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Chapter 178: Eleventh World (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

This body was called Xiao Yun. It used to be the direct blood of the Xiao family. That was ‘once’, of course. The Xiao family was a cultivation family and was once brilliant, but now it had become a second-class family that needed to be supported by marriage.

The original’s father was the second son of the Xiao family. Since childhood, he had no pressure to inherit the family business. With a common spiritual root, he was finally put into a less reliable nature.

Father Xiao’s generation didn’t have a good seedling with outstanding talent, and the most important thing of a family of cultivation was cultivation talent. In order to make the next generation promising, and to consolidate the status of the Xiao family, so as not to fall from the second class to the third class, the Xiao family had really exhausted all kinds of means.

Father Xiao’s elder brother married another second-class cultivator. Although both husband and wife were equally gifted, they could help each other. And Father Xiao was forced to marry a gifted but low-level female, giving birth to excellent descendants for the Xiao family.

Father Xiao father was forced by the family, while the woman was attracted by the cultivation resources provided by the Xiao family. Although the couple got married, they had no feelings for one another. At best, they just lived a life of mutual respect.

It was such a cold family that relied on the combination of interests alone, but it really gave birth to a talent with a Heavenly Spiritual root. No one knew whether it was the prayers of the Xiao family that finally touched the heavens or whether the heavens didn’t have eyes.

A child with a Heavenly Spiritual root was a first-class talent in the cultivation world. The cultivators with Heavenly Spiritual roots were not afraid of breakthroughs, and those with outstanding ability could even turn it into their own use. Therefore, compared with it, the rest of the spiritual roots were slightly inferior.

The mother of the original body was devoted to practice, and after giving birth to Xiao Yun and giving an account to the Xiao family, she plunged into her cultivation. However, Father Xiao was humble and afraid of his wife, who was cold and powerful, and couldn’t get close to her. He was also respectful to their son who had the same talent.

Although his parents didn’t love him, his life was not bad. In any case, for his talent, the Xiao family wouldn’t hurt him at all. In addition to urging him to practice seriously since he was a child, the Xiao family was really good at asking for stars and not giving the moon to the original body. The original body was also dedicated to his cultivation, hoping to return the family’s expectations.

The mother of the original body was either in closed door meditation or cultivated all day, and had no heart to love. But Father Xiao couldn’t stand loneliness. Soon, he had a sweet mistress. He didn’t dare to take her home. Instead, he bought a house outside and kept her quietly. But he couldn’t help it. Within a few years, the original body’s mother came to know about it.

Although his mother had no love for Father Xiao, her pride would never allow her husband to have another woman. At this time, her accomplishments were not low, and the cultivation resources of the Xiao family were no longer necessary. After confirming that her husband had an outside lover, his mother cut off from the family. A paper of divorce made her relationship with Father Xiao clear, and she went to pursue her own long life road.

Father Xiao was abandoned by his wife. It was like being slapped in public. He became a well-known laughing stock and he was so annoyed that he didn’t like his eldest son Xiao Yun any more. Every time he saw him, he thought of his wife who made him lose face. He only felt a pain in his cheek.

After the original body’s mother left, Father Xiao simply took his beauty back to the Xiao family house, along with their little son. Since the Xiao family was satisfied with the Heavenly Spiritual root of Xiao Yun, and Father Xiao had made the best of everything, the Xiao family turned a blind eye to the absurd things he had done.

For his mother’s ruthlessness and his father’s indifference, the original body was not without feeling. When he saw that his father, step-mother and younger half-brother were happy together, he secretly envied that his younger half-brother was loved by his father— but he didn’t know that his younger half-brother envied him. Both Father Xiao and his beauty were not good at cultivating, and the children born from them were naturally of average quality.

Compared with Xiao Yun, who had a Heavenly Spiritual root and was superior to others, Xiao Xinglong’s four spiritual roots were like mud on the ground.

His step-mother was kind-hearted and his father thought nothing of him, and while the new younger half-brother was nice on the surface, he often made troubles behind his back. The original body soon took back all the yearnings for the family and, like his mother, devoted himself to cultivation.

The original character was influenced by his Heavenly Spiritual root; honest, firm and open-minded. Although his relatives were not good, he was not willing to spend too much attention on these people, and care about these details, so as to avoid the pollution of his mind. It was a pity that the original body was not clear. He did not take these demons in his heart, but he couldn’t despise and ignore them. Otherwise, these heart demons with strange thoughts could also break the wings of his cultivation. Because he didn’t pay attention to his younger half-brother, he was unprepared when the disaster brought by the villain came to his head.

On that day, the original body washed and fell asleep as usual after cultivation, but only felt a cold black air sweeping toward himself hazily.

As for what happened next, it would become a nightmare for his whole life.

A black Qi came suddenly and forcefully. Although the original body had outstanding talent, he was still young. He was only stronger than ordinary people who had not yet built a foundation. Where could he be the opponent of this strange black Qi?

When the black Qi dissipated, the original body came to a black hole from his own house.

The original body was bound by the black qi and could not move. As he struggled, the black Qi invaded his body. The original body only felt a sharp pain in his Dantian, as if all his meridians were about to be torn apart. In the pain, he saw a bright lavender halo being lifted by the black Qi and spilling out of his body, then it floated and attached to another person — his brother Xiao Xinglong.

Although he was still ignorant of what happened, he realized instinctively that his Heavenly Spiritual root, which he was most proud of, had been taken away, which made him want to split his eyes and hate the other.

In order to integrate the original Heavenly Spiritual root, Xiao Xinglong was obviously in great pain. After confirming that the Heavenly Spiritual root was in Xiao Xinglong’s body, the black Qi threw the original body aside and turned to protect Xiao Xinglong, who was howling and rolling because of the pain.

The original body tried to take back his spiritual root, but he was now stripped of the spiritual root and was just a mortal, but he could not penetrate the black Qi in any way. And the original body also knew that when Xiao Xinglong completely integrated with the Heavenly Spiritual root and freed his hands, the only thing waiting for him was his death.

He gave up the meaningless resistance and forced himself to bear the sharp pain and stumble out of the cave. He ran back to his Xiao family home and fell in front of the clan head and elders.

Seeing the original body full of wounds, the elders of the Xiao family were naturally shocked and angry, but when they heard the story of the original body, they were silent.

The patriarch sent someone to find the cave that he had said, and brought back Xiao Xinglong, who was still unconscious in the cave, secretly. But then Xiao Xinglong was not guilty, and was sent to the elder’s house and carefully raised. All kinds of precious medicinal materials were sent to him like water.

The original body realized that what the Xiao family cared about was only the Heavenly Spiritual root.

No matter who had it, no matter how it was seized, who owned it, it was the treasure of the Xiao family. As for Xiao Yun and Xiao Xinglong, they are just the carriers of this treasure.

Listening to the hypocritical comfort of the elders, he felt extremely cold. When the so-called ‘kinship’ was completely stripped, the original body was more sober, more distinct, and more desperate. Because he realized that in this disaster, he might not only lose his spiritual root, but also his life.

Although the Xiao family had fallen to a second class, it was still a cultivation family rooted in Miaohong, and such an ‘innocent’ family was definitely not allowed to be associated with a devil cultivation scandal.

The dark Qi could forcefully take a spiritual root — such a cruel practice was not the practice of heavenly cultivation, but a thorough method of demon cultivation. If it was known by outsiders, and whether they could keep the most precious Heavenly Spiritual root or not, the Xiao family, who could be supported as a second class now, would not be able to withstand the blow of the scandal.

Therefore, this accident could never be publicized, and the Xiao family must find a reason to let the genius Xiao Yun disappear in the eyes of the world without any doubt. As for the way to shut up Xiao Yun, who was the only bitter master and couldn’t accept such consequences in any case, only death was the way.

If the original body still had his Heavenly Spiritual root, when he flew to the sky, the Xiao family could do nothing but watch him. However, being deprived of his spiritual root and reduced to mortal status, the Xiao family was really a huge thing in the original’s eyes — even if he couldn’t escape from the Xiao family, he could only continue to think desperately about how his family tried to kill himself under the pretext that they were saving the family. He watched as, day by day, his death was approaching.

Faced with a desperate situation, with no hope left, but unwilling to fall into this situation, he accepted the transaction and gave up his body without hesitation — and his request was to take back everything he had and let the Xiao family, who he had no blood, family or interests with, get a proper lesson.

So, now Xiao Yun who took over the body, also took over this mess. The first thing he had to do was to escape from the Xiao family. Different from the original body, Xiao Yun had strong mental power and various props. Fortunately, the Xiao family didn’t take strict care of the original body. They thought locking him up was more than enough to deal with a mortal who has been stripped of his spiritual root and seriously injured.

Xiao Yun escaped from the Xiao family house and was almost noticed by the Xiao parents. It was really a shock line. If he fell into the hands of the Xiao parents, Xiao Yun, who was just a human being, might not have been able to find someone else and come back.

It was hard to escape from the Xiao family. Xiao Yun had passed the first difficult point. As for his original wish, he had to take a long view.

The means of cultivation were unpredictable. Even experienced taskers like Xiao Yun should not be underestimated. In order to complete the task, he must first understand two questions: first, what was the origin of the black Qi? Whether it was from the original memory or Xiao Yun’s own judgment, it was not a thing of the Xiao family; it should be another ‘adventure’ of the original ‘good brother’. And second, how should he recover the stolen Heavenly Spiritual root?

In a word, before getting the answers to these two questions, Xiao Yun was not going to act rashly. What’s more, he had something more in mind, that was, his little lover who he didn’t know where he was.

After leaving the Xiao family home, Xiao Yun rushed to the valley where Bai Duan was born before he had entered the world. But when he arrived, there was no ermine left in the valley.

Unable to find his little lover, Xiao Yun was really anxious. He carefully searched the whole valley, which was both a threat and a favor. Finally, from a wise green snake, he got the news that the white ermine had voluntarily followed a strong sword cultivator to leave.

Hearing “voluntary departure” and “strong sword cultivation”, Xiao Yun thought of Hu Xiao — only he would cause his little lover, who had amnesia, to completely leave him behind.

Through the contract in his mind, Xiao Yun was determined that his little lover was still alive, even very happy, but he had to go to the Qingxia Sect. However, when he came to the foot of the Qingxia Mountains, Xiao Yun had some stupid eyes. He could only look at the Qingxia Mountains and sigh. After all, he was only human now, and he was not qualified to step into the Qingxia Mountain Gate at all.

Fortunately, Xiao Yun did not have bad luck. After several days at the foot of the Qingxia Mountains, he finally heard the exciting news that the Qingxia Sect was going to recruit a group of ordinary workers.

There were a lot of trivial things in such a large sect as the Qingxia Sect. Most of these things were undertaken by the disciples in the Qi training and foundation building period. However, there were also many things that wasted time and were not conducive to cultivation, so they were handed over to the ordinary people.

For ordinary people who had no spiritual roots and no fate, even if they did chores, they could enter the Qingxia Sect, which was also a blessing from heaven. When the Qingxia Sect chose humans, it was really a sea of people. Even the mediocre cultivators such as four spirit roots and five spirit roots tried to take this opportunity to enter the Qingxia Sect.

Therefore, the Qingxia Sect was also very strict in the selection of miscellaneous workers. Don’t be old, don’t be too young, don’t be poor in health, don’t be bad in heart and nature, and don’t look at the wrong things. Xiao Yun passed all five and finally entered the selection. Then he found that Double-edged Sword Peak, where Bai Duan was most likely to live, did not need ordinary people at all.

No way, Xiao Yun had to give up and ask for a second place. He suggested that the cultivator who was responsible for the distribution to assign him to the Jade Peak adjacent to Double-edged Sword Peak. Fortunately, when he came to Jade Peak and was waiting for the assignment of specific duties, he met his little lover who was close to a black eagle.

At that moment, Xiao Yun’s heart was really mixed with five flavors, and he had to bear with himself that he didn’t give his little lover a smile. He was very cold!

Xiao Yun, deeply abandoned and wronged in his heart, “……” QAQ

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