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Chapter 22: Little Leopard Goes to School

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo wants to go to the same school as Little Ancestor Snow Leopard

Gu YuMian thought about it. First, he deleted the line, changed it to panda and then clicked search.

He wanted to see if it would change in Capital Star. However, as in Takk, the AI in his optical computer told him coldly, [Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this entry.]

“… All right.” Gu YuMian was helpless, “Search, 24\Advertising.”

“The search results of [24\Advertising] have been displayed for you.”

Gu YuMian was a little nervous for some reason. He closed his eyes and opened them again with a light breath——

[Hero’s last year! The twenty fourth ad, shot by a top director, was ignored!]

[24 famous models are used in this luxury brand advertisement!]

[The most commonly used 24 kinds of advertising language.]

Gu YuMian, “……” When the list continued, Gu YuMian was dazed and couldn’t find any useful information.

In fact, it was not surprising, because Ershisi Guo’s public service advertisement just finished being edited and played in Capital Star, and the main position of discussion was on the micro blogs. Using direct results on the most official search engines, there would always be some lag.

It was not easy to get a clue. Gu YuMian didn’t want to give up like this. After thinking about it, he entered, “24 \ \ bamboo forest \ \ advertisement”.

[The 24th bamboo forest in Jiao Buxing will become a holy land for advertising!]

[What’s the name of the advertisement for two dogs running in the bamboo forest? Broadcast on CCTV on the 24th of last month.]

[Shocked! The 24-year-old bamboo forest had been reduced to advertising consumables.]

Gu YuMian, “……” He entered “24 \ \ black and white \ \ advertisement.”

[Black and white film advertising 24 years ago.]

[Check all advertisements using black and white elements over the past 24 years].

Gu YuMian, “…Forget it.”

He went into the kitchen, put on an apron and began to deal with the ingredients for the night. In the middle of this, he suddenly had another thought——

“Little A,” Gu YuMian told his optical computer in a hurry, “help me search for ’24 \ \ Panda’!”

The air was still for a second, and Gu YuMian’s heart was in his throat.

Next second, the voice of his optical computer AI coldly sounded again, [Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this entry.]

Gu YuMian took a deep breath, “Okay, thank you, you… No, it’s okay.”

Little A: “…”

Gu YuMian thought of another possibility.

He was limited not only to the right to search directly for panda entries and related entries, but also the right to search implicitly. That was to say, no matter what he searched, the information related to pandas would be automatically blocked, which was fundamentally not feasible.

In fact, Gu YuMian also thought about other methods. For example, let the police directly crack open the panda’s optical computer. But an optical computer, an extremely personal and important thing, couldn’t be cracked by the police without permission. Even if it could be done, it needed sufficient reasons to get the license to do so. The incident described by Gu YuMian was absurd and without evidence, so it would be impossible to get the license.

Another example was to directly expose the whole story on the Internet, and let the netizens think of ways. This seemed to be the most feasible. Gu YuMian was also tempted to do it several times.

But he soon calmed down.

When little Tangyuan felt insecure, he would disguise himself as a human. This feature was probably not accidental, and the most likely reason for this result was——

“During the evolution of animals in the doomsday disaster, the panda race must have evolved some precious features or abilities, as it had no ability to protect itself. Therefore, after a large scale extinction of the pandas that left only a small part to protect themselves, the cubs evolved to have a camouflage ability that automatically camouflages the race when they feel unsafe.”

It may also be the official purpose to block the permission of some special groups to view the entry of “Pandas”.

The real situation was exactly the same as what Gu YuMian guessed.

Since some people had started coveting the characteristics of the pandas before, the race started to protect themselves. Besides, little Tangyuan was a good baby. And while Gu YuMian could now take care of him all the time, there were still special circumstances.

The Internet was also a mixed environment. If someone was interested in Tangyuan, Gu YuMian wouldn’t dare to think about the consequences. It was better to focus carefully. Speaking of this, he should pay attention to the live broadcasts in the future. It was better not to let the audience discover Yuanyuan’s race.

The good thing about this audit was that Yuanyuan’s perspective was used by default. Gu YuMian had seen the playback and saw no loopholes.

“I can only go to Starry Sky and squat to see the advertisement sometime.” Gu YuMian thought helplessly.

As he was dealing with the ingredients, he was lost in thought. Suddenly, a silver figure jumped onto the cooking table, and then climbed upon Gu YuMian’s shoulder using his shirt. So the little snow leopard sprawled down on his shoulder and yawned lazily.

“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian said with a faint sigh and a smile, “you woke up? What about Yuanyuan?”

The face of the snow leopard showed that he had nothing to do with him.

Gu YuMian took a look at the door. The baby panda had been crawling slowly to the kitchen. But he didn’t know who pushed him to lie on the ground, like a turtle turned over with its back facing down. His round eyes looked at the ceiling blankly.

Gu YuMian, “…”

He grabbed the back of the snow leopard’s neck and placed him down. Then he went to the door and picked up little Tangyuan and patted his back. The baby panda immediately held his palm and whimpered happily. It didn’t mean to complain at all. It was really a silly little, naive young creature.

At night, Gu YuMian was tired from the two or three days of running around. After dinner, Gu YuMian held little Tangyuan in his arms and sat with the little snow leopard on his shoulder. Everyone was staring at the stars together. Gu YuMian said in a strange way, “TuanTuan has become more and more rebellious recently… That’s right.” Gu YuMian thought of one thing at this time, “I have an appointment with Teacher Fang from the first preparatory class in the city under Capital Star. I’m free tomorrow. I’ll take you there.”

This visit to Capital Star had three purposes.

One was to participate in the rookie competition and the 10th Anniversary of Starry Sky. The second was to help the baby panda find his family members. The third was to see to the problem of the little snow leopard’s ability awakening. Gu YuMian had planned everything the day before he arrived at Capital Star.

…Teacher Fang?

The little snow leopard narrowed his eyes slightly and thought of something in his heart.


The next day.

As soon as the baby panda stepped out, it would automatically disguise itself as an adult, but it was very hard for it. After Gu YuMian repeatedly confirmed that the smart home and security system in the house were perfect enough, he only took the snow leopard out with him.

“TuanTuan, Capital Star is really prosperous.” Holding the snow leopard in his arms, he asked him to look down through the window. “It seems that this country is well governed.”

The little snow leopard wagged his tail, squinted and raised his head to rub Gu YuMian’s ears.

Nonsense, this was the country he governed.

This was the most bustling area in the Lower Urban District. From the suspension device, he could see the flow of people in the business district, even on weekdays. All kinds of things that were black technology in Gu YuMian’s eyes were all over the street, but despite the huge crowd, it was not chaotic and everyone moved in order.

Gu YuMian was still looking down with great interest. The snow leopard glanced up lazily. He nestled back in Gu YuMian’s arms and closed his eyes. His long tail circled the man’s wrist to prevent him from leaving his side.

Although this place was under his governance, he still didn’t like Capital Star, no matter which city it was.

They were going to the best preparatory school in the Upper District, which specialized in training the young who were not awakened or had difficulty in awakening. There were many successful cases indeed. Gu YuMian had checked many materials. At the beginning, Gu YuMian just wanted Xue Tuan to be happy, but in the long run, with his life span, he would probably not be able to accompany little Xue Tuan all his life, so he should at least be able to awaken and stand on his own.

In fact, there were more advanced training measures in the Central and Upper Urban areas, but Gu YuMian did not have a pass for the Central and Upper Urban areas.


The other side.

In the best preparatory school of the Upper District in Capital Star, the atmosphere was particularly dignified.

“They’re almost here, and there are ten minutes left. The whole staff should take their places immediately,” said Mr. Fennick, a brilliant blonde man in an old suit and a pair of black framed glasses sitting on the bridge of his nose. In front of him stood a row of professors, teachers and students, who could not show any flaws

The old Dean, who was over 300 years old, bowed solemnly with his teachers and students, “Yes, Grandpa.”

Fennick, “Hmm?”

The old Dean coughed and quickly changed his words, “Yes, Teacher Fang.”

Fennick nodded and prayed desperately that Mr. Gu would not be too keen.


In half an hour.

“Mr. Gu, and your family. This is the situation of Gu Xue Tuan,” Fennick pushed his glasses and put the report on the light screen for Gu YuMian to see, “We are very lucky to have had a new breakthrough in our technology about half a year ago. Any albino cub who has been trained for more than a year will be able to successfully awaken in adulthood. There have been many successful cases, but they have not been extended to the whole galaxy. For the training, the time taken each day will be half a day. During the day Xue Tuan will be sent here and he can be picked up at night, or the school will be responsible for the pick-up.”

——The time schedule had been carefully planned out. His Majesty had not appeared for a long time. If this continued, there would be panic in the cabinet and politics, so they needed to find a compromise.

As long as there was an excuse of “going to school”, the monarch could be the Emperor in the daytime and sleep comfortably beside his human in the evening.

Gu YuMian glanced at the name tag on Teacher Fang’s suit, which said ‘Fang Nick.’ It was a strange name.

“But Xue Tuan is not an albino.” Gu YuMian held the snow leopard in his arms, scratched his ears, and the snow leopard listened absently as he dozed off. “He’s just a species, er, you may not have seen. Are you sure the general albino training method is applicable to him?”

Last time he registered with the police station, the information of the little snow leopard said that he was older — the age of interstellar awakening could only be applicable for those who were underage, but it had been detected that the life span of the little snow leopard had exceeded twenty years.

That was to say, although the little snow leopard was not an albino, he did not awaken at the normal age, which was very strange.


This question immediately made Teacher Fang pause for three minutes. Mr. Gu’s speech was strange. Although only a few people knew that His Majesty was an albino, he was indeed certified by the most authoritative scholar in the whole empire. Of course, the difference was that he was a albino with all spiritual and power levels that surpassed the sky, a special case in the special case.

Fennick coughed and said, “Yes, it’ll work.”

Gu YuMian, “…” Can it work? Was this school really reliable?

In other words, from the moment they entered the school, although everything seemed to be in order and the tidy classroom was full of students, there was a sense of strangeness.

“Mr. Gu, will you pay for the training now? The earlier you start, the better.” Fennick looked at Gu YuMian intensely, with the expression of a leaflet boy who was selling inferior tutoring classes to his parents. “Now, there is still a discount.”

Gu YuMian, “…Well, I’ll think about it again.” This famous teacher looked very unprofessional. The more doubts Gu YuMian had in his mind, the more careful he was about the child going to school. “I’m sorry, I’ll give you a reply later…”

The little snow leopard nestled in Gu YuMian’s arms and glanced at Fennick coldly.

Unable to do anything right, fool.

Fennick had cold sweat slide down his forehead. “…Wait! Actually, I’m a temporary worker,” said Fennick in a hurry. “I’m a substitute. I don’t know a lot of things. I’ll let our professor come out and talk to you.”

“Yes.” The more than 300 year old Dean timely pushed open the door, “I’m sorry, I’m the professor. I just asked for leave to have dinner.”

Gu YuMian, “?”

“If Mr. Gu is not at ease, I will explain the principles and processes of the training to you.” The old Dean smiled kindly and went on.


Two hours later.

Gu YuMian’s head was heavy, his feet were light and his head was dizzy when he came out of the office. The old Dean said Fang Nick was a visiting professor from the Capital’s Medical University. He had fooled him. But regardless, his teaching skills were first-class. Gu YuMian tried hard to understand and find holes while listening to the lectures. His brain was almost on strike.

However, after listening to the lecture and checking the materials for self-understanding, he thought the training was okay and paid the required amount. As he was starting school today, Gu YuMian followed the old Dean to send the snow leopard to the report room. After registration, the head teacher took over. The old Dean and the head teacher seemed to have something to discuss. ‘Fang Nick’ also went along with them, and Gu YuMian walked out by himself.

The little snow leopard would go to school in the daytime. Gu YuMian would be a little lonely.

“…Right!” Gu YuMian walked to the school gate and suddenly remembered one thing— he couldn’t search for panda information on the Internet, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t ask someone else to do so on his behalf. That 300 year old Dean seemed to be very knowledgeable. Maybe he could ask him about it himself?

Gu YuMian’s heart rate increased and he almost ran when walking. When he got to the front door of the report room, he didn’t expect the door to be unlocked, so he pushed it open——

“Professor, I want to ask you…”

The rest of his sentence died in his throat.

The air was still.

The report room was the same as how Gu YuMian remembered it to be when he left. It was an ordinary office structure with two bookshelves and several chairs.

The golden haired teacher, Fang Nick, was bowed down with a silver gray military coat in his hands. The old professor and his assistant were all bowed at 90 degrees, with cold sweat on their foreheads, and the atmosphere was very dignified.

His little Xue Tuan had disappeared and, surrounded by all the people in the middle, was a man.

The man sat on the chair in tailored military trousers that outlined his long and powerful legs. The legs of the trousers were bundled into the boots and he gave off a lazy air. He was absentmindedly adjusting his tie, and his knuckled fingers were a little impatient.

Silver hair, thin lips, gray-blue pupils.

A tall and handsome man.

Hearing the sound, he raised his eyelids and looked at Gu YuMian who stood a few meters away, “…”

The atmosphere gradually stagnated.


Meanwhile, on a micro blog.

[@Starry Sky Live: Here comes the new anchor! Gu YuMian [Video], the anchor from Takk, will announce the review rating tonight. Please look forward to it.]

[Junior B: Ah ah, here I am. This is a fairy!! Let’s go and have a look!!]

[Small Cloud Clip: Will sit in the front row on a small bench! Immortal anchor!! Ask him to start broadcasting quickly. I want to spend money on him! QAQ. In addition, I guess he will be A-grade or above. After all, I gave him a S-grade score at that time! Hahahaha!]

[Tropical fish like to spit bubbles: @Junior B, brother, have you been stolen? Didn’t you just say a week ago that you didn’t want to see a human again in your life?? Besides, are you kidding me. A-grade?! There are no more than 40 A-grade anchors in the whole Capital Star. How can a man from Takk possibly be of that grade?]

[Prairie Carnation: It was recommended by Xiao Ming. It’s really useful. I’m determined to see this broadcast.]

[A Curtain of Dreams: Forwarded and liked. Old friends should watch if you have insomnia.]

Because of the new talent competition, Starry Sky often sent some new anchor’s propaganda lately. However, Gu YuMian’s comments of praise were far more than the other new anchors from other stars. Starry Sky’s Chief CEO, Fang Lena, even ordered a praise and forwarding in person, which immediately made many people envious.

However, as for the rumors that Gu YuMian could be rated A-grade… Many people were still dubious. After all, A-gradel was too difficult. Many popular anchors were only B-gradel or below.

This was just a small corner of a micro blog.

Capital Star had a huge amount of news bursting out every moment.

For example, today’s hot search that ranked in the top 10. 

[One of my family’s favorite beans fell ill! QAQ] 

[Ershisi Guo’s Agent temporarily sent a micro blog a few days ago, saying that he would stop performing in the near future.] 

[Ershisi Guo should rest from his illness.] 

All of Ershisi Guo’s fans were very distressed.

For various reasons, Ershisi Guo did not register his own micro blog, and all transactions were managed by the agent and the studio. It had been several days since the micro blog was sent out by his agent, but because Ershisi Guo was very popular, the tag was still on the hot search for two or three days.

In today’s top ten hot search, another tag was that an egg shaped rescue capsule’s fragments were found on Takk.

This tag was thrown away by fans.

Because of its fatal defect, the egg shaped rescue capsule was completely eliminated after the war.

——Most people knew that the creatures in the capsule would shrink in size, even their memory to intelligence. However, few people knew that the last batch of egg shaped rescue pods were more special, and because they were special and precious, they were sought after by many retro enthusiasts.

The defect of ‘changing to cub form’ in this batch of rescue pods was intermittent. As time went on, individuals who returned to their cub stage could occasionally return to their original age. The time was very short at the beginning, but it would gradually increase until the individual would become completely stable.

Ershi Guo’s silver gray starship was equipped with these last batch of egg shaped rescue pods.


Gu YuMian’s house, a quiet villa.

The security robots faithfully patrolled around to prevent danger. The chubby panda cub sat on a soft cushion, and the intelligent home system sent a few small robots in the shape of dolls to play with it, but it soon began to become unhappy.

The young man who reassured it was not there.

This sense of doubt and insecurity was transmitted to the cerebral cortex, where a certain hormone secretion index rose, and then——

There was a flash of white in the room.

A little boy who looked about nine years old was sitting on the ground. He was wearing black back belt pants and a white shirt. He had a lovely round face and his round black eyes blinked blankly.

Ershisi Guo was used to appearing as a giant panda, because although he was an adult, his human form was set at nine, which was really irritating.

All the memories came up to him in a flash. From the beginning, when he watched the live broadcast to when he went to Takk by his father’s starship, then went into the life-saving cabin and became a cub——

“!!!” The little boy sprang up from the ground, climbed up the cupboard, found his optical computer and unlocked it.

His parents were still on vacation in ancient Earth and he couldn’t count on them. The only one he could contact right now was…

His agent!

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