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Chapter 25: Iced Watermelon and a Firework

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo sends Gu YuMian fireworks

Gu YuMian was gentle and indisputable, and his favorite stories were the plainest and complete ones, which always had a happy ending.

“A long time ago, there was a little brown bear,” Gu YuMian sat cross-legged on the picnic cloth, little Tangyuan and the little snow leopard were each holding one of his arms, feeling the cool mountain wind on a summer evening. “He forgot to take an umbrella on a rainy day in summer, so he walked in the forest for a long time, looking for a mushroom or a large lotus leaf to use as shelter from the rain.”

This story explained how that little brown bear met a little rabbit, little yellow duck, and other little friends who were also taking shelter from the rain. They found a small wooden house in the forest together, where an old grandfather lived.

The grandpa gave them big lotus leaves to keep out of the rain, warm towels to dry off, and cookies and hot milk to eat. He read them storybooks, and several days after the rain stopped, the little brown bear and his friends would go to accompany the grandpa every day. But one day, the grandpa disappeared.

“It turns out that Grandpa went to visit friends in the city and met a truck. He…” Gu YuMian momentarily paused. “Later, the old man got tired of the city and went back to the cabin in the forest. At this time, the little brown bear made an umbrella out of the lotus leaf given by the old man. They all learned to bake cookies and waited for the old man to come back.”

The baby panda was lying in Gu YuMian’s arms and burping with his fluffy white stomach exposed. At this time, he looked at Gu YuMian blankly and sincerely, then patted his head again, as though trying to remember something. The little snow leopard opened his eyes, stretched out his paws and pressed them on the corner of Gu YuMian’s eyes, and was held and kissed by Gu YuMian.

“See the big bear?” Gu YuMian looked up into the sky with the two cubs. “Well, see the Big Dipper? Those seven stars? Doesn’t it look like a spoon?”

Seven stars dotted the sky, and if one drew a line to connect the stars, it would really look like a spoon. It was like it was scooping up the night and trying to be careful. The long tail of the snow leopard glided lazily over Gu YuMian’s ear, and the baby panda lay contentedly in Gu YuMian’s arms.

——It was the first visual angle of little Tangyuan. The audience’s sense of smell, hearing, and touch was magnified several times on this quiet summer night. Stars decorated the midsummer sky, and the bonfire beside the lake crackled and sparked.

The comfort and satisfaction of being full of food and drink, gently surrounded by their closest person, lying barefoot under the stars, chatting. The cicadas sounded out in long chirps, the tip of the nose could smell the grass, the soil and feel the moisture which belonged only to the summer night on this mountain.

Because the panda was half-lying down, he could feel the clean, tender, and moist grass with his feet from time to time, which was a little itchy and novel touch.

Gu YuMian’s fingers had been caressing his back and pressed on his joints gently, like warm water flowing gently, to eliminate the tiredness accumulated in the whole day. He was speaking many words in a low, sweet voice.

It was really lovely to be accompanied, lying on the grass at the top of the mountain on a summer night, chatting and watching the stars. What’s more, Gu YuMian was so gentle and reassuring that the summer heat had disappeared, the panic and uneasiness had settled down, and the long cicada chirps gave a kind of dream-like happiness.

The live broadcast was on for an hour and a half.

Half an hour ago, Gu YuMian’s live studio had the ‘Latest Live Broadcast’ natural recommendation position. Relying on the little exposure of this recommendation position, the number of viewers skyrocketed to the real-time popularity list in the living quarter. The number of viewers in the real-time popularity list began to skyrocket, breaking through 100,000 in just a few minutes!

[Farmer and Snake: New report, I saw it live!!!! What’s the matter with this live broadcast? It’s clear that there is no unique content, and the rhythm is languid, but the experience is really amazing!]

[Lili doesn’t eat bread: The atmosphere is very comfortable now! I remember when I was a child, I lived in the country with my grandparents during the summer. At night, I would wave my fan and count the stars while listening to all kinds of stories and legends. I know why my grandparents loved it there. QAQ]

[Vivian: All the stories have happy endings. So why am I crying?! It’s sour and sweet.]

[Lamp goo: The new anchor is really impressive. It’s only his first day today, and there are 100,000 viewers. He also knows astrology.]

In the case of a large population base of Capital Star, 100,000 was not much, but Gu YuMian just started broadcasting on the first day. Even if there was a fan base of Takk, it was mighty.

“Alright,” Gu YuMian smiled at the rising number of spectators. He looked at the time and said, “Let’s go back to the tent, rest, and drink some iced watermelon juice.”

Although he had rented a cabin, Gu YuMian found that the cubs preferred the feeling of a tent, so he set it up. The small tent was placed directly on the grassland, a little far away from the lake. It was not placed too close, to avoid the sudden rain and flood at night, which would also flood the small tent.

The light was warm and yellow, and several cushions were scattered around, including Gu YuMian’s book and coat, the snow leopard’s exclusive pillow, and the baby panda’s milk bottle. The cushions and quilts had the clean scent of just being basked in the sun. The tent isolated the wind and rain and made it a safe place.

Now the atmosphere was perfect, which made Gu YuMian feel very comfortable.

“If only there were fireworks.” Gu YuMian, holding the snow leopard and Tangyuan, couldn’t help but imagine, “Eating watermelon, stepping on the water and watching fireworks by the river. When I looked it up before, I saw that Muluoda Mountain sometimes sets off fireworks.”

For Gu YuMian’s graduation trip, they went to Japan and saw a fireworks conference in Osaka. There were local teenagers and girls in yutakas and a summer festival with various stalls. The fireworks were reflected on the quietly flowing river, which was really an unforgettable scene.

But there seemed to be no fireworks and summer offerings in the interstellar age. It was a pity to think about it.

[Cat’s Meow: I’d like to see fireworks, too. I’ve only seen fireworks once since I was a child.]

[Tourist 01: Excuse me, I can’t understand the beauty of fireworks. It’s noisy and dazzling. It’s a waste of money.]

[Wholesale Mice: Anchor is really a local bun from the countryside, hehe. Muluoda Mountain will only set off fireworks on important days, but it doesn’t do an excellent job in this field. Is this a live broadcast for tourism? Can I ask this human to get out of the broadcast circle? Using a broom is pretty much the same.]

[Wholesale Mice: By the way, would you like to see fireworks? Okay, please pay for the fireworks and ask for the permission of the government. By the way, His Majesty just arrived in the next city over today. No one dares to approve this permission now. If you can’t do it, don’t force it. You’re just a pauper.]

[Small Cloud Clip: What’s wrong with this studio? The host doesn’t care about the fireworks that much.]

With such high popularity, it was inevitable that some rude people also joined the new broadcast. After all, many small anchors had been struggling at the bottom of Capital Star but complained about their efforts every day. One hour of Gu YuMian’s broadcasts was worth one month’s income for some people. When they saw Gu YuMian’s achievements, their eyes were red with blood.

Immediately, many fans in the audience started to throw out gifts to help Gu YuMian suppress the terrible people, and comforted Gu YuMian and told him not to care. Gu YuMian was very moved. He didn’t pay much attention to the speech of the rude person, but the little snow leopard squinted at the bullet curtain.

Gu YuMian thought about it, smiled, and said calmly, “It must be a big day. Isn’t it a big enough of a day since His Majesty arrived in the Lower Urban District today?”

The ‘Wholesale Mice’ first said that fireworks would be released on a significant day, and then said that His Majesty arrived in the Lower Urban District today. Gu YuMian immediately put in a word to the dilemma. According to them, Gu YuMian’s desire to see fireworks today was wishful thinking, but it was equivalent to indirectly denying His Majesty’s prominent position, neither of which was right.

[There is a Family in the Mine: I was stunned for a while before turning the corner, ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! I tried to laugh very quietly, @Gangjing, 1 how does it feel to fight with yourself?]

[Vivian: Ha hahaha! The host is very wonderful!!]

[Yuyu wants to be an idol too: What kind of fairy anchor is this? Crisis management and mentality are all very strong, four or two thousand jin 666]

The elite Gangjing: “…” Fuck.

This episode was soon revealed. Gu YuMian asked the snow leopard and Tangyuan to sit on the cushion and let them play for a while. At the same time, he put a safety protection robot in the four corners of the tent, and then stood up by himself, “TuanTuan, YuanYuan, you rest in the tent. I’ll get the watermelon.”

The baby panda was about to fall asleep again. The little snow leopard sat up and wanted to go out with Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian was afraid he would accidentally fall into the water later and didn’t let him leave.

Gu YuMian had washed the watermelon in the lake. Now it had been put aside to dry, it was estimated that the taste of the watermelon would be exquisite. The live broadcast followed the host. After Gu YuMian left the baby panda, the perspective changed from the baby panda perspective to the omniscient viewpoint, following Gu YuMian.

Gu YuMian came out with a small night light.

The night in the mountain was quiet, and they could hear the sound of the water flowing, and the Star River shone on the clear and bright lake water. In the distance, another group of campers were drinking, but the conversation was quiet. Gu YuMian could occasionally hear the light sound of glass clinking.

“The lake is very shallow, with round pebbles and fine sand below. Because of the melting water of the snow mountain, the water quality is naturally cold,” Gu YuMian explained. “I hung the watermelon in it, which is similar to that of a well water watermelon. It tastes more natural and better than an iced watermelon.”

In fact, many of the audience had never heard the saying of well water watermelon, so it aroused their curiosity.

“This lake is live water, and I forgot to tie the rope to my watermelon…” Gu YuMian half-knelt down and touched around for a while, but he couldn’t find the watermelon. He said, “It’s been carried inside by the current.” Now he could only go down to find it. Fortunately, the water was not deep.

“You must not learn from me. I am a failure.” He laughed at himself.

Gu YuMian took off his shoes and socks, barefoot, pulled up his trouser legs to his knees, exposed his white and beautiful legs, and walked into the water. But the audience almost looked straight, and the screen was painted with “Brother, I can do it.”

A few minutes later, Gu YuMian managed to find his watermelon. As soon as he turned around, he saw the little snow leopard sitting solemnly beside the lake, looking at him a little displeased. When Gu YuMian came back, he stretched out his paws and pressed his forehead.

“TuanTuan?” Gu YuMian was a bit surprised and reached out to pick him up. “What’s the matter? I’m going back.”

[Small Cloud Clip: Xiao Xue Tuan just ran out of the tent when the anchor was in the water. That little expression was like saying, “How can my stupid man go out for so long and go into the water without permission? Don’t you know I’m worried?”]

[There’s a family in the mine: Really, I’m crying!!]

As Gu YuMian returned to the tent, the camera switched back to Tangyuan’s perspective. The baby panda was also waiting at the edge of the tent, crawling slowly to hold Gu YuMian’s hand.

“Then, let’s cut the watermelon.”

Gu YuMian put out a mat and two small night lights outside the tent and began to cut watermelon here.

The watermelon skin with full and smooth color still had transparent water drops, which gave one a cool feeling. Gu YuMian asked the two children to lean aside and carefully divided the melon into two parts with the knife.

The watermelon meat was light red. Gu YuMian also had his own way of choosing watermelons and choose a few ice sugar watermelons  2 The two light red watermelon slices were sparkling and delicious under the small night light. The deeper the red was in the middle, the sweeter they would be.  

Gu YuMian didn’t further cut the watermelon into small pieces but took out two spoons. The little snow leopard and little Tangyuan shared half of the watermelon. He first fed the sweetest part to the children.

“It’s not easy to lose any when eating watermelon with a spoon,” Gu YuMian said. “How is it? Is it delicious?”

[Guji: I didn’t think it would be so delicious!!! It’s really tasty!!!]

[Junior B: What’s the matter with the anchor? I haven’t eaten watermelon before. How can I pass his hand and soak water? It’s so delicious! Kneel down for you!] 

[There’s a Cloud: This watermelon tastes sweet and juicy but not unctuous. It’s really delicious.]

[Girl Star: It’s really delicious. Come on, anchor!! Sending you two fireworks!!!]

The temperature of the watermelon was just right after sitting in the melted snow from the mountain. The cold would not burden the teeth and stomach and would relieve the summer heat and enhance the taste and flavor of watermelon. The watermelon, carefully selected by Gu YuMian, had the taste of fruit and sweetness. It was cold, sweet, and juicy, very refreshing. On this kind of summer night, which was a little hot, cicadas were chirping a lot, and it was a wonderful thing to eat the ice sugar watermelon, which had been chilled by melted snow water.

The little snow leopard nodded modestly, and the baby panda rolled directly onto his white belly, making a sound to show that it was delicious.

Barrages rolled in one after another, and numerous gifts swarmed in. Gu YuMian reached the top five in the real-time popularity of the living area, and the number of viewers increased by another 30,000 or 40,000 in just over ten minutes!

Even more remarkable was what was to come.

When the sweetest part in the middle was fed to the baby snow leopard and panda, respectively, Gu YuMian diced the rest of the watermelon and neatly put it in a transparent bowl. He poured the sparkling wine he had drunk for dinner into a bowl, and then put it into the portable refrigerator in the tent for quick freezing.

Three minutes later, he took out the small bowl. The reddish watermelon cubes were frozen with the fruit wine. It looked like small pieces of watermelon were frozen in the transparent ice. It was very delicate and lovely, just looking at it. Because it was ice, Gu YuMian didn’t dare to give the children some, and only one person tasted a small piece.

Audience: “!!!!”

The ice formed by the bubbly fruit wine tasted fresh and delicious. The ice fruit wine melted in the mouth, and then you could bite into the frozen sweet watermelon. The sweet and sour fruit wine and the sweet watermelon blended seamlessly. The crispness of ice and the flavor of the watermelon matched each other, which was the beauty of this method.

Only a small piece of it could make people squint and feel numb, and forget about the summer heat.

[There is a family in the mine: This! Yes! What! You! Are a God! Immortal! Eat more! AHH!!]

[Vivian: Ah, ah, ah. Now I know what I am missing! Ah, ah, ah!!]

[Small Cloud Clip: Please open a shop and let me spend money, please! You can cook more food. Wuwuwu!]

[Cat’s Meow: Mian Mian, my roommate said that he wanted to eat the bubbly fruit wine and watermelon jelly you made, and now he died!!!]

[Girl Star: I ask the host to open a lottery. I beg you!]

“The kids can’t eat too much ice,” Gu YuMian decided after thinking about it, holding the two cubs in his arms.

Although there were only five people, the whole atmosphere of the barrage was ignited directly. After tasting this kind of taste, who didn’t want to eat it himself?

Countless special effects of gifts flashed on the screen like water, the bullet screen became all kinds of wishes, and the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live studio was steadily pushed higher and higher. Gu YuMian took the snow leopard and the panda to sit on the mat in front of the tent, looked at the stars, ate watermelon, listened to the mountain wind and cicadas, and all the noise of the whole city was far away.

At this time, the little snow leopard suddenly jumped to Gu YuMian’s shoulder, the long tail covered his eyes, and at the same time stretched out his paws and pressed them against Gu YuMian’s ears.

The baby panda arched in Gu YuMian’s arms without knowing why.

Gu YuMian, who suddenly lost his sight, “TuanTuan?”

He was just a little confused, and a subtle premonition came up in his mind, and then the next second….

Whoosh BANG!

He opened his eyes to a bright flower, which exploded in the quiet night, and reflected in Gu YuMian’s pupils. His eyes widened a little bit. After the first firework, another two or three bundles were launched at the same time. The colorful sky was as bright as day, and then turned into splashing sparks and fell to the earth again.

Most of the people in the lower part of the city could not help poking their heads out of the window to watch the blatant and beautiful fireworks. They continued to talk, exclaim, and praise.

The whole city saw this sensation.

Gu YuMian was stunned, and so was the barrage. Some people couldn’t help but think of the things that the internet troll had said about fireworks before. The little snow leopard’s eyes drooped and looked at his human’s face. The gray and blue eyes showed shallow satisfaction. He laid down on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, yawned, and his long tail brushed against Gu YuMian’s earlobe.

For him, it was easy to put on a fireworks show.

There was no particular reason to say he wanted his human to be happy. 


The popularity of Gu YuMian’s live studio soared at a speed that no one could imagine, reaching a small peak in the lottery. Then the fireworks the fireworks appeared like it was for him alone, and the best viewing location was where Gu YuMian was located.

The number of visitors quickly exceeded 150,000, followed by 200,000, and then——

His live broadcast squeezed into the top 10 of Capital Star’s one-day popularity list, which had not changed for months.

Addis here! Rara finally finished her version of the image you guys have seen roaming around! Watch the speed clip of her drawing and coloring it on our youtube channel.



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Translator Notes:

  1. Gangjing / gàng jīng / 杠精 noun. People who argue for the sake of arguing and young people who argue in order to feel a sense of intellectual superiority. Are also called internet trolls.
  2. 冰糖西瓜籽 = crystal sugar watermelon. 逍遥早佳8424西瓜种子冰糖麒麟西瓜种籽四季特大巨型懒汉高产早熟无籽早 ... 


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