The little snow leopard wanted to sneak him out of Gu YuMian’s arms. When Gu YuMian noticed it, he looked away as if nothing happened.

Gu YuMian, “……”

There were many fluffy land animals in society. By nature, many of them were very resistant to bathing.

One, it made them feel uncomfortable and insecure after being washed by the bath water. Two, the narrow and dark environment would make them feel like they were locked in a small cage box, and subconsciously resist it.

But this was not the case here.

As Gu YuMian entered the bathroom, the audience could gradually see all the surroundings——

It should have been a relatively dim bathroom, but it was very spacious and bright.

Soft natural light came in from the frosted glass, the color was lovely and warm, and the anti-skid cushion had no feeling of moisture. A shallow but wide bathtub sat in the corner, the shape and size of which were designed for cubs like Tangyuan and the snow leopard.

[Cloud clip: I like the design of this bathroom!!]

[Junior B: I might reluctantly want a bath there… maybe.]

Gu YuMian looked at the barrage and smiled.

“Yuanyuan,” he first bowed with a handful of water in his hands and asked the baby panda to test the temperature with his paws, “how is the water temperature?”

Little Tangyuan thought Gu YuMian was playing games with him. He happily pressed two soft claws in Gu YuMian’s palm, left and right, and played for a while. Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing, but he didn’t rush. On the contrary, the little snow leopard was very unhappy. Several times, he tried to move the paw of little Tangyuan away.  


Half a minute later, Tangyuan held Gu YuMian’s right hand and stepped into the shallow bathtub carefully. The bathtub was really shallow. When the baby panda sat down, the water just missed the height of his white belly. He curiously used his claws to lift the water up to his belly.

Gu YuMian sat cross legged beside the bathtub, let the little snow leopard’s head rest on his shoulder, then leaned over and took the warm towel to wipe the baby panda’s soft hair, while chatting with the two children.

“It’s windy outside,” Gu YuMian said, holding a towel in one hand and some warm water in the other. “Today, the sky of Capital Star was very blue. We planted a bunch of Chinese balloon flowers 2 in our garden… Do you smell them?”

This bathroom was not a fully enclosed design. It had a half-open shutter, which was light. The air was flowing, and the wind came from the window, taking away all the moisture.

The audience and little Tangyuan shared the same perspective, and at this time, the sense of substitution was strong. With Gu YuMian’s words, many people couldn’t help but close their eyes. It seemed that the tip of their nose could smell the fragrance of flowers in the wind. Obviously, they couldn’t see, but the brain could still fill in the colors, sound and light.

Across the frosted glass to the outdoors was the blue summer sky, the sound of cicadas, the cool wind, and it was not stifling hot. The light fragrance of the balloon flower melted in the wind, which made this summer full of fragrance and romance, like the words and sentences of light and shadow overlapping in a poet’s works.

Obviously, it was a bath, but they didn’t feel any tension at all. Even because of the picture drawn by the young man’s gentle words, everyone seemed to be trapped in the sleepy and windy summer afternoon, and the whole day was filled with all kinds of imagination——

Then, a stream of water with just the right temperature fell on the skin.

All public judges opened their eyes at the same time.

The feeling of wet fur with warm water made people feel at ease and content. The young man’s hands gently pressed along with the water flow to straighten out the knotted fur. His technique was patient and gentle, with water flowing from the baby panda’s chin to belly then back, every second was comfortable enough to make the audience want to close their eyes and sigh.

The baby panda was sleepy with his eyes closed in this atmosphere. From time to time, his little paw pressed against Gu YuMian’s palm as he yawned contentedly. The current took away all the dirt, along with the long journey, and his fatigue was also thrown behind him.

In the air, there was the smell of bath salts mixed with a touch of the balloon flowers, and the light smell of bamboo leaves from Gu YuMian’s fingers. His gentle touch was like company, a kind of tolerance, a gentle embrace to hold the whole person in his arms.

Like a big brother that everyone wanted to have in their childhood.

He could take them to fly kites, pick up seashells on the beach, play in the mountains and fields, and carry them home, drowsy on his back back when they were tired, and even help them take a comfortable hot bath. Many of the public judges felt that this moment was the ultimate pleasure, and the next moment was even more unforgettable.

“After taking a bath, we will lay a cold mat beside the floor window to take a nap,” Gu YuMian kissed the snow leopard, who was quiet. “When you wake up, you can have dinner. After eating, you can have ice watermelon and drink watermelon juice. Let’s move the small table to eat in the corridor. They say that in Capital Star, you can see the constellation Ursa Major. Can you find it?”

Surrounded by warm water, the temperature seemed to be able to flow into the blood vessels, and every cell was in complete ease at this time. Gu YuMian’s movements were very slow and his voice was gentler than the summer afternoon wind. He arranged everything in such a proper and appropriate way that people couldn’t help trusting him and relying on him. They wanted to follow him to many places and do everything together. Under such a gentle wind, this beautiful and sentimental afternoon would end in a little bit.

But it was not a pity, because it was followed by a gorgeous golden evening. A steaming hot meal, a starry night in the midsummer, a story with iced watermelon and endless listening, and a long and pleasant dream.

The public judges were speechless.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that all the barrages showed up!

[Chocolate Candy: Ah ah ah ah! WTF!! What is this feeling? I’ve had severe insomnia for 30 years, and now I’m sleepy?!!!]

[Love to Eat Small Dried Fish: So comfortable! Why can’t we smash gifts in the evaluation system?? I really want to smash fireworks and let everyone come to this immortal little brother’s room!! QAQ]

[Cloud Clip: I suddenly feel that my summers from the past few decades have gone white, and were never worthy of being called summer!!!]

[Junior B: When I came in, I thought it would barely make it to an E qualification. Now I even think that I underestimated the anchor, he should be made an S-level. Shit, I’m kneeling for you!]

[A Curtain of Dreams: A-level has been hit. Thank you for letting me, a 200 year old aunt, experience the feeling of being a child being cared for. It’s really amazing. Middle age crisis and the trouble of losing hair, insomnia and such, I haven’t been so relaxed and happy for a long time, thank you.]

These one thousand public judges came from all ages and classes of Capital Star. From young adult students to middle-aged housewives and even some seniors who were retired and had nothing to do.

The reason why it was difficult for the public to judge was that it was too difficult to please so many people of different identities and ages at the same time. It was just like singing, dancing and game live broadcasting for teenagers, shopping and makeup live broadcasting for young women, and outdoor travel live broadcasting for sedentary office workers. However, Gu YuMian’s live broadcast, which was hard to be divided into a specific category, had completely eliminated such a problem for the first time in history. No barrier, no threshold, everyone could relate, and could get a very unique experience.

Except for a few judges, like the one who didn’t watch the live broadcast at the beginning, and gave Gu YuMian an E-level score, the rest, more than nine hundred people, were cautious and waited until after they saw the end of the live broadcast. Out of 967 people, very few of them gave a B-level grade, while more than six hundred of them scored him as an A-level grade, and the most amazing thing was that the remaining two hundred people gave him a score of a S-level grade!

It was very carefully processed for the official reviews to be S-rated. Although the public reviews were volunteers from all ages, they had also been trained on the wire, so it was impossible to hit such a high score casually.

Gu YuMian’s ‘very simple’ live audit set the highest average score since the establishment of the audit system!

This data result was also quickly fed back to the official and high-level Star Live executives.

In the afternoon, there were not many things for Fang Lena, the CEO of Starry Sky Live, to do so she was just watching the live broadcast. At this time, she clapped the table and stood up.

“Xiao Zhang!” She called out to her assistant with a strong voice, and pulled out a document on her optical computer, “Go to the personnel department, and ask them to help Gu YuMian submit the application of an S-level anchor review process to the government!”

Even Fang Lena, who had been a veteran for many years, was a little excited at this time. There were no S-level anchors in Capital Star. If the first S-level anchor could be under their name, it would undoubtedly add luster to their flag.

Xiao Zhang was excited, “Okay, do you have anything else you want me to do?”

Fang Lena, “Go quickly. Oh, wait.”

Xiao Zhang, “?”

Fang Lena felt the tip of her nose, a little embarrassed. “Ah, by the way, I need a signed photo of Gu YuMian.”

Xiao Zhang: “……”

It was over. The Chief CEO was chasing the stars. Was there any need for the new anchor competition half a month later?

Starry Sky would win.


That night, on the microblogs.

The total population of Takk was 700 million. Microblogging traffic and Capital Star were incomparable. Capital Star had a population of 30 billion in the Lower Urban District alone. Every moment, people were sending and brushing through the microblogs. The more sleepy people stayed up late, the more fierce they were.

Xiao Wang was one of them.

But she stayed up not because it was habitual, but because of insomnia. She had tried all kinds of therapy. Sleeping pills were effective at first, but the feeling of palpitation and panic when she woke up the next day… She really didn’t want to try it a second time. She stayed up like this and she couldn’t sleep until four or five in the evening. She had to get up to work again at seven the next day.

“Oh, I’m too tired,” Xiao Wang said as she lay in bed, idly brushing through her microblogs.

[Xiao Ming, a special student who loves to make complaints about Tucao V: Forwarding this microblog post. You will have a good sleep tonight. [Video]]

Xiao Wang, “?”

She had heard of forwarding lottery, forwarding good luck, but forwarding sleep… was this a hoax? But this sentence also scratched her conscience, anyway, insomnia was just that, insomnia. Wasn’t this taking a dead horse to a vet?

She pressed forward and didn’t know what special settings were needed. After forwarding, the video started playing automatically. The person who released the video reminded the audience to wear their holographic device.

The video was only twenty minutes long. At the beginning, the picture was a bit confusing, and the sound of water was heard. Was this young man a human? Xiao Wang frowned a little uneasily at first.

But soon there was no time to think about it.

The progress bar moved forward little by little.

The gentle touch fell like a feather. The hot air and the fragrance of balloon flowers in the air, the stars and fireworks in summer outlined in the youth’s words——

Contentment and relaxation crept up to the nerve endings of her brain which had been extremely anxious, and all the pressure and fatigue were cleaned together.

Even without seeing the end, Xiao Wang’s eyelids drooped and her sleepy mind surged up.


This was the case for almost everyone. Therefore, this microblog had been forwarded numerous times, but there were only a few comments… until the next morning. The comment section was flooded by the people who had personally tested it!

[Vivinot: Twenty years of insomnia, and this is the first time I felt like I could sleep so well! Ah ah!]

[Elegant Flatterer: WTF! I thought it was funny, but I really fell asleep!!]

[Tutu Doesn’t Like to Eat Pudding: Who is this man? I want his name and phone address in five minutes! I’m in love with him! QAQ]

[Little Comb: Really? When I saw it was human at the beginning, I thought he must be very unreliable. I never thought of this!! I didn’t find a lot of news in Capital Star. Then I asked my programmer brother to search the whole star. This seems to be a hot anchor from Takk?]

[Prairie Carnation: Takk?? A melodramatic person begged him to come to Capital Star! Aaah, I’m ready for the money!!]

After a long time, the original blogger sent out another microblog.

[Xiao Ming, a special student who loves to make complaints about Tucao V: Here comes more. He just passed the review, waiting for the official news in two days. [OK] ]

Five minutes after it posted, there were thousands of comments.

Everyone who has seen this short video, including Xiao Wang, was boiling!


The other side.

After the audit, the official sent a notice to Gu YuMian along with other results. Gu YuMian couldn’t see the score directly, but the reaction from watching the barrage was not too bad, was it? So he stopped paying attention to it. He took the snow leopard and Tangyuan and laid a mat beside the French window with good sunshine. He took a nap.

He set an alarm clock for himself. When he woke up, it had just become evening. The sunset was so beautiful that he could not speak.

The baby panda slept with his hands in his arms. From time to time, his round head arched into the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand. He slept so deeply that there was a milky whining sound in his throat as if he was talking in a dream. While the snow leopard’s sleeping posture was more arrogant. He pushed the little Tangyuan far away and cuddled into Gu YuMian. He unconsciously bit the back of Gu YuMian’s neck like he was vowing his territory.

Gu YuMian, “……” He now realized why the back of his neck itched while he was sleeping.

“It’s time to cook dinner,” he said, carefully pulling both of them off his body and covering them with quilts. “What should we have? By the way

Stretching out, Gu YuMian suddenly remembered the advertisement he had seen when he just got off the starship!

There was a public service advertisement with a black and white figure in the bamboo forest. Although there was no specific content, Gu YuMian intuitively believed that the black and white figure was a panda. If he could find this ad online, maybe there would be a clue about little Tangyuan.

He logged in to Star Network and entered, “Twenty-four advertisements.”

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