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Chapter 67: Uncle Black is the Best

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


There were more than ten royal manors, but several belonged to the Emperor, Prince Cheng and His Highness Jinyuan. Fruit trees, flowers and trees, precious medicinal plants, even food crops. Each royal estate covered a large area, so most of it was located in the suburbs. The royal manor in the Imperial City had fruit trees, ornamental flowers and trees.

It was originally built by An Chenglin’s father for the concubines of the harem to facilitate the supply of fruits in the palace and as an outing. Later, An Chenglin took over and cleared some of the impractical ones. After building a small palace in the manor, he gave several manors to his younger brother.

Let him enjoy flowers and fruits, he didn’t need to look at other people’s faces as he did when he was a child. His younger brother, An Chenglin thought, deserved to enjoy the best. He and Cheng Yan initially did all this to protect A-Yuan and their grandfather’s family.

“Imperial Brother, why are you here? Didn’t you say you had to deal with government affairs yesterday?” An Jinyuan joked.

“Done processing.” Pretending that he could not hear the banter in his voice, His Majesty took Zero One to the cherry garden.

“A-Yuan, A-Lin and I are going to pick cherries. Would you like to join us?” Zero One looked back and asked.

An Chenglin heard him, and pulled Zero One to speed up their pace of leaving.

“No, you go.” An Jinyuan waved and refused.

Waiting for them to go far, until their figures were blocked by fruit trees, An Jinyuan turned around and walked in the direction that his Fifth Elder Brother had gone.

Cheng Yan had arrived with Lin Mo and Lin Xiu early in the morning. He picked cherries with a bamboo basket. Lin Xiu wanted to leave some space for the two of them, so he went to other places. This manor was very large, and there were many kinds of fruit trees in it. Lin Mo looked around and wondered. It was worthy of being a royal manor. Every tree was well cared for. The ripe fruits on the fruit trees were big and full.

“Is this manor also A-Yuan’s?”

“It’s mine, but it’s Momo’s now.” Cheng Yan took the bamboo basket in one hand and Lin Mo’s hand in the other.

Before, his brother asked him if he wanted some manors, but at that time, Cheng Yan had little time to stick around in the Imperial City. In addition, it was useless for him to ask for it, so he transferred the three manors that the Emperor wanted to give him to his brother.

It was not long ago that Cheng Yan took it back from his brother. To be exact, it was An Jinyuan who offered to give it back before his brother asked.

After all, his brother now had a family. Moreover, there were many manors in An Jinyuan’s hands. It was useless for him to take so many manors.

“Ah? Mine?” Lin Mo looked up at him, a little surprised.

“This manor covers a large area and has the largest variety of fruit trees. There are mature fruits in every season.”

“So big, you really want to give me?” Lin Mo still didn’t believe it.

“Even I am yours. Momo has even received this Prince’s private seal. What’s wrong with this manor?” Cheng Yan looked at him and chuckled. His voice was slightly magnetic.

“Cough… That’s not… you…” Lin Mo coughed softly, his cheeks were slightly red, and his eyes were a little embarrassed.

“Well?” Cheng Yan looked at him with a smile in his eyes.

Lin Mo’s heart beat faster when he saw it. He couldn’t help being embarrassed and raised his hand to cover his eyes.

Cheng Yan was shocked by his actions, and the curl of his lips was ignored. His chuckles mixed with his hoarse voice that came from the depths of his throat. Cheng Yan held his husband in his arms, took off his hands, lowered his head and kissed Momo’s eyes. His eyes couldn’t cover the strong love.

How could his Momo be so cute?


Half a month later, the Lin family rushed to the Imperial City.

The few children in the carriage heard the noise outside. They opened the curtains on both sides and looked out from the window.

“Wow! What a beautiful place!” Lin Xiaoya opened her eyes wide, surprised. People on the side of the road were wearing nice clothes.

“Xiaoya, sit down. Don’t look out. Be careful.” Lin Xing held her up and drew the curtain closed.

When Lin Xiaonan heard that, he hurriedly grasped his Sixth Uncle beside him, and then continued to look out of the window.

“Grandma, which is Fourth Uncle’s? The houses here are so big and beautiful.”

From entering the Imperial City, Mama Lin, who was inexplicably nervous, heard her granddaughter’s words and managed to suppress those emotions.

“Soon you will see the place where your Fourth uncle and Uncle Cheng live. It is the biggest and the most beautiful. Xiaoya can definitely recognize it at first sight.” Mama Lin said as she patted her granddaughter’s head.

Many soldiers guarded around the two plain looking carriages, and people in the street hurried to the side.

Looking in from the window where the curtain was opened, they saw several children. Everyone whispered about the young master and the young lady who were sitting in there, who could even keep soldiers around.

Lin Mo woke up in the morning and heard Cheng Yan saying that his parents would arrive today. He was excited. Following the servants around the house, he was busy here and there. He didn’t stop for a moment.

He went to see if Wanqing Pavilion was ready and how the food in the kitchen was being prepared.

“A few days ago, I ordered the servants to prepare these things. Momo, you have checked them several times, haven’t you been relieved?” Cheng Yan, who followed him all the way, quickly grabbed the man and wiped the sweat off his forehead.

“It’s your fault that you didn’t tell me earlier that my parents would arrive ahead of time, which made me unprepared for nothing.” Lin Mo stood up so he could wipe his sweat and complained.

This was not a day or two ahead of schedule, but half a month ahead.

“If I said it in advance, would you still have been able to sleep at night? Well, go back to the room and change. They’re almost here.”

By the time Lin Mo changed his clothes and went with Cheng Yan, Lin Xiu was already waiting outside the door. When Lin Mo came over, he soon saw two carriages in the middle protected by soldiers. The curtains were pulled open and Lin Mo saw the children sitting inside.

Lin Mo’s eyes brightened, and he was anxious to step down and go to them. Unfortunately, he was pulled back by Cheng Yan.

“Wait here. What if you get knocked down?”

The troops and carriages stopped in front of the palace gate, and the soldiers around them quickly evacuated after receiving the Lord’s gesture. The young man who stood at the side waiting saw Wang Fu go over and hurriedly followed. He led the horse, took the luggage, and set up the steps beside the carriage, all in an orderly way.

“Thank you, uncle.” Lin Xiaoya looked up and thanked the uncle in black who helped her step out of the carriage.

“No… No it’s alright.” For the first time, he was stunned when thanked, and stuttered in reply.

Lin Xiaoya smiled at him, then ran towards Fourth Uncle with short legs.

“Fourth Uncle, Uncle Cheng, Xiaoya missed you so much!” Lin Xiaoya out.

Lin Mo quickly walked over and bent to pick up Xiaoya. “You’re a lot heavier.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“Because Xiaoya grew taller, she’s heavier.” Lin Xiaoya said with a smile, revealing several baby teeth.

After a few steps, Xiaonan ran past, stood and looked up at Fourth Uncle holding his sister, with some expectation in his eyes.

Cheng Yan picked him up with one hand, and Lin Xiaonan, who was scared, grabbed Uncle Cheng’s neck subconsciously.

“Don’t know me?” Cheng Yan held the child firmly and smiled.

“Uncle Cheng.” Lin Xiaonan’s face showed an embarrassed expression.

“Xiaonan has grown a lot.” Lin Mo felt his nephew’s small head with his bare hand and smiled.

After getting off, Lin Xing greeted his Second Brother, before hurrying over. “Fourth Brother! Brother Cheng!”

“A-Xing, why do I think you’ve turned white?” Lin Mo joked as he walked over with Xiaoya.

Indeed, the skin color of the Lin family had turned a lot whiter. But thinking about it, the Lin family was pale as long as they didn’t often go to work in the fields and get sunburned. For example, the two four-year-old children who always stayed at home. Lin Xiu, who had been studying in the Academy, and also Lin Lan, who was a married woman.

“Since our family moved to the town, we often stayed at home. Are we very pale?” Lin Xing scratched his face, a little uncertain.

“Fourth Brother, Brother Cheng.” Lin Chen stood still and called out.

“Mn, go in, change your clothes and eat.”

Lin Mo asked Cheng Yan to help his parents and Eldest Brother and sister-in-law, and he led the four children first.

The people who passed by the Wang mansion looked at them curiously.

Were those the family members of Prince Cheng? Those two children were lovely, many people thought.

“Fourth Uncle, is this your home and uncle Cheng’s?” Lin Xiaoya held Fourth Uncle’s hand and looked around with her mouth wide open and her eyes full of shock.

Since they stepped into the gate with Fourth Uncle, Lin Xing, who was somewhat restrained in his heart, did not dare to look around at all. He felt that he would lose face for the Fourth Brother in front of the royal palace maids and the young men who were dressed with dignity.

“Yes.” Lin Mo led his niece and nephew to Wanqing Pavilion one by one and answered their questions patiently.

“How big! How beautiful!”

“Go take a hot bath and change into the beautiful clothes I have prepared for you before you eat. After dinner, Fourth Uncle will show you around the palace, and then we will go out tomorrow.” Lin Mo took them walking and said.

“Yes, yes, I want to go out and buy a lot of cakes.” Lin Xiaoya suggested.

“And tanghulu.” On the other side, Lin Xiaonan reminded.

“And pancakes.” Lin Xiaoya added.

“Meat buns.” Lin Xiaonan piped in again.

“Dried fish, braised duck.”

“Omelet, dumplings.”

“All right, all right. How do you know so much when we haven’t even gone out?” Lin Mo quickly stopped them, not knowing if he should laugh or cry.

“Uncle bodyguard and uncle in black bought them for brother and me.”

“Huh? Uncle in black?” Would a shadow guard show up in front of them? Lin Mo thought it was a little strange.

“It’s the uncle in black with a mask. He will show up and then disappear.” Lin Xiaonan rarely spoke, and his tone showed that the man was adored.

“When the bad guys came to catch brother and me, a lot of uncles in black appeared. Then they picked up brother and me and kicked the bad guys away.”

“Uncle black is the best! A great hero!” Lin Xiaonan attached great importance to the leading position.

Having followed the Lin family all the way, the shadow guard in question who was about to go to the shadow head to report about the task: ……

He was boasted about by two small lovely children again, in front of Wang Fu. Why was he suddenly so shy?

The other shadow guards who had been hiding in the shadows of the Royal Palace: ……

Fierce? Big hero? Was this really about their shadow guards?

Looking at the two kids turning the guards into heros, Lin Mo couldn’t stop them from talking about them. Lin Mo didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. But at the thought that they had been in danger on the road, Lin Mo still suffered from the aftereffects even though he knew that they were not hurt.

Fortunately, they were okay.

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