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Chapter 48: Will you give a gift?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo is happy with Shuo Han’s appearance 


Shuo Han also came to the hot spring?

It was destiny.

Gu YuMian had a strange and familiar feeling that made him unable to speak clearly. It had been less than a week since he came to the Upper Urban District. Considering that he went to the Academy of Sciences before, he and Shuo Han met for the second time. However, Shuo Han also lived in the Upper Urban District. The hot spring was open one week a year, and more than ten percent of the residents of the Upper Urban District would come. So it was not a coincidence? Was it?

On both sides of them were luggage racks labeled F and G, which was surrounded by a narrow dead end. Gu YuMian looked into Shuo Han’s eyes and made the most reasonable inference about the reason why Shuo Han appeared.

“Do you want your luggage?” Gu YuMian smiled.

Shuo Han nodded, “Yes.”

Gu YuMian nodded, “Step back a little, I’ll go out and give you my spot.”

There was a brief pause in the air.

Shuo Han’s gray-blue eyes drooped down to look at Gu YuMian, who was close to him. At the beginning, his unhappiness and anxiety had subsided, with a light sense of teasing and interest.

The familiar feeling in Gu YuMian’s heart came back. Shuo Han’s expression was a bit like Xue Tuan when he met a very interesting wool ball.

He casually lowered his eyes to Gu YuMian for a while, and said casually, “No.” 

Before Gu YuMian could say anything, Shuo Han walked up to him with long legs, leaned down to the shoulder of the young man, and with a light hand, his long and cool fingers passed his left ear, as if he wanted to go straight over Gu YuMian to pick up the luggage on the shelf behind him.

It was a very standard hegemonic style ‘kabedon.’ 1

Gu YuMian, “…”

Gu YuMian looked into those eyes, which were very close, and forgot what he had just wanted to say.

The eyes of Shuo Han and Xue Tuan were not very similar except for the color. After all, the little snow leopard was a cub, with round deep blue in the middle of his pupils, and a light blue to almost a silver-gray on the outer layer. 2 

Shuo Han’s pupils were darker overall, which reminded Gu YuMian of the fascinating Greenland Sea, 3 which he had seen in photography magazines in his last life. It was far apart from the grey of the baby.

Gu YuMian was a little distracted.

In this slightly awkward silence, they heard voices from a very near place at the same time. It should still be the master and servant who Gu YuMian just heard behind the shelf. In addition, two more people joined in, and the voices and footsteps were approaching them.

“Where is that luggage? Is it in F frame? By the way, that little anchor seems to be in the villa. Did you watch his live broadcast? I like him very much and hope to see him sometime.” This was a gentle and reserved female voice.

“Hahaha, it’s not like that. You are a good noble. What are you doing wrong? You shouldn’t like a lower race.” Another voice teased her, “Be careful. You’re madly in love with him and pestering him — well, frame F seems to be leaning this way.”

“Human beings are not inferior. What’s the matter with nobles? Now, apart from the royal family, other nobles have no names.” At the beginning, the girl was embarrassed to retort in a low voice and got more intense ridicule.

It was the voice that said, ‘you really like him’ which replied, “It’s good to be an aristocrat’s son-in-law. If you want to open your mouth, the human race will surely catch up with it. It’s not very suitable. Even if the aristocrats and the common people do, the aristocrats and the human race are far away from one another.”

The sound came closer.

Wasn’t F-frame behind them? Gu YuMian became more and more embarrassed. Shuo Han didn’t back away, so he was forced to keep a close posture to listen to other people’s chat. They also talked about Gu YuMian himself and the topic was very unfriendly.

The girl’s good feeling and friend’s attitude towards him made Gu YuMian feel embarrassed and shy, mixed with complexity. With some discomfort, no one wanted to be maliciously speculated like that because of race. He didn’t like the word ‘inferior race’. He looked up at Shuo Han. Shuo Han also seemed to be listening to the chat of those people absently. The smile in his eyes was not clear.

Gu YuMian said to him, “They are going to come over.”

He hoped Shuo Han would step back and let him leave, and then they would say goodbye to each other.

But Shuo Han just glanced at him.

“Recently, there are many famous people in the villa, and Danny’s family is there, but that human is not famous, is it?” Not far away, the chat began again. At first, the master and the servant also joined the gossip.

“Speaking of the royal family, isn’t His Majesty spending too much time in the Lower Urban District recently? Every day, there are only…”

The nobleman said, “His Majesty only works half a day every day. He used to be a workaholic. There were also video conferences at 11:22 p.m. and now he’s gone. It’s said that the private account has spent billions of money buying luxury goods on the Internet for no reason. Is His Majesty in love?”

Shuo Han’s eyebrows raised slightly.

Gu YuMian was forced to listen to their chat carefully. This was a topic of interest to him. Danny means 24 Wok, right? What’s the matter with His Majesty? He didn’t realize that he wanted to listen in.

At this time, the sound of chatting that came closer and closer to them suddenly choked off, and the sound of footsteps stopped.

The sound of air flowing also stopped.


The luggage on both sides was built into a narrow alley. The light was dim. The light from the sky could be seen floating in the air. Gu YuMian opened his eyes wide, and a few steps away surprised the four people who looked at them, with the same expression of amazement and unpreparedness.

——Shuo Han easily picked up Gu YuMian and let him sit on the empty luggage rack behind him, which was a higher spot. Then he raised his eyes and looked at Gu YuMian for a long time in this posture. It seemed that he was finally satisfied. He put one hand on Gu YuMian’s waist, and the other hand was used to lower Gu YuMian’s head.

There was a light and cool peck on Gu YuMian’s clavicle. The first button of his shirt was inadvertently loosened, revealing the tattoo of the dark rose and sword. Shuo Han’s kiss stopped there. Then he went up a little bit and leaned over the young man’s ear, and asked him something in a low voice.


A few steps away, the four people were completely stunned.

Their cheeks were hot like they had just found something secret, and their first reaction was to retreat to avoid it. At this time, the tall man cast them a look.

The cold and impatient glance made them feel fear in their hearts.

At the same time, they also saw the kissed human youth held by the man. The tall man was holding the youth in his arms in a close and exclusive posture, but when their eyes fell down, they were more devout than believers.

They saw the rose and sword on the clavicle of the human youth, and they knew it belonged to the royal family. The general public may not know about it, but as a noble, they didn’t think it could be mistaken or forged.

This revealed huge information. And the four people were stunned by the bombshell.


Ten minutes later.

The master and the servant were in different directions. They said goodbye first. The rest of the girls went to their room with their companions.

The girl who liked Gu YuMian was Molly. She was a little aristocrat and her classmate, Yu An, was the one who joked with her. She invited her to go to the hot spring together over the weekend. After they came out of the luggage office, they were oppressed for a long time, and then they couldn’t help talking about it.

“My God, is this the human anchor you like?? Why does he have a tattoo? Has anyone in the royal family recently announced their marriage?”

Before Yu An could joke, she remembered the tattoo and the human and, even though Molly was a noble, she wanted to slap her. Now it seemed that this was an embarrassing joke.

The royal family’s private badge was only meant for one partner for their lifetime. Of course, it was not stipulated that the badge must be for their partner. In the past, there seemed to be a custom of giving the same at the life and death of the comrades in arms and close friends in wartime, but now it was almost a tacit fact to only give the badge to their life long partner.

The private badge was created by the royal family. It would not be announced to the public at first. People who were looking for someone to spend their life with would give them the badge, and then announce and hold a wedding. This was the whole process.

“No,” said Molly, who was half a Gu YuMian fan and half her girlfriend’s fan, was in a state of half lovelorn sickness, “Maybe they haven’t planned to announce that, MianMian is a rising star at the peak stage of his career. It’s not good to marry too young.”

Yu An: “…”

“I can’t think of anyone in the royal family who hasn’t been married,” Yu An thought. “Have you heard of one? A prince? He was so young.”

“His Majesty is not married yet.” Molly said.

Everyone was silent.

They couldn’t find anyone in the evening. The Star Net had painted more than one billion luxuries. It was known that the only unmarried royal family member, His Majesty, didn’t like to appear in public, so these little nobles hadn’t seen his real face…

Thinking about it, it was possible.

The atmosphere of silence and entanglement followed them to their cabin, which was then broken. The polite hot spring villa staff stood in front of the door and bowed slightly, “Miss Molly, due to our work error, the water change system in your room has failed. We have handled the upgrade procedures for your suite and upgraded it to the Maple Leaf area.”

The Maple Leaf area was the farthest away from the Moon district where Gu YuMian was located. It was almost on the other side of hot spring villa. A childish gentleman who just bought the hot spring villa needed to make sure Molly and Gu YuMian wouldn’t meet for the next few days.

Molly, “Ah?”

And that was not it. After talking to Molly, the staff turned to Yu An, “I’m sorry, Miss Yu, we don’t welcome racists and don’t agree with the concept of ‘lower races’. We have gone through the check-out procedures for you and doubled the compensation to express our apology.”

Yu An, “Huh?”


Gu YuMian and Shuo Han bid each other goodbye at the fork.

Shuo Han’s reservation was in the Snowman area next to Gu YuMian. Gu YuMian watched him drag his suitcase into the small house, and the light in the room lit up. He walked back while thinking.

Shuo Han did have a house. He had a pass and a room card and he didn’t come with Gu YuMian. Shuo Han’s subtle connection with the snow leopard was cut off at this moment. All his temptations met with dead ends, but he was a little insecure.

More importantly, Shuo Han’s attitude was that he was… chasing him?

Gu YuMian was sent love letters by girls when he was a student, and it was the first time that he was pursued by a male. Besides, Shuo Han was not a man who played his cards according to common sense. Gu YuMian implicitly suggested that he had no intention of falling in love, but Shuo Han’s attitude was not clear.

And then there was the question Shuo Han asked him before the baggage was checked out.

Shuo Han’s kiss was really unexpected. It was as arrogant as before, but it didn’t have a lot of desire. It seemed that he just wanted to kiss and touch, so Gu YuMian didn’t respond in time for two or three seconds.

Shuo Han’s voice was very low, interlaced, and scattered in the narrow space, and the expectation and laziness was not obvious, which made his voice seem hoarse. Gu YuMian had such a momentary feeling of his heart swelling.

Gu YuMian heard him ask, ‘My birthday is coming soon. Will you give me a gift?’


Gu YuMian took back his thoughts.

Birthday? A gift was normal, but he should have grasped a sense of discretion. They should have talked about it later.

Gu YuMian pushed open the wooden door of the room. The snow leopard was sitting in front of the door and waiting for him. His paws scratched the door and he accused him of violating the agreement with his eyes. It had been more than thirty minutes.

“Mn, it’s my fault.” Gu YuMian put his luggage aside, and a small robot helped him to pack it automatically. Then he lifted the little guy from under his arms, kissed his paw pads, and put him on his shoulder, “I was delayed for a while, but I won’t be late in the future.”

Gu YuMian checked the paws of the little snow leopard. They were very clean and there was no trace of him leaving the room. His silver hair was also very clean and it didn’t look like he had opened the door.

The response of the little arctic fox was also very normal — if the little snow leopard had left, the baby panda would not necessarily find out, but the little fox would surely notice since he was a very smart and sensitive child. Did he react?

“Ji.” The little fox was also worried and restrained. He pulled the door frame and looked out, shaking his big tail, because the snow leopard didn’t dare to come forward. The baby panda moved slowly, hugging Gu YuMian’s calf and making two chirps.

Gu YuMian was in a bad mood. Although he had only been away for half an hour, he still felt that he had been away from home for several months on a business trip. And when he returned home, he saw that the children were waiting for him pitifully.

I’ll try my best to take them with me in the future.

First, he picked each one of them up and kissed their foreheads, kneaded the claws of the little fox, and then held the baby panda’s purring belly to pacify all the little babies at home.

At 9:00 p.m., Gu YuMian opened his live broadcast again.

As soon as the broadcast began, the number of viewers began to increase exponentially!

“Hello, I’m anchor Gu YuMian,” Gu YuMian apologized to the audience. “I’ve kept you waiting for a long time. I met someone outside and became late.”

The audience magnanimously said that they were okay and that they were satisfied with the live broadcast. They were very easy to coax. Of course, there were also some people who deliberately complained in a very heavy tone saying Gu YuMian could kiss them to make them forgive him.

Gu YuMian smiled, “Mn, let’s not say anything else. Now I’ll take the kids to the hot spring. After soaking, I’ll comb their hair, eat a midnight snack, and go to bed when it’s time. All right?”

The little snow leopard and little arctic fox had long and thick hair. If they didn’t pay attention, they would lose their hair and it would knot, and the knot would hurt when untangling it. They need to be combed almost every day. Gu YuMian found that the audience’s response to grooming was not bad since the last live broadcast. He sometimes left this content for live broadcast.

[A Xue wants the crown: Comb!! I want! Aaaaah! I am here because he combed their hair so nicely before!! ]

[Tartar Sauce: What’s the night snack? (=﹃=) Drooling. The ramen was delicious. I want another bowl. Can I have the ramen again? Make up for the pain of me not winning.]

[Cat’s Meow: I heard that MianMian say we were going eat octopus and ramen noodles? I’m looking forward to the hot spring. Although I don’t have the money to go to Chaikeshan, I’m also a cat who will spend a holiday with MianMian at the Chaikeshan.]

Gu YuMian’s audience’s stickiness had always been very high. Even if they were cut off for more than forty minutes in the middle, the popularity after re-broadcasting was hardly damaged. His live studio would soon make the top five on the homepage’s real-time popularity list.

Several of the other anchors almost broke their teeth when Gu YuMian threw a lottery and was smashed with gifts.

“Octopus will be eaten later,” Gu YuMian nodded. “It’s a little late today, so I’ll make some small snacks that are easy to digest.”

Gu YuMian didn’t plan to go into the hot spring himself. He just wanted to take the children to soak in it for comfort, and prepare for the night and comb the children. The happiness brought by taking care of the cubs was far greater than being in a hot spring.

The soap was adjusted and Gu YuMian squatted in the pool to add the bath agent, and laid the soft slip mat and protective devices around the edge. The three children’s towels, small brushes, and bath liquid were also arranged. Small snacks and juice were placed on the side of the pool on small plates.

“Hot springs make people very thirsty. I like preparing some fresh juice.”

It was not suitable to drink something too cold in winter. Gu YuMian had prepared room temperature blueberry juice and lemonade and planned to make another hot drink later. He had not decided whether to make tea or hot milk for the time being — it would be a little cold after coming out of the hot spring, and milk was also a good choice.

While he did this, the baby panda rubbed his little belly and looked at him blankly, clapping his paws when he felt fierce. The little fox was very sensible and sat beside him. When Gu YuMian looked back, he saw that the little fox pushed the small plate he was looking for to his side. He was shy and warily chirping twice. He was so cute.

Snow Leopard, “…”

He didn’t expect that the little snow leopard and the little fox would be energetic. How could they help Gu YuMian? The little snow leopard should do it first and get Gu YuMian’s praise first. The little fox looked at Gu YuMian in a daze and felt a little helpless.


“TuanTuan,” Gu YuMian was immediately distressed, and it was hard to say what the little snow leopard was thinking. He sighed helplessly and carried the little snow leopard and the little fox to his arms and nape. “Okay, I’ll do it myself. TuanTuan, YuanYuan, and QiuQiu are both in charge of being cute, okay?”

The baby panda held Gu YuMian’s hand and agreed unconditionally, “Chii.”

[Throwing Cosmetics: Hahahaha! In charge of loveliness! Okay, I will try my best to finish the task!!]

[There’s a family in the mine: TuanTuan is so pitiful. From the first time when he was the only favorite in the east palace to now, he has been reduced to one third. Miserable.]

[I like softness very much: The only favorite in the east palace?? Brother Min, are you an original fan? Have you been brainwashed by the small advertisements and so on?]

[Beauty: This family is really lovely. I think I can do nothing but watch your family eat and sleep all day.]

The audience was now watching from the perspective of the baby panda. They were not only interested in the interaction between Gu YuMian and the children but also involved in it. The feeling of family that didn’t need to be deliberately created, the simple warmth of a family living together in peace, was far more nostalgic and they were reluctant to leave for any other live content.

There was a bright moon hanging in the sky. In winter, the moon and lights were rippling in the sparkling hot spring pool. The warm white steam embraced every inch of their cold skin. The bath agent flowed into the nose with a very light smell of clean leaves, and the water was gurgling.

Few people could resist the temptation of eating a bowl of hot ramen with this family, laughing and chatting, soaking in a hot spring, combing hair, and sleeping. Maybe they could see it snow before going to bed.

Although it was nine o’clock now, the overall traffic of the live platform was only slightly lower than that at seven o’clock. But it wasn’t long before the popularity of Gu YuMian’s live room reached the highest point again after the interruption of the live broadcast. It also ranked in the top three in real-time popularity, and again went to the top in a short time!

“TuanTuan, YuanYuan, QiuQiu, line up to wipe your paws.”

The width and height of the hot spring pool would be adjusted automatically according to the guests. After Gu YuMian set it to baby mode, the pool became very shallow, only reaching a little above the baby panda’s belly. Even if it was the small snow leopard and fox, the water would not reach their mouths and noses when they stepped in.

But Gu YuMian still needed to wipe the claws for the children first, so as not to slip or hurt themselves when stepping out later. The little fox and the baby panda had a kind of inexplicable respect for the little snow leopard. They lined up but the leopard was first. The little snow leopard lay in Gu YuMian’s arms with his chin up and stepped on Gu YuMian’s palm lazily with his claws outstretched.

Although Gu YuMian joked that the baby snow leopard was a bigger cat, it was actually completely different.

For example, the paw of a full-grown snow leopard was wider and larger than that of a cat, and the paw pad was thicker and softer after claw retraction. The little fox’s claws were smaller, not so soft, but very small and lovely. The claws and the whole body of the baby panda was round and rolling. It was only necessary for Gu YuMian to wipe their front paws.

He pinched this one and that one. For a moment, he had a strong desire to show off his children.

[Soda: I’m so happy for the human and cubs at the same time.]

[Tuanzi: The little babies are so cute, and the man who is obsessed with claws is so cute. I’ll hold this lemon, but I don’t know who will be sour for a while.]

Gu YuMian looked at the barrage and couldn’t help laughing. He was responsible for preparing the hot spring by himself, and the children were responsible for being cute. Personally, he thought that all of them had done a very good job.

“Mn, let’s go into the hot spring.”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Kabedon. Kabe-don | page 2 of 11 - Zerochan Anime Image Board
  2. Baby Leopard eyes.
  3. Greenland Sea Blue


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