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Chapter 49: Crab Soup Dumpling

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo sends thousands of fireworks to Gu YuMian!


Gu YuMian made a ‘hot spring’ for the snow leopard in Takk before, but it was not a real hot spring, just a bath. Hot springs, in such a hot spring villa, were called hot springs because of their mineral content. There was an etiquette for using hot springs, and while it was not so rigid, there was still a sense of ceremony.

“We’ll take a simple bath before you soak,” Gu YuMian said, wiping the paws of the children one by one. “Who wants to come first? TuanTuan can’t.”

He had just wiped the little snow leopards paws. Everything needed to be fair. The little snow leopard was not happy. He pushed away Gu YuMian’s palm with his claws angrily and coldly. But Gu YuMian, a parent who paid attention to fairness, did not want to indulge the cubs in making special things, saying no was not enough.

Gu YuMian asked the baby panda and fox to play their favorite ‘push paw’ game. The baby panda’s round eyes had been looking at Gu YuMian’s hands and the little fox’s big fluffy tail. Unfortunately, he lost and Gu YuMian picked the fox first.

[2567 like you: Eh, why take a bath before you go into the hot spring? I think the hot spring itself is a bath?]

“Even this small independent hot spring is a public resource,” Gu YuMian shook his head. “So, if you wash yourself clean before going in, you can go into the hot spring without dirtying it. You can also get familiar with the water temperature in advance to prevent yourself from being burned.”

The hot spring was outside, surrounded by a circle of stones. Towels, trays and buckets Gu YuMian had placed were on the edge of the pool.

Gu YuMian had grabbed a small bucket of water from the spring outlet of the hot spring pool. Afraid that the little fox would not be used to the feeling of water wetting his hair, he first soaked a towel in it, took it out and twisted it, and then gently wiped the side of the little fox.

He rubbed the soap, specially made for the little fox, until it created bubbles in the palm of his hand, and spread it across the whole body. Going from behind his ears and along the direction of the long and thick snow white fur of the arctic fox.

Then he took a water ladle, scooped up a small amount of water and sprinkled it lightly on the little fox. Using a soft little brush, he washed away the foam along with the water, and then let him feel the temperature of the water in the hot spring to see if he would be uncomfortable.

When bathing the little fox, the little snow leopard, who was on Gu YuMian’s shoulder, was not happy and yawned.

The baby panda was still learning. When Gu YuMian took a towel, he also held a small towel on his head for praise. Gu YuMian couldn’t help laughing because of his simple and lovely appearance.

[tgx772: Little Xue Tuan: happiness (not) written all over his face.jpg]

[Cat’s meow: MianMian smiled again. It’s so nice. I love MianMian’s little dimples so much. From the beginning of his Takk live broadcast to now, there have been more and more smiling faces from MianMian. I hope that MianMian will be happier and happier in the future. Sending some fireworks.]

Every second, there were many new audience members pouring in. It was a little late, but the total popularity and number of people in Gu YuMian’s live studio had seen an extremely high-speed rise. Although the little fox was not a dog, he actually had many characteristics from the canine family. The biggest characteristic was him being very obedient and smart. Obviously the appearance was as a smart child, but the style was a bit bookish and inflexible, and not good at dealing with people..

When bathing, the baby snow leopard and the baby panda would move around, but the little fox just sat upright. Gu YuMian asked him to lift his paws and raise his head. He was also shy and timid. Gu YuMian observed carefully, trying to judge whether he was uncomfortable or not.

The little fox seemed to have developed the habit of not giving trouble to others since he was a child. The more important he was to other people, the more cautious he became.

“You don’t like little brushes?” Gu YuMian asked. The foam on the handle of the brush was washed away. Instead of using the brush, he gently rubbed the skin of the fox with his fingertips and flushed away the foam. “Next time tell me if you like it, hmm? Tell me once, I’ll reward you with a biscuit.”

Then he wiped his hand and took out a small plate. As expected, the fox picked out a small biscuit. This was a snack specially baked for the children’s appetites. There was no sugar, salt, cocoa powder and other things that may be harmful to the internal organs. The main ingredients were cheese and synthetic milk, as well as some nuts.

Gu YuMian also used a special mold to bake the biscuits into the shape of a heart, a small bamboo, a small bow, a strawberry and so on.

In fact, both the little snow leopard and the baby panda had eaten many on their own, especially the little snow leopard, who really regarded himself as the head of the family. The whole family, including Gu YuMian, was his. When he was in the mood, he took a piece of food from the newly baked things Gu YuMian had made.

Gu YuMian caught the baby panda who was stealthily nibbling at the biscuit in his paws. Gu YuMian’s heart thumped seeing his cuteness. Only the little fox abided by his duty. If Gu YuMian said no, he would never do it.

The little fox was first surprised, then after looking at the plate, he realized that he wanted to eat every little biscuit. Finally, he hesitated between a small strawberry and a small bow, and his tangled big tail was wilting.

Gu YuMian had casually said, “Tell me if you don’t like something, and I’ll reward you with a small biscuit.”

Little fox, “…” He looked at Gu YuMian with a little grievance and wagged his tail. After he was sure that Gu YuMian would not let him move, there was an obvious struggle on his small face. He didn’t want to make trouble for Gu YuMian, but he wanted the biscuit baked by Gu YuMian.

“What don’t you like?”

The fox was quiet for a moment, and finally finished the psychological construction. His claws grabbed Gu YuMian’s clothes and carefully squeezed himself into the youth’s arms. “Ji.”

Don’t like sitting on the ground, want you to hold me. Can I have biscuits now? The little fox looked at Gu YuMian with a blush and covered his eyes with his claws.

Gu YuMian, “……”

Gu YuMian’s heart was hit with so much cuteness that he had to turn away, and the smile on his face showed a bit of unusual stupidity. He had no time to care about the little problem that his shirt was wet from the fur of the little fox. He held the two biscuits that the little fox liked in his palm and gave them to him.

The little fox lowered his head and held two biscuits in his mouth. At first, he was reluctant to eat them. He took a picture of himself and the biscuit with his baby’s light brain, and then ate them.

As spectators and participants, gave a series of,


[This loveliness is beyond the standard, and both MianMian and QiuQiu are adorable!] 


[I want to steal this human and fox. I’m dead, everyone.] 

The atmosphere was very warm for a while.

Snow Leopard, “…”

Gu YuMian could almost directly see the sour bubbles coming out of the little snow leopard’s whole body, floating up a little bit from his side. He reached out his paws to block Gu YuMian’s vision and didn’t let him see the arctic fox kit. He also found that he was hiding his ears and stealing the bell. He got angry with the little fox first, and finally started to get angry with himself.

He thought Gu YuMian liked stupidity. If he could be less intelligent, he may have the same status of these two fools.

… Although the idea itself was stupid enough.

The baby panda was hurt by the flow again. He held the biscuit in his arms and said, “Chirp?”

“All right,” Gu YuMian said seriously after his shirt got wet. “TuanTuan, YuanYuan, and QiuQiu all liked it. Let’s take a bath and wash quickly. We’ll dip in the hot springs and have delicious food later, okay?”

Because the little snow leopard looked particularly sour and unhappy, Gu YuMian was also distressed, holding his little paw and holding it up for a while to coax, and finally letting him choose his own cookie.

The little snow leopard didn’t want to leave all of them to the little fox and the baby panda. He took the whole plate away, and finally raised his chin arrogantly and stopped.

Gu YuMian didn’t have the heart to tell him that he had baked a box.


When he calmed the leopard, Gu YuMian really sped up, but didn’t make the children feel uncomfortable. First, he helped the little fox to take a bath and wipe down. He wrapped him in the plush towel to prevent him from getting cold. Then he bathed the baby panda and the little snow leopard.

The three bathing soaps, lotion and comb brushes were different. Most of them were made by Gu YuMian, and were arranged in small boxes. The baggage that Gu YuMian went to get were these.

The audience was now watching from the fox’s perspective.

Gu YuMian’s shower gel was different from those sold on the market. There were no extra smells or pigments. The bath gel that was made for the little fox had a very light wood fragrance. After the bath, it remained on his skin. It was like pine wood burning in the fireplace. It was a very suitable and nostalgic scent during winter.

The bathing place was close to the hot spring, and the outdoor was not cold in winter.

Gu YuMian was still holding the fox when he helped the baby snow leopard and panda take a bath. The audience could feel as if they were huddled in Gu YuMian’s arms with a layer of a fluffy bath towel between them. Their visual sense, smell and hearing were telling them everything at the same time.

——It was very comfortable when Gu YuMian helped him bathe. His hands seemed to relax every inch of the bones, and the temperature of the palm was just right. After washing, the little fox was a little sleepy. The bath towel on his body also smelled like the sun.

The little fox could not help curling up again in Gu YuMian’s arms.

The hot spring caused the smell of a little sulfur to go into the nose. Chatting with the family while taking a bath gave a relaxed and lively feeling, mixed with a spoonful of wind and moonlight, mixed with a kind of gentle and romantic human fireworks limited by winter.

They wanted to spend the whole winter like this.

The barrage stopped for a moment.

From the beginning, in fact, the atmosphere of the barrage had been very warm. At this moment, it was like all kinds of emotions were piled up to a peak

A moment later, like shrapnel, gifts shot out!

[There’s a Family in the Mine: WTF!! Hurry up, hurry up. I’m going to have a hot spring and a midnight snack made by MianMian. I’m going to sleep with MianMian! ]

[Big Underpants and Cotton Flowers: Aaaaaaaah! I love MianMian and his cubs so much. Now I want to cover up and dream. ]

[Grid: I study on a planet more than 300 light-years away from home. I can only go home once every three years. I haven’t felt the feeling of home for a long time. Thank you! Throwing a few fireworks!]

The number of viewers in the studio had skyrocketed over 80 million at the moment, and more new audiences were pouring in every second!

Not only did it directly hit the top of the home page’s real-time popularity, but the ranking of the live broadcast that had been interrupted and declined in the popularity list on that day also rose rapidly again, and soon entered the top three. It was about to surpass the record Gu YuMian set in the last Academy of Sciences live broadcast.

And this was just the beginning.


After taking a bath, Gu YuMian took the dumpling children and put them in the small hot spring pool. Finally, he was relaxed. The baby panda was the best one that adapted. When he was in the water, he was lively. First, he used his claws to lift the water to his belly, and then played with the little fox who seemed to be a little nervous. He wanted to continue to play ‘pushing claws’ with the little fox.

The snow leopard glanced at them, half immersed in the hot spring, while his little head was rolling in the palm of Gu YuMian’s hand beside the pool. The other claw pressed Gu YuMian’s wrist to forbid him from going away. He was still as sticky as ever.

“TuanTuan should let me get up,” Gu YuMian said helplessly and jokingly. “I’ll get the drinks and snacks.”

The little snow leopard put up his paws unhappily.

In the last life, there was also a special hot spring tour in Japan, that is, to go to hot springs all over the country there were many years of hot spring culture in Japan, and many places had hot spring hotels.

“You can’t stay in the hot spring for too long, or you’ll feel dizzy and palpitation in your heart.” Gu YuMian brought out a plate with fruit wine and juice on one side, and nodded at ease after seeing the children adapt well and not fighting. It made him happy. “Besides the benefits of a hot spring, we can also…”

Enjoy the scenery, drink some wine and eat good food.

The hot springs in different places had different sceneries. Gu YuMian spent his last life in the Red Leaf hot spring in Hakone, 1 where he could enjoy the maple forest and the moon in autumn, while enjoying a comfortable hot spring. In addition, there were hot springs on the seasides, cliffs and near waterfalls.

And now the scenery of this pool was very good.

The hot spring’s villa was built on Chaike Mountain and had naturally occuring pools. They could see a round of moon hanging on the hillside, surrounded by endless night. There was a pile of snow on the treetops, which would fall when the wind blew.

The three little children were getting used to the pool now. The baby panda was no longer as lively and active as he was at the beginning. He looked at the hot spring water with his head down at a loss. Suddenly, he was excited and tried to persistently get the moon out of the water. He wanted to have the little fox hold it.

The little fox was more like a sensible big brother. He carefully held the water for the baby panda and chirped at the same time. The little snow leopard was watching lazily. Suddenly he wanted to be the older one. He picked up an empty glass from the poolside and told the baby panda to put the moon in it.

Gu YuMian also watched for a while. When the baby panda walked over to him with the moon, he couldn’t help laughing.

This was the moon picked by three children. Gu YuMian decided to keep it.

“Thank you, TuanTuan, YuanYuan and QiuQiu.”

Bullet screen: 

[Wuwuwuwuwu! They are so sweet and cute. I also want to pick a moon for Mian Mian.] 

[If I live with MianMian for a long time, the sugar in my brain will exceed the standard.] 

[It’s lovely and romantic for the cubs to send him the moon!]

Gu YuMian’s heart was also soft, like eating sugar, and quietly remembering the feeling at this time, he gently closed his hands to catch everyone’s attention, “Then… Let’s have some juice. We have a semi-private hot spring, so we can drink and eat. If we go to the public pool tomorrow, we wouldn’t be able to eat.”

Of course, the children couldn’t drink. Gu YuMian had fruit wine as well as juice. He poured one glass for each of the three children.

The audience was still watching from the fox’s perspective.

Hot springs with natural minerals would feel a little stuffy at first because of the sudden rise of temperature. But soon they would feel comfortable after sweating, and their backs would be very soft. Through the steam of the hot spring, they could see the moonlight in the winter night, the pine forest and snow.

At this time, they had another glass of fruit wine. The slightly chilled fruit wine had the taste of raspberry. It was sweet and slightly sour, and it could also refreshingly bite at the flesh. After a sip, it’d wash away the heat from the hot spring,

It was a wonderful world.

The little snow leopard’s fluffy head pressed against Gu YuMian’s palm and squinted contentedly. The baby panda scratched his belly as he made a contented whimper, and the little fox could not help shyly lowering his head and chirping twice, and then rubbed against Gu YuMian to drink a mouthful of fruit wine.

Close to 10 p.m., the number of people in the studio was still soaring!

After good wine, of course, it was food.

“I’ll make some crab soup dumplings. 2 We’ll eat them soon, and we won’t have any upset stomachs.”

The hot spring was not suitable for eating greasy things, but it couldn’t be too light and tasteless. Gu YuMian decided to do this after a comprehensive consideration. Just beside the pool, there was a simple small stove to put the steamer, maybe considering the food needs of the guests.

[Pillow and flower cat: There are hot springs, fruit wine and delicious food! I’m drooling, anchor. You’re so kind.]

[Cotton candy: Looking forward to it!!! ]

Gu YuMian directly supported himself against the platform on the edge of the hot spring pool. He could watch the children and do things at the same time to avoid accidents.

There was a lot of knowledge needed in making soup dumplings. Gu YuMian just learned a little skill from his elders, and even though it was not as exquisite as how a professional chef would make it, he thought it was delicious enough.

“There is still flour left from the ramen made in the evening. We can use this to make the dough. This time, we need to add salt and alkaline water to the dough.”

There was no big difference in the general process. He needed to mix it into a ball and then knead it. Gu YuMian put the dough on a simple chopping board and kneaded it while his fingers skillfully dipped in water and folded it many times. He kneaded it into a circle and let it rest before rolling it out.

In a short time, the piece of dough, which was thick in the middle and thin on the sides, was finished.

“The stuffing should be handled separately with its several ingredients.”

This time, the main fillings were synthetic chicken, pork, and of course, crab. Gu YuMian cleaned and blanched all the synthetic meat purchased on the Star Net, then boiled a pot of water on the stove, and threw all the raw materials into the fire to simmer.

Soon, the water in the pot was boiling. Gu YuMian fished out the pork and diced the synthetic chicken. As for the skin, he scooped it out with a long spoon and chopped it with a knife in one hand.

The synthetic crab was steamed on the top of the cage, and was directly crushed in the shell. Then it was stir fried with ginger powder and cooking wine in the lower pot, and soon there was a strong fragrance overflowing from the pot.

The broth made from the bones on the stove was thick. Gu YuMian took out a bowl and filtered it, skimmed off the floating grime and boiled it again until it was done. The diced chicken and pork were added. But at this moment, the broth was bubbling on the stove.

Audience, “!!!”

The three children were so dizzy that they leaned against the pool, including the reserved snow leopard, and looked curiously into the pot.

“Just a moment, it’ll be ready soon.” Gu YuMian bent his eyes and said, “I’m going to shape the dumplings. Do you want to learn?”

At this time, he added a few spoons of soy sauce, sugar and fried golden crab powder, stirred it continuously, waited until it condensed into soup stuffing, and then stirred it to pieces at this time, Gu YuMian gently picked up the prepared dough, scooped up the soup stuffing, pushed it forward with one hand and pinched pleats onto the dough. He closed the dumpling with his hand and when he opened it again, what sat on his hand was a delicate and lovely bun.

[Junior B: Kneeling, brother! Who can learn?? Anchor, can you send me some of those or teach me to do it as fast?]

[A line of Egrets: It’s impossible to learn in the next life, but I’m more concerned about when I can eat!!]

Now there was only one last step left. Gu YuMian filled the steamer with soup dumplings and steamed them on the stove. The hot spring pool was steaming hot. From the moon in the middle of the sky, to the unique hot spring wine and food on the winter night, it made people feel that they could remember this night for a long time.

The number of spectators soared, reaching 90 million at this time, and the ranking of his live broadcast on the hot list of that day also went all the way to the top three, and would soon reach the top.

At the same time…

Gu YuMian glanced at the time and nodded. After a while, the first soup dumpling came out in front of the eyes of the three children and the 90 million people——

The crystal clear skin was as thin as paper. One could see the tender and soft crab meat, and the flowing thick and mellow soup; the soft and abnormal strong fragrance came to the nose. Just watching and smelling the almost imaginable mouthful, it would be overflowing with taste, refreshing, delicious and not greasy.

Just a glance was enough to catch people’s desires!

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Translator Notes:

  1. Hot springs in Japan are called Onsens. Onsens can be natural or artificial. There are many naturally occurring hot springs all around the world.
  2. Crab Soup Dumplings.


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